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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 14

Live Recap for episode 14 of the Korean drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) which airs on JTBC on Friday and Saturday at 23:00 Seoul time, and stars Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In.
The ending of the last episode was pretty sad and pitiful, but I think things might look up for our couple this episode. I have been wanting Jin-ah to move out for the last couple episodes, so hopefully she does it today. Y’all, only two more episodes left after today’s episode. What in the world will the finale week bring?

We recapped Lawless Lawyer this morning and it was really good! I suggest checking out the first episode if you get a chance.

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Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – Mom | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: May 12th, 23:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix
Countdown: AIRING! …check twitter for updates.

Umma yells at the kids and says that she doenst want them to come into her house anymore. JA says she won’t date him anymore, she won’t meet him anymore so just stop. JH says, noona…. but JA just tells him to stop. He wants to talk later, but she says this is it for us…let’s break up.

She quickly goes to her room, but she stares at the door and stands there as well. JH looks at her door, but he is frozen in place. JA puts her hand on the door. JH looks at his father and then turns to JA’s room. He tries to go inside, but it is locked. He keeps calling her name over and over again. Umma runs to the door, but Appa pulls her away. KS is at the door too, but she isn’t pulling her brother off, she just stands there with him.

JA holds the door locked on the other side.

JH – Noona, Yoon jin-ah…don’t cry. I am okay, so don’t cry.

JA starts crying on her side of the door. She covers her mouth. JH still stands at the door, but it looks like he might leave. His appa gets up and walks out. Appa looks like he wants to help the three of them out. JH apologizes to Appa but Appa says it isn’t any problem. JH bows to Appa and says bye-bye, then he leaves to follow his appa and KS out.

Umma comes back and wants to go into JA’s room, but Appa pulls her away again. Umma yells that she just wants to talk to her! But appa isn’t having any of that right now.

JA is still standing at the door, crying.

JH goes outside and gives his sister the car keys. He doesn’t acknowledge their father. He storms off, but Appa just tells her to let him go.

While driving, Appa asks to listen to some music so she pops on the radio, “Cant stop loving you…I’ve been crying all night long….”
JH gets to an intersection and waits to cross it. The light turns green but he doesnt’ move. He just stands there looking around and biting his lip. He looks up at the sky, the light turns red again.

JA is sitting at the door now, she stopped crying, but she is still teary.

JH is still at the intersection trying to cope with the breakup. He tries to stay standing.

JA starts crying again at her door, but she tries to stop herself. It is impossible.

JH rides the elevator up at his place. He rests against the back as it goes up. The door open and he looks out for a moment. he imagines that JA hops into the elevator and kisses him until the door open. But in reality he is back in his apartment and sitting by his couch. He calls JA, but then he looks at his phone and puts his head down.
KS drops Appa off, he wants to know if she wants to come up for tea? You don’t have to worry about JH, he is just like his mother. She says that is the best thing he has every said. He tells her not to hate him, don’t live your life hating. If we see each other on the street, then let’s happily greet each other. Appa leaves. KS tears up as she watches him go.

Appa gets to his hotel room and sighs on the couch. He looks at nothing as he tries to breath. He tries to breath away all the tears that are coming, but he can’t. He sighs and just lets it all out.

JA is laying on her bed now. He is still awake and on top of the covers. She sits up a little and grabs her phone. Then she sits up fully and clears her throat. She calls someone. But that person isn’t answering.

JH Appa – Wrong number?
JA – I called you
JHAppa – I am ready to get yelled at
JA – You shuold be super ready.

JH getsa call and picks it up right away, he says noona? But it is JA, she asks what he is doing? She asks if he is angry. He says he understands everything. JA says that she wants to see him. He says he will be right there. But she tells him to open the door, please.

JH opens the door and JA is right there. She asks to come in. He lets her in, it is awkward between them. Inside, she asks what kind of tea he has, she doesnt’ want to drink coffee now. he tells her to look in the cabinet. She does.

He goes to the living room while she works in the kitchen. It is quiet.
She starts boiling the water and sits at the couch. It is still quiet. But then she tells him that she is sorry, she was so angry about her mother and wanted to wrap up the moment aslo. He tells her that he told her that he understands that.

JA – you are angry
JH – the situation was difficult, but you shouldn’t have said for us to break up
JA – I was angry in that moment
JH – It is okay
JA – It isn’t okay
JH – Do you want me to get really angry, should I say I was super angry and was about to die?
JA – I said sorry
JH – What shold I do? I was worried about you and couldn’t contact you and wondered how much you cried. Do you even know how I felt?
JA – I now
JH – How do you know?
JA – I shouldnt’ have said that ever.
JH – DO you want to avoid the situation?
JA – What should I do? Bow to you and beg you? People say things when they get angry, you also make mistakes.
JH – I don’t make thos kinds of mistakes, how can you just say that? That is big big~
JA – The water is boiling, can you do that after I take it off the heat?

She goes to teh kitchen

JA – Would you like to eat ramen?
JH – What are you doing?
JA – I am so hungry, I don’t have energy to get yelled at.

JH opens the cabinet and gives her the ramen. Then he leaves.

JA – Do I eat ramen by myself? I won’t give you any?

He walked off to his closet. She bashfully follows.

JA – Should I just go home?

He turns, angry.

JA – I am sorry, I should take it back but I don’t know how to.
JH – You can just tell me seriously, you don’t have to make me angry
JA – Just in case…you know…I am the sinner so I don’t know how to start and might make more mistakes.

She hops in bed

JH – Why are you in bed.

JA – Just in case you want to throw me out, I won’t leave at all.

JH goes to the bed.

JH – When I am telling you now, you should just release the blanket. If you cry then I won’t give you any ramen.
JA – I want to eat ramen.

She hugs him.

JH – If you do it one more time….
JA – No….
JH – Look at me….Yoon Jin-ah….can you stay next to me forever?

They stare at each other for a moment.

JH – Do you have to think about it? that makes me sad.
JA – Well….
JH – Well?
JA – Do what I want you to do first.

Their song starts to play, “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…”

Cut to Appa’s hotel.

JA comes in to greet him. She smiles. He tells her that he is all packed, no need to come in. Then we cut to JH outside the hotel. He helps put his fathers things in the car. then they all hop into the car together and start to drive to the airport.
Stand By Your Man keeps playing as they drive to the airport. JH is annoyed, but he is keeping it to himself, kind of. JA shows him a text…..Just Smile. JH sighs and tries to smile. He looks at her, she is smiling so brightly.

But it is too hard for JH to smile.

Cut to the airport. the three of them are sitting togehter. JA is in the middle, but she gets up to go to the restroom. JH wants to go with her but she blocks him. he sits back down and JA sneak peeks them. he gets a call.

