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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Recap Episode 8

Recap for episode 8 of the Korean drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) which airs on JTBC on Friday and Saturday at 23:00 Seoul time, and stars Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In.
We’re back and catching up on all our drama’s that we missed. Pretty Noona is up first! We just finished this one so I’m posting it right away. Hopefully we can catch up on Grand Prince, Children of a Lesser God, and Hyori’s B&B today as well. ^_^

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Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – Mom | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: April 21st, 23:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix

JA is terrified as she rides in the car with GM. She tells him over and over again, Don’t do this…what do you want? He says he is going to die, he is going to die with her.

He honks the horn at all the cars as he speeds along.

BR gets a call from JH and takes it. She says, yes, I know who you are. She walks out to talk and SY looks at her. She asks the man who is at her desk what he feels, is it true…is it really love? It doesn’t make any sense.

JH talks to BR about talking to JA, she hasn’t talked to her today. BR says she isn’t a little kid, when she comes she will call him right away, don’t worry too much. But JH is worried because he can’t contact her.

JA is still driving with this psychopath farther and farther away.

JH gets home, parks, and goes to his building. He takes a deep breath as he rings JA’s house door. The appa answers. JH says he has something to do with SH so the appa lets him in. Umma asks if he came there to eat? He says he is there to install something on SH’s computer. The mother jokes that he games too much. JH goes to the room.

Appa looks like he knows something. Umma asks what’s wrong and appa says, nothing. He sits back in the living room.

JH calls the brother and asks for GM’s phone number. He won’t tell SH why. SH says the business card is in his desk drawer. JH says he found it. SH is all like, uh…your at my place? JH hangs up and SH wonders what he is doing.

GM is still driving. The song is “I used to love…maybe I really love…” JA wants him to stop the car, she doesn’t’ feel good, she might throw up.

JH leaves quickly. Umma wants him to eat some fruit together. But appa tells her to leave him alone. Umma asks if he knows something. Appa plays it off, he just has something urgent.

JH is on the phone as he walks out. The song, “I miss you…I can’t stop…” JA tells him to stop the car or pick up the phone. GM picks it up. JH says, you are with JA aren’t you. GM yells, who are you! Who are you jashik! But he swerves and gets into a wreck.

JH hears this on the phone and is terrified.

JA bangs her head on the car and tumbles out. GM asks her if she is okay? He pats her on the back. She just looks at him and tells him, let’s go, let’s die like this. This is what you want right? Let’s die, Okay, i will die!. But he pulls himself away and curses. She slaps him and says he doesn’t’ deserve this, how dare he curse.

JH drives to the police station he is still on the phone. He asks if this is JA, something happened right? Yes. Where are you? Where are you JA! JA is sitting ln the side of the road with a bandaid on her head. The duty police drive her to the hospital. JH drives to the hospital and runs inside. There are scenes of injured people all around and JH freaks out as he asks the desk clerk where Yoon Jin-ah is. She says he is at examination. JH goes to the room and runs into GM, he tells him that he really wants to die! I will kill you!. But the officer pulls him off and says they are doing an investigation right now.

JH continues to the room and asks where JA patient is. Someone tells him she is changing right now. JH goes into the room. Cut to JA changes behind a curtain. He slowly, but urgently goes behind the curtain, and hugs JA. He asks her if she is rally okay. She says yes. He says that is okay then. She apologizes. He tells her, let’s change.

He helps her put on her clothing as she removes all of her clothes.She puts on her bra and her shirt, he fixes her hair as she buttons her shirt.

Umma tells someone that people think he is doing all the work. Ah, it looks like she told her mother that she is spending over night at work. Umma thinks, if she works that hard, she won’t have time to get married. Appa and Umma get into bed. They talk about someones first wife, second wife, third wife. It looks like she is talking about KS and JH’s family. KS is sick and tired of marriage because her appa keeps getting married. But she thinks JH should get married, he has to get married, but who wants to give their daughter to that kind of family? She wouldn’t want to give there daughter to that family. Appa didn’t say anything, he just sighs.

