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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 13

Live Recap for episode 13 of the Korean drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) which airs on JTBC on Friday and Saturday at 23:00 Seoul time, and stars Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In
I haven’t had a chance to check the preview for today’s episode yet, but I don’t need to see the preview to know that some strife is coming for our couple. It is crazy to believe that the thing that might bring them apart the most is Jin-ah and her foolishness. Her shake-your-head stupidity was overlooked with her company (“tambourine girl”) and with her ex (hello new cell phone), but now it has leaked all over Joon-hee and his aching heart.

Jin-ah has good intentions, but ya girl really needs to get a clue. Granted, she is starting to get one, albeit slowly. She noticed how wrong she was in the company things and put her foot down for herself. She realized (after the fact) about her ex. Hopefully she will bring it back around with understanding Joon-hee and his very-known-to-her father issues.

Last week was pretty busy over here, but today I will try to check Soompi for any preview translations that Stroppyse might provide! Many many thanks to Stroppyse (and all the Soompiers) for all the time spent translating scenes and everything. ^_^

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Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – Mom | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: May 11th, 23:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix
Countdown: KKEUT …check twitter for updates.

JH walks through the lobby and tries to call JA, but then he sees her and his look grows menacing. he calls her and asks her where she is going. SHe says she is going home. She asks him if he sees her and she turns around. She tries to explain….

But he tells her to come to him. She tells him not to do that. But JH tells her, don’t you hear, come back!

Appa hear this and apporaches JH. He extends his hand and says it is nice to see him. JH walks past him and to JA, he tells her that they should leave. But JA tells him not to do that, she knows how he feels. But JH wants to know how much she knows about him, is that why you do this? So you can know how I feel? She says she doesnt’ understand him, that is why she did it.

Don’t behave likea kid, he is your father.

Who said he is my father!


Do whatever you want, but don’t force this on me.

JH storms back inside the building. The father walks back to JA looking normal. She apologizes to him. He says it is okay, their plan failed. She motions like they will still meet.

JH heads back upstairs in the elevator, but he is all messed up. He punches the elevator wall hard. Then he stands outside in the rain. It is pouring and he is just standing there in the rain and fuming. He is so upset.

Appa is still with JA, they are also walking through a market area. They go inside a cafe together.

JH tries to sit at work, but his expression is like stone. It doesn’t look like he can concentrate. he grabs his bag and heads out with force. His teammates ask him where he is going.

Appa says he thought that maybe she and Joon-hee ~. When they talked about JH, you were nervous, you didn’t seem normal. She apologizes. He asks why she is so sorry. She apologizes for being apologetic. he laughs and says it is wonderful that she is dating his son. His problem is that he is too honest to women.

JA thanks him for accepting her nicely. He thinks there is no raeson not to accept you. Are your parents happy about it? She says it was unexpected and they are embarrassed, but they will understand them soon, you know my parents, they are conservative but they are not too stubborn. He says she is like that but she went on a blind date? JA says…well…. Appa says that she hurt his pride (kind of playfully though).

Meanwhile, JH is at a bar drinking. It is a loud bar with loud aggressive music.

JA sees JH’s appa off. he hops in a taxi and leaves. While in the taxi, another song starts to play. He asks the taxi driver to turn off the radio, he doesn’t look that happy in the car.

Meanwhile, JA calls someone on her phone.
At the bar, JH is getting very drunk. he can barely hold his head up at the bar.

JA gets to work and asks one of the gaming people if JH is there. He says he isn’t, he left early, he stormed out about 7. JA looks at her phone again.

JH’s Appa gets back to the hotel. He tells someone on the phone that he had something to take care of. he will be back. he is not hiding, he has no secret, he will find the ticket it isn’t the busy season. Don’t worry, just secure the house and before I get the ticket I will call you, I love you, kiss kiss.

JA is at home and still trying to call JH, but he isn’t picking up. She goes to her bed and tries texting him.

Cut to KS running into a building. Perhaps her apartment building. She gives some food to the security guard. He tells her that her brother was so drunk, he was almost unconscious. It was the first time he ever saw him that drunk. KS runs to JH’s room and finds him super passed out drunk. She picks him up and sets him in bed. He grumbles and sinks into bed. But his hand is all messed up so she tries to dress it as he sleeps.

Then she goes back to his living room and cleans up. She sees his phone and checks it. But we don’t see what she sees on it.

JA is at home looking at her phone while in bed. She throws it down in frustration then turns off the light.

JA leaves her building and still has her phone in her hand, she calls JH again, but his phone is off. She is uneasy as she continues to walk to her car.

KS goes to JH’s place in the morning, but he isn’t there. She tries to call him, but the phone is off. She wonders if he broke up with JA.

JA is at work, SY throws something on her desk, her store paperwork. She asks her if she can take over KS’s store again. But she is a little uncomfortable with her right now? JA says that isn’t it, she just wants SY to do it. SY says it doesn’t’ matter to her. BR interrupts and says that she will do it. SY wonders when BR became JA’s savior.

