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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 15

Live Recap for episode 15 of the Korean drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) which airs on JTBC on Friday and Saturday at 23:00 Seoul time, and stars Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In.It is the penultimate episode and the stakes are high. Jin-ah has compounding stress of getting kicked out of the house, her best friend not speaking to her, as well as all the issues she is dealing with at her company. Jun-hee had an off screen breakdown in the last episode and is stressed because he hasn’t been able to protect Jin-ah from anything; on top of that, these issues are getting worse and pulling them apart. Will they be able to go to the states and live happily ever after for a few years? Or will that Casablanca clip come true for our couple?

(Note: the Casablanca clip is in the NOTES section of episode 2 waaaaay at the bottom.)

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Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – Mom | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: May 18th, 23:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix
Countdown: AIRING! …check twitter for updates.

JA is looking at an apartment to rent. This apartment looks a lot better than the others. The realtor says she saw another customer earlier, that person said they would come back later. JA says she will pick this place, she will sign for it today. She gets a call right at that moment. it is JH. He asks where she is. She sys she is at a store. He asks her when she will finish, he is going to China tomorrow, the schedule is a little early.

She says, mmmm….ohhh…mmmm

He asks her why she is responding like that. She says she just wants to feed him something nice. He asks if she is his mother, she says she is his noona.

Cut to the restaurant. They have a nice dinner. JH says he hopes she is busy when he is on his business trip because then seh won’t think about unneccessary things like moving. She dosnt’ want to talk about it and tells him that he doesnt’ have to do things for her. He says he just wants to do the things that he can do. (She deosnt’ tell him that she got the apartment).

JA goes to the bathroom and stays there for a moment as she thinks about something. She is concerned about it.

She goes back outside.

JH – After quitting work, have you thought about that?
JA – What are you talking about all of a sudden?
JH – I wanted to tell you when I came back, I applied for going to the US, I don’t know the date.
JA – you want me to go with you and quit my job?
JH – I think that is the best for now
JA – How?
JH – I know it is sudden
JA – Are we running away?
JH – I want you to say that we are just leaving
JA – I am okay now
JH – Not me
JA – we don’t have to go far away, let’s live here.

They argue about this back and forth. JH tries to tell her that he doesnt’ want to see her suffering anymore, it is not okay with him even though she says it is okay with her.

They walk back to her place quietly.
JH – lets talk about it again after my business trip.

She says okay and they hug. he tells her not to suffer by herself and just be okay. She asys she will and tells him to have a nice business trip. Bye-bye. She goes inside. They don’t wait on each other to get inside their elevators this time. JH just turns and leaves right away. he doesnt’ look back when he walks away but he does pause for a moment.

JA gets upstairs and goes to her room directly. She sits on her desk and looks at the rent contract. She looks like she doesnt’ know if she made the right decision. It fade out with her looking at herself in the mirror.

Foreboding music plays as JH puts his luggage in a taxi and then hops in himself. He is leaving. JA is walking to the company. She gets to the front door and goes up to her office area. It is pretty empty there in the cubicles. She looks over at CG but he doesnt’ look at her. It looks like everyone is avoiding her, it is very obvious.

Later on, she goes to the rooftop, it is nightime as she holds her phone and a coffee. KS calls her.

Cut to the two friends meeting, but KS is very stone-faced. JA says that it sounds like she is blaming JH, but, her situation is he situation, maybe JH was in a hurry and didn’t think about it too deeply. KS says he isnt’ like that, he should have talked to her. He took his room out frist, what are you guys thinking? JA says it will make her mad. KS asks if JH is doing it because he wants to live with her. KS says she loves him more than he loves her. JA tells her friend, honestly, I am not afraid if my parents hit me or if you hit me or whatever, I just want to do whtever JH wants to do and hide behind him, then I will be safer. That is what I thought. But, my selfishmness is not that big, on the surface, I blame JH for not getting sad, but it is actually projecting, I want to do a lot more. I want to do a lot more, like date him and do what I want to do and just continue like that.

KS chuckles and asks if she should tell her thank you or call her a B. JA apologizes. KS tells her to look at her straight, are you a changed person, or did I just not know about you?

JA – If you think of a better way, then I would be happy.

KS – Can I be that disapointed in you? I don’t want to be with you anymore. You said that, you are more important Joon-hee, keep that promise.

(JA basically said she didnt’ want to be all-in to JH, she does what she wants to do)
KS storms out.

JA goes to sleep?

Her father goes into his daughters room, it is all empty. She is gone-gone. he sits by the window and looks around as if remembering all that has happened in that room. He starts to tear up but tries to blink them away. he takes a deep breath and drops his head as the tears start coming and coming.

A moving truck drives to the new apartment complex with JA. She opens the door for them and they busy themselves with moving her into her place.

She gets a call in the middle of it, it is JH. JH asks her what she is doing, it is abreak day She says she is doing nothing. He says she is sad because he isnt’ with her. JA says she is having a good time. JH syas he misses he so much, he is going to die.

the workers make some noises which makes JH asks her if someone is in her house. She lies and says it is the water fliter (?). then they get off the phone.

Appa goes into his room and asks Umma to wake up. She is still all cuddled in bed. he tells her that no parents win over there kids, just get up. Umma is grumpy, but she sits up and says that her daughter is killing her.

Appa goes to the kitchen to eat. SH comes home and sees that JA is gone, it looks like he didn’t know. Daebak, she really left the house? He goes to the kitchen and sits with his father. Appa asks if he heard anything from JH. SH tells him that she went to China, this is strange, maybe she did this without telling him? Ah, I knew she was in a hurry, ah, she made a mistake again, ah big trouble again.

Appa tells him not to tell JH first. SH says he will not tell him, if he did then JH would just fly back right away. then SH asks Appa to do something about mom. No one can press JH like this, this won’t last too long, he is only yielding to us just becasue it is us.
JA eats at her place with BR. They eat jajangmyun and talk about everything that is going on. BR asks if she is confident, JA sys she has to be confident even if she isn’t. BR tells her that she needs to bluff well and survive with that.

