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Preview: Start Up Episode 12 English Translation (Spoilers)

Get ready for heart break central because it looks like tomorrow episode is going to bring the anger and the angst.Do-san and Ji-pyung get into a fight over someone’s stupidity (probably Do-san’s) though I don’t understand how Ji-pyung can be upset since he was MIA for two days during the biggest moment in the teams life.

Com on Ji-pyung, we all know that your really upset because your all butt-hurt over Dalmi picking Dosan (or at least it seems like she is going to pick Dosan? Take our poll and let us know what you think.)

Text Preview

Ji-pyung noticed that the Tusto-Samsan Tech merger might only be for the developer. He wants to warn Dalmi, but Yong-san stops him. Dosan and Dalmi are happy without knowing the truth.


English Translation

DS – When I first saw you, the dream became clearer.

DS – You said you would merge the team.

DM – Dosan.

JP – You guys are the most responsible for not checking the contract.

JP – Just accept it!

DS – Can you only say that?

JP – *punches him*

CS – What Han says is all lies and bluffing! You said not to believe him, but what is this!

DM – Actually, the possibility is rarer than the lotto.

Halmoni – What happened?

DS – If you were me, would you leave and ditch NoonGil and the team?

DM – I am definitely going. You are no the Dosan in the letter!

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