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PREVIEW & THOUGHTS: Chocolate Episode 3

A lovely episode where we said goodbye to Min-sung. Though I think they had to get rid of Min-sung soon because, as I said in a previous recap, he might just steal the entire show from Kang. He is that good y’all.

I wonder if they will leave it at that, or if we will have a lovely 30 minute tribute to his character in the beginning half of tomorrow’s episode. He died off screen, so it kind of feels like he should get a flashback or something.

Or Yoon Ki-sang might be all like, you know, I think that was good. He’s too pretty to get anymore screen time than that right now, thanks. Plus, he looked too beautiful as a patient so let’s let him go on and star in his own show. This one is mine!

This episode really made me want to eat Cha-young’s Mandu soup. I love how that entire storyline played out all the way to the last moment when Min-sung realized that the soup he was eating was from Cha-young.

It also made his death seem peaceful because he had tasted his last meal from a woman he loved, was with his fiancé, and sat peacefully on the coast waiting for his best friend.

Kang not showing up also gives him a chance to act out his grief and draw a lot more sympathy and love from us, the viewer. It is time to fall in love with him and let Min-sung go, y’all!

Though a few more flashbacks would be nice.


Chocolate Drama Episode 4 Preview

English Translation

VO – Why do you never ask the whereabouts of Lee Kang? Are you going to ignore it forever?

Kang – Are you going back to Greece?

CY – yes

Kang – Have a safe trip, we should not see each other again.

VO – Cha young!

CY – I changed my wish. Until I die, I hope I don’t see you ever again, until I die.

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  1. Oxidise
    December 8, 2019 / 12:44 am

    I just wonder why he must staple himself , can’t his colleague do it for him !!??

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