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Preview: Sisyphus Ep 4 (Spoilers)

Preview: Sisyphus Ep 4 (Spoilers)

This show makes up its own rules, which makes it fun to watch. Any guesses as to what could possibly happen tomorrow?

The Text and video preview are below. Check out our Sisyphus Character Chart to better understand our shorthand nomenclature and to get an idea of all the main characters in Sisyphus.


We are not the only ones living in this world. Tae-sool witnesses illegal immigrants coming to the present from the future along with President Park.

Tae-sool and Seo-hae are chased by immigration services.


English Translation

SH – You asked me why everyone comes back

Flyer – Uploader, we welcome the discussion: If you can take your time back, what would you do?

SH – It’s regret

SH – Even though you know you can’t change anything

SH – You still wonder, why didn’t I do that back then?

SH – And every night you suffer because of that regret

Man – I know where your brother is

TS – What?

Man – Han Tae-san

Voice – Hey, did you catch him?

HG – He got away

HS – Find him!

HS – Follow Han Tae-sool’s cell phone and high jack [all his phone calls]

YS – Chairman, I see you often

SH – Go! Hurry!

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  1. WPB
    February 24, 2021 / 3:58 pm

    I recommend the 2012 movie “Looper” by Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon. There appears to be some intriguing similarity with Sisyphus, even though Sisyphus appears to bear a much bigger picture and ask a deeper question – when time travel becomes possible, would it be Okay to travel back in time for the better future (past) when the planet becomes inhabitable? Are we being selfish to reject our future selves’ attempt to survived?
    What happens to humanity when the timeline folds back to itself and be self destroyed?

    I also find the arrival from the future similar to the Terminator movies. The technology appears to be improved so they can now transport with some clothes. 🙂

    • V
      February 25, 2021 / 6:04 pm

      It felt terminator esque to me too! Especially with how they show up in the past and have to find clothing. I do not think I have seen Looper! I need to check that one out now.

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