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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 9

Recap for episode 9 of the Korean drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) which airs on JTBC on Friday and Saturday at 23:00 Seoul time, and stars Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In.
I love how the stakes in this show so far are basically whether or not people will find out about their relationship. Hopefully the ex is gone for good and we can focus on the main duo slowly letting the world know about themselves. Also, will we have an entire episode dedicated to Joon-hee and Jin-ah gallivanting around China? He has to go to China, right?

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Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – Mom | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: April 27th, 23:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix
Countdown: TODAY …check twitter for updates.

KS goes into her kitchen.

JA cries at her appa’s feet. She is straight up balling and can barely talk. She says, Appppppa……..I am……Ap-p-p-p-a…..I am…… but she keeps crying and can’t say anything.

Appa – Where is Joon-hee?

JA looks up, confused. He tells her, hey fool, this is not that difficult to say.

She says, you knew that?……crying…..you knew that?

Appa – I thought you were all grown up.

JH VO – Are you okay? I worry about you a lot, should I go there? You are not crying, right? (text messages)

JA is crying.

JH is at work and looks at his phone on the rooftop. He closes his eyes.

JA is still crying. Appa is smiling and looking at her warmly.

JH tries to work at his company, but he can’t. He rubs his eyes and looks at his phone again. he calls….KS answers, why? He asks noona where she is. She says she is at home. He asks hr if she will go to work. She says she isn’t going to his house, okay? He asks her why she tells him like that? She tells him to hang up, she is leaving.

KS is sad and angry at home.

Flashback, KS – The day you went out because you were angry and I came into your house. Maybe I wasn’t home so she visited your face….what are you thinking? Did something happen to you? What? Work? Friend? (no) I am your sister, what is going on (nothing)…..You went on a business trip? Jinah also went to the country (i took her there) you ? Why? (i didn’t have a good idea) why didn’t you tell me (because it’s nothing) …… I have someone, a customer (you don’t know your customers, dont’ introduce her to anyone) I know him well, he has a good job (i am okay) you are not a man (i am not a woman).

KS looks at the sketch book and sees JA sleeping drawing and her kiss mark. Sheremembers going to JA’s room and JH was there already. Then when JH ran inside and asked her what she is doing in his place. She says she is not a stranger to him. She just wants to drink her beer and leave. But he wanted her to take it and leave. But can’t she just drink it there, my brother?

She remembers it all. She says they are all jerks. She closes the book in anger.
JS treis to work and gets a call from Umma. He goes to meet with her at a doctors office? It looks like it is a Korean doctor. Umma introduces him as her other son. The doctor says a lot of JH’s energy went away. SH chuckles. A lot of his energy is gone. He asks if he needs any traditional medicine? he says he is okay.

They go out to eat afterward. Umma talks to them both and tlls SH to eat more. She says that the two of them shouldn’t meet any strong women. Don’t look too far away. She starts to talk about JH’s appa having other relationships, SH quiets her about it. Umma says she wanst JH to meet someone and date her. JH is about to tell UMma. SH kicks him but accidentally causes his mom to fall as well. he basically signalls for JH not to say anything or he will kill him.

At home, Appa makes JA a tea. She apologizes. He tells her to drink it while it is warm, you cried a lot. Should I tell your mother? She says that she will tell her. he asks her if he can meet JH. She says it isn’t that she doesnt’ like it, he can meet him, but don’t yell at him (starts crying again). Appa laughs. You like him that much? She says yes.

Cut back to Umma and JH and SH. JH opens the door for Umma and then talks to SH. SH laughs at him. he says he is nervous now? JH asks why he stopped him from telling her. SH said that he told his sister, Umma will pass out. JH asks if he will help them, SH says don’t even dream about it. He gets in the car (that seemed playful).

Umma goes home and tells Appa that she packed two servings, where is JA? Appa says she went out to see someone. It is an off day though. Umma found a good man for JA, but both father and son stop her from mentioning it.

