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Preview: True Beauty Ep 10 (Spoilers)

Episode 10 looks like it will bring the jealousy out of Suho. But will he be able to contain his jealousy or will he give Ju-kyung an ultimatum about Seo-joon?

Our text preview and Video preview for episode 10 are below! To understand our shorthand nomenclature then check out our character chart.


Ju-kyung decides to reveal that she is dating Suho. But she couldn’t’ say anything because all of a sudden Soo-jin says, I like Suho. Ju-kyung is worried about her relationship with her best friend Soo-jin and if this will ruin it.

Seo-joon gets the same part-time job as Ju-kyung and worries about Ju-kyung because she is having a hard time.

Suho knows how Seo-joon thinks of Ju-kyung. It bothers him that Ju-kyung and Seo-joon keep hanging out together.

Suho and Seo-joon meet each other at an unexpected place.


English Translation

SH – I miss you

JK – Me too

SA – How long did you guys date? Why didn’t you tell us?

JK – Me and Han Seo-joon?

SJ – Ju-kyung, should I confess to him and give him this?

JK – Have you and your best friend liked the same woman at the same time?

SJ – No!

SH – Why are you two coming in together? 

SH – When boyfriends visit the house, don’t you show albums or something?

SH – I hate it when you two talk or even make eye contact

JK – Then we can’t date anymore.

SJ – Su-ho!


One startling thing about tomorrow’s episode is it looks like Suho and Seo-joon are going to get into a car accident. This accident is in the webcomic so it could send one of them to the hospital. In the webcomic Suho goes to the hospital. It looks like Seo-joon is doing the saving here so perhaps he will be the one to go to the hospital. They become friend again in the hospital because Suho tells Seo-joon that he did not mean to miss their friends phone calls.

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