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Preview: Mr. Queen Ep 4 (Spoilers)

Preview: Mr. Queen Ep 4 (Spoilers)

Episode 4 of Mr. Queen looks like it is going to cause all sorts of problems for our man trapped in a Queen’s body. The King still wants to slip her that sleeping potion and now the Queen thinks he is trying to kill her, which, yeah, that could be considered true.

The preview for episode 4 and the video recap of episode 3 are below!


Not released as of posting.


English Translation

K – Am I tricked by your untruthful eyes and words?

JG – make her say this also

JG – Daebi sent this letter

Q – I will survive until the water is filled. I will just keep myself low key and go back.

YP – What we are looking for is one of the servants so be careful not to be found.

Merchant – I found where the fabric is from.

BI – The palace?

K – Not me but they tried to slash the concubine?

Hong? – revengeful thoughts are the ones you want to give back the same way

K – As I did to the Queen

Q – Do you think I can’t do it? 


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