Cut to the company. HG and JM watch the norebang video again. They think it is good and they also think that JA could get fired. But what about CG? maybe he will wrap up his work nicely? They start to talk about JM possibly getting promoted….you know…..take care of this quickly. JM smiles and says he will take care of it quickly.

YI meets with the CEO and basically says their company will be maligned in the public with this matter. Does she want to break this company because of one or two people? I didnt’ put you in this management position to make the females angry (?).

CG talks to JM about not going to court. You shouldnt’ put your family through that. Just move to a place where you won’t be touched inside the company. You can move somewhere where you dont’ have to see JA. CG thinks JM doesnt’ care about other people but now he is all involved? JM says it is all for him. He pats him on the back.

JA meets with a lawyer for the company. They are meeting over tea and coffee. The lawyer wants to meet her due to the sexual harrassment. JA says she wants a public apology and punishment, other than that, she doesnt’ want anything. the lawyer says she shoudnt’ say accuser becasue she is not the victim yet. This is just starting, she saw a lot of cases on the news right? What is the progress from those cases? there aren’t any good results from them. In easier terms.

He pulls out the video and shows it to to her. In the video, JA looks like she is having a good time. In the text messages she looks like she wasnt’ concerned. seh just says she is wating for them.

JA asks where they got this video, was it the original? And these messages, I never had these kinds of conversations with the director! Compare them with mine!

The lawyer says it is difficult to change the public image of yourself. Think about it one more time. What decision is better for you?

JA says she already lost a lot, seh already determined that it will be very difficult in the future. The lawyer tells her that he is thinking of suing her, but if she apologizes to him then he will reconsider it. Based on my experience, you will only get hurt if you take it on too long. I pity you so I show you this. JA sys she pities him even more, he studied so long to make up all these things. Tell them that they take her too lightly, I am going to go until the end!

JA storms out and then tears up as she caches her breath outside. The news is weighing heavily on her.
She still tries to catch her breath as she walks to her place. She is trying not to cry and calls someone.

She gets to her place and lays on the bed, alone. It is dark in her room as seh just curls up.

JH is on the airport bus. The phone is off as he tries to call JA. he texts her, are you still working? You aren’t taking my phone calls.

JA is sleeping. She cried herself to sleep.

JH is back at his house as he calls JA again, she isn’t picking up the phone. But the noise of the ringer wakes her up. She groggily gets up and checks her phone.

BR asks her where she is, why aren’t you picking up your phone! JH came. He called me and said he can’t contact you. He was so angry, like when you had that car accident. I told him that you moved.

The door bell rings right then.

JA answers it and sighs. JH looks so pissed even though we only see his back.

She tells him to come in so he does. She asks him if he ate, but she doesn’t have anything. Let’s eat outside! He says he wants to talk to her first. She asks him if he wants to have a seat? She pulls out a stool, but he sits on the floor.

She gets a cup for him and tells him that she hasn’t bought a table yet. He says it is okay. She tells him that she hasn’t cooked at home so she deosnt’ have anything, you said you would come tomorrow.

he says his work finished early, why did you hide this? I would worry?

Yes, you would say it is my same excuse

Yes it is an excuse, why were you in a hurry, it was one week

What about you, you wanted to empty your place

I am going to the US

For me, when I think about KS, more than what my mother is thinking…

What about me?

JA tells him that he makes her like this. We just need to love each other right?

JH – do you think we will have a happy ending with everyone praising us? I can’t like like this anymore.

What are you talking about

I don’t want to see people that I will give up on eventually

DOn’t think in a bad way, lets think about it quietly.

JH – You are the only one that needs to think

He leaves. When he is outside, he looks up at the building in anger. Then he walks aggressively.
JA is left sitting upstairs. Her bottle spills so she has to run and grab a towel to clean it up quickly, but she is crying and stops so she can jus breathe. Fade Out with her holding her head.

SY checks the coffee shop and they sit and talk. She says this is the first time she has expired food. is something wrong. KS says she forgot to take it out. SY talks to her and says that she will be promotted soon, but right now, the company is a little bit strange. KS asks about it. SY says it is just…..dont’ you see JA? your brother is meeting with her all the time? But KS just sips on her coffee.

JA and CG meet in a conference room. they talk about what they are going to do. CG says he has 3 kids, his youngest isn’t even in primary school, if he gets fired then everyone in his family dies. JA says he is worred about that so why is he so eager to do everything other than working. What do you think if your daighter experiences the same thing as me? he yells for her to Shut Up!. She tells him she is going that far because seh doesnt ‘want to be a shameful daughter. His father is also very loving to her.

He says he is sorry and will apologize to her. She get sup to leave. CG apologizes profusel and says he will not do anything like that again. He is raelly very very sorry. JA tells him to post a public apology on their intranet or she will post the video in its entirety. She leaves.

JA meets with the director, she says she will stand and meet with him. HG tells her that she shoudnt’ be so stubborn, you are young, you shouldn’t do this. JA says she is not so young and stupid to do this kind of thing. HG tells her that she will have a red line next to her name, she won’t be able to get a job again. JA thanks him for worrying about her. He says she shoudnt’ pretend to be a victim so much. JA asks him if he will pretend to be a victim now?
JH meets with his sister over drinks. She has forgiven him. They playfully talk about him giving her money. He can take care of her. She says she says she would rather go to a nursing home than have him take care of her. She goes back to work and he looks like he sighs from relief.

JH looks like he might have changed his mind about going to the States. he talks to his boss about that. Then he goes to his desk. His friend asks him if he is sure that he can go to America…you girlfriend didn’t okay it. Then he leaves, it looks like he is going on another business trip.

JA looks at the computer, she is promoted and she is looking at the company moving list. YI is promoted to director. Everyone looks at the list and sees all the promotions. YI and JA meet in the conference room. JA congratulates YI for her promotion. YI says this is still crazy because they just mede up JA’s position. JA understands that, but she is still happy about the situation. YI tells her that she is good, she learned a lot from her. JA says she doesnt’ start, but when she starts, she finishes.