JA – You promised me you would try to smile.
JH – Okay.
JA – I will jsut leave if you don’t do it, I am looking at you, behave.

JH hangs up and looks everywhere except at him.

Appa – you aren’t like me at all, my eyes for women are bad. I let your mother go, that is good evidence.
JH – That is not comforting at all, too late.
Appa – I don’t want to comfort you, I just want to say I am sorry, I feel good that you picked Jin-ah, thank you.
JH – Thank you.

It is quiet again for a moment. JH lets out a deep breath.

Cut to JA telling JH’s Appa to have a good life and contact them often. This is a rare opportunity. they shake hands. He says he won’t lose this opportunity. Appa walks over to JH and asks him if he can give him a hug. He hugs JH, JH kind of puts his arms around his appa in a sort-of-kind-of hug. JA smiles at the effort. Appa starts walking off and the two of them trail him for a brief moment as JA tells him to call them.

JH finally is able to breath when they walk away. He says he did everything she told him to do. She tells him good job. She says she is praising him, are you angry? She runs off and he says he will kill her if he catches her. he catches her and puts her in a playful head hug.

KS talks to Jh and asks if he is a son for his father now? For JA? Should she thank her? JH says he knows that she is angry. KS says that appa can do more, but the most shocking thing is how they treated us (JA’s Umma). JH wonders if it would be any different if it was a different house. KS thinks they don’t have pride or anything? She doesnt’ want to see that.

They argue and they both say, why are you doing this to me!

JH pleads with her but she tells him to do what he wants to do, don’t ask her anymore. She storms off.

SH gets home and wonders what is going on. His appa is cleaning so he thinks him and his mother fought. Appa volunteers to do SH’s laundry which confirms that Appa and Umma fought.

SH goes to his parents bedroom and asks what Umma did to appa. She tells him not to start. SH is about to leave. Umma asks him that he wanted to die before, was that because of her? Did she threaten her to leave his sister alone? He says yes, what of it? She cries and says she just wants the best for her children, how can you not understand your parents? How can’t you understand me? i am going crazy. SH wants to know what is going on, is this about noona?

Umma says JA said she will break up with JH. SH says they are still together. He just talked to them, they were together. Umma is all like, they were pretending? Ah….my head…..my head….MY CALMING MEDICINE! SH hops up to her calming medicine.

Later, JA gets home and tucks herself in bed. But then her Umma storms in and throws something on her bed. This is he money that she gave her for savings. JA wants to know why shu is giving this to her. Umma tells her to take it and leave. If they live in one house then one of them will die. JA wants to know if they really have to go that far? Umma says she told her she is childish and scary so let’s jsut wrap it up here cleanly.
Elsewhere, KS is also ignoring JH. He manages to get her to a drinking place so they can talk. KS wonders, if she gets married to any rich guy, then they will be better than they are now. But everyone isn’t good, look at JA, They bragged about his the ather and now they baragg about SH because he is in the highest phD program which is why they are bragging about it. JH wants to know what she wants him to do, not date JA? She tells him to do whatever. He tells her it is difficult for him also. He isn’t stupid, with his temper, he wants to destroy everything, but he can’t do it.

KS agrees, she is the same, she tries to understand her family, but she can’t let it pass. JH knows that he is asking her too much, but he wants to know if she can endure it for him. KS says when she sees him, she is even more angry, now she knows what it feels like when someone grabs her heart and shreds it. there is a moment of quiet between them. Then KS leaves.

JA texts KS, she says that she is sorry. Soon, she will see her, but she is too embarrassed to see her now.

JH sits on his bed and thinks.

JA looks at her bank account statements. (She gave her mother money for savings for her mother, but her mother just gave that bank account back to her). JA looks at all the money and thinks.

JA and all the ladies wait for the elevator, but all the other ladies are ignoring JA a little bit. JA feels that something is going on. But she goes to work as usual. One of the men runs up to JA and says that something big happened. SY and BR are fighting.

JA rfollows the man to the fight. SY’s hair is all messed up. BR asks SY if she is a human with a conciounce. They fight for a moment but are pulled away. BR wants to know what the reason is. SY says she told the kids that JA is a problem due to the sexual harrassment. BR asks how she can say that! Sh needs to support her as a woman! They fight again and are pulled away.

JA asks if this is why they ignored her. the girls say they were scared. They thought they would be in front of the public and dfired. BR yells that this is what SY told them! JA asks if they are really thinking about her. Otherwise, she is a bad girl. You are not too late, you can help me, I am already having a hard time, tsk!

JA goes to the rooftop, YI is there. JA tells her that they are all avoiding her. YI heard about it. She says she gave her too much burden, she can give up. But JA says she is going to do it. YI wants to know how she wants to pregress, there are several options. JA just wants to punish them with their reasons. YI thinks it will be more dificult then they expect. You won’t be able to continue like this. But I can promise you one thing. I won’t let you be the only one to get hurt.

The gaming people also talk about this. The girls say it is the worst, they took women to norebang so they can touch all over them. The meeting is called to order. It looks like they want JH to go to China for one week?
JH and JA eat. JH is curious about the company thing and if it will be difficult. She says it will be difficult. But don’t worry about her. he says that he has to go to CHina for a while. She tells him that she has a lot of people on her side, dont’ worry. He asks her if she had another “accident” which is why she set this mood for them. She says that she is leaving home so she will really be a statue of Liberty. He asks the reason. She says she is just leaving home.

He asks who started it. Did your mother ask you? Did they kick you out? She says no, but he thinks they did. he is a little upset about it. She tells him that it isn’t because of him. He thinks that means it is partially his fault, right? But she says no, that’s not it. She wants to toast, he halfheartedly toasts.

they leave the restaraunt in a somber mood.

They both walk the streets, she says she will take the subway since he has to go back to work. He asks what is up. She says it is uncomfortable. Why are you pretendinglike you are okay, you should be angry, don’t endure, you can tell me “why are your parents like that?” what should I do? I am a human being also. I have a lot of moments where I want to get angry sometimes.

JH apologizes and hugs her, he says he just wanted to have some room to breath, that is why he was angry. He is sorry.

JA tells him he is stupid. He says maybe that is true. he smiles at her. She tells him, anyway, I will take the subway. He tells her that he will take her home, playfully.

Appa is upset that Umma told JA to leave the house. Umma thinks it is all about them not her. JA comes in and wants to tell them something. She tells them that she will leave, but she needs sometime to find a place. She will wrap everything up. Umma wants to know if she is happy that she will live with JH? JA says she is the one kicking her out, so she isn’t thinking about the futre? Don’t say anything about KS or JH, you dont’ have the right. You are parents too. I won’t let it happen anymore. I am leaving because I keep fighting with mom, but this is a good opportunity for me. I will go out into the world by myself.