In the coffee area, JA calls JH’s colleagues phone. But he isn’t at work, he didn’t come to work. The team leader says that he has the day off. He doesn’t’ know the details, didn’t you talk to him directly?

Cut to JA dressed in a black suit with a bouquet of flowers.

JA hurries out of her building. Her colleagues watch her. They look at each other as if something is going on that no one knows about.
JH drives somewhere with the bouquet in the front seat.

Appa is in the hotel room, he calls JA’s dad. Appa answers. He asks who this is. KS’s Appa says he is KS’s appa.

They talk happily, it has been a long time. Appa asks JH’s appa how he has been. Why are you calling? Are you busy? Appa says he isnt’ busy, he is retired so he just spends the day. JH’s appa wants to know if they can see each other today. Appa is all like, huh?

Appa goes into the kitchen and talks to Umma. Umma is grumbling about not making kimchi anymroe because the kids aren’t eating it. Then she yells about not thinking about JA or JH at all. Appa tells her to give them some kimchi. She doesnt’ want to. Appa tells Umma that JH’s father wants to meet him. She doesnt’ want him to meet. She yells, are you really trying to ruin my daughters life! Appa yells back, I am Appa! Don’t use banmal to me! How dare~!

He leaves in a huff.

BR tells YI that CG is bribing people. But she thinks they are relieved. It isn’t just JA, what if other people have to be a witness? CG is asking everyone and it seems like they all want to cover it up. JA might be victimized.

YI meets with CG later. She asks him if he is busy. He says he is busy with work. She tells him that he should be busy with work, only work. He wants to know what is going on. SHe tells him that she will show him frankly. She shows him the video. He tries to hide it. She tells him that this is sexual harrassement, if you want to cover it up, I can just make up something, so you shouldnt’ be around the female employees to cover this up.

CG bows and leaves. YI picks up her phone. She asks if JA is there. But she isn’t so YI hangs up the phone.
JA goes to KS’s cafe. She asks for two americanos, she will drink it there. KS looks at her, more like glares at her. But then she sits with her. JA asks if something happened to JH, she can’t contact him and he didn’t go to work. This surprises KS. She asks if they broke up? Why? Why was he so drunk and didnt’ go to work? He was super drunk and his hand was injured a little bit. Was it something between you guys.

JA says that she say their father. He came to their company and JH saw it. KS is so upset. Why did you do that? Why did you meet my father? Are you going to asks him to get marred to JH? JA says she is a trouble maker, but not that much. He brought you both presents, I wasn’t’ sure if I should give it to you.

KS asks about JH, did he fight Appa? JA says he ignored him and he was very angry, I ahve never seen him that angry before. That was it. I couldn’t’ contact hime after that. KS says she brought him some soup, but he wasn’t there. JA thinks she made a mistake. JH was so harsh to his appa, I told him not to behave like a little kid, maybe he was hurt. KS says, ah…..you guys….

JH goes to the cemetary to visit his mother. His sisters flowers are still there. He places his flowers next to his sisters flowers.

JH – Mom, I haven’t seen you for awhile.

KS puts the present from her father in her storage at work. It is an area in their closet in the back. She tries to call again, but the phone is off.

JA is at the subway. She is also looking at her phone. She sees a random guy running to his girlfriend and apologizing for being late. then we see JH running into the subway. She is thinking about what happened before when JH ran to the subway to see her. He told her to take his phone, that would make him feel good.

Back to the cemetery, JH just walks around and spends time at his mothers gravesite. He kneels and looks at his mothers image. he starts to tear up and sighs.

SY meets HG in his office and starts talking about JA. HG asks if she has a lot of friends, they should have a lot of competition for promotion, who is the best? SY says she doenst’ know, you should know the best. HG says it is JA, of curse, but for me and you….you know…..good bribery and stuff….not me….but….it is better to….you know…..remove something in front of you…..to me…..you know….I hate saying meaningless things.

SY looks like she has some conviction.

HG sits in the CEO’s office. he wants to know what HG has to say. Just tell me. He says it is nothing, but…when you make the company…you know…..

The CEo says HG helped him a lot when they made the company. HG says they are family, he is his cousin. The CEo says his wife is thankful to him and they tried to pay him a high interest but you refused it. HG says they are family so no high interest. CEO mentions that HG likes to say family. HG laughs and says they are like brohers. The CEo says that HG has to clean up everything in this family issue. For him work is work and private life is private life.
The four other lady employees go out to eat. They love this a lot better than eating with the company. SY is paying for it all. She starts to talk to them about assistant manager Yoon going too far. She also talks badly about JA, maybe she was too friendly. What? You have been warned a lot, don’t be like JA. YE looks upset. SY says that female employees have a lot of victims. But maybe some women gave some room for them to do it. Maybe people will point the finger at people who are close to JA also.

JA is at work. JM talks to her and says that he knows she has a hard time. She wants to know what he knows. He says he knows that she suffers a lot. SHe says that she is fine. If he thinks of something else then maybe he is meddling too much in her personal life. He says perhaps he went to far, okay, goodbye.