JA goes to the elevator and BR meets her. But BR is a little mad. BR thinks this is a promotion but it is also punishment. JA says she is okay, she expected it. She will stay in that position and then be back. BR tells her that she is a completely changed person, she is scary. BR asks her if she is meeting her boyfriend? She should just be pretty for him. Did you make an appointment for a full makeup? JA says this is not their first night! BR is shocked, wah! They start laughing as the elevator opens.

JH is in the elevator and sees them laughing. He smiles as well. More people crowd in the elevator. JH secretly holds JA’s hands in the elevator and we see the first time they held hands from the earlier episodes. They are happy once again.

( it looks like BR is promoted as well, but SY isn’t promoted)

JH tells JA that this reminds him of the first time they held hands, you seduced me, I am sure of that.
JA celebrates her birthday with her family. they are happy that she is promoted and has a birthday. Umma cheers for her to pick a good man and get married with a Seoul University man, I know some people, I will help you meet one. JA is annoyed, but she toasts. Umma says she won’t change so don’t think about arguing. JA says she understands that, she won’t change as well.

Umma lays into her again and says that JA should be ashamed, he has nothing! Family is important! Stop thinking about it, I won’t let him into my house at all.

JA gets up to leave. She says Umma won’t have JH in the house, she wants to see him so she is leaving. SH runs off to talk to her and Appa leaves as well.

JA walks outside their building, solemly.

JH: I am coming back after a meeting, just come back slowly.

JH is in the car and tells him friend to just drop him off at the side of the road. He does. JH looks up the street, he sees JH which is why he wanted to get out of the car. He texts someone.

JH: Did something happen in your house?
SH: It is mom, did JA say something?

It looks like JA went to a cafe or shop to wait until the time she is to meet with JH. Then she goes to the restaraunt as if nothing is wrong.

The lovebirds have an enjoyable time clicking their wine glasses and laughing. JH presents a gift to her. It is a drawing of a jewel necklace? On it it reads, this is all my heart to Jin-ah. She opens the tiny box and it is the exact same thing, but it is the real version.

She takes it out and smiles at it. She tells him that it is really pretty. He asks her if she likes it. She says she does, very much. he puts it on her then sits back in his seat.

He says it is very pretty, but not as pretty as Yoon Jin-ah. Jin-ah checks herself in her mirror and smiles softly. She might be tearing a little. She says she likes this kind of thing a lot, she is the kind of person that is really attracted to material things, it is really really pretty. JH tells her that it looks good on her. She says thank you.

Cut to JH in the bathroom thinking. JA is at teh table thinking and holding her necklace. they look at bit strange, remorseful? hesitant? Uncertain? But then JH looks like he gathered all his confidence as he looks in the mirror and walks out again.

She tells him thank yo for today and they drink their wine again. She tells him that she has a promotion, it isnt’ 100% but shouldnt’ you congratulate me? I am mad at it also, I am going to show them what a strong person I am.

JH – I am going to America…..let’s go together. I dont’ want you to just cover up what happened at work. Of course, they have to be prosecuted, but you dont’ have to do it here. I know you have a lot of things stopping you, that is why I am more careful and sorry. I know people will think you are running away, that also hurts my pride, but I will also ignore everything. I don’t want to see you trying too hard.

he holds her hands.

JH – Let’s go…us.

JA thinks for a long moment. One of the OST songs starts playing “Our time is not done yet…you’ve given me your fullest heart…”

JA – Back then, if it was before…then I would follow you right away. I think I was really like that. But the current me has….grown up too much. Seo Joon-hee made me an adult.

JH looks at the table as he takes a deep breathe. They have a quiet moment as JA picks up her glass. JH tries to smile and look up, but it is difficult.

Afterward, they walk hand in hand. They get to her new place and let go of their hands.

JA – Be careful.

JH leans in for a big hug. It looks like he wants to say something, but it is hard.

JH – Really, you cant?

JA – Sorry.

They are still hugging. She tries to pull away, but he pulls her tighter to him. They keep hugging for a long moment.

She goes inside. He watches her get into her elevator. She lets the doors close as he watches her from the door. he puts his head down whenthe door close and then he walks away.

He looks up at the building until he sees her light come on.

Inside, JA stands by the door as she weighs her decision.

JH is still watching the window. then he looks around.

JA starts crying upstairs. (It looks like this might be her sacrifice for JH’s happiness? Not sure.)

JH walks home in the rain. A song plays as he looks completely destroyed. JA is also sobbing as she stands by her door. JH is openly crying as he walks home, but the rain hides a lot of it. he tries to suck it up. Fade out on his image.

A motorcycle drives along a beach. It drives to a coffee shop and leaves. It looks like BR is teh one that took the message? This is a wedding invitation, it is SH and a woman. This person is BR. BR calls JA. JA jokes that she is a busy president. BR tells her that someone gave her a wedding invitation. JA says it is her brothers wedding.

BR asks how JA feels with her brother marrying first. JA says she is okay with it. BR thinks she should be sad. JA says she isn’t sad at all, that is for the young. BR tells her that they are almost 40 soon! JA tells her to be quiet and that she will see her at the wedding.

JA hangs up and drinks her coffee outside as she looks at the sun. Cut to her sitting on a blanket with JH. They cuddle under the cherry blossoms as their song plays “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…” They are having a delightful time as they joke on their picnic blanket. they kiss and talk about how pretty JA is. But then after kissing, they look around to see if anyone saw them.

They play frisbee in the field and laugh as they run all over the place for the frisbee.

But then we cut back to JA, with her coffee. Was that just a dream? Was she only thinkint about that?!? OMG, it looks like that was either her imagination or a flashback.
YE is at the wedding with her kid who looks like he is 18 months maybe? She meets BR and BR tells the baby to come to emo (aunt). JA is at the wedding and has to deal with people asking her when she will marry and that her brother is getting married first. She has to happily great them all.

then she manages to get away. Another man is talking on the phone, it looks like he might be her new boyfriend? He says he needs to greet her parents. But hen he gets back on the phone and talks business again. This man looks like the kind of man that Umma would love. He says this is an improtant business meating, don’t be angry, I will buy you a big gift.

he says he really has to go, he will call her.

He leaves and wee see JH watching the entire thing from the bottom of the steps. JA turns and sees JH at the bottom of the steps. he is looking at her like he is about to melt into the ground.