JH meets him in the car. He laughs at her. She wonders if she looks like Pororo now? it is all because of you! He says her eyes look fine. He asks her why she cried? She tries not to cry, but, she doens’t know He told her that he would be with her. She says no, she talked to him a lot so if was good. JH says he will tell noona. But she says she needs to do it. Whatever people say doesnt’ matter, if they are not this okay. He thinks she is really this strong. Good job today, thank you a lot. She says she just cried today.

JH goes inside his place and sits with a sigh. then he goes to his kitchen and sees teh drawing book there. he thinks for a moment and opens it, then he turns it to a page and puts his hands down. He looks up and then looks at the door. Music starts playing.

he goes to his sisters place. The lights are out. She is sleeping in bed. He walks up to her and says, noona? Are you sleeping?
She doesn’t answer so he goes outside and puts his head on the railing outside the apartment. he thinks for a moment while there and looks back at his sisters door. he slowly walks away looking downtrodden. He shuffles to his place like that. the music keeps playing.

The music is still playing. KS gets into the car and sighs. She puts on her seatbelt and sits there. Upstairs, JH sees a note on his fridge.

Note: I am using your car.

SY grills JA about her boyfriend. KS cancelled her meeting with SY. BR shows up. SY says her best friend is there. SY asks who the boyfriend is again. She is so annoyed. BR says, Seo Joon-hee! they both look at her.

JH gets to work, someone asks him a question. It is YE. She says that he is friends with her, does he know about her boyfriend? You heard it? Do you know who that person is? he says it is him. She is all like, huh? What? She runs out of the elevator.

SY thinks that is funny. BR is all like, she didn’t steal your boyfriend. SY said she had “some” with him. BR is all like, where? When? We all went to that club together. SY leaves. BR tells her to catch her? JA runs out and apologizes to SY for not telling her earlier, it is not like she is prettier than her or something. KS doesnt’ know about it, can you not tell her until I tell her? She thanks her for worrying about JH’s family and all those things. it looks like SY is resigned to the idea of them dating. She leaves.

KS drives to a cemetery. She takes a bouquet of flowers to a gravesite and crouches as she spends time there. She asks her mother if she already worried about her torturing her son. She doesn’t’ think about her at all? Mom…don’t make JH suffer. I can’t, it is too much for me.

She leaves and buckles up back in the car. She looks at her phone and calls someone.


JH asks why she isn’t accepting her phone calls.

She says she is at work but he is calling from her work spot.

JH gets a call from JA. JH says he is at work. JA says she is at work now. Okay, talk to you later. Some guys are at the rooftop, one of them watches JA walking away. (I think it is the guy that knows her and JH are dating).

JA meets with CG, he signs something very easily and says that she looks prettier because she is dating. JA goes to HG, he signs it very easily and then starts to talk about how there was a lot of misunderstanding. He regards her as more than a sister….he worries about her…

JA says that she never expected he would do that. he says that he supported her more. She is all like…okay. Well, director, do you have time tonight?

Cut to JA at her desk. Some foreboding music plays. CH leaves and looks at JA desk before he walks out. The CEO gets ready to leave. YI goes into his office. He says it isn’t anything, just take all the female employees and eat with that money. She asks him to join them and listen. He says they don’t’ write their survey, will they tell him?

YI leaves and asks if there is security. Then she goes somewhere and checks something (her office?). She calls someone. Then she checks the security CCTV and sees JM running into her office and looking around.

YI meets with JM over dinner. It looks like she busted him. he is on his knees as she eats. He makes a lot of excuses and says he just wanted to see if the sexual harassment was true. YI says, he needs to get evidence of sexual harassment by the men, then she will keep hr mouth quiet about this.

CG goes to the movies. HG is also at the movies. They look surprised to see each other and check their tickets. LOL!!!! it looks like this was JA’s trick. Everyone in the movie is watching them. They feel uncomfortable. I think this is a couples movie.