JA calls SH. He wonders why she welcomes him so much, She asks if he is with JH. He can’t contact him at all. SH wonders if they fought. She tells him to shut up. he says, they fought. She asks where he goes often. He tells her not to be too obsessed with him. She basically tells him to call her if they meet. She hangs up and he wonders why she is doing this.

The appas sit down for their meeting at a restaurant.

JH gets back to work. He hops in the elevator and closes his eyes. JA gets to work too. She presses the button for the elevator and waits. She sees that it goes to the 17th floor. She feels something. Then we see her getting off the elevator at JH’s floor. She walks all the way to his desk. he is sitting there. She leaves right away. He stands up and sighs. Then he grabs his coat.

They walk to the elevator and wait on it. JA is angry. JH doesnt’ look that angry.

The Appas, meanwhile, are drinking very happily. JH appa asks why Appa hates his JH. Appa says it isn’t like that. JHAppa wonders if it is because of him. Appa say they are not refusing him. They were like noona and dongsang. JHappa says that was childish. Appa mentions the age difference. JHappa says they don’t have that many excuses.

JH says JH is Joon-hee and he is himself. He won’t ask JH to take care of him. So why are you just harrassing a young guy like JH and personally insulting him? Why do you do that?

JA and JH talk on the rooftop. She wants to know if meeting his appa makes him that upset. He says that he is a stranger but his girlfriend acepts him so he is his appa again. You have pushed me to accept him as my appa. that is something. She says it isnt’t that she didn’t know about it. He says she should ask his permission firt. You will say you won’t get married becaue you hid behind this lie all the time. She asks him if he never lied to her.

He says her mother hit him and told him to seperate from her, all those things? She is stunned and asks why he didn’t tell her. He says it is because she would do this and cry and comfort him and cry and hug him. She can only hug him, the only thing he can do it hold her hand and hug her, it drives him crazy. Parents, he doesnt’ even know what are parents. So he wasn’t afraid to meet her, he can endure everything with her. But seh doesnt’ understand. He doesnt’ want to see him. He pretends like he is a parent to someone he loves, how can he accept that? Should he be thankful for that? Why should he?

He is you father.

I am not behaving childish, you make me behave childish. Can’t you just understand me and pass it? that behavior makes me childish.

I make you childish, so I pretend like I am an adult and tricked you as a little boy?

Noona, don’t you understand what I am talking about?

i understand that I shouldn’t ‘behave more adult than you.

JH takes a deep breath.

JA asks, is this not the answer? then what is it? I am sorry, I don’t understand you.

She storms off. JH is left teary. He turns and watches her leave. Then he follows. A song starts playing as she walks to the elevator. She is upset. he goes to the stairs. She gets into the elevator, but it doesn’t’ close She pushes it again. JH runs to the elevator doors but misses them. He catches the next elevator and runs out. He asks the gate person if they can open it. Thank you, he takes off.

He runs outside, but JA is gone. he runs back and forth in front of the building as he looks for her. Then he takes off sprinting in a certain direction. He gets back to his building and goes to his desk. he checks his phone and talks to his sister. Then he says, okay and hangs up. he calls someone else.

But that person doesn’t’ answer.
The appa’s are super drunk. They get home. Appa tells JHappa that this is Korea, you have to take off your shoes, it isn’t American style. then they drunkenly go to the couch.

Umma is so crazy frustrated with the situation. She hits appa in their room and asks why he brought him here! Just kick him out! This will hurt their kids! Appa says he is my guests. I will kick him out, if you kick him out then I will kick you out (very drunkenly). Umma tells him that he is too drunk.

Appa picks up another drink and plops on the couch. JHAppa thinks Appa is too drunk. He tells Appa not to drink, but appa is very happy with his drink. Appa tells JHA that he feels happy and sentimental. Do you understand how I feel? We are good friends. Drink…..drink! hey wife! Bring some side dishes! JHA tells him not to do that. Appa says his wife listens to anything.

Umma comes out. But she is not that into talking to JHA. SHe looks very uncomfortable. JHA says it is good to see her again and he is sorry to show up without notice, he will leave soon. But drunk Appa says that he will sleep here for the night! Bring some side dishes, why are you standing there?

The two appas sit around the coffee table and toast.

JH is at KS’s coffees shop. They talk. JH says that he went to see Umma. KS wants to know what she said, that you are a good son? JH says that usually when he visits mom, he is okay, but he didnt’ get an answer this time. KS says that umma is angry, what he is doing is not all correct. JH wants to know what he did wrong. KS says she also doesnt ‘like father, but he is their only father. She doesnt ‘need him, they live under the same sky and meet.