Their song starts playing as we see JH waiting outside. “Sometimes, it’s hard to be a woman….” JH walks away.

JH and JA window shop real estate places. they both look like they don’t know what they are doing. They go to one apartment and look around. the agent talks to JA about the place and JH walks around the apartment, it is a really nice looking place. They go to another house that looks horrible. The kitchen is in an unfinished hallway. the next place is all broken and dirty.

the agent tells her that she can clean it up and make it look nice. The cost is good, the rent is okay. But JA looks scared. JH pulls her away. they go to another place. It is nighttime now. JH tells the agent that they don’t need to go inside. (This place also looks bad). The agent mentions something about JA’s price point. JH says they will contact them.

They get back inside the car. JA tells JH not to say no to every place, everyplace can’t be nice. He just tells her, let’s live together.

BR and SY talk on the rooftop. BR thinks living together with Jh is crazy. JH thinks this isn’t about living together, she told her parents that she would be independent but she goes straight to her boyfriends house? BR asks how JH is? Then she says she will be dumped soon. JA says her mother will give them a hard time. JH knows this though. JA says he understands this. She understands this as well. BR asks if the officetels are too expensive. JA says she is okay now, but she isnt’ even sure how long she will stay at work. BR asks if it is about what is happening? JA wonders how much longer they will work.

BR says they will become jobless together. they laugh. BR says, whatever you choose, I will support you. Then they joke about them both becoming jobless.

JA meets with CEO and YI. the CEO thinks this matter will become too big. There mood and the people in the company. She thinks they can take care of it quietly. JA asks if YI told him everything. She just wants to punish them with the reasons that are publicly announced. He asks her if she can really handle it. She asks him if he can. Then she says he has to punish them, otherwise he will get fined. She knows the fine isn’t that big, but she is worried about it.

He says it shouldnt’ be like he can make it quiet with money. What do I need to know. YI tells him that if he fires her, he can go to jail and be subjected with even bigger fines. CEO tells them that they both studied a lot. They both hit him, he feels dizzy.

HG and CG go to a meeting room and wait. YW enters and sits at the head of the table. She tells them that she thinks they dont’ remember, so to help them with writing you statement ~. She plays the video for them and shows them all the text message evidence of sexual harrassement.

HG stands up and asks YI what she is doing! What is this! You have no manners! He walks up to her and asks her who is on the background, he is a scary man. CG pleads with her and says that he is wrongly accused, HG told me to do it! HG pulls CG by the collar and asks him if he told him to touch JA’s butt! They yell at each other in banmal. The CEO comes in and wants to know what is going on!
Cut to HG meeting with the CEO and pleading his case. he says he is innocent….I have my honor…..you know…. The CEO tells someone to come in. JM was waiting in the othe room and comes in to the eating area. He sits next to HG. CEo tells HG that he should find a way to get out of it before they go to the end. JM, you should help him. HG says he doesnt’ need his help. CEo doesnt’ want this company thing to spread to their family. He is not giving him this tip because he is honest. He just doesnt’ want to have family troubles.

SY meets with JM and talks to her about the best thing for the company to move forward. Their superiors want to help her grow in the company….

SY starts to spread something around to the other women. She talks to them all individually. She eats with YE and JM shows up which makes them uncomfortable. He tells YE that he understands her and the situation. But for her future in the company….YE asks him if he can give her some time to think about it, she has a meeting, she will give him and answer soon. She leaves without eating much.

She leaves and runs into HG. Then she goes back and sits at the table. She can’t get out of this. It is an awkward meeting as she is there with HG and JM. they show her the norebang video with her playing the tambourine (?).

JA runs to where JH is at. He is a little drunk and sitting on a bench. She asks him who he drank this much with? Why didn’t you call me? You didnt’ want to call me because you were angry? She stands up and he grabs her in a very bug hug, she sits on his lap as he back hugs her he doesn’t talk. She calls his name, Jun-hee…. But he doesnt’ say anything, he just holds her tighter.

A song starts to play as they just sit together with JH hugging JA. He rests his head on her back and keeps hugging her.

Later, JA gets in her elevator, they wave goodbye. He watches it the door close and then turns to walk away. The song keeps playing as he slowly walks away. We cut to JA in the elevator with her eyes closed. She gets to her floor and slowly walks out. But then she turns around and presses the elevator. A lovely song starts playing.

JA runs out of the building “I come running to you and you sing me a song…la la la….little sweet melody…” JA gets to the secret fence shortcut. JH is there. She slowly walks to him and then hugs him deeply. They stand in their hug for a long moment.

She rubs his back and tells him that she is okay. She is okay, she just needs Seo Jun-hee. He closes his eyes and keeps hugging her even tighter. She rubs his back some more. he looks like he is crying or about to cry.

They keep hugging and the song keeps playing.

Fade into the next morning.

The song keeps playing, JH is at work. His boss says he is scared whenever JH wants to have a meeting. JH says he wants to go to America again as soon as possible. Boss says it would be another 3 years. He says the longer the better. Boss asks him if he is hiding. JH says it is similar. Boss says he didnt’ even want to go to China for one week. JH looks at him seriously and says he wants to go there with his girlfriend.

Cut to JA looking at more apartments with her realtor. This apartment looks good. the realtor tells her that they had a customer that morning that wanted to sign the contract. But she delayed it. JA tells her that she will take it.

”Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…giving all your love to just one man…”

Lots of happy moments with our couple.
Also, JH cried in the rain
They hold each others hands tightly in the elevator
HG and CG might sue JA, CEO asks her if she really wants to destroy their company
JH tells JA that they should move, they should go to America together.

Fade Out

Poor Jun-hee! He had a silently hard time this episode. I love how he had a scene where we didn’t know where he came from, we just saw him all sad and pitiful and in need of a hug as he sat on a bench. He called Jin-ah for that hug and she came right away.

Then he got another surprise hug after walking back home. This one was a lovely surprise as Jin-ah ran to him as if she knew that other hug wasn’t nearly long enough. It is like the entire world crashed in on Joon-hee this episode.

It seems like everyone was against him, but I think his sister being against him was the hardest one to take. Maybe that is what made his come to the idea that he and Jin-ah should just go to America together.

Come to think of it, the only one on their side was the Father that he despises. That had to be a hard pill to swallow.


All scenes are translated by Stroppyse on Soompi.

