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Preview: True Beauty Ep 8 (Spoilers)

Preview: True Beauty Ep 8 Preview (Spoilers)

Episode 8 of True Beauty looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. High school field trip leading to forced proximity for an extended period of time and several layers of misunderstandings, awkwardness, and repressed emotions…um, yes. That is high school romance through and through.

Our text preview and Video preview for episode 8 are below! To understand our shorthand nomenclature then check out our character chart.

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Airing Date: Thursday, January 7th, 2021

How to watch: Viki


Seo-joon acknowledges his heart and asks “Do I have any reason not to like Ju-kyung.

Soo-ho gets nervous and decides to confess to Ju-kyung.

Meanwhile, Ju-kyung thinks that Soo-ho like Soo-jin which causes her heartache.

Sae-Bom high school students go on a field trip. The entire time they are on the field trip, Soo-ho and Seo-joon’s continue their fight over Ju-kyung


English Translation

Friend – Wow, you guys have a couple look today. Are you going to announce that you are dating?

Kids – Date! Date! Date!

SA – You like someone!

SH – Why did you avoid me?

JK – NO, I didn’t avoid you

JK – Ahhh! *falls into lake*

SH – Why does it have to be Im Ju-kyung!

SJ – I don’t know why its her!

SH – Why are you crying because of him? Do you like him?


Those are our thoughts about what could happen in episode 8 of True Beauty! Do you have any ideas of your own???? We would love to hear them!

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