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Preview: Sell Your Haunted House (Episode 6)

The video preview for Sell Your Haunted House episode 6 is below! It doesn’t look like KBS has text previews, so I didn’t include one. But if you see it then let us know! You can learn more about the show right here! And you Can Watch Sell Your Haunted House on KOCOWA!


English Translation

JA – There are too many strange things.

JA – Why, on that day, did my mom want to exorcise without a medium?

Ju – Maybe your memory is forgerized because you remembered it while you were haunted.

JA – I have to know what really happened.

Heo – I gathered all the information online about Chun-ha building.

IB or Heo? – We are a very good team

IB – Me getting in there?

JA – Whatever memory you gained today, forget about it right away

Ju – So it was murder

Heo – This morning he said, I will kill the murderer. His eyes were…

Man – Right after oh Sung-shik’s death, he brought his nephew…

Ju – Oh In-bum?

Ju – It’s abOut Oh In-bum. Why don’t you break the contract with him now?

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