JH tells her that she isnt’ clear, that is why JA met him. KS says that she is not stupid, Appa wanted to meet JA to hand over some presents that he got for them. JH is a bit more understanding now. Or at least he looks a bit more understanding.

back at the house. Umma really dosnt’ care for JHA. She sits reluctantly. JHA asks why she hates why JH and JA are meeting. He is very curious about the reason. the bell rings and Umma hops in. Umma tells her to go back to her room. JA sees JHA in the living room. Umma pulls her to her room.

Umma tells JA to call the kids to take him home. JA is all like, no I can’t do that. Umma thinks JA should listen to her. JA says she will take him. Umma says he is not your father in law, dont’ go to far. JA says he is a friends father, she can take him back. This isn’t that big a deal. Umma says this situation is not her fault. JA sighs, yes, it is all my fault, all my fault. You take care of it, I dont’ know.

Then they hear someone say, you A-hole!

They run out and see drunken Appa drunkenly holding JHA. You married 3 times! They stand up. JHA says that his life is his life. One more thing, I don’t like your daughter!

They both pass out.

JH tells his sister that he won’t drink, he will take KS home and go to see JA. KS says she knows JA makes them shameful and doesnt say everything, she was angry that seh had a blind date. But afterward, seh told her about it. JH says he knows how KS feels but can you just~. KS mutterst hat JH is too crazy for her right now….fine fine…I won’t tell her anything. Just sit like that.

KS gets a phone call. She is all like, what?!? My father???

JH and KS get to the building. they are both alarmed and concerned.

JA gets to the door and opens it for the both of them. JH pats JA on the shoulder a tiny bit. They rush into the living room and see the two old men passed out. KS apologizes. Umma tells them that they shouldnt’ ignore this. JH, you didnt’ listen to me, becaue you didnt have an adult raising you so you think what I say isn’t serious. KS says that they lived without parents but no one told us that we were bad!

JH apologizes to Umma.

Umma basically says JHA is acting like this, JH will act like this also. Don’t be so childish and see the future. KS yells at Umma, do you think JH is blocking the future (?). Umma says their father doesnt’ like JA either. Umma is just enduring this. But Umma doesnt want JH or KS to come into their house at all.

JA says she won’t date him, so just stop all this.

JA turns to JH and says they can just stop there. JH tells her that they can talk later. But she says that they should break up. She turns and walks to her room.

JH is heartbroken as he stands there. JA is also heartbroken as she waits inside her door. JH keeps looking at her door. He shakes his head and goes to her door. He starts banging on it…noona! noona! jinah noona! KS goes over to him and tries to pull him off. But JH just tries to get into the room and pull on the door and says noona…noona! over and over again.

Fade Out

It looks like everything is resolved in the next episode, they are back together.
JA moves out of the house and JH tells her that they should move in together.
It also looks like the company is in JA’s favor.


This preview was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

KS: So, you’re saying you’ll sell your pride or whatever, and as long as the two of you are happy that’s all that matters?
JA: Do we really have to go this far?
JH: I’m also having a hard time. It’s not that I don’t have any thoughts of my own that I just say “It’s fine. It’s fine.”
JH Father: I guess I don’t have to worry about Joon Hee in the future. He’s grown up well.
JH Father: That you have chosen Jin Ah reassures me. Thank you.
Jung: More than you’re prepared for, it can get much harder than that.
CEO: Do you really think that you’ll be able to endure it?
JH: If you cry, I won’t give you any ramen.
JA: Give me ramen.
JA: I’ve left home and I’m living by myself.
JH: Did they tell you to get out of the house?
JH: Let’s live together.
JA: Today is enough. I only need one thing, Seo Joon Hee.

Scene #1:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

JA: Yes?
JH: Where are you going?
JA: Home.
JA: Can you see me?
JA: The thing is…
JH: Just come.
JA: Joon Hee
JH: I said just come.
JA: Don’t be like that, and…
JH: Can’t you hear me tell you to come!?

JH Father: It’s been a long time. How have you…
JH: Let’s go.
JA: What are you doing? Your father is here.
JH: Stop worrying about that.
JA: You shouldn’t be like that. I know how you must feel, but-
JH: You know? You know, but you do something like this? Because you knew how I felt? What do you know? How much do you know?!
JA: Fine. I don’t know. I don’t know anything. So, I just did as I wanted, and I’m going to keep doing it. Since it’s a promise I made to your father, don’t tell me what to do or not do.
JH: Yoon Jin Ah
JA: Don’t act like a kid. It’s not someone else, it’s your father.
JH: Who said that? Who told you that person was my father?!
JA: Seo Joon Hee
JH: Do as you want. You do as you please, but don’t lecture to me.

JA: I’m sorry.
JH Father: It’s okay. So, has this plan been completely messed up then?

Scene #2:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

JH Father: I don’t think it would be bad to have dessert first.
JH Father: Let’s go in.

SC: Where are you going?
SC: Hey, Seo Joon Hee, where are you going?!