Scene #1:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JH: Noona. Jin Ah Noona!
Mother: What are you doing?
JH: Noona!
Mother: At an elder’s house, what are you doing?! Get away!
JH: Noona.
Mother: What are you doing?!
JH: Noona! Jin Ah Noona!
Mother: Why are you doing this? Let me go!
JH: Noona, open the door!
KS: Joon Hee, please.
Mother: What is he-? Get him away!
JH: Noona!
Mother: Let me go!
JH: Open the door!
JH: Noona. Yoon Jin Ah. Don’t cry. I’m fine, so don’t cry.
JH: I. I am sorry.
JA Father: No. It’s because I had too much to drink that I made a mistake. Your father…
JH: Jin Ah Noona.
JA Father: I know. I know. Don’t worry.
JH: Okay.

Scene #2:

Scene #3:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JH Father: Did you call mistakenly?
JA: It’s true that I called Father.
JH Father: I’m ready for it to be finished.
JA: Please prepare yourself properly.

JH: Noona. Hello? Yoon Jin Ah?
JA: What are you doing?
JH: What do you think I would be doing?
JA: You’re very mad, aren’t you?
JH: I’m not the one. I know that you were mad and you wanted to upset all the elders. I completely understand. I understand, but –
JA: I want to see you.
JH: Wait. I’ll go over there now.
JA: Open the door for me.

JH: Noona?
JA: May I come in?
JA: Where is your tea? I don’t really feel like coffee right now.
JH: If you open the cupboard, it’s there.

Scene #4:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JA: I’m sorry. I got too angry at Mom’s words. And, I wanted to quickly end that miserable situation.
JH: I said that I understood that.
JA: You are angry.
JH: No matter how hard it got, you shouldn’t have said that we should break up.
JA: At the moment, I was really annoyed.
JH: Okay. That’s enough.
JA: (When it’s obvious) that wasn’t enough.
JH: Do you really want me to get angry? Should I say that I was about to flip my lid, and yell and carry on?
JA: That’s why I said I was sorry.
JH: If you just throw out there that we should break up and run into your room, then what was I supposed to do?
JH: How you were doing alone? Whether you were crying again? And, I couldn’t reach you. Chee. Do you know how I had felt till just a little while ago?
JA: I know.
JH: You must really know.
JA: I know that I absolutely shouldn’t say words like that, but I made a mistake. I won’t do that again.
JH: Look at you trying to just gloss over it.
JA: Then? What should I do? Should I do a deep bow, proclaiming that I had committed a crime deserving death?
JA: When a person is angry, then sometimes, even words that shouldn’t be said come out, and things like that. What? Don’t you make mistakes?
JH: No matter how small, I don’t make mistakes like that.
JH: There are words that you can and can’t say. How could you in that moment…?
JA: That thing over there keeps whistling.
JA: Would it be okay if I turned off the flame, and came back for the rest of the scolding?

Scene #5:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JA: Should I just leave?
JA: I said I was wrong. I needed to pick up the pieces, but I didn’t know how to do that, so that’s why I’m being like this.
JH: We can just talk sincerely and figure it out. Why do you keep irking me?
JA: It’s not that I’m trying to annoy you. It’s because I was wrong, so if we talk about it, it might just become an even bigger deal. And, also because I might make a mistake.
JH: Why are you going under the covers?
JA: Because while you’re mad, you might pick me up and throw me out of the house.
JA: Before I die, I can’t step even one foot outside.
JH: While I’m speaking nicely, you should let go. One. Two.
JH: If you cry, I won’t give you any ramen.
JA: Give me ramen.
JH: Just you do that again.
(JA shakes her head no as they embrace.)
JH: Look at me. Yoon Jin Ah.
JA: Hm?
JH: Always stay by my side.
JH: Do you have to think about it? I’m about to become sad.
JA: Well, first…
JH: Well, first?
JA: Do what I tell you to do.

Scene #6:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JH Father: You really aren’t like me.
JH Father: I don’t really have a good eye for women. Just in how I lost your mother, you should know.
JH: Saying something like that now, doesn’t provide any comforting at all.
JH Father: It’s not that I’m trying to be comforting. It means that I am sorry. You who had chosen Jin Ah reassures me. Thank you.
JH: Thank you.
JH Father:

JA: Please take care of your health. And, contact us now and then.
JA: I’m giving you an opportunity for a hug.
JH Father: I can’t lose an opportunity for that then. Here. (shakes hands with JA)
JH Father: May I hug you once? (he hugs JH)
JA: Please stay in touch.

Scene #7:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JH: You said you had something to say?
JA: You first.
JH: How is the office issue going?
JA: Suddenly, why?
JH: Just because it’s something that involves you.
JA: Mmm…It’ll probably start soon.
JH: It’ll probably be okay?
JA: It probably won’t be okay. But, what of it? I can’t avoid it so I have to meet it head on. However, why are you suddenly asking me about that? Does it have anything to do with what you wanted to talk about with me?
JH: I have to go to China for about a week.
JA: Oh. I wondered. Don’t worry. Even without Seo Joon Hee-sshi, there are a lot of people on my side.
JH: Then, that’s a relief. It’s going to be fine.
JA: Yes.
JA: You know…
JF: Somehow seeing you set the stage, you caused some trouble again.
JA: I… am going to become independent. I’m going to leave the house and live on my own. I’m going to become a true goddess. A free goddess.
JH: What’s the reason?
JA: What reason is needed? Amongst my peers, I’m actually doing it late. Among my friends, there are hardly any who still live with their parents.
JH: Who brought up the topic first?
JA: Huh?
JH: Did your family ask you to leave?
JA: Well, leaving the house was something that we had been talking about for awhile, and after talking, some time ago –
JH: Are you being chased out of the house?
JA: What?

Scene #8:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JH: Let’s go.
JA: You said you had to go back to the office, didn’t you? I’ll just take the subway home.
JH: No. It’s fine.
JA: I’m fine, too.
JH: Why are you being like that?
JA: Just because.
JH: It’s not just because.
JA: It’s uncomfortable.
JH: What is?
JA: Why are you pretending to be fine? You’re upset. Just be upset. You can go ahead and just say “why is your family just so awful to people’ . You don’t have to hold it in.
JH: Then will anything change?
JA: Then, don’t make it noticeable. What do you want me to do? The office, the family, and even you… What is it that you want from me? What do I have to do?
JA: I’m also a person. Do you know how often I want to just act out according to my temper?
(JH hugs JA)
JH: I’m sorry. I was a little frustrated. So, I was being a jerk. I’m sorry.
JH: I said I was sorry.
JA: Seo Joon Hee is really an idiot.
JH: I must be.
JA: I’m still going to take the subway anyway.
JH: I’ll take you home.
JA: No thanks.
JH: Stop being mad.