JA talks to JH and asks if anything is wrong. JH says he thinks his sister found out about them. JA runs down the street and catches a taxi. She tells JH on the phone that she has to do it, she has to do it! She gets in the taxi and thinks about calling KS. She calls her and takes a deep breath.

JH is also on the phone calling someone. He paces his house.
JA gets home but it looks like KS isn’t there. But she is there! She just isn’t letting her in. She looks at JA from the intercome. JH goes outside his place and looks at something and goes inside/hidding. KS comes out of her place in a funk. JA follows her. JH looks at them from his door, but he pulls it so KS won’t notice him. JA motions for him not to come.

KS and JA go to a cafe and drink soju.

KS – before we talk, let me check one thing. Do you guys like each other, or are you playing with Joon-hee?
JA – I like him a lot.

JH goes into his sisters place and turns on the lights. He sees that she was looking at all their family pictures in their photo albums.

JA says that she knows any excuse will (wont?) work, whatever she tells her, she won’t understand it, but…she can’t live without her. She needs her. KS asks about JH, what about him? How can she hold both of them? She is okay if they fight? Why do you make me come here?

JA apologizes for not telling her in advance. KS says, if you told me, do you think I would welcome it? Do you think it makes any sense? Do you think you did something you were allowed to do? JA asks if she thinks she is a bad woman. You know everything about me, all the time we grew up together, my past dating, all the secrets that we promised to take to the grave, of course you care about that.

KS scoffs, what do you think, do you think me as the bad person that is calculating the past and stuff? I can’t breathe, I don’t even know how I survived the last few days, this was a big betrayal, how can you do this to me?

JA says, so what should I do? What do you want me to do? Just break up with JH and wait until you feel good about it? You are angry so I should just accept it and get out of your life?

KS thinks she shouldn’t be sarcastic.

JA thinks that if she can, she wants to blame, what did she do wrong? Is it a sin to love. I am sorry that it is your brother, I didn’t een have time to think about you. that is why I am here. I only saw JH, I only could see JH. That is why I am here. (the music kicks in).

KS sighs and wipes her nose. She gets up.

JH talks to KS and tells her not to hang up and listen to him, he knows she feels betrayed, and he should be the last one to do this to you, but Noona I can’t give up JA. It is me, I started everything. I liked her so much, I wanted to put her next to me. I am sorry noona. I am really sorry. Just one time. Can you just understand me once? I will take all the blame until you feel good. You can do anything to me. But dont give JA noona a hard time. Please noona, I beg you.

KS angry cries as she listens to him and calls him a crazy guy. She is still at the cafe. She tries to get it together and goes back inside.

JA is drinking at the table and trying to keep it together as well.

JH tries to keep it together at home.

Basically, everyone is miserable.

Cut to Umma and Appa in bed. JA told her that she is sleeping at KS’s hosue. Appa hops up, KS’s house! Huh! Is she really with KS’s house? Umma says yes, KS called her. Appa gets out of bed and accidentally steps on Umma. He apologizes. Then he gets back in bed.

JH is outside KS’s door. KS tells him if he rings one more time then she will call the police. He puts in the password. But she changed it. He nocks and tells her to open. He calls her. But then he looks like he has an answer that is okay. there music plays.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…”

JA is live broadcasting the two of them talking. JH listens to this secret live broadcast of the two best friends. They are all happy now as they look at old family photos. They are back to normal. JA tells her that she understands them! She wrestles with her and they laugh a lot. Then they get back up and look at some more photos.

JA leaves KS’s place. She checks the code and then she walks out. But she looks back at JH’s place, she turns to JH’s place and tries to sneak across, but she turns back and starts to leave again. She makes it to the elevator and checks her phone as she waits for it. She keeps looking at his door. But then, whenthe elevator door opens, JA is there looking sick, but everyone lights up as they hop on each other and kiss. they full on make out in the elevator and people catch them. Some ajumma’s lol! It looks like that made the ajumma’s day.
KS wakes up groggily. JH goes into the apartment and hugs him. But then she starts slap the life out of him like she is his mother. She just hits him on the back as he runs around the room trying to get away.