JA tells the nurse, thank you for your phone. She just got a shot so she is holding the bandage over her arm and sits up. The nurse tells her to let her know if she has any uncomfortableness. JH comes up to her from the counter, she tells him that she can leave. He asks hr if she is really okay? She says she is okay. He kneels and puts her shoes on her feet and carries her things. He puts his arm around her as they walk out.

They drive quietly home. JH looks like he is fuming inside. JA kind of look at him, but looks straight for the most part. One of the OST’s plays during this point.

Cut to SH trying to call, it looks like he is still at school. No one answers though so he just looks at his phone.

Appa goes to JA’s room and looks around for a moment.

JA taps JH on his arm, but he is so angry. She asks him if he is mad. He says no, she says he is mad, but he says not now. She asks why he is only driving (not talking) you should look at me. He says, why should I? She says he didn’t do it at the hospital. He says that he is also relieved now. She says, after you are relieved from your tension, are you mad now?
He says that he isn’t mad
She wants him to look at her, she said she is sorry, just be angry at me, that is better.
But JH keeps looking straight.

He pulls over. Then he looks out the window, it looks like he is so upset that he wants to tear up. He clenches his jaw as he tries to say something. She asks, why? But he doesn’t say anything. She say, Joon-hee ah? He says, he knew something happened, he wished his idea was wrong, but it drove him crazy. He regretted it so much, he should have bought her a cell phone, he should have picked her up earlier, he shouldn’t have left her alone.

JA says something, (I was surprised?). This lightens JH’s mood. He says, now I can’t live without Yoon Jin-ah. She takes a deep breath. Their music starts playing as they keep sitting.

JH – I wanted to be mad at you, but I couldn’t because I was taking care at you
JA – Getting angry is not good for your health
JH – You know that, that is why you get into trouble
JA – that is the interesting part of our relationship
JH – I hate you
JA – you hate me..you will regret it, I called my parents and told them i won’t be home today, but if you don’t like me then that mean you don’t care if I go home or not.
JH – (putting the car into gear) Lets go home quickly.

Now they are happy as they drive off. At JH’s place, JH checks on his sister and lets JA run to his place as he talks to his sister. She quickly goes inside. JH goes inside his sister place. He picks up a drink and says that she is the queen of drinking. He says that he came from work, but she says that it doesn’t smell like he went to work. You can’t trick me like that.

KS says that she wants to talk to JA, she hasn’t been able to contact her. He tells her that they are like a couple. KS says they are more than a couple. He wants her to date a man, but KS says she is okay, she won’t be a burden for his married life so don’t worry. He isn’t talking about that though, he wants her to meet a good person, date, and love. KS thinks love is an untrustworthy thing, that is what their appa taught them. If JH lives like that then she will kill him. She tells him to drink and leave, then she goes to bed. JH keeps drinking as she turns out her light.

Then he goes to his place. JA hides for a moment and he asks her what she is doing. She said it is just in case his sister comes home. He says she was that afraid but she took a shower? She says she took a shower super quickly. He kisses her.

Cut to them talking. She says she tried to take care of it quickly, but the matter grew larger. JH says he wants to keep his private life, but she shouldn’t hide this thing. She thinks it is her mistake, she thought she knew everything about him.

Because you shared everything together?
No, when you date, A lot of people do that, they share name and make bank accounts together, didn’t you do that with your ex
Of course, I never did anything people usually do
So if I ask you to do something everyone does then you won’t do it?
Why are you saying it that way?
I am not going to tell you to do anything together
Why do you say it that way?
that is not wrong, I am just doing what you want, you don’t want it sooo
Let’s talk about something else
What is special about your dating…tell me
Let’s go to bed
I am going to drink more, you go to bed

He gets up and walks off. She pours herself some more wine as she looks at where he walked to. But it is all for show. She keeps just pretending to drink and making loud noises and looking at the bedroom. But he is tucked in. She says her head hurts a little bit and then looks at the bedroom. Finally she stands up and shuffles to the bedroom.