Scene #9:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JA: I have something to say.
Mother: There’s only one thing I want to hear from you. That you’re immediately –
JA: I’m leaving.
Father: Jin Ah!
JA: I’m leaving, but I need a little time. I can’t live on the streets. I have a lot of work. As soon as I can arrange it, I’ll leave.
Mother: Are you perhaps, using this as an opportunity to say “Oh boy! Here’s my chance” and with that jerk Joon Hee… !
JA: Are you chasing me out, and then worrying about where I’ll end up now?
Mother: Hey!
JA: From now on, where Joon Hee and Kyung Sun are concerned, don’t even try to compliment them. Mom doesn’t even have that right any more. Dad is the same. Just leave them alone. And going forward, no matter how or with whom I live, it’s my matter and my problem. “We’re parents, so we can be like this.” will not be accepted any more. I absolutely won’t change my mind. Dad, don’t object. It’s true that I’m leaving because I fought with Mom, but I think of this as an opportunity. I want to be independent. Alone, I want to go into the world.

Broker: Towards this side, you see the park.
Broker: So, it’s very desirable.
JA: Can the deposit be reduced?

Scene #10:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JA: Let’s go.
JH: Why?
JA: It’s too expensive.
Broker: So, right now, it does look a bit run down. But with new paint on the walls and your own furniture, it’s perfect for living by yourself. And, the rent is also low.

Broker: If you go down half a staircase, it’s right there.
JH: Excuse me, I think we’ll be fine not going inside.
Broker: With the money that you’re thinking of, there really isn’t anything else. You have to choose from one of the ones you’ve seen.
JH: We’ll think about it a little more and get back in touch with you.

JA: If you say that none of them will do, then what do you want me to do? I only have so much money, so even if it’s not exactly what I want, there’s nothing that can be done about that. If I start being picky about every little thing, then there will be nothing that I can get.
JA: Don’t you think that I don’t want to live some place that is clean, safe, and with good parking? It’s just that I have to choose some place that fits my circumstances. How can everything be exactly as I want it?
JH: Let’s live together.

Scene #11:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

JA: This is totally enough. If I only have Seo Joon Hee, then I’m fine.

Scene #12:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you Stroppyse!

CEO: When you request to see me, I start by becoming frightened. So, what kind of a fuss did you want to create now?
JH: Please send me back to the US office. If possible, as quickly as possible.
CEO: Since you know since you already went, it’s at least three years that you would need to be there.
JH: The longer it’s for, the better it is.
CEO: What’s the reason? Are you running away from something?
JH: Something like that.
CEO: You’re the one who used to protest even going to China because of a woman.
JH: I want to go together, with my girlfriend.

JA: It’s clean and bright.
Broker: It is, isn’t it?
Broker: There was a client who came in the morning as well and liked it so much, she said that she would return tonight to sign the contract. However, I dragged it out a bit.
JA: I’ll take this place.

Source Soompi and YouTube

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  1. E
    May 12, 2018 / 10:30 am

    Not quite sure what to think of today’s episode… love JH’s determination and persistent love towards JA though.

    • L
      May 12, 2018 / 1:28 pm

      JH definitely has more of what it takes to honestly work out a relationship.JA plays too many games. Would love to see a drama where the people are smarter about working out their problems. And more emotionally mature.

  2. Anonymous
    May 12, 2018 / 10:37 am

    I don’t think JA will follow JH to America. I think they will be apart then reunite again after 3 years. Haish. Why. Why. Why.

    • Anonymous
      May 12, 2018 / 10:39 am

      Agree. He only thinks about her. But JA on the other hand, has a lot in her mind. Family, work, bestfriend, etc.

      • E
        May 12, 2018 / 10:51 am

        JA has many unresolved issues in her life to address and then she’s being asked to drop it all, escape the issues and go to US.. hmm..

        I just think JH has had enough of JA being tormented by her own mom making them miserable and not able to be truly happy with each other without feeling a sense of guilt or sin.. I’m not sure but that’s just how I feel.

      • Miranda
        May 12, 2018 / 10:32 pm

        I think Joon Hee’s “get the hell out of Dodge” plan is actually a pretty good one. Her mom’s going to be radioactive for a good long while, her relationship with Kyung Sun would be retained purely through Joon Hee exposure, and she’s about to lose her job – just go. She’s about to get every support pillar knocked out from under her anyway, Joon Hee was going to be the sole support left, and he’ll be in America too.

        Will Jin Ah react well to a completely different culture and language? Unknown. But it’s not like she’s leaving a context she’s comfortable in to make a leap into the unknown. She’s already halfway into the unknown. Might as well add in English.

  3. Miss Marj
    May 12, 2018 / 10:50 am

    Ajah! High hopes for a happy ending! This drama is too good to give us a sad ending! Fighting JA and JH! Wish they can extend this up to ep 20 🙏🏼😀

  4. May 12, 2018 / 11:07 am

    I don’t mind a short separation while she figures out how to get her life in order, but 3 years? Seriously? I hope not. I always hate it when that happens, but it seems to be a common thing in KDramas I’m finding…..
    I hope they don’t go that route. I’ll be sorely disappointed if they do.

  5. Teinak
    May 12, 2018 / 1:25 pm

    Oh dear this is where everything goes hectic! What will happen with JA and her job? Will she fix their relationship between KS? Will her mum become more understanding? Will her brother support Ja and Jh? Ahhhhh 2 more episodes 😭

  6. Anonymous
    May 12, 2018 / 2:41 pm

    I am glad that they didn’t really break up. But that is messed up that she said that only for the purpose of ending that situation.

  7. Jos
    May 12, 2018 / 6:41 pm

    I think it will still be a happy ending, director is just toying with our emotions. Can’t wait for next wish it was longer than 16 ep

  8. Miranda
    May 12, 2018 / 10:28 pm

    I’m both pleased and enraged that this workplace harassment storyline is being written true to what actually happens in companies. Issue surfaces, and then there’s a bunch of havoc, and then magically the guy somehow survives and the woman gets tarred and feathered. The one thing the CEO isn’t thinking about is that Young-In might go BALLISTIC on him when he allows this line of attack against Jin Ah. Young-In has a lot at stake in this company, but there’s a special kind of rage you feel when your superiors single out one of your workers for their own political protection.

    I hate it, but as soon as Jin Ah became the face of the harassment complaint, her days at that company were numbered. Good job show on making it clear that Jin Ah knew that, and that most of the women are depressingly aware of how the patriarchy protects itself by trashing the women who speak up about bad behavior.

  9. Kay
    May 13, 2018 / 4:32 am

    I had to spend some time to digest and ruminate over what Jin-ah has done and said in episodes 13 and 14 before writing this comment because I AM SO PISSED OFF WITH HER!