Scene #3:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

JH Father: At the hotel, every time we were talking about Joon Hee… how should I say this…should I say you looked nervous… anyway, you didn’t look unconcerned.
JA: I’m sorry.
Father: And, that also. I wondered what you kept apologizing for, but it was Joon Hee.
JA: I’m sorry.
Father: I’m very touched. Not someone else, but that Jin Ah is my Joon Hee’s partner if wonderful.
JA: Are you being sincere?
Father: I’m a person who is too truthful to women.
JA: Thank you for looking favorably upon me.
Father: Is there any reason not to look upon you favorably?
Father: Does your family know?
JA: Yes
Father: They like it, right?
JA: Because it was something that they had never even thought of, they are somewhat taken aback.
JA: But, they’re going to accept it soon. You know my parents. Even though, they are a little conservative, they’re not so much that one can’t speak with them.
Father: It’s that far along, but you went on a blind date?
JA: That is…
Father: This is really hurting my pride.

Scene #4:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

phone:[The customer has his phone turned off.]

KS: Please drink this in early morning.
Guard: Aigoo. Thank you. But, your little brother seems to be very drunk.
KS: Has he gone up?
Guard: Just a little while ago. He was completely plastered. That’s the first time I’ve seen him that way.

KS: Hey! Seo Joon Hee! Hey!
KS: How much alcohol did he have to drink?
KS: Hey, get up! Get up! Even if you’re going to sleep, go sleep on the bed.
KS: You’re in such a state. Go sleep in the bed.
KS: Oh! What have you been getting into?
KS: Hey! You…crazy…stay still. I don’t know what you’re doing. Really.

Scene #5:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

Jung: What are you talking about? What meeting?
BR: It’s in secret. Deputy Head Gong has been buying the female staff meals and telling them to say that he did nothing wrong, that they also made some mistakes, and wouldn’t it be better if they just called it even. Things like that.
Jung: So?
BR: Since the kids are young, and it’s their superior telling them to do so, it seems as if they’re just going to do as they’re told. But the way I see it, I think they think that it’s for the best anyway.
Jung: What do you mean it’s for the best?
BR: It’s not just going to be Yoon Jin Ah’s story that comes out. They’re worried that if they’re seen as victims as well, what would happen to them. Since Deputy Head Gong is pressuring them, they’re thinking that it would be better for them to go along.
Jung: So, the further along this goes, the more Yoon Jin Ah is by herself.
BR: Doesn’t that mean that only Manager Yoon will be fired?

Gong: You were looking for me?
Jung: Are you busy these days?
Gong: Not on anything particular. Of course, I’m loyally doing the normal work.
Jung: You should work loyally. Just at the normal work.
Gong: What this is about, why don’t you just speak freely?
Jung: Freely would be good.
(Gong pounces for the mouse)
Jung: Hand.
Gong: Ah.
Jung: This is also sexual harassment.
Gong: No. No. This is…
Jung: If you try your utmost to get rid of this as well, then it means that even lies can be made up to create a sensation.
Jung: Do you want to try it?
Gong: No.
Jung: I think it would be better if I don’t see you hanging out with the female employees.
(Gong leaves)
Jung: Is Manager Yoon Jin Ah at her desk? Fine.

Scene #6:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

JA: Has something perhaps happened to Joon Hee? I can’t contact him. And, he’s absent from work.
KS: Absent from work?
JA: You didn’t know either. They say he’s taking the day off.
KS: Didn’t the two of you break up?!
KS: Well, then why would he do that? Why would he drink himself silly and not go to work?
JA: Did he drink a lot?
KS: Rather than drinking it, I thought he had fallen into alcohol. And, whether he had been fighting or had hit something to pieces, he’s even messed up his hand.
JA: He’s hurt?
KS: Not a lot. But, there really isn’t something that happened between the two of you?
JA: I met your father. He came to meet me in front of the office building, and Joon Hee happened to see us.
KS: Really, why did you do that? Why would you meet my father? So that you can plead him to help you marry Joon Hee?!
JA: No matter how many mistakes I make, I’m not that far gone. He must have bought presents for you two. He said that he had no way of getting them to you. I also worried whether I should convey these to you, whether it would just make things more uncomfortable for you. I thought of all of that.
KS: So? How was Joon Hee? Did he fight with father?
JA: He wouldn’t even look at him. And, he probably hated it even more that I met with Father. He was very angry. That’s the first time I’ve seen him so angry. That was all (that happened). After that, till now, I haven’t been able to reach him.
JA: Joon Hee probably isn’t home right now?
KS: He’s not there. I made some hangover soup for him and went over, but he wasn’t there, so I had thought he had left early for work.
KS: Then, where did he go?
JA: I think I’ve made a mistake. Since he was being so severe towards Father, I told him to stop acting like a child.
JA: He probably feels hurt.
KS: You really are doing all sorts of things! Oh.

Scene #7:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

Tombstone: [Jung In Hye]
JH: Mom, it’s been a long time.

JA: You should put my heart at ease.