She taps him, but he is sleep. She coughs on him, but he is still sleep. Another gorgeous song plays. She lays next to him and pulls the covers up, then she sleeps next to him and he smiles. His eyes open.

JA – Because it is so embarrassing, that is why I am mad…why was I so stupid before, I regret it. I was angry because you told me that I am stupid. I was mad because I made you worry and I was sorry about my stupidness…that’s why…are you rally sleeping?

He still pretends like he is sleeping but has a huge smile on his face. She traces a heart on his back. He flips over and tells her to tell him in words now. But she rolls over. Now she is the one ignoring him. He plays the recording that she made of her saying she loves him. She hops up and wrestles with him to take the recording away. they laugh and wrestle as she struggles to get it away a is it plays. He pulls her into a big hug and just listens to the recording “I will love you for a long long time….a lot a lot a lot…..” She sits up and they look at each other and kiss, then they laugh again as she buries her face in the pillow and they hug.

It is morning at the company, JM walks into the building, clicks to go inside, takes the elevator, goes upstairs, and then runs to and office and starts looking around. He flips through some documents until he finds one.

Why don’t’ I have any results? He is asking this to YI. YI says it is because people work here and there. He asks about the party. YI says it is not decided yet. The most difficult thing in the word is making a woman happy. (It looks like it is hard to get all the women together to have lunch/dinner together)

JM comes into the CEO’s office. JM was the one in the restaurant listening in. CEO makes a serious joke about wiretapping. Then they talk about the group dinner, the women really hate eating together.

Cut to all the women eating together and talking about how they told them that they can’t go to the dinner with them. All the men come in at that time and sit with them. They look annoyed to see them. The men sit with them and asks who JA is dating? BR starts coughing. CG says she told him she is dating and is in love. SY asks BR is if she knows anything about that.

JH meets with his company president. the president wants JH to go to China for a few months. JH doesn’t want to go there, he says he can’t go there, he has to see his girlfriend. His boss chuckles and says he is crazy. But he says it is only 3 months, not one year. JH says he can’t. The president says he is going to fire him. JH nods and tells him that he should fire him. He leaves.

JH goes to his desk and his friend goes up to him. He tells him that the CEO is talking to his team leader. the team leader comes to him and asks who he is dating. JH says, whatever you say I will not go there. The team leader says that he will really be fired. JH tells him, should I write a resignation letter now?

BR talks to JA at the coffee shop. JA says she regrets it, why did she make that stupid choice. BR says that this is hwy you picked JH? JH isn’t a wrong choice yet. BR says she thinks they will last for a long time, the love he shows is a lot. When he couldn’t contact you, he called me and it sounded serious, I felt something. I thought it was nothing, but he knew something instinctively….you should be happy. JA says she is happy, really happy.

Cut to JA sitting somewhere. GM comes in. JA stands but GM doesn’t acknowledge her. He goes to the counter and fills out some paperwork. JA stands up and walks over to the counter to give the person her ID. Afterwards, they leave. JA wants to shake his hand as she says Bye-bye. But GM just walks off. She looks at him, sighs, then walks in the opposite direction.

JA rides the bus and looks out the window. She hops off the bus and checks her watch. Then she looks at a building and goes inside. Maybe it was a cell phone store? Later that night JA walks down the street and looks at her cell phone. The Bruce Willis song plays. JH rolls up on her on his bicycle like it is the first scene of them meeting. She chases him around on the bicycle and he rides around and around in a circle around her. they smile and walk next to each other.

Cut to them both at a restaurant. JA says she bought the phone. He tells her good job. She says she won’t make him worry anymore, she has to do better for him, she heard from BR. She says she is okay, don’t worry about her anymore, she is all clean. then she tells him about the female employee meeting, she has to go to it. He asks if it is a secret thing. JA says it is about the company sexual harassment, a lot of people want o report it, but they are hesitant. She was also like that, but now she is trying hard to be different. She also doesn’t want someone to worry about her. He tells her that is good, but he also wants their relationship to be open. Let’s say it. I will do it. She says, hey, why aren’t you including me? They joke and pinch cheeks.