His friends come up to him and talk happily with him, then they go up the steps. JH also walks up the steps, but JA ignores him so JH just keeps walking by.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman”

Fade Out

I saw him, I felt like it was yesterday
What I thought the most was that I hoped JA wasn’t too happy
Are you going to get back with JA?
I was only thinking about one thing, Our relationship is just that much, that is it

OMG, seriously!!!! She is dating another man??? Seriously??? This is really like Casablanca!


JA – I actually saw him and it felt like I just dated him yesterday. I felt like I would just run to him and hug him.
JH – While I was staying in America, the thing I thought about most was that I wished Yoon Jin-ah was not too happy.
KS – It sounds like you still have feelings for her
BR – No, Jin-ah! If you do this then it is a really really big problem.
KS – Do you want to go back to JA or whatever?
JH – Can you just see me as if nothing every happened?
JA – In some moment, I only thought about one thing. Our relationship was only that much ( it doesn’t go any farther).

Jin-ah ignored Joon-hee because Joon-hee saw that she wasn’t happy next to her new boyfriend. Joon-hee wanted that so much (her sadness), but actually, seeing Jin-ah so unhappy makes him sad. After that brief meeting, the past that they thought they forgot comes back to their memories again. Both Jin-ah and Joon-hee suffer from that.

Jin-ah says something unintended to Joon-hee so that it will be less painful for both of them. Joon-hee heard the thing he really didnt’ want to hear from Jin-ah so he gets very drunk and goes to see her.

Scene #1:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JH: After I’ve returned, let’s talk about this again.
JA: I said that it was enough. I told you to not think that you have to do something for me.
JH: It’s not that I have to do. It’s that I will do. Anything that I can. Everything.

JH: Have you ever thought about quitting your company?
JA: Why are you suddenly asking that?
JH: I was going to tell you after I got back, but… I’ve asked for a transfer to the American office.
JH: I don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen. If it takes awhile, then the end of May of this year?
JA: Are you saying that I should quit the company and go with you?
JH: Right now, I think that is our best option.
JA: From whose point of view?
JH: I know it’s sudden.
JA: You’re saying we should run away?
JH: I wish you would think of it as leaving it behind.
JA: I…I said that I’m okay with things now.
JH: But, I’m not.
JA: Why do we need to go far away? We can just live together.
JH: You said that was crazy.
JA: And going to America is being in your right mind?
JH: You said that you were fine as long as you had me.
JA: That’s right. But, that also means that I’m fine with things the way they are now.
JH: But, I said that I wasn’t.
JH: Seeing you be hit from this side, then that side, I can’t bear to watch any more.

Scene #2:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: Honestly, whether I’m beaten black and blue by Mom and Dad, whether I get my hair yanked out by you, I’m not afraid. I want to just do as Joon Hee wants, pretending not to be able to win over him. If I hide behind Joon Hee, wouldn’t I be safer, I’ve also thought that.
JA: But, my self-interest isn’t leaning that way. Outwardly, while using the caring excuse that I don’t want Joon Hee to bear the brunt of everything, I’m actually going for what I really want. There’s still a lot that I want to do. I won’t throw it all away to depend only on Joon Hee. Like now, while dating, the things I have to do, the things I want to do, I’m going to continue doing them.
KS: Should I thank you or should I call you shameless?
JA: I’m sorry. This is the way I am.
KS: Look at me properly. Did you change or did I not know you well?
JA: Whichever way it is, if you would think of it as the better of the two, I would be grateful.
KS: I can be disappointed in Yoon Jin Ah, can’t I?
JA: Is it that bad?
KS: I don’t think I can be with you any longer. You said it yourself. That you place yourself before Joon Hee. Make sure you stick to that.

Scene #3:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

Mover: Is the door open?
JA: Yes.

(phone call)
JA: Yes?
JH: It’s me.
JA: Yes.
JH: How long are you going to be in a bad mood?
JA: Am I the only one being like that?
JH: It’s a rest day for you, so what are you doing?
JA: Just…I’m just hanging out.
JH: Since I’m not around, you feel as if you could die, don’t you?
JA: I’m so comfortable that I could die.
JH: But, I want to see you so much that I could die.
Mover: I think it’s all finished.
JH: Who is that?
JA: Just a second.
JA: (to mover) Excuse me. I’ll be right down.
JA: Yes?
JH: Did someone come to the house?
JA: Yes. They’re just saying that the water purifier is all done.
JH: Oh. I have to go back into the meeting. I’ll call you again later.
JA: Okay. Work hard.

Scene #4:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

BR: You live by yourself, so how is it that there’s no end to the unpacking?
JA: I know. How could I just make you suffer on a rest day? When I get my paycheck, I’ll treat you to something really delicious.
BR: Immature young lady, rent, water bill, electric bill, gas bill, etc., etc., etc., what are you going to do about all of those?
JA: Oh, I’m already suffocating.
BR: Already, just over this?
JA: Then what else?
BR: Office, house, Seo Joon Hee.
JA: Eat. Eat.
BR: Do you have confidence?
JA: Even if I don’t, I have to get some.
BR: Even if it’s a vain attempt, that’s good. Just live with that mindset.
JA: Yes.

Nam: That’s good. You made that really well.
Choi: The legal team is going to take care of Yoon Jin Ah.
Nam: Then that’s done. Ah…that… What are you thinking to do about Deputy Head Gong?
Nam: The thing about work is that everything has to be done completely in order for it to be finished.
Of course.
Nam: Once it’s done, I’ll… hmm?

