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Preview: True Beauty Ep 12 (Spoilers & Release Date)

True Beauty episode 12 might be going on the path of the bullies having a new resurgence in this storyline. It also appears that Ju-kyung will become famous on SNS? I am so curious.

Our text preview and video preview for episode 12 are below! To understand our shorthand nomenclature then check out our character chart.


Episode 12 Release Date: Thursday, January 21st, 2021

How to Watch True Beauty: Viki


Suho and Seo-joon become friends again after resolving their misunderstanding.

Suho and Ju-kyung go back to school and are about to have a nice moment together. But they face Hae-min who transferred to Seo Bom High School.

Ju-kyung thinks, maybe she doesn’t recognize me?

Ju-kyung feels insecure and thinks that she is being dumb avoiding Hae-min

Meanwhile, Seo-joon has heartache from suppressing his feelings about Ju-kyung.

Soo-jin behaves differently to Suho. Suho tells Soo-jin that Ju-kyung is his girlfriend and that they should only be friends. Soo-jin’s heart collapses.


English Translation

SH – I released everything I was compressing and compressing. But I am still heavy.

JK – If you can’t sleep at night, tell these guys.

JK – All your sad thoughts and feelings and worries, everything.

SH – Ju-kyung is my girlfriend.

SA – Hey, how do you feel? You just turned SNS upside down!

SJ – Ju-kyung, she came from Young-pa High school

JK – I had Ju-kyung in my other school also.

SH – Are you really the Kang Soo-jin I knew?


There is a picture that Soo-ah shows Ju-kyung in the preview. The question is, what is up with this picture? It looks like someone sent this picture to all the kids because in the background you can see them all looking at their phones.

The photo is the kissing picture of Ju-kyung and Suho in the hospital. It might also be a picture of Ju-kyung from her previous school after getting dumped by the other handsome cafeteria guy? You can kind of see her crouching on the ground as if crying? it is hard to tell from the image though.

This is eluding to these photos outing Ju-kyung by showing that this is the same girl from both schools and possibly reveals her true identity in how she was an ugly girl at one school and with makeup became a pretty girl and dated Suho at her new school.

If that is true then that could be swung as a positive. Ju-kyung could start her own YouTube page which I am sure would blow up since she turned herself from an ugly duckling into a goddess. You need money for makeup school Ju-kyung, there you go!


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