JH sips a tea. KS tells him that she went to see mom. She went there to curse him so she shouldn’t take him there. If mom was alive, what do you think seh would tell you? I thought about that. Of course she would say, congratulations JH, I like JA a lot, that is what she would tell you. Even though I am best friend with JA, you are first to me. I don’t want to make you suffer. I will do well. It isn’t just her, it is her parents also. Between you two, it doesn’t’ mean I will say yes to everyone. I will say no to no and yes to yes. If you don’t want me to do that then you are not my brother, you are a bad guy. it won’t be as easy as you thought.

JH talks to SH and complains about his game. He laughs and talks about how his parents aren’t home adn JA is not hom eas well. One of JH’s friends shoot some guns at him.

JH runs out and calls someone while running. (The Bruce Willis song plays). he tells someone that he is leaving now. JA tells him that she is walking, she will see him! She runs through the subway. He revs his engine and drives off.

JA runs up the subway steps and onto the street. She hops on the nearest bus. Then she runs through the park and goes to their secret shortcut. She finds it easily this time and goes through. Then she runs down the hill and spots some people kissing. She keeps running.

JH is at SH’s house and fixes his computer game. But then JA gets home. Or his mother? His mother comes into SH’s room and greets them both. She is happy about something. She tells SH that he should look at this person for a blind date wih JA. An ajumma wants to introduce him, he is a Seoul University student. Man should know man better, JH, how do you like it? SH asks her to stop. She says it is not for her, it is for her sister. Don’t tell this to your noona. Umma leaves.

JH goes out of the room and talks to Umma. She asks him if he needs anything? He looks nervous. He says he has to tell her something. She tells him to tell her anything, is it important? Let’s sit.

They go to sit. SH comes in as well. Umma asks him to sit, but he kneels instead. Umma asks what is going on, why is he doing this SH? JH tries to tell he what is going on. JA comes in and sees JH standing there. She wonders what is going on. Umma really wonders why he is sitting like that like a sinner. JA sits next to him. Umma is really confused now. She asks what happened? But then it looks like it is dawning on her. She says, you two, it’s not true right?

Umma grabs her neck and passes out. SH grabs her and sits her back up. She asks him if he knew that as well? He says yes. Umma EXPLODES and hits him.

JA looks at her, amazingly stunned.

Fade Out

Mom is causing all sorts of issues.

This episode might have ended early because of the North and South Korea talks happening today and later this week.

Also, the preview for Sketch looks amazing!



Scene #1:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: Father, I did something wrong…
JA: I did…
Father: Where is Joon Hee?
JA: Huh?
Father: Hey, kid, what is so hard that you have to cry? Like a dummy.
JA: Did Dad already know?
Father: I had thought you were all grown up.

JH texts: Are you okay? I’m too worried about you. Should I go there? You’re not crying, are you?

Scene #2:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

KS: Did you go to the countryside? I saw a receipt in the car, but it was from Yeongson, you know, on the way to Dangjin. But, that was also the day that Jin Ah went down there on a business trip.
JH: I took her down there.
KS: You did? Why?
JH: I couldn’t get any inspiration, so I was thinking of going down there to do some sketching, when she mentioned she was going on a business trip there.
KS: But why didn’t you tell me? And neither did Jin Ah.
JH: Because there wasn’t much to tell.

KS: I’m not joking. There’s someone I have in mind. Among the customers who come to my store…
JH: Just because you see them as customers, how much can you know about them? Why are you trying to introduce her to just anyone?
KS: No! It’s a person I’ve been watching for a long time, and he has a good job as well.
JH: So, as long as he has a good job, he’s acceptable? Then, I must be acceptable as well.
KS: Are you a man?
JH: Then am I a woman?

KS Where did they go?
KS: Oh, so startling. What’s wrong with him?
JA: Oh, him! I told him to leave, but he wouldn’t leave. In someone else’s room…
KS: Listen to your noona, please. Please! Oh, when are you going to grow up?
JA: I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.

KS: Is someone chasing after you?
JH: What are you doing? In someone else’s house?
KS: Someone else’s house? Are we strangers?
JH: I’m tired. Hurry and leave.
KS: Let me just finish my drink.
JH: Take it with you. Take it with you and…oh…take this as well. Now hurry up and leave, then go drink it, and go to bed soon.
KS: No thanks. I’m only taking this.
KS: Can’t I stay here just to quickly drink these before I leave? Little brother?
KS: Fine. Fine. You came home angry from something else, and now you’re taking it out on me… Know that you’re going to die tomorrow.

(realizing the significance of their strange behaviors)
KS: These two!

Scene #3:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: Yes, mother. Yes? Where?
Mother: Please take care of him well. He’s another son of ours.
SH: I’m the first-born son.
Doctor: There seems to be a little weakness to him.
Mother: Omo, is that right?
Doctor: His energy seems greatly reduced.
SH: Yeah, right.
SH: I mean, Seo Joon Hee doesn’t even catch colds easily. So, it was funny.
Mother: There’s nothing to laugh at. Oh, Joon Hee, the fact that you have to work all night so often must be draining you.
JH: That much everyone else does as well.
Doctor: Should I make you up some restorative tonic?
Mother: Yes. Someone like him…
JH: No, no, no. I really don’t need it. Not at all. Thank you.

Mother: Oh, Joon Hee, at least eat a lot of this. I said we should get the restorative tonic, but you said you didn’t want it. It would have restored your energy and been really good.
JH: I’m very healthy. I said I wasn’t like Seung Ho.
SH: What about me?
Mother: What do you mean what about you? As soon as it’s winter, you constantly have a cold. You’re worse than your sister.
SH: It’s because Yoon Jin Ah’s spirit is strong.
Mother: You’re not supposed to say things like that. It’s not good for a woman to hear that her spirit is strong. You do this, too. And Joon Hee, you, as well, think of meeting an obedient and quiet woman. And, you don’t even have to look far to find an example. Someone like your mom when she was alive. It’s just that your father had an affair with another women that…
SH: Mom!
Mother: With our relationship, what of it?
Mother: Joon Hee, it’s only once I see you married and with children that I’ll be comfortable meeting your mom in the afterlife. You understand what I’m saying, don’t you?
JH: Of course.
SH: Oh! Oh!
Mother: Oh, what just happened?
SH: Oh, I’m sorry. My leg just had a spasm.
Mother: Aigoo! What in the world.
Mother: Eat, Joon Hee.
JH: Yes.
SH: (mouths) Don’t say anything and eat.

Stroppyse’s note: It’s the concept of “Ki” of “Gi” in Asian health which stands for the spirit or energy characteristic of a person, not referencing their souls, but their physical bodies. It covers both one’s energy levels as well as one’s normal levels of energy or spirited that is present in a person. In American English, it would be like saying someone is high-spirited versus laid back, but also references the more temporary condition of whether the person is feeling healthy or lagging in energy. Hope this makes sense in terms of what ki covers.

Anyway, people with strong ki are said to be forceful, dominant, and independent; these are traditionally considered to be good characteristics for a man, but bad characteristics for a woman. JA’s mom clearly subscribes to that POV. Oh well, I guess we knew that about her already.

Scene #4:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: I’m sorry, Dad.
Father: Drink it while it’s hot. You cried so much that your insides must be completely wrung out.
Father: Do you want Dad to tell Mom? (JA shakes her head) You think you can do it?
JA: I have to do it.
Father: Is it okay if Dad meets with Joon Hee? If you say you don’t want me to…
JA: It’s not that I don’t want you to…
Father: What now?
JA: You can meet him, but… that’s okay, but… don’t scold Joon Hee.
Father: Geez.
JA: Okay?
Father: Do you like that guy that much?
JA: Yes.
Father: Oh…

