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Preview: The Uncanny Counter Episode 3 Eng Trans (Spoiler)

Preview: The Uncanny Counter Episode 3 Eng Trans (Spoiler)

Hot snot, talk about getting the ball rolling! I absolutely loved the first two episodes of this show! I cannot wait for episode three to air next week. I mean we have powers, paranormal fights, trendy soup kitchens, and a grandma that can kick some serious bootay. Plus, they match their tracksuits because that is what everyone should do in life. I love it so much.

The text and video spoiler are below. Check out our character chart to follow the shorthand we use. You can watch this one right now on Netflix for all the US audience people and possibly several countries worldwide.

Episode 3 Text Spoiler

The Counters have a life or death fight against a high degree devil.

Ga Motak thinks that So Moon is familiar to him.

Hana unintentionally reads So Moon’s memory. She discovers a shocking secret of So Moon that So Moon does not even know about.

Hyuk-woo’s gang throws the last blow to So Moon.

Episode 3 Video Spoiler

English Translation

Man – Who is So Moon?

SM – Are you the head bully?

SM – Never hit kids anymore.

MT – You said So Moon’s parents died in a car accident?

HN – It might not be an accident

MO – If it is not an accident, then it was an intentional accident

MT – Today you are a trainee

HN – You just don’t do anything

SM – Here! Here! Ajusshi, hurry!

MO – So Moon ah!

HN – Don’t do anything! Please!

We are testing out spoiler translations over here so let us know if you’re watching this show and want us to keep it up with these translations!

Preview: The Uncanny Counter Episode 3 Eng Trans (Spoiler)
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