JH: You haven’t gotten on the train yet.
JA: Do you know how many years I’ve been riding the subway? I can get around even with my eyes closed.
JH: Take mine. I’ll call you on the office phone.
JA: Oh, really.
JH: Please put my heart at ease.
(end flashback)

Scene #8:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

JH Father: Why do you dislike my Joon Hee? What is it that you find so intolerable about him?
JA Father/JH Father: Oh! Oh!
JA Father: Oh, it’s not like that.
JH Father: Is it because of me?
JA Father: No. No, it’s not that. How could you say that?
JH Father: Then what’s the reason that you’re objecting?
JA Father: It’s not that we’re objecting. It’s just that they’ve been older sister-little brother since they were children, and…
JH Father: So childish!
JA Father: It is, isn’t it? More than that, there is the age difference.
JH Father: That’s even more ridiculous. Do you have so few excuses to make?
JA Father: I’m frustrated as well.
JH Father: I’m me and Joon Hee is Joon Hee. Do you think that if I get weak, that I’ll live off him or something?
JA Father: How could you say something like that?
JH Father: Then what is it?!
JH Father: So you step on a young man’s pride and insult his character, so what is the reason for that?

Scene #9:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

JH: I’ve been living while thinking of him as someone who has nothing to do with me, but my girlfriend acknowledges him. So, all of a sudden, he’s my father. And, making it so that I have to accept him as such. And, the one who caused all of this to happen. How can that be nothing at all.
JA: It’s not that I didn’t know that.
JH: If you knew, you should have spoken with me about it first. My heart had to come to terms with it first. You probably are about to say that you didn’t want to worry me again. Since you always say that to explain your lying.
JA: Have you not deceived me as well? Haven’t there been times when you lied to me?
JH: What? Which thing? Hearing your mother tell me to immediately get lost and to break up with you, and then being hit by her? Such depressing things?
JA: Why didn’t you tell me?
JH: Because you might react this way. Because it was obvious. You’re going to cry again and say you’re sorry. Even if I say I’m okay, you’ll try hard to smile at me even with disbelieving eyes, and become worried about me. Every time you do that, holding your hand and embracing you, when that is all that I can do, do you know how I feel? It drives me crazy. It makes me feel so pathetic that I could go crazy.
JH: I don’t know much about parents. Parents can’t help but be this way. Parents are like that. I don’t understand sentiments like that very well. So, even when meeting Noona’s family, I wasn’t afraid at all. If only you were next to me, I could tolerate whatever happened. However, not understanding and not even wanting to do so, and not ever wanting to see that person as my father, is the one whose pretending to act as my parent. And, that to the woman that I love. How am I supposed to accept that? Am I supposed to be grateful and thankful? Why? Why do I?
JA: But, he’s still your father.
JH: Even saying something like that. I’m not acting like a child. You’re making it seem as if I am. You could have just understood me a little and let it go, so why do you have to be so harsh about it? Thinking like that is making me look like a child.
JA: So, you’re saying it’s my fault.
JH: That’s not what I’m saying right now!
JA: Then what is it? You’re saying I’m making it like that.
JH: Noona.
JA: You’re saying that I’m pretending to be an adult with an open mind, and so treating you like a narrow-minded child having a temper tantrum.
JA: Fine. I did that. I thought that. Okay?
JH: Noona
JA: What?
JH: Do you not know what I’ve been talking about?
JA:Why wouldn’t I know? You’re trying to tell me not to act as if I’m all mature around you. You’re telling me that just because I’m a few years older than you, to not act as if I’m more mature than you. I said I got it.

Scene #10:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

KS: Where did you go? Huh?
JH: To Mom.
KS: What did she say? Did she say that her son was so great?
KS: You must have been really frustrated.
JH: Other times when I went to Mom, I could figure things out. This time, strangely, the answers wouldn’t come to me.
KS: Mom must have been mad at you, too. Do you think that everything you do is all right?
JH: What did I do wrong?
KS: Do you think that I would look kindly upon Father much less actually like him? But what else can I do? Dead or alive, he’s the only parent we have left.
JH: Do we need him?
KS: Is it because we need him? It’s because we both live under the same skies, so that as we live we end up seeing him.
JH: It’s because you’re so wishy-washy that even Jin Ah Noona is meeting him as if he were my parent.
KS: He’s so ignorant about how ignorant he is.
KS: Hey, no matter how much Yoon Jin Ah does stupid things, do you think that she isn’t able to distinguish between heaven and hell and just does as she pleases? She said that Father had bought presents for us but didn’t have a way to give them to us, so asked to see her.

JH Father: You should sit down for a bit now.
JA Mother: I’m fine.
JA Father: Hyung-nim said to sit! [TN=hyung-nim = respectful form of older brother]
JH Father: My children, so you’ve been helping them live all along?
JA Mother: I did barely anything.
JA Father: What do you mean you didn’t? She took better care of them than our children. She was very fond of Kyung Sun and Joon Hee.
JH Father: Why do you so hate that Joon Hee is dating Jin Ah? I want to hear the reason. It’s because I’m really curious.
JA Mother: Oh…well, it’s not exactly…
JA Mother: Oh, is Jin Ah home?