Scene #5:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

Man: You seen a lot of other cases on the news or other media, haven’t you? What did you think of the resolution of those cases? You found them frustrating, didn’t you? There were no judgments made, and everything just hushed up. But, why do you think that was?
Man: Think about it more easily. (hands her the fabricated evidence)

Text messages:
JA: I’ll wait for you! Buy coffee and bring it when you come^^
Nam: Okay.
JA: Thank you for a good time.
Nam: Sweet dreams.
Nam: Manager Yoon, where are you?
JA: I’m waiting in Director Nam’s room!
Nam: Okay.
JA: It was a fabulous night. (heart)

Man: If things like these start leaking out, then there will be only one way that people will react. Women are the problem. Women are an even worse problem. It’s as if women have high expectations…
JA: Just a moment. Where did you get this video? Are you sure this is the original? And, also these messages. I have never spoken with Director Nam in this way! If you compare them to my messages-
Man: You. If you try to change the notions that people already have, then it’s too late. You’re frustrated and feeling as if it’s unfair, I totally understand that. However, I wish you would think about it again carefully. Which decision will determine what happens to Manager Yoon.
JA: Determine what happens? There are more things that have already happened! I started this knowing that it will become harder.
Man: Yes. I understand. Director Nam is considering suing you for defamation. Before that, if you make a sincere apology, he’ll reconsider it.
Man: Manager Yoon…mmm…the way I see it, if you drag this out any longer, then it’ll just end up with you getting hurt. It’s because I really pity for you that I’m saying this to you.
JA: Lawyer, you’re the one who is more pitiful. That to do stuff like this is why you studied so hard. Please convey this message. That he’s looked at me as being too easy a person. That we should take this all the way to the end.

Scene #6:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

Scene #7:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: What I should do as an adult versus what I shouldn’t be doing. I started this by differentiating between the two.
Gong: Do you really have to go this far?
JA: It seems as if you’re not quite prepared yet.
Gong: I have 3 children. My youngest daughter isn’t even in elementary school yet. When one is working, trying to make a living, one can make mistakes and such. To put it bluntly, if I’m fired from here, then it doesn’t just end with me. My daughter and my entire family will die.
JA: A person who worries about that, then why were you so passionate about the things that weren’t a part of your normal work? If your youngest daughter grows up to go through what I’ve had to go through, how will you feel?
Gong: Do you think you can just say anything you want?!
JA: Why am i going this far? So that I won’t become an embarrassing child. Because my father is someone who is not embarrassed in front of his children.
Gong: I’ve made a little mistake. Fine. I’ll apologize.
Gong: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I said I’m sorry.
Gong: I was wrong. I was really wrong. I’ll make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. I’m really sorry.
JA: Please post a proper apology to the company intranet. Otherwise, I’ll directly upload this video file.

Scene #8:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

text: HR Announcement (Transfer and Promotion)
text: Yoon Jin Ah Store Set Up Team Manager Paju Distribution Center Deputy Head (promotion)

JA: Congratulations on becoming a director.
Jung: As if you don’t feel anything. Are you okay? It’s hard to think of a suddenly created Distribution Center Deputy Head position as a fair punishment.
JA: I know.
Jung: You know but you smile? Do you really have any feelings or not?
JA: Should I just go to the CEO right now and upset everything?
Jung: He would probably be nonplussed. He had probably tried hard to make things come out right.
JA: That’s why I wasn’t going to say a peep, and just try to endure it.
Jung: They’ll probably say that Yoon Jin Ah is disgustingly persistent.
JA: That’s what I’m counting on.
Jung: You’re commendably strong.
JA: Well look who I learned it from.
Jung: I couldn’t even follow in your footsteps. You’re amazing. I’ve learned a lot from you.
JA: It’s because I don’t do it, but once I do something, I do it properly.
Jung: Look at you. Just because I compliment you.

Scene #9:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: Since I was prepared for anything, I’m not even shocked by it. Don’t worry. I’m going to endure it and fight this to the bitter end, then regain my reputation. Who do you think this unnie is?
BR: Be more moderate. A human being changing too drastically is not a good thing.
JA: When was it that you were insisting on fighting?
BR: I didn’t think the fighting would get to this stage. You’re totally a cold-blooded person. You’re totally cold-blooded.
JA: What do you think? Would you like me to buy you a cold-blooded congratulatory drink?
BR: Aren’t you meeting your boyfriend?
JA: I have time today. He has a web meeting, so we’re going to be meeting up later.
BR: No thanks. Until then, you should take care of dressing up your flowers. [me: this means to make herself look pretty]
JA: What dressing up of flowers?
BR: No? You haven’t made an appointment in a Gangnam salon for a full makeover?
JA: Why would I act like it’s a first night or something?
BR: Omo. Then… you’ve slept…? Already? Already?
(JA and BR get in the lift giggling. JH’s beaming face as he surreptitiously holds JA’s hand.)

SC: Are hiccups contagious as well?

JH text: It made me think of the day we first held hands. It’s definite that Yoon Jin Ah seduced me first.

Scene #10:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: What is this?
JH: Happy birthday.
JA: Thank you.
message on drawing: Seo Joon Hee’s whole heart is Yoon Jin Ah’s.
JA: This is really pretty.
JH: Do you like it?
JA: Yes. Very, very.
JH: Wow.
JA: How is it? Pretty?
JH: But not as much as Yoon Jin Ah.
JA: Really. Since I put on something so nice like this, I must be someone who is dazzled by material things. It’s really pretty.
JH: It looks good on you.
JA: Thank you.

Scene #11:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JH: I’m going to America. Go with me. I’m not saying that you have to abandon the office issue that you have to work out. You have to make them receive their punishment. But you don’t have to be here in order to work that out.
JH: I know there are a lot of things that give you pause. So, I’m being more careful and feel more apologetic. That anyone looking on would think we were running away is also damaging to my pride. However, I want to ignore that. I can’t bear to watch you struggle any longer. Let’s go. Us.
JA: If you had asked me the way I was awhile ago to go, then if you had asked now, I would have probably just immediately followed you. However, the way I am now, I’ve grown up too much. Seo Joon Hee has made me into a grown up, you see.

Scene #12:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

JA: It’s too pretty. Look at the sky. It’s too pretty.
JA: It’s really pretty. I said to look. Look!
JH: I am looking.
JA: Look at the sky. Don’t just look at me. Look at the sky.
JH: Yoon Jin Ah is prettier.
JA: That is of course.
JH: That’s right that is of course.
JA: What’s wrong with you? You’re complimenting me? Did you eat something wrong?
JH: It’s because you’re pretty.
JA: Is anyone watching?

Scene #13:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse!

Man: Tell them we’ll listen to everything they have to say. That’s the only way to get them to talk with us.
Man: Yes. Yes. I understand. Okay.
Man: Oh, stop frowning. It’s too important a contract, so I can’t just pull out of it. You know.
JA: I understand. Go.
Man: Instead, I’ll buy you a pizza as a present.
Man: Hello? Oh? Oh? Oh? Why are you worrying about that? I’m leaving now. Hang up.
Man: I have to really go now. I’ll call you later.

Man: Oh, Seo Joon Hee. Let’s go.
Man: When did you get here?
JH: Just now.
Man: Let’s go up.

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  1. E
    May 18, 2018 / 9:05 am

    Hoping for a good (not abrupt) ending!

  2. Miranda
    May 18, 2018 / 10:31 am

    Dear Kdrama industry: time jumps are not necessary and not normal. Stop it.

    • V
      May 18, 2018 / 10:37 am


      • May 18, 2018 / 10:49 am

        I agree 100% It’s overdone and unnecessary. Yet it’s still a common plot device in these dramas. Ugh….
        *face palm*
        Lesson learned. No more getting into dramas before they’re finished. I had such high hopes for this one. *shoulders slump*

        • V
          May 18, 2018 / 12:37 pm

          Okay, I don’t want to lure you into another drama 🤐, but I really want people to watch Lawless Lawyer so I will recommend that one. It is a revenge drama kind of with a Sin City vibe. I can’t guarantee there won’t be a time jump though 🙂

      • Miranda
        May 18, 2018 / 12:07 pm

        When people break up and MOVE AWAY they typically don’t get back together. At all, even as friends. Sure it happens sometimes, but usually no. Except in Korea where apparently it’s literally the only way you’ll ever find love.

        • V
          May 18, 2018 / 12:39 pm

          Miranda, you are cracking me up. 😂

  3. E
    May 18, 2018 / 10:33 am

    It feels like they broke up, he went away for awhile, he comes back for the wedding.. they bump.. idk I’m really confused now. Like all they fought for was so futile?!

    • V
      May 18, 2018 / 10:39 am

      To me, it seems like they didn’t actually break but that they were just on a break possibly? That might explain why he was so furious when he saw her with her new man.

      I cannot believe she is dating someone else. I just can’t believe that.

  4. E
    May 18, 2018 / 10:44 am

    Bet its her mom’s idea plus I think they really went separate ways without really acknowledging it. 😑😑

  5. May 18, 2018 / 10:46 am

    I’m soooooo unhappy over this! Why???? Why are these types of story lines with huge time-jumps and unnecessarily long break-ups so popular? Usually I’ll check that sort of thing before getting into a drama because I’m so over it. I made a mistake of getting into this one because of the amazing chemistry of the actors before the ending this time.

    I get enough of the depressing drama in real life (the type of fodder they like to use in dramas), why do I want to torture myself with it in my entertainment?
    I get they had their troubles. He needed to make himself in America and come back successful. But it wasn’t ideal for JA. She needed to finish the journey she started in becoming a stronger woman in Korea. Her family and her friends were too important to her for her to just run away like that too. Flaws and all.

    But is getting stronger on her own two feet what happened? The glimpse we got of her new boyfriend doesn’t convince me it did any good. It’s all just for dramatic effect so we can see the heartbreak in JH’s eyes when he sees them together. Really? Cheap shot writers….

    • Anonymous
      May 18, 2018 / 12:19 pm

      After all the tears..the fighting..the mean words..the promises..THIS!!!huwaaa…JA should feel disgusted of herself for even letting that man touching her cheek!! So much of wanting to be strong,but ended up with a man of her mom’s choice. What kind of story is this, pd nim?? My. I regretted the day i decided to watch this drama. Chincha.

  6. V
    May 18, 2018 / 10:59 am

    Y’ALL! I just noticed that the umbrella is yellow this time!

    We had a red umbrella (stop/warning), a green umbrella (go), and now a yellow umbrella (which is basically in-between stop and go). So this could go either way.

    We will find out tomorrow!

    • Miranda
      May 18, 2018 / 12:03 pm

      I still think they’ll end up together, but I also hope there’s some explanation for however many years elapsed. Frustrating. Has this been him for three years in the US again with no contact between them? Seriously?

      • Carmel
        May 18, 2018 / 10:33 pm

        The changing colour of the umbrella,Yellow/Amber,could signify proceed with caution like the traffic lights,eyes opened and focused not rushing and beware of oncoming traffic. hopefully a lovely ending for them and the views.

      • Iya Yarte
        May 19, 2018 / 6:13 am

        Makes sense!!!!!

  7. Miss Marj
    May 18, 2018 / 11:06 am

    After all… they will live happily ever after ! Ajahh! Fighting JH and JA 😂💓💓 rooting for both of you to date for real 🙏🏼..one last episode and hello withdrawal anxiety 😭😭

  8. NOONA
    May 18, 2018 / 12:13 pm

    JA is still wearing JH’s gift to her (necklace= JH’s full heart) on the last part of the ep16 preview???. SHE’S WEARING THE NECKLACE…it is partially covered by her white blouse but I can see a necklace. It looks like it is JH’s gift to her.

  9. Marie Currie
    May 18, 2018 / 12:32 pm

    Really writers? What a way to write a climax. I noticed ending is the weakest point of every kdrama.

  10. welh
    May 18, 2018 / 3:15 pm

    As the show ends, there will be a lot of negative comments towards SYJ and her JA character, but I think that anger is misplaced because in the beginning she said she took this role because of the “realistic” portrayal of relationships. Part of the reaction to this episode is the viewer’s transference of the early episode romantic scenes to their own experiences to become one with the OTP couple. But if you step back objectively, relationships are hard and romance can be fleeting. I think if one looks at the series, it is more complex than a simple romance story because clues to the main character flaws were hidden in plain sight.

    My biggest problem with the series was no grave issue where the couple got together to discuss and solve together as mature adults. The early to middle episodes showed the high octane romance that was fueled by the secret, almost taboo relationship with JA and JH came was lacking any significant relationship growth. They rocketed through the attraction, lust, longing and physical part of their relationship without skipping a beat, but that is where it plateaued like an inexperienced high school couple.

