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Preview: True Beauty Episode 2 (Spoilers)

Preview: True Beauty Episode 2 (Spoilers)

The first episode of True beauty was an adorable delight! Hopefully the second episode delivers as well (because we all know it could go 50-50 with kdramas). Episode 2’s video and text spoilers are below!


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Soo-ho realizes right away that Ju-kyung without makeup is the girl he met on the rooftop. However, he feels a little mad because Ju-kyung does not recognize him at all.

Meanwhile, Ju-kyung is so shocked that she met Soo-ho without makeup. “Why on earth do I have to see him without makeup?”

The next day, Ju-kyung goes to school super nervous that Soo-ho will figure out her true identity. She monitors his response. “Ah, does he not recognize me?”

Joo-kyung is relieved because Soo-ho does not think she is the same person with her makeup on.

Han Seo-joon comes back to school after a long hiatus. There is weird tension between Soo-ho and Seo-joon.


English Translation

JK – I will make it so he never suspects that I am Im Ju-kyung.

JK – What if he knows?

SH – Do you owe me an apology or something?

JK – Ah, he won’t spread it around just because he pities me.

Guy – Hey, you saw me before right?

JK – What kind of coincidence is this?

SJ – Do you date Lee Soo-ho?

JK – Now!

SH – You have to give something to me.

SH – Bring it out.

JK – No makeup Im Ju-kyung?

JK – Or makeup Im Ju-Kyung?

JK – Ah, what do I have to bring!

Things appear to be building for our girl Ju-kyung. I really do not want that photo to get out that her brother has, though I feel in the pit of my stomach that something is going to happen with her past catching up with herrrr. I hope she can avoid it at all costs. Here’s hoping!

Preview: True Beauty Episode 2 (Spoilers)
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