Scene #11:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

JA Father: Why are you raising your voice? Huh?
JA: Dad.
JH: Just because I let things go…
JA: Dad, why…why…?
JA: Dad.
JH Father: My life is my life. One other thing. I also don’t like your daughter!
JA Father: That bastard… he asked three times even…

JH: I’m not drinking any. After I take Noona home, I’m going to go see Jin Ah Noona.
KS: Even though I knew she wasn’t a blabbermouth, she has a way of making a person feel apologetic. She’s doing this because she feels guilty. I had told her to end it with you. Seeing her on the blind date, I was furious, so what could I do? After I did that, I also regretted it, a little.
KS: Hey! Wouldn’t it have been stranger to not react to it at all?
JH: I know. I know how Noona feels, but to Jin Ah Noona, please…?
KS: Really. Even if you are going to be crazy, how could you be this crazy? Fine. Fine. From now on, I won’t say a peep to her. If you’re just going to sit there all dejected, then just go to Yoon Jin Ah. I’m going to drink some, and then I’ll find my way home fine by myself.
JH: Then go home and drink at least.
KS: How far do I have to go to please you- ?
KS: Yes? Yes?! Our father?

Scene #12:

This scene was translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much Stroppyse.

JH: Let’s just go. I’m sorry.
JA Mother: If you’re really sorry, you shouldn’t have even created this situation. He’s already like this, so how much more will he do in the future? See? That person whose your father is like that, so how could you children be any different.
JA: Mom, please.
JA Mother: You have nothing you can say! If I’ve said that to you so often, you should have grown up by now! How old are you that you only pick such unsuitable men?! This has your life hanging in the balance! You have to think about the future as you live! Your future!
KS: You’re afraid that Joon Hee is going to block Jin Ah’s future?
JA Mother: Whether he blocks it or opens it, I’m saying he absolutely he won’t do mo matter what!
JA Mother: Also, do you think that we’re the only ones? Your father as well says that he dislikes Jin Ah, too. He said he doesn’t like her.
KS: As much as you’ve done, you’re being too much. How can you give a child such wounds?
JA Mother: You think I can’t do more? That I’m gritting my teeth and restraining myself right now, why don’t you realize that? If I did what I want, then I want to make it so that you couldn’t even set a foot inside here.
JA: Stop it!
JA Mother: What are you doing right now?
JA: I won’t meet him. I said I won’t meet him. Since I won’t meet him any more, stop it now.
JH: Noona.
JA: Everyone just stop now.
JA: Joon Hee
JH: Let’s talk again later.
JA: Let’s just only go to here.
JA: Let’s break up. (goes to her room)

JH: Noona. Jin Ah Noona. Jin Ah Noona! Jin Ah Noona!
KS: What are you doing?
JH: Noona!
KS: What are you doing?
JH: Noona!
KS: Don’t do this. What are you…?
JH: Jin Ah Noona!

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  1. tenay
    May 11, 2018 / 8:37 am

    I hope today there is some drama(there has been some drama but not between the lover relationship).. i am just getting the same thing.. sure their love its nice but as a drama there needs to be something that keep us on the edge to feel exited about next … they can do that without derailing the main plot.

  2. Handily
    May 11, 2018 / 8:54 am

    I think there will be some drama this episode. Probably not a lot though, this show had been all about small dramatic moments that are resolved fairly quickly. That is what i love about it.
    Though the prospect of a potential sad ending does keep me on edge.

    • May 11, 2018 / 11:29 am

      I feel the same way! I don’t like the huge dramatics and it will actually have the potential to turn me away from a show or fast forward through the angst-y parts if they drag on too long. Maybe because I’ve see too much real life drama, and don’t love it in my fictional getaways! Haha!

      The thing I’ve loved about this show is that while there is plenty of conflict happening around them, they’ve held on to one another, which was why this episode is so heart-breaking. I do think it hurt JA to watch her mother start in on JH and KS, who had always believed they were a part of the family, and they were hearing her mother act superior and say again how they weren’t good enough.

      I felt that’s likely the trigger for JA to choose to let go of JH in that moment. Knowing how much she loves him, that’s the only way it makes sense to me. She wasn’t willing to give him up after her mother tried to beat on her. She wasn’t willing to give him up when everyone found out and had their issues with it. But right then, in that moment, especially after hearing him tell her what her mother had said to him before, and that she had hit him too, and seeing it start to play out verbally all over again, with JHA then saying he didn’t like her either, I think JA felt that SHE wasn’t good for JH in that moment.

      I hope the show continues with this theme of love it’s had all along between them, because that’s what caught me up in it to begin with. So far, it’s been very beautifully done.

      • L
        May 11, 2018 / 2:04 pm

        Since the main theme song has been Save The Last Dance For Me, it seems like that implies they end up together.

        • V
          May 11, 2018 / 3:18 pm

          I wonder if the Casablanca clip from one of the first episodes eludes to the ending. Maybe it will end ambiguously when/if JH goes to China?