All the women get together and talk about all the things the men have done to them. YI says they didn’t want to write anything, but when she tells them to say it, they say everything. She should record them all. JA says they are victims, they should be open to it. They joke, are you really JA?

The men also meet and drink. They are pretty concerned and talk about how they have to be careful. CG thinks JA is on their side now, he met and made her understand that the men just want to have a good relationship with the women. HG is all like, really? This lightens the mood. CG says JA was good at pouring drinks and cooking. All the men finish eating and thank the director. They talk about going to the norebang, but HG says they should go home quickly. No one wants to go to a norebang with just men.

Cut to the woman at a norebang enjoying themselves. YW smiles as she watches them singing and dancing and having a good time. they are really enjoying themselves and letting their hair down. YW smiles and records all the fun times they have.

JA goes to work smiling and happy. It is late, only the security guy is walking around. She tells him that she went there to see her boyfriend. He is all like, okay. She smiles and hops into the elevator. Inside the elevator she tries to fix her appearance. Then she notices that she took that tambourine from the norebang. The elevator doors open and JH stands at the door, he asks her about the tambourine and she is all like…why is this here?

They go into his office. She watches him work and says that he looks cool. He says he will finish thinks quickly. He keeps working, she falls asleep in the background. He turns around and sees her sleeping. He goes over there and puts her shoes to the side and picks up her things and puts them to the side as well. then he softly lays her down and covers her with a blanket. He softly strokes her hair as he watches her sleep for a moment, then he smiles and turns off the lights.

He goes to the kitchen, stretches, and drinks some water. Cut to his drunken friend stumbling into work.He falls onto of JA and says that JH is there. She screams and pushes him off of her. JH runs in.

JA goes to the bathroom and thinks that she is crazy, this is crazy. Meanwhile JH sits on the couch and talks to his drunken friend. His friend says…how can you two…you betrayer….

JA comes in and the friend says that he was sorry, noonim. Then he picks up the tambourine and starts to sing a Korean wedding song “Congratulations…you are dating…congratulations…” but he is so drunk so JH has to stop him.

JH drops JA off at home. She says she will tell her parents. He wants to do it together. But she says she will do it herself. He will tell his sister. JA worries about KS more than her own parents. She wants to tell KS because she will feel betrayed if he tells her. She also doesn’t’ want to hide behind Jh and not say anything because KS and JH are special special friends. that is why she can understand more. If she understands, then JA has no more wishes.

JH sighs a great big sigh. JA smiles at him, but then looks concerned as she looks up at her building.

She goes inside and knocks on her brothers door. She asks him if he has time. He sits back in his chair. She tells him that he met with JH. She didn’t’ know it would be like this. He says she came there, so what is she going to do from now on? Mom and dad will pass out. they will have a heart attack. KS also doesn’t’ know. JH doesn’t matter. Whenever you date, you create a big problem. JA says she will tell appa and umma. SH says he doesn’t’ know about Appa, but Umma will pass out. With a man and women relationships, he doesn’t’ know, what if they separate, then he won’t see JH ever again. You guys are not special, what is the difference? JA says they are different, so what you worry about won’t happen! She leaves and brushes her teeth in a rage.

Why is he talking about separating first? So we shouldn’t meet? why why why? We can. We can be open, why not.

Then mom opens the door and JA hushes up. Umma thinks JA is talking while drunk. She says she talks drunk all the time and even talks drunk while brushing her teeth now too? Who will take her….aigo… (JA whispers So Joon-hee). Umma opens the door back up, what did you say? Huh? Your brother is studying, go to bed quietly.

JA goes to her room and drinks a beer. She practices telling her parents that she is dating Joon-hee. Umma and appa, i am dating Joon-hee….I am dating Joon-hee whatever you say, you can’t stop us, we will date….I have a guy I am dating, Joon-hee….I am sorry, I am dating Joon-hee, I didn’t’ know it would happen….I am having a hard time….please understand me….