    Both JA and JH had dating experience. But we do not know how “serious” any of their past relationships were (even though JA’s mom thought the maniac lawyer was perfect spouse material). The couple’s passion has glossed over several important aspects missing from their early enjoyment without taking into consideration the ramifications or the future:

    1. Communication. Their communication was superficial. They did not discuss important issues or ideas which represents mutual immaturity. They never opened up to each other on what their personal goals were (job, career, changes, etc.) or how they wanted to achieve them. They never really understood the other person’s emotional state, and they never deeply discussed how the other person felt in a given situation. I recently read a psychological study that concluded that many people told “white lies” early in their relationships as a means of making themselves more “attractive” to their partner. Usually, those minor lies were used to build up a person’s self-esteem or enhance their traits (prospects) to the other person. But in JA and JH case, those lies were meant to hide the truth and real feelings (under the fabrication that they did not want to “hurt” the other person.) Instead of talking things through, they glossed matters over and then began to mistrust each other.

    2. Compatibility. Sympathy, friendship and like-mindedness are critical foundation blocks to any serious relationship. JH knew about JA’s situation at home and at work, but his support for her opinion was tempered and distant.He wanted to control the situation. Likewise, JA did not seek out his advice on how to find a solution to any of her problems. Also, JH did not ask JA for advice on his work, his options or his troubles. JA and JH knew each other before dating, but there is no evidence that they were “friends.” Friends have mutual interests, concerns, ambitions, support, trust, varied experiences to share. JA and KS had serious discussions as friends. JH and SH had serious talks as friends. But JA and JH never had such a connection because it probably would have interfered with them hanging out together and having fun as a new, care free couple.

    3. Commitment. JA and JH never discussed the big things like their expectations, marriage and family life together. JH’s solution was unilaterally demanding JA move with him to the US. Some women would call this behavior selfish, inappropriate or “clingy.” JA’s solution to move out of her house so she could continue to date JH but not live with him showed that she was selfish and not ready to fully commit to him (she would later say she had things she wanted to do independently to become strong.) They never had the heart-to-heart discussion of “making plans” together as a couple.

    If you strip away the passion and dating scenes, there are very few elements to build a serious, long term relationship. One can see the writer, PD and actors (like SYJ) making the statement that people can be great at dating and romance, but lousy in relationships. When JA states that “fate” only took their relationship so far, that means they were not truly trying to work toward a serious, “true love” ending and their personalities were such that neither could change to make things work out. And that is why the drama is “realistic;” most people have to go through numerous dating relationships, a mine field of trial and error, before finding a serious partner you want to spend the rest of your life with. The evidence shows that JA may be really bad at dating and relationships (perhaps because of her mother’s negative influence, and her weak and meek personality). And many women fall into the trap of picking the same type of bad apple out of the dating pool (men also have the same problem). The evidence also shows that JH had more dating experience, but his temper and/immaturity never led him to a serious relationship (as shown when he makes the decision to go to the US without discussing it with JA, then telling her to come with him when he should have known that would have made JA miserable). Maybe JH is looking for a subservient woman that he can protect and look after. Maybe that was JH’s initial attraction to JA (her bad ex- BF, drama at work, her age and family issues, etc.) But JA was not the Cinderella character he could sweep off her feet and run away with to solve her problems. Perhaps JA initial attraction to JH was that he was the opposite of her ex, and she wanted to just experience youthful passion but then reality burst her bubble.

    I will not surprised that the couple may not be together at the end of the series since many spring romances do not yield long term relationships. In the beginning, JA and JH had the chemistry of a hot couple when their relationship was secret. But once it was out in the open, and the issues began to take shape, the chemistry began to cool. The novelty began to wear off. Being together began to have as many negatives and positives. And in a risk-reward analysis, each character has to think it is worth more hardship, pain, and uncertainty to stay with a person who may or may not be The One, or re-set your own life so you can love yourself before you can love another person.

    The trailer seems to imply the latter. JA and JH split to find their true self. However, it seems that they have fallen back into their pre-romance pattern towards destructive relationships. At this point it would hard to reconcile a “second chance” ending because second chances rarely come true, and in this 3 year separation, unrealistic.

    The ultimate question remains: JA and JH were a great couple, but were there any deep reasons for them to stay together?

    • Dave
      May 25, 2018 / 11:17 am

      A significant circle of my friends have been on less than 30 dates in their whole lives because they looked for the right person and then they proposed quickly. Its odd that my friends who have been on hundred plus dates are the ones seen as knowledgeable and the ones that have had only one true girlfriend because they got married soon after are never asked any advice. As I get older, one half of my friends think a long term relationship is 10 years of marriage and the other half think more than 3 months is long term. Oddly the 3 month types are the ones asked for and give advice on relationships.

      Relationships are hard but excuses not to form a serious bond and keep it seriously are just too easy. He should have proposed and if they had any perseverance they would have pulled the families in tow even the status obsessed mom because being seen as the one who was not invited.

      My marriage is an interracial and inter-faith so their squabbles were penny ante compared to mine. Also even if the parents still hold out their biases and dont support them, the vast majority will crumble when they have a child because the desire to be a grandparent is the final winner.

      its not that hard if you understand, Love, truly love, get married, bowl over opposition, have a life of meaning together. You just have the courage to move forward in life. The longer I am married the time my wife and I spent dating seems such a tiny phase in our relationship.

      The problem with Kdramas is that being stuck in decisions means more episodes. Which is true in life, if you cant decide whether you should propose the problem is you. If you can prioritize your happiness over your mother’s status obsession the problem is you. These were 2 weak people who couldnt value what they had. True Kdrama.

    • cecil
      September 19, 2020 / 10:50 pm

      I am so impressed with the statement but for me and my own personal comment to Something in the Rain KDRAMA… PERFECT:) despite trouble of circumstances TRUE LOVE prevail both character are not selfish they dont think for own happiness as couple but they give value to people surround them. when it comes to JH and JA true love guide them.