Scene #5:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: Don’t laugh.
JH: Okay.
JA: Do I really look like Pororo? (Korean children’s comic character)
JH: Yes.
JA: Whose fault is it anyway?
JH: You’ve suffered much. You’ve suffered much. Your eyes aren’t that puffy.
JA: That’s enough of that.
JH: So why did you cry, like a dummy?
JA: I was trying not to cry! But, strangely, they kept… I don’t know either.
JH: I said I would face it with you.
JA: No. Rather, I was able to talk a lot with my dad, and I think I did well.
JH: I’ll tell my sister.
JA: No, I said I’ll do it. It’s Kyung Sun, so how could I let you do it.
JH: Then what am I? I seem as if I’m hiding behind you in a cowardly way.
JA: What are you being coward about? Who cares what others think? As long as we know that it’s not so, that’s all then.
JH: Wow.
JA: Why?
JH: Were you always such a resilient woman?
JA: Are you falling for me again?
JH: I’ve already completely fallen. You’ve suffered a lot. And, I’m very grateful.
JA: I didn’t do anything but cry.

Scene #6:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SY: Your best friend has come. Your best friend.
BR: Manager Kang , you are here.
SY: Why? It seems you’re not very happy to see me.
BR: I just saw you at the office, so what? But why is she being so hostile?
SY: Yoon Jin Ah’s boyfriend. You know who he is, don’t you?
JA: Let’s just stop it now. Please?
SY: Who is it?
JA: Should I get you a coffee? Or something else?
BR: Seo Joon Hee
SY: Hm?

YE: Hello
YE: Excuse me, may I ask you one thing?
(JH nods)
YE: You’re close to Manager Yoon Jin Ah. Have you heard anything about her boyfriend?
JH: That? Why?
YE: You have heard. I guess it’s true that she has a boyfriend. Perhaps, do you also know who he is? (JH just smiles) Who is he?
JH: It’s me.
YE: What is?
JH: Her boyfriend.
YE: Why?
JH: Excuse me?
YE: What?

BR: The more I think about it, the funnier it is. Did Manager Yoon steal your boyfriend or something?
SY: Did anyone say she did?!
BR: Then why are you being so angry?
JA: Just stop it now.
SY: We had a flirtation!
BR: When?
SY: Then what was it?
BR: I saw it all. Then, I and Ye Eun must also have had a flirtation with him.

Scene #7:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

KS: You’re afraid that I might torment Mom’s son, aren’t you? Why don’t you even think about how your daughter feels? What will you do if I act badly anyway? Mom. Mom. Don’t make Joon Hee have difficult times or get hurt. I don’t think I could stand that.

Scene #8:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

KS: Do you think that this situation right now makes sense? Do you think that you did something that you should do?
JA: Are you thinking that I have no conscience?
KS: What?
JA: There is nothing about me that you don’t know. Our times growing up together, my past dating history, the secrets we promised to take to our graves, they must weigh on your mind.
KS: Hey. What do you think of me anyway? Are you treating me as an obstacle who is pulling out things one by one from your past and calculating them?
JA: Because I’m so frustrated.
KS: If you are so frustrated, then even before I got here, I should have already been dead from suffocation. For several days, I don’t even know how I managed to get through them. I felt so betrayed by you and Joon Hee. Not even someone else, how could you…?
JA: Then what is the right thing for me to do? What do you want me to do? Should I just break up with Joon Hee, and then wait until you feel better? But if then, you still can’t bring yourself to see me, then should I just accept it as something that can’t be helped, and then just stay out of your life? Will that do?
KS: Is this the time for you to be pitying yourself?
JA: If you tell me I can, I want to get mad at you as well. What did I do that was so wrong? It’s not hating, but a loving heart, is that a crime?
JA: I’m sorry, but there wasn’t a moment when I stopped because he was your little brother. To speak truthfully, I didn’t have any room to think of you. That’s why we came this far. I only saw Joon Hee. Joon Hee was all I could see. That’s why we came this far.