JH and JA talk. He asks if she can really do it by herself, he will go to her house. She says she can do it, they won’t hit her at least. He just worries about her. She says if he is worried that much than he can watch her do it. He asks how she is so confident? She says that she trust something…herself. She says that she trusts him, he is the only one in the world on his side. He tells her she is pretty, so pretty. Then he says, one last thing, are you really okay by yourself. She tells him that he talks so much, let’s hang up.

JH works at his desk, it looks like he is sleepy. He tries to focus on work, but his mind is on something else. He ruffles through his bag for something, but it isn’t there. He scratches his head.

OMG, his sketch pad! His sister has it at home and is looking through it like she is in a horror movie. Her face is paralyzed and blank, only her hands are flipping through the books. It looks like she feels betrayed. She finally breathes and touches her face as she blinks away the images. Then she closes it leaves the screen.

Meanwhile, JA is at home and knocks on her father door. She goes inside and asks where their mother is. She went somewhere with SH. JS kneels to her father but doesn’t’ say anything. He asks her if she needs to say something. She nods. He tells her that he is ready to hear her, whatever it is, it will be okay. JA starts crying and says, Appa….

Appa gives her a tissue.

JA is sobbing

Appa – Where is Joon-hee…

JA looks up, shocked….what?

Fade Out


Translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JH: You’re not somewhere crying, are you?
JA: Don’t scold Joon Hee.
Father: Do you like him that much?
Mother: Please look upon him kindly. He’s our other son.
SH: Mom will see it as helping you.
JH: I’ll probably see her soon then.
Jung: If you find me actual evidence, then I’ll protect you.
Nam: But, I’ve usually been good to you, Manager Yoon.
JA: Do you have time tonight?
SY: Who is it?
BR: Seo Joon Hee
SY: Hm?
JH: Her boyfriend.
YE: Why?
JH: Excuse me?
YE: Excuse me?
JH: Seo Kyung Sun
JA: I can’t live if I lose you.
JH: Don’t make it hard on Jin Ah.
JA: I only looked at Joon Hee. I could only see Joon Hee. That’s why we’re why we’ve come this far.



Scene #1:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!
JH: Hello. I just had to look in Seung Ho’s room for a second.
F: Oh, yes, come on in.
M: Omo, Joon Hee! Welcome! What brings you here? Did you come to eat?
JH: No. I wanted to load something on Seung Ho’s computer.
M: Oh. A scholar, but he’s always gaming… You should help him, too.
JH: I will. I just need a moment.
M: Okay. Go on in.
M: What’s wrong?
F: Nothing, nothing.
JH: What’s Lee Gyu Min’s phone number?
JH: I said what is it?
SH: Why do you want to know?
JH: What is it?!
SH: I don’t know. But why? Did something else happen?
JH: I…I…I don’t know either. So quickly, his phone number. Aish.
SH: Uh, I do have his business card, but it’s at home. At home.
JH: Where at home?
SH: Oh, I got it before, and I think I put it in my desk drawer.
SH: But I’m asking what in the world is the matter.
JH: Here it is.
SH: Huh? “Here”? Are you in my room? Did you go to my house?
JH: Seung Ho, hang up.
SH: Hey! Hey!
SH: Oh, what is he doing now?

Scene #2:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: Stop the car or answer the phone! Hey! Can’t you hear me talking?!
GM: Hey!
JA: I said to stop the car! Don’t get into an accident! Hurry up and stop it!
GM: Hello?
JH: You’re with Yoon Jin Ah, aren’t you?
GM: Who are you?! Who are you, you bastard?!
(car accident, JA and GM get out of the car)
GM: Are you okay? Jin Ah, are you okay? Are you… Oh! Blood!
JA: We should go again. This won’t cause our deaths.
GM: You! I said you’re bleeding right now.
JA: You drive even faster, and this time, let’s roll the car off a cliff!
GM: Why are you being like this?! You’re crazy!
JA: You said we should die! Let’s die! Since it’s your wish, I’m saying I’ll die with you! Hurry up! We don’t even have to go far. Since I’ll die with you.
GM: Damn! Seriously! Really!
(JA slaps GM)
JA: How dare you be cursing right now? Do you think a thing like you even has the right?

JH: Hello?
JH: Jin Ah
JH: This is Jin Ah, right?
JA: Yes. It’s me.
JH: Where are you? Where are you right now? Something happened, didn’t it? Something happened?
JA: Yes.
JH: Where are you? Yoon Jin Ah, where are you?!

Scene #3:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JH: Do you really want to die?! I’ll kill you for you.
Police: Stop that!
JH: Damn!
Police: Your girlfriend.
JH: Yes?
Police: Because of the accident, she’s being examined. So, you can talk with her later.

JH: Doctor, Yoon Jin Ah?
Doctor: She’s getting changed.

JH: You’re okay, right?
JH: That’s fine then.
JA: I’m sorry.
JH: Let’s get you dressed.

Scene #4:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: Can’t you look at me?
JH: What is pretty about you? (me: He’s upset, and asking if she thinks she did something right.)
JA: Chee. You weren’t like this at the hospital.
JH: Because my anxiety was released.
JA: Are you saying since the anxiety was released, that you’re becoming angry?
JH: I’m not angry.
JA: Then why aren’t you even glancing at me? I said I was sorry.
JH: Okay.
JA: Just get mad at me instead. That would probably be better.
(JH stops the car)
JA: What’s wrong?
JA: Joon Hee
JH: I became certain that something had happened to you. But, I hoped desperately that I was wrong. I really thought I was going crazy. I regretted so much. Even though you said you didn’t want it, I should have quickly bought you a cellphone anyway. I should have gone to get you. I shouldn’t have left you alone by yourself.
JA: You scared me.
JH: Now, I really can’t seem to live without Yoon Jin Ah.

Scene #5:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JH: Oh, you’re the queen of drinking alone. You got the beer from my place, didn’t you?
KS: Yes. I took them all. Are you just getting home from work?
JH: Yes.
KS: You don’t smell as if you just got off work.
JH: Still, I’m too old to fall for a line like that.
KS: Aigoo. Hey, did you see Yoon Jin Ah today by any chance?
JH: No. Why?
KS: Oh, that girl. Her phone is broken, so I can’t get in touch with her. It’s been so long since I’ve seen her.
JH: Oh. She’s your girlfriend. (me: he means that JA and KS are practically dating)
KS: She’s more than a girlfriend. She’s my beloved Jin Ah, after all.
JH: Noona should date as well.
KS: No thanks.
JH: How long are you going to live alone?
KS: Probably forever. Are you afraid I’m going to live off you when I get old? Don’t worry about it. I’m not one to mess in your life.
JH: That’s not what I mean. You should meet a good man, and date, and fall in love. Please.
KS: The thing that you can’t trust in this world is love. That is the only inheritance that I received from our father.
KS: Father has cut his ties to us, so that’s finished, but if you dare live like that person, you’ll die by my hands.
KS: Drink that and go. I’m going to sleep.

JH: What are you doing?
JA: Just in case you came in together with Kyung Sun.
JH: A person who gets scared like that, how did you manage to take a shower?
JA: I had to do it, since I sweated so much. Do you have any smaller pants?
(JH kisses JA)
JA: Is that all?

Scene #6:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: It’s because my state was too embarrassing that I had a bit of a fit. I was already regretting that I was such an idiot in the past when it felt as if you were saying that I was silly and thoughtless, so I got angry. I’m upset that I made you upset, and I’m sorry that I made you sorry. And, so… Are you really sleeping? Chee.
JH: Say it with words.
JA: Chee.
JH: Say it with words.
JA: You were being annoyed.
JH: Huh?
JA: What do you mean say it with words? Forget it.
phone: Joon Hee. Joon Hee, it’s me.
JA: Aren’ t you going to hurry and turn that off?
phone: After having your cellphone for awhile.
JA: Hey!
phone: I suddenly had something I wanted to tell you.
JA: I can’t hear it. I can’t hear it. I absolutely can’t hear it. Don’t do it.
phone: Thank you. For cherishing me so much and for loving me. So, when I love, I’ll love like Seo Joon Hee does.
JA: I can’t hear it.
phone: Joon Hee, I love you. Very much.
JH: For longer
phone: For a very, very long time,
JH: and even more, I’ll love you.
phone: I’ll love you.