  11. Elle
    May 18, 2018 / 4:24 pm

    I for one don’t want them to end up together. Jin Ah does not deserve him. It’s sad because he loved her *SO* much but she is who she is and she caused him so much trauma over and over. After she walked away from him to be with his dad when he was in so much pain over her deception and her subsequent playing the victim and calling him childish was the last straw for me. I absolutely cannot stand her.

    Ironic how in the whole show they kept playing stand by your man when she never completely really did that AT ALL. I actually haven’t even watched a full episode since that one but I really want it to end with JH happy, having moved on and her regretting everything.

    I wouldn’t mind a spin off drama focusing on JH where he’s closed his heart because of all this, is super successful by drowning in his work and happens to meet someone who actually loves him and puts him first and the struggle that person has to make him open up again. Sigh…in dreams I guess.

    • L
      May 18, 2018 / 4:55 pm

      All true @welh. Although I had bigger problems with JA’s character. She was rarely honest with JH & played many mind games. JH seemed more emotionally mature because he was willing to talk about & work out problems.

      The very worst was that JA’s whole family enabled the mother’s control freak temper tantrums. Ridiculous! They should have nipped that behavior in the bud. Accepting her behavior does not seem normal to me at all.

      I wish that Kdramas would show more realistic & healthy relationships. They rarely have people who are honest & direct with each other. Relationships need mutual understanding & compromise to work. I can’t remember ever seeing even one drama with a mature, realistic & healthy relationship.

  12. Terry
    May 18, 2018 / 4:30 pm

    After reading the live recap, I couldn’t even watch the raw episode. I had to take an hour walk just to calm my nerves! What a waste. The long US stint doesn’t make sense. Jin Ah falling back into having another arrogant prick of a boyfriend is an insult to Jun Hee’s legacy of “making her an adult”. Yeah right, a more stupid adult that is. Tomorrow is another masochistic episode for me. I’ll watch but I doubt I’ll have a clean closure.

  13. Jos
    May 18, 2018 / 6:25 pm

    Still hoping for a good ending, sad sad ep 15

    • Iya Yarte
      May 19, 2018 / 6:15 am

      Can’t believe someone else feels the same way i do with this drama! Actually feels like im gonna be depressed for a whole time until they make season2!

  14. NOONA
    May 18, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    Will there be a definite closure or a renewal of forever love. Ep 15 showed they haven’t gotten over each other seeing the pained sadness and heartbreak reflected in their eyes when they met at the wedding. Even now my opinion remains, JA doesn’t deserve JH because JH always ends up getting hurt during the course of their relationship. He wants her to be by his side forever but JinAh cannot commit so she opted out. However, JH still hasn’t move forward after their long separation. It’s painful to see JH still pining for his lost love. I cried with JH when they eventually parted ways in 2015. I’m so into his character story so much so that I truly am upset with the writer for making JH suffer too much. Why not make JH eternally happy? Yes I wanted them to break up to teach JinAh a lesson, for her to mature to a woman worthy of JH’s love. For her to realize JH’s value as a man she’ll forever treasure and keep by her side come what may. 3 years has already passed, JinAh is still the same. She has moved forward but not happy with the new bf. She obviously made a mistake with her choice of the life without JH. How much she regrets her choice was seen by how awkward she reacted when JH saw them by the stairs. But seeing JH still carries the torch for her is too cruel that I intentionally stayed away from watching ep 15 til later. I had to prepare my heart to be brave for ep 16 and hope for the best finale tomorrow for my favorite character Seo Joon Hee. And to my most favorite actor Jung HaeIn, thank you for giving JH character justice. Nobody else can portray JH as best as you did…Heart, heart.

      • Anonymous
        May 20, 2018 / 8:53 am

        Ini terasa berat karena karakter JA terlihat cantik dgn kepribadian dan usianya, tapi pada akhirnya JA terlihat murahan, tidak pantas untuk JH 😟
        Ini melukai perasaan setiap yg menontonnya.. aku sempat berpikir drama ini akan menjadi drama yg akan aku tonton berulang ulang kali dalam tahun tahun berikut tapi ternyata tidak.. episode 15 benar2 menghancurkan harapan saya terhadap drama ini, sedikit lega mengetahui ada yang merasa seperti sya untuk episode 15 dan 16 ini.. mempersiapkan hati untuk menontonnya😭😭

  15. Miranda
    May 18, 2018 / 10:13 pm

    You know what’s the most upsetting thing about the way this is unfolding? Up until now, I’ve felt it’s pretty true to life. It felt like actual stuff that could happen. I LIKED that it was mundane and just about two people trying to figure out if small-ish problems were enough to break them up or if they’d stick together. I liked that it was slow enough to have Joon Hee legitimately upset at Jin Ah’s repeated evasive lying, because he’d seen enough examples of her doing it. And that Mom’s insanity had enough time to unwind from “wow she’s annoying” to “holy crap, she’s going to destroy her family through stubbornness”.

    But you don’t get transferred to America in a week. You don’t make massive life decisions without notifying your partner. You don’t magically take a hiatus for three years and then meet each other again.

    I HATE that this show toppled into the most annoying, boring kdrama tropes in the last handful of episodes. They were doing so well, what the hell?!

    • Elle
      May 19, 2018 / 9:11 am

      hmmm, maybe his American visa was still valid since he left only a few months before. Him just saying come with me maybe meant eventually ie let’s escape this place. I’ll go first. We’ll work on ur papers in the meantime. Granted it’s all maybes and I didn’t even watch the episode. I have such a visceral reaction to all the JA foolishness now

  16. Iya Yarte
    May 19, 2018 / 6:23 am

    Can’t believe someone else feels the same way i do with this drama! Actually feels like im gonna be depressed for a whole time until they make season2!

  17. Anonymous
    May 19, 2018 / 6:56 am

    What the f@#k happened?

  18. Anne
    May 19, 2018 / 9:29 am

    People watch these shows that in the beginning seem to give them hope and take their minds off their every day drama in their lives for a short period of time each week. Stories like this couple can and do realistically survive the pressures of every day situations around the world, so why can’t writers give that to the viewers who live in hope.

  19. Noona
    May 22, 2018 / 12:22 am

    Thank you for the translations.

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