Scene #9:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

KS: What?
JH: Noona, don’t hang up and listen to me. I know that you’re disappointed and feel betrayed by me. In the whole world, that I shouldn’t be doing that to noona, I know very well. But, noona, I couldn’t give up on Jin Ah noona. I did it. I clung to her and I shook her up. Because I liked her so much, because I wanted to keep her by myself, I got greedy. I’m sorry, noona. I’m really sorry, but this once. Just this once, please be understanding. I’ll accept everything from you. Until you get over your anger, I’ll accept everything from you, so please just don’t make it hard on Jin Ah noona. I’m begging you.
KS: Crazy bastard.

Scene #10:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

KS: If you press it one more time, I’m going to call the police.
JH: Seo Kyung Sun, open the door!
JH: (answering his phone) Hello?

KS: Back then, I was the prettier one.
JA: Hey, do you have eyes? Look at my face. It’s shining so brightly, no wonder you’re jealous.
KS: This wench! Will she have to be taught a lesson in order for her to come to her senses!
JA: Look here, you!

KS: This was when Seo Joon Hee was really a baby.
JA: Ah… even as a baby, he was good looking, my Joon Hee.
KS: Have you already laid the steel plate? (note: Steel plate as in for grilling meat. She means that JA has already completely laid claim to JH.)
JA: Going forward, there is probably going to be a lot for you to cringe at.
KS: Oh!
JA: You said you understood! You said that you would be understanding!
KS: Aigoo! When did I? When did I say that? You!
JA: Understand me!
KS: Let’s get into it! You’re really crazy.
KS: I’ve got your foot.
KS: What should I do?
KS: Oh. We should just look at Joon Hee’s pictures.

Scene #11:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

(After JH comes back from seeing JA off, not to mention getting caught in the lift making out. LOL)

JH: Thank you, noona.
KS: You! You thoughtless jerk!
JH: Why? Why? Why? Why are you being like this?
KS: Why am I being like this? You jerk.
JH: Ow! Ow! Ow! With words! With words!
KS: Words…

Scene #12:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

KS: I went to see Mom.
JH: We should have gone together.
KS: I went to curse you out, so why would I take you with me?
KS: If Mom were alive, what would she have decided, what would she have said to you. I thought about that.
KS: Okay, it’s obvious. She would have delightedly said “Oh, congratulations, Joon Hee! I really like Jin Ah.” She probably would have said that. No matter how much I say that Jin Ah is my friend like no other, you are first to me. I can’t bear to watch you cry bloody tears from your eyes.
JH: I’ll do well.
KS: What’s the point if only you do well. Jin Ah’s parents. Especially her mom.
JH: I know. I know what you want to say.

Scene #13:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Mother: What? Should I get you something?
JH: No.
Mother: Are you hungry? I was about to cut up some fruit for you.
JH: I… I have something to say to you.
Mother: What is it? To me? Go ahead and say it.
Mother: It must be something important.
Mother: Then, shall we go to the sofa?
Mother: Come here and sit down.
(JH kneels down)
Mother: Omo, you. Hey, why are you doing this? Seung Ho, why is Joon Hee being like this?
Mother: Joon Hee
JH: Mother
Mother: Yes? What?
JH: Actually, I…
Mother: Yes, say what it is.
(JA comes in)
JA: What is he doing?
Mother: That’s what I want to know. Huh? He said he had something to say to me, and then he suddenly kneeled. Joon Hee, say something and tell me what it is. Why are you just sitting there as if you’ve committed a sin? Hm?
(JA kneels besides JH)
Mother: What’s this? Why are you being like this now?
Mother: Wait a minute. Oh, oh. The two of you…aren’t. Are you? Huh? Huh?
JA: Mom
Mother: Huh?
JH: I’m sorry, Mother.
Mother; What? What do I do? What do I do?
SH: Oh, Mom. Calm down. Calm down.
Mother: What? You also… already knew about this.
SH: Oh. Yes, I did.
Mother: Aigoo!

Sources YouTube and Soompi

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