Scene #7:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

SY: Is Manager Yoon dating?
Gong: Is she just dating? She’s totally in love. She told me all about it.
SY: What? Did you hear anything?
YE: No, this is the first time I’m hearing it.

CEO: You don’t want to?
JH: Yes.
CEO: Don’t you know that the Chinese market is the world’s biggest?
CEO: For game and animation, learning the language and the culture there is the best.
CEO: This is a great chance to get into that market.
JH: I know that, but why me?
CEO: We have to get the contract. China wants you to go. And, we also want to do it, so this is an offer that we can’t pass up.
JH: Send someone else.
CEO: This won’t be like the US where you had to spend 3 years. You just have to be there for a few months to set it up.
JH: I can’t go.
CEO: It’s not that you won’t go, but that you can’t go? Why?
JH: I have to take care of my girlfriend.
CEO: Are you crazy? Fine, fine. Okay. Dating is important. But, Joon Hee, it’s not even a year. It’s only a 3 month business trip.
JH: Still, I can’t go.
CEO: I’m going to fire you.
JH: Then do so.
CEO: Huh?
JH: I’ll take this outside
CEO: Hey
JH: and get going.

SC: Hey, did you refuse the CEO? He told Team Leader that he was going to kill you.
SC: Hey, and if you go on the business trip, it would be good, so why are you saying you don’t want to go and causing a fuss?
JH: Yes, a business trip would be good. So, you go.
SC: Hey. Let’s not ruin the office atmosphere, and just go.
TL: Seo Joon Hee! Who in the world are you dating that you’re making such a big deal of it?
SC: Did you say that you couldn’t go because of your girlfriend? Geum…
TL: Who?
SC: I said that he was just going to see her so why was he being like that. Right?
JH: Whatever you say, I can’t go. Send someone else.
TL: If you keep this up, you’re really going to be fired.
JH: Shall I write my resignation?
SC: What are you doing?
JH: I have to write my resignation.

Scene #8:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

BR: What are you feeling guilty about that for? They say that no one has a past without regrets.
JA: It’s not that I regret it. I just wonder how I could have made such a foolish choice. I find myself too pathetic.
BR: So, you got rid of him, and chose Seo Joon Hee.
JA: It wasn’t like that. I was just around him, and then fell in love with him. Fortunately, so far it doesn’t seem like a wrong choice.
BR: There is no guarantee it won’t change, but for some reason, I feel the two of you will be together for a long time.
JA: You think so?
BR: The love Seo Joon Hee shows you is not typical. He disdains everything in light of that.
JA: I wondered why you weren’t teasing me.
BR: I’m not teasing you, I’m being startled. When you couldn’t be reached, I told you he called me. When I think about it, his mood was kind of strange.
JA: How?
BR: I asked whether there could be anything wrong just because a grown up couldn’t be contacted. And, I told him he was overreacting. But, he had sensed something.
BR: You must be happy.
JA: I am happy. Frighteningly.

Rep: Yes, just check this and sign. And, may I have your identification card? Yes.

JA: Go safely.

Scene #9:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JH: Yoon Jin Ah.
JH: Again. Again. Again. Again. (me: meaning she’s hitting him again. LOL)
JH: You keep hitting me.
JA: When I catch you…

JS: Should we have gone together to buy it?
JH: Buying it even a little faster was better. You did well. Today, you even worked hard.
JA: Now, there won’t be any reasons for you to worry. I’ll always be reachable.
JH: So, you’re saying that I just have to do well now.
JA: How could you do any better? I heard from Manager Geum, that you had worried a lot about me.
JH: Because if I leave you alone, you’ll 100% get in trouble.
JA: I said that I’ve come to my senses!
JH: When you work at the office, what time do you finish?
JA: Today is the female staff gathering, so I can’t miss it.
JH: I was about to be happy, but guess not. But, what gathering?
JH: Is it an announcement of some kind?
JA: It’s about the sexual harassment. They’re asking us to report it, but everyone is refusing. I do understand it, since I used to be that way as well.
JH: That means you’re different now.
JA: Yes, I’m trying to be different, so I’m diligently working on it.
JH: Ohh.
JA: In order to keep someone from worrying about me, I had to do something.
JH: I’m touched.
JA: What, with just that?
JH: That’s right. That’s a little insufficient. I want to be open with our relationship. Instead of being found out, let’s reveal it.
JH: However, I’ll do it.
JA: Why would you leave me out of it?
JH: Aigoo.

Scene #10:

Scene #11:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: Hello. I’m here to see my boyfriend.
Guard: Oh, yes. Work hard.
JA: Work hard.

JA: Omona, what do I do? I look kind of terrible. (pulls out a tambourine) Why is this here?
JH: Tambourine?
JA: Why is it here?

JA: So awesome.
JH: Hmm? What did you say?
JA: Nothing.
JH: You’re bored, aren’t you?
JA: Don’t come! Don’t come!
JA: You’re good right there. Stay there. Keep working.
JH: I’ll be finished quickly. Just a little longer.

Scene #12:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: I’m crazy. I’m crazy.
JH: When she comes back, don’t go overboard or anything.
SC: Going overboard, you’re already the one who did that. How could you? You’re just the ultimate betrayer.
SC: What?

SC: Hello… I mean, I’m sorry.
JA: No, not at all.
SC: So, the thing is…Congratulations!
JH: Hey, hey!
SC: Congratulations!
JH: I said not to do anything.
SC: On your dating, congratulations.
JA: He seems to have drunk a bit.
JH: He’s really drunk. Hey, you, hurry up and go.
SC: Where did you get this?
JH: What? The tambourine?

JA: I’ll tell my parents.
JH: Do it with me.
JA: I can do it by myself. I’ll do it well.
JH: Then to noona, I’ll…
JA: I’ll tell Kyung Sun as well. That’s the right thing to do. Kyung Sun is going to feel very betrayed, but if I hide behind you, she’ll be even more disappointed. Truthfully, even more than mom and dad, I’m more worried about Kyung Sun. She’s such a friend to me.
JH: That’s why she might also be able to be more understanding.
JA: If only she would do that, then I have nothing else I could wish for.

Scene #13:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

F: Come in.
JA: What are you doing?
F: Separating out my notes from my studies from awhile ago.
JA: And, mom?
F: She took Seung Ho to his university.
F: Didn’t you have something to say?
F: I told you, didn’t I? I’m ready to listen to whatever you have to say. Whatever you say is fine.
JA: Dad.
F: Where is Joon Hee?
JA: Huh?

Source YouTube and Soompi

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    Thank you! Btw why do i feel that this story might have a sad ending? JH might go to China, JA might break up with JH because of Omma and KS, or JA actually suffers from internal injury due to the accident…a lot of possibilities.. *sigh*

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  6. Abhi
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    Holy cow!! The PD of this series Ahn Pan-seok, actually has a proclivity for sad endings…case to the point below.. All dramas have bitter ending… This PD’s principle is let people enjoy the journey and not the conclusion… Therefore folks brace yourself for a rough landing.

    Something in the Rain
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    • V
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      It was smart to skip the last episode. It made me all kinds of disappointed.

    September 25, 2018 / 5:46 pm

    anyone know the instrumental song that plays in Scene #3 listed in this recap?! The scene where gyumin kidnaps jina and junhui is looking for her + hospital scene????????? PLEASE SOMEONE

  9. Nat
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    Does anyone know the songs sang at the karaoke in episode 8? I cant find them anywhere shazam wont work on that scene either.

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      The second song is called Azalea Flower by Maya, you can find it if you search 진달래꽃 on YouTube or Spotify.

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        Thank you Hel! ☺️

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