    First, when she heard Joon-hee shouted at her at the lift lobby to go to him, what did she do? Her words, facial expressions and body language clearly showed that all she was thinking about was HERSELF, her thoughts, her feelings, NOT Joon-hee’s. She was so self-centred, so selfish, so self-absorbed in just having her say about what SHE THINKS Joon-hee should be behaving, should be feeling, should be doing instead of trying to see from HIS POINT OF VIEW! Arrgghh!!

    She did not show any compassion for Joon-hee who needed it the most at that very moment! All she cared about, all she wanted to do, was have her say and for Joon-hee to do as SHE SAYS! Unbelieveable!

    She is how many years older than Joon-hee? And yet she acted as if she is the one younger! Has she no clue whatsoever how difficult the relationship between Joon-hee and his Father has been all those years they grew up together? And what did she do when Joon-hee was clearly showing how terribly upset he was? Telling Joon-hee that THAT IS HIS FATHER AFTER ALL?? Of course Joon-hee KNOWS that is his Father! But does she show she CARES WHY Joon-hee acted the way he did, how upset he was? NO! She did not! Arrgggh!!!

    Let me just say this once and for all – WE CAN NEVER impose on others our way of thinking or feeling especially when it comes to relationships, especially when we are not in the same position or when we are not facing what they are facing!

    We CANNOT EVER tell others WHAT THEY SHOULD FEEL OR DO when it comes to their feelings towards others. Everyone is entitled to our own opinions AND TO OUR OWN FEELINGS! We NEED TO RESPECT EACH OTHER’S FEELINGS AND OPINIONS. We may not agree but we DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO FORCE OTHERS TO FEEL OR DO AS WE FEEL OR DO!

    i AM JUST SO PISSED OFF with Jin-ah!

    Then on the rooftop, what did she do? Once again she did the exact same thing! Does she not ever learn? Arrgghh!! Joon-hee was practically crying his eyes out for her to understand him and his feelings and what did she say? HE IS YOUR FATHER. Arrrggghhh!!!

    I am surprised Joon-hee is still with her after that. I would have left the man who did that to me! I cannot ever tolerate anyone telling me how I should feel or do when it comes to my relationships with the people around me. I am entitled to my own feelings and opinions, thank you very much! Nobody and I mean NOBODY has the right to tell WHAT I SHOULD FEEL OR DO with anyone!

    Jin-ah acted as if she knows what Joon-hee is going through when SHE HAS NO CLUE WHATSOEVER! Then she acted like Joon-hee is the one who made her feel bad for saying the things she said!! For goodness’ sake, GROW UP, Jin-ah! You need to get a clue on how to behave, talk and feel with the man you said you love!

    The writer and PD have thoroughly disappointed me in ep 13 with regard to Jin-ah. Jin-ah came across like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum and just took the easy way out by saying “let’s break up” at the end of the episode but Joon-hee just stayed true and loving despite it all. Arrggghh!!

    The whole interaction between Jin-ah and Joon-hee in episode 13 just make wonder why they are still together.

    Then in episode 14, after saying “let’s break up” so easily to Joon-hee at the end of ep 13, she went to Joon-hee to apologise? Arrrggghh!!

    Then she engineered the interaction between Joon-hee and his Father at the airport. Arrrgghh… I can see the reason she did it but I still do not like the idea of her interfering in that way. It is so manufactured, so forced, so awkward, it is only because Joon-hee is so in love with her that he went along with it. Personally I do not believe in manipulating anyone’s feelings in that way. I always believe we need to leave things to develop naturally if they are meant to at their own time and space.

    To be perfectly honest, by episode 13, I have lost much of my interest in Jin-ah’s love for Joon-hee. I can see Joon-hee really loves her (for whatever reason – lust or her pretty looks) but at least he is consistently loving, considerate and thoughtful towards Jin-ah.

    However Jin-ah’s attitude, words and behaviour have time and again tested my patience to the point I am just throwing my hands up in the air out of frustration. In fact, she is showing many of her Mother’s selfish, self-centred and self-righteous behavour. Arrggghh…

    I have lost so much interest in Jin-ah to the point that I am not moved by her giving Joon-hee the hug in episode 14 at the fence. I was only moved by Joon-hee’s undying love for her in ep 14.

    And with 2 episodes left, I am just watching the episodes just to know the end of the drama that I have been following but with very little interest.
    That is how much the writer and PD have disappointed me. What a waste.

  10. Kay
    May 13, 2018 / 4:48 am

    After 5 years away from the small screen, Son Ye Jin chose to be in this drama and apart from her amazing chemistry with Jung Hae In, I am so disappointed with how her character has been written and I have absolutely zero interest in the office shenanigans.

    So before the finale week, I have to say that all I will remember from this drama is Jung Hae In and how awesome he is as Seo Joon-hee and how his character suits him to a T. Other than that, I I do not wish to remember anything or anyone else. I feel so disappointed with the writer and PD for how the story has turned out especially with regard to Jin-ah. No matter how the ending will be, it will not be able to erase my disappointment. I am so sad and thoroughly disappointed.

    • Anonymous
      May 13, 2018 / 7:07 am

      I can see your point there. But i can also say that with all the feelings that you might be having regarding jin ah; that just proves how good Son Ye Jin is in playing her role. The PD nim said this drama is really close to life. You may not behaving like Jin ah, but there are other people who just might. Plus, when Jun hee is already perfect, what would it be then if Jin ah is also flawless, right?

      • Kay
        May 13, 2018 / 9:15 am


        Son Ye Jin is an acclaimed and experienced actress with many years of experience and so I do not question her ability. What I am sad and disappointed about is the character she played does not, in my humble opinion, have depth and breadth which would make me cheer for her.

        I have no doubt Son Ye Jin will be praised for her performance but as a drama viewer, I do not focus only on the actress acting the role but more of the character that the actress played. I hope my comment makes sense.

    • Shayri
      May 14, 2018 / 4:46 am

      I so agree with you! What Jin Ah did is unforgivable in my opinion. I am thoroughly fed up with her at this point. I wouldn’t want my friend, relative or a stranger to be with a woman who never has any regard for the one she’s claiming to love. It’s all so superficial :I can’t bear to see my mother insult you but you can see him silently crying his heart out & force him to do something he doesn’t want to by holding your relationship as leverage? Unforgivable. I’d end the relationship right there.

  11. Kay
    May 13, 2018 / 4:54 am

    The way the drama turned out, I think the OST should have been “Stand by your woman”, instead of “Stand by your man”, because according to the lyrics, “he’s just a man”, which in the case of this drama, should be “she’s just a woman”, because of how Jin-ah is toward Joon-hee. Siiiggghhh…

  12. E
    May 13, 2018 / 5:30 am

    Hmm.. I think her character is written to show how clumsy she is in every aspect of her life that she is actually a young silly girl in a grown woman’s body. Whereas JH’s character is made to show that he’s a mature independent man in a younger chap’s body. This all stems from how they were brought up. JA grew up in a sheltered “warm” household, JH had it rough in that aspect.