      • Marlinchan
        May 11, 2018 / 8:12 pm

        Totally agree with you. At that moment jin ah can’t handle anymore her mother verbally abusing the sibling. It’s like she sacrifice herselft..soo heartbreaking..i reply watching it again and again.. and i am still sobbing…

  3. tenay
    May 11, 2018 / 9:20 am

    hi.. what does the dad means by “His problem is that he is too honest to women” that he is serious about their relationship ?

    • Anonymous
      May 11, 2018 / 10:14 am

      I think the father was talking about himself when he said that and it was a bit of a joke possibly?

      • Anonymous
        May 11, 2018 / 10:15 am

        It seemed like he was really upfront about liking their relationship which is not Korean style?

  4. tenay
    May 11, 2018 / 10:34 am

    I am sorry but i think JA its more immature than him, just because she is older do not her excuse her to act some ways, but again it might be culture too.

  5. Teinak
    May 11, 2018 / 11:39 am

    I just cried reading that last bit😭 why is the mum so selfish? I don’t not like her at ALLLLL!!!!!!

  6. hana
    May 11, 2018 / 1:47 pm

    hi can you sub the preview for the next episode? thank you

    • V
      May 11, 2018 / 3:16 pm

      It’s up! Many thanks to Stroppyse 🙂

  7. Elle
    May 11, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    Jin Ah has made me so upset. I understand that she has lived a lifetime being a good girl and trying to please people but after all is said and done it somehow seems like she is getting off easy. She is so naive. She tries to appease everybody and it never works. All it does is hurt JH.

    She has always been the one to create problems in this relationship and putting herself in situations where she ends up the victim and falling back on the excuse that she didn’t want Joon Hee to be upset with her. She either doesn’t understand or totally disregards just how much what she does affects JH ; but he totally loves and cares for her so he easily accepts her after all her shenanigans.

    1. She keeps the relationship secret making JH feels insecure and not good enough for her

    2. She meets with the ex hoping that he will back off (this is after multiple attempts of him becoming increasingly persistent and dangerous) – this ends with JH subsequently worried sick for her safety on numerous occasions but of course he has to end up comforting her (flowers/harassment, coffee shop assault, car accident).

    3. She goes on a blind date while still with JH to appease her mother when it is clearly evident that wasn’t going to do anything since the mother is selfish and wanted her completely broken up with JH. JA didn’t even call JH after she knew he knew about it because she was afraid he’d be upset so in the end he has to comfort her because she feels ‘oh so horrible’.

    4. She meets with the boss at restaurant who has sexually harassed her multiple times. Again what was this going to accomplish? And poor JH once again worried for her goes there to make sure she’s OK.

    5. She meets with his dad. Why? I still don’t understand. It had nothing to do with presents. It’s just a part of her appeasing nature. Even at the end SHE gets upset because JH says she’s making him seem childish when she is the one forcing this on him. A man that hasn’t acknowledged him as a son in over a decade he must accept like that because she thinks so.

    After last week’s preview I hoped that JH would have been the one to break up with her (because the situation with his dad would be the last straw). I wanted him to go to China and then have her realize just how her actions and overall nature led to a huge loss for her. I would have loved to see her cope with losing him and have it completely transform her, having her move out and stop pleasing everybody. Unfortunately i think the series is only 16 episodes and it looks like they’re back together next episode and I am not happy about it. JH deserves better.

    • Miranda
      May 11, 2018 / 3:26 pm

      “She meets with his dad. Why? I still don’t understand.”

      I have to say that many, many many partners handle this one wrong. The scenes about his dad resonated very strongly. Some people have great relationships with their parents, some people have good ones, some people have okay ones, and then some people have toxic relationships with their parents. People who come from the first three categories frequently can’t imagine having a parental relationship in the last category, and they VERY OFTEN stupidly try to act as peacemaker.

      “Still, it’s your parent” is a phrase that will set the child of a toxic parent off. I was not at all surprised by either Joon Hee or Jin Ah in this episode; Joon Hee has never had the unconditional support Jin Ah has (even though her mother is nuts), and Jin Ah has absolutely no understanding of a parent who spent most of your childhood betraying you.

      Some people just don’t want to have anything to do with their parents and the rest of us should drop it, but cultural and social pressures are so strong to maintain that bond that it’s kind of unimaginable unless you’ve experienced it. So frequently, partners try to “heal” their loved ones by repairing broken family ties, not realizing that it’s a much bigger betrayal than they could ever imagine.

  8. Marlinchan
    May 11, 2018 / 5:54 pm

    Well, the point is they are getting back at the next episode. I feel enough with all the problems. Enough for my hearted heart. I hope i will see the happy lovey dovey again in the next last ep. Thanks for the live recap bahdoo nim. You save my day really…^^

  9. May 12, 2018 / 12:52 am

    there is one thing that i found interesting. JA’s mom…before the two dad’s came home drunk she was on the couch in pants. When they were coming thru the door she ran to the bedroom and changed into a dress. When her husband came in she was brushