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PREVIEW: Cheat On Me If You Can Episode 2 (Eng Translation)

PREVIEW: Cheat On Me If You Can Episode 2 (Eng Translation)

Perfect husband fairytales, murder mysteries, and convenience store millionaires…the first episode of Cheat On Me If You Can was a delight in silliness if you like cheaters about to get their comeuppance. It was funny and slick and had a kind of comedy macabra vibe to it because this woman is psycho and will kill you then write about it. Or perhaps she will write about it then kill you, that hasn’t been specified exactly yet.

The text and video spoiler are below. Check out our character chart to follow the shorthand we use. If you like what you see then you can start watching this show on Viki and Kocowa!


Baek Soo-jung disappears. She does not show up on her morning live TV show. The manager went to see Detective Jang because Baek Soo-jung asked him to before disappearing.

Detective Jang is curious about this as if Baek Soo-jung knew what would happen to her.

Meanwhile, Soo-jo applies to be the assistant to Yeo-joo on Assistant manager Na’s suggestion. But Yeo-joo does not trust him.

Woo-sung goes to a university to give a speech because Political Consultant Nam told him to. But this puts him in great danger.


English Translation

YJ – I wrote the blowfish murder book to kill you.

YJ – Humans are different from shoes. We can’t fix them and reuse them.

WS – I forgot about the TV show. I caused big trouble there.

Woman – Baek Soo-jung is out of this industry.

SC – If something happens then find me.

WS – Between man and woman there is no niece and uncle or friends

Man – You are trash to women

SH – I saw something yesterday

YJ – Did you enjoy it?

YJ – Ajumma!

We are going to try and keep up with preview translations of Cheat On Me If You Can! Let us know if you like them. Alright, now run to the local convenience store and see if you can nab yourself your own millionaire cutie.

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