    • V
      May 13, 2018 / 7:13 am

      I love your comment! Yes, this is also reflected in how JA doesn’t have any savings even though she doesn’t really have a care in the world. She can’t even afford a place to stay.

      • Miranda
        May 13, 2018 / 10:32 am

        Does she really not have any savings, or is she just being frugal when looking at apartments because she knows she might get fired soon? I thought she said to Bo Ra that se could afford an officetel now, but wasn’t sure of the future. Actually came across as pretty sensible to me. Huge difference between the apartments you can rent based on your savings and income, and the apartment you can rent on savings alone.

    • Kay
      May 13, 2018 / 9:19 am

      Which is why I am disappointed that even with the last 2 episodes of the drama left, the writer and PD have yet to show that Jin-ah is CAPABLE of growing up even with Joon-hee in her life.

      Having had the experience of being in a horrendous relationship with her ex did not make her grow up. Having had Joon-hee’s love for some time now has not made her grow up. Having had years of working experience with male workers who are opportunistic jerks has not made her grow up.
      Fighting with her Mother to be with Joon-hee has not made grow up.

      What will it take to make her grow up??

      • Greta
        May 13, 2018 / 7:33 pm

        may I clap?
        I couldn’t agree more with every single word you wrote.
        On my part, I almost wish these 2 split up for good in the end.
        It would serve her right.
        Would she grow up, then?

  13. welh
    May 13, 2018 / 8:24 am

    I agree that the environment that children grow up in has a huge effect on how they mature and interact with others. JA has never had a thoughtful and caring boyfriend until JH. She does not know how to react to him. She had been under the constant control and pressure from her mother. She has been berated more as her prospects diminished when she did not marry by age 30. She feels in some respect as damaged goods because in her culture; a single woman at 35 is not marriage material. So she tried to focus on having a good career, but found it unattainable in a paternalistic corporate world. She has been in conflict with her parents and her employer most of her adult life because she is a follower. And this has lead to her following conflicting advice to constantly making bad decisions then apologizing because of her meek constitution. I think SYJ has based her Jinah character on those factors with the psychological element that deep down, people really don’t have the inner strength to change their personality.

    In order to love another person, you must first love yourself. JA is finding a hard time getting a hold of her emotions let alone her life. She really only has one true friend KS, and a few work colleagues so her social circle and experience is lacking what an extrovert would have had by her age. Many have questioned why JA and JH got together in the first place. It was a matter of timing, opportunity and elements of high school level attraction. JA had a cheating boyfriend whom her mother was fixated on as her new son-in-law. JA has little self-esteem because she was almost willing to give him a second chance (to appease her mother and erase the social stigma of being single at 35.) She has been treated like an object and not a woman.

    Then JH returned to her life with some playful acknowledgement of her existence. She was taken aback by someone young and attractive liking her. It made her feel like she was young again; a second chance at youthful romance.

    The early episodes show the high school level attraction and lust between the characters: the pecks instead of passionate kisses. The awkwardness of being around other people. Part of the thrill of having a “secret” relationship while at the same time being a “couple.” (Having recently been to Seoul, the city really does have a serious “couple culture” vibe where singles have a difficult time.)

    Just like a first H.S. crush, the relationship is more form over substance. In the middle episodes, we just see JA and JH wanting to be together but their interactions and conversations show no growth from their physical relationship. They never sat down and really talked about their personal dreams, goals, desires, marriage, children – – – the conversation topics couples in a serious relationship talk about to see if their partner is “the one.” Despite knowing each other for a long time, JA and JH do not communicate like a serious couple in love. It is too apologetic, too in the moment. The fact that they have not discussed their future seriously has led to many commentators finding their relationship boring or frustrating.

    JA may have come to the conclusion that she was unlovable, unworthy of real relationship. She may have a inner fear that some day she would be her mother to her own children. JH seems to be more smitten, jealous and overprotective than wanting JA to become a truly independent, modern woman.

    The story needed some conflict in order for the main characters to self-reflect and grow. JA trying to force JH to acknowledge his father makes no sense. JH trying to get JA to disobey her mother and run away also makes no sense. Both attempts try to change the other person without accepting their deep rooted feelings. In one respect, JA’s personality is tied to family which is in conflict JH’s personality of not trusting parents, especially his father. There is a mutual immaturity level by each character pushing the other toward their way of thinking without thinking or even discussing the ramifications with the other person. Each character does not trust the judgment of the other.

    JA and JH may click on a physical and basic emotional level, but there is a disconnect on an intelligent and personality level. They have both called each other childish in their behavior. There is a level of mistrust. There is a level of mutual support, but not in the context of having a detailed future together. I don’t think we have been given enough reasons why this couple has a future together.

    In one of the production stills on Jeju Island, JA appears to be wearing an apron in the back of a resort/restaurant. If there is a three year time gap as we have assumed, then it is more likely than not that the couple did part ways. It would make sense for JA to flee her parents and awful job to the tranquility of Jeju. She would need time to find herself. It would also make sense for JH to take overseas assignments in order to further his position in the gaming industry, his career. I would speculate that JA and JH would meet on the island either by accident or through attending a wedding (by that time JA brother would have completed his degree and possibly get married or KS, 3 years away from both JA and JH, could have started to date and fallen in love). At this reunion, JA and JH may see each other in a different light: instead of playful, immature kids but as introspective, mature adults. Their meeting on the beach could lead to two things: the spark of sentimentality rekindles their emotions toward each other, or it seals it away as a nostalgic memory.

    The show has been trying to show “real” relationships. In reality, many relationships may start off well, with pledges of forever love, but quickly fade away. Couples may have different goals, different attitudes toward marriage, finances, household matters to be incapable. I would not be surprised that if the writers and director leave us with an ambiguous ending for the characters.

    • Miranda
      May 13, 2018 / 10:38 am

      I think this is a real romance. A lot of the “fixes” I’ve seen are drama-fixes – things that would not happen in real life. We’ve seen nothing about going abroad that hints it would further JH’s career, or that he’s even thinking of career in those terms. The vast majority of people who fight with their parents or lose their job do not move to a subtropical island.

