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Preview: Sell Your Haunted House (Episode 7)

The video preview for Sell Your Haunted House episode 7 is below! It doesn’t look like KBS has text previews, so it is not included. But if you see it then let us know!

You can learn more about the show right here!

And you Can Watch Sell Your Haunted House on KOCOWA!


English Translation

Heo – It feels chilly. Is it just me?

Her – How dare you take off your necklace 

IB – I thought you were invincible, but actually you are pretty sloppy

Man – I don’t know when it happens but I’m told I was possessed

IB – That person should want to know the truth even if it turns out to be cruel

Ju – Sometimes the truth creates a living hell

HS – Oh Sung-shik

IB – My uncle isn’t that cruel a criminal

IB – Something is wrong

JA – I want to see the criminal record of what happened 20 years ago

IB – What kind of person was CEO Hong’s mother?

JA – She died helping people that didn’t deserve to be helped

JA – I will never forgive them

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