      Most couples aren’t perfect matches. It’s by staying together and repeatedly uncovering each other’s rough spots that they figure out how to complement each other. The drama solution of splitting them up and having them “mature” independently and then meet again has never, ever made sense to me. You don’t grow in a predetermined direction, you grow organically. If you don’t see someone in three years, they don’t reshape to fit you. They turn into someone else, frequently someone who has found a partner who WILL stick by them and do the hard work of accepting each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

      • Carmel Hudson
        May 17, 2018 / 10:38 am

        To wait for someone for 3 year is a waste of a persons life and JA isn’t getting any young whereas JH won’t ever haver have that problem being a male.i’ve enjoyed the serious until now and have become disappointed with the writers but maybe they’re just preparing everyone for a reality check on this type of relationship.Personally I feel sorry for JH as he has enquired about her love towards him without any real solid replys. JR doesn’t take into account JH feelings with anything, his relationship with his father, going on a blind date or even her friendship/relationship with his sister. Running away from anything will only create more stress in the future, and even by her going to America who says she won’t leave him and return back home to her family. What is sad I believe that JR doesn’t really know what she wants and really needs time away from JH and her mother and maybe find a new career.

  14. Terry
    May 13, 2018 / 11:49 am

    I concur with what Welh says in the comment thread. To me, this drama has been so entertaining in sweetness and evolved skinship (by Korean drama standardsor any other drama for that matter) but has left me with a truly aching heart and troubled mind since episode 9. It’s such a turn-about face that I am unable to recover just yet. I am more scared of the ending and I am kicking myself for all the emotional involvement that I have given this drama wholeheartedly. I feel like my life is on hold (to see what kind of ending it will have) and will never be the same again because if the ending falls short to my delusions of eternal love then I have my mind work cut out from superimposing my kind of ending for our two lovers!

    All this time, I am troubled at how this drama can end. It cannot be simply our standard happy ending – the characters of Jin-ah and Jun Hee are not that cut-and-dried but quite complex in themselves and in their interaction (and subsequent reactions) with others. That the Korean culture affects their decisions and attitudes is very clear. Also, their innate values and attitudes of their upbringing/age difference, background are clashing amidst their need to keep each other. There is a genuine fondness and attraction or love even at the start but I think Jin-ah needs to get to know herself, take a stance in life on her own terms, make crucial decisions and stick to them without the need to reciprocate every action to be at par with Jun Hee’s level of affection or sacrifice. Jin-Ah is not yet a whole person that can love Jun Hee wholeheartedly because she cannot love herself just yet. Not to say that she is a not strong or getting stronger as a person. She is slowly, painfully stepping into herself but the emotional burden and responsibility to love Jun Hee at the same level at this point, make her seem weak, indecisive, petulant and downright childish at times. Jun Hee also needs to check his almost suffocating need for Jin Ah to love him as recklessly as he does. Jun Hee of grand gestures of love needs the same grand gestures fro JinAh as a measure of her love. He embodies what most women dream of – a man who loves with his all – regardless of obstacles. But that in itself is not a guarantee of a love that lasts a lifetime.

    Their love story started with the titillating premise of being in a secret relationship, secret dates and escapades with the hints of boldness -outright lying and evasiveness with the parents and to KS. But when the relationship had to deal with real issues (psycho ex-boyfriend who should be disbarred and jailed, abusive and status-crazy Mom, lackadaisical career commitment from Jun Hee and the encroaching sexual harassment denouement at Jin Ah’s work placeat work, the couple acts too hastily, misguidedly and sometimes wrongly reading the other person’s way of thinking. The drama seems bent on compulsively making one misread the other thus creating conflict at every turn (that’s why it’s called a drama, silly!)

    In light of the brilliant, nuanced and utterly believable acting from SYJ and JHI, outstanding soundtrack (although the song placement sits oddly on me sometimes because it labels the scene and leaves no room for me to read and digest it my way, innovative scenes ( the indirect kiss by Jin Ah drinking from the same straw of Jun Hee’s cola while ogling a couple kiss at the movie theatre, the bumping of their faces to a near lip touching when Jun Hee reaches out to get Jin Ah’s trainers on their first out-of-town excursion, the love scene under the covers, the helicopter kiss and my own personal favorite, the intimacy of Jun Hee helping Jin Ah out of the hospitalclothes to her own at the hospital) and the wonderful long shots with single camera that drag the sighs, cries and smiles to touching heights are all hallmarks of an amazing and atypical drama that has captured the hearts and imagination of a lot of people – noonas or otherwise!

    Others wish for more episodes but with all the emotional upheaval (palpitations, lack of sleep, viewing of episodes over and over again, JHI internet stalking, feverish daydreams of the best ending, etc..) that this drama is causing me, this final upcoming week is all I can take. I need to take a grip!

  15. Rebecca Widawski
    May 13, 2018 / 10:52 pm

    With due respect, I think Joon Hee & Ji Nah should live together as couples against all odds. Never mind of getting married yet. Let their love grows together and at times in a relationship there will always be ups and down which is just normal in every relationship. Love will grow deeper and maturity in every sense of the word. Then at the end of the day, they will envisioned their future and will go to the next level which is marriage and children.
    Hopefully JH & Ji Nah will be together for better or worse!

  16. Greg
    May 14, 2018 / 12:29 am

    In my country, you can only bring your wife if you get sent abroad. Maybe they’ll get married after all…hihi

  17. TeinaK
    May 14, 2018 / 3:00 pm

    Why do I get the feeling that she will turn him down to go to America. (weeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh) JHis having a hard time and JA as well but ugghhhhhI cant deal with the last 2 episodes

    • V
      May 14, 2018 / 5:08 pm

      It’s almost as if the entire story of Pretty Noona is the backstory of the lead male character in a new drama, who is coming back to Korea three years after his one true childhood first love broke up with him. Now he will be a handsome hard-hearted manager/VP of a gaming company who will stubbornly fall in love with a new woman against all odds. Of course Jin-ah will come back as the one big thing that could break up his new romance with this new true love. And the new woman will feel all kinds of inadequate against Jin-ah, the woman who ruined VP Joon-hee for any kind of relationship.

      • welh
        May 15, 2018 / 6:58 am

        Interesting premise considering one PR photo has them standing outside a bed and breakfast in Jeju, where I believe JA will be working after leaving JH and her parents. Your ending could ironically emphasize JH turning into his father, a man unable to love just one woman, and JA, if she wants JH back, turning into her selfish mother.

        • Anonymous
          May 15, 2018 / 2:53 pm

          He could be a womanizer or the opposite and just close himself off entirely.

  18. Terry
    May 15, 2018 / 3:28 pm

    While I dread a tragic parting and sad reunion for our star-crossed lovers, I’d like them to stay until the very end with the same passionate but with a more mature view/review of their past and a shared acknowledgement of their luck of having met and loved each other…

    I’d want them grateful (albeit obviously not without regrets) about having loved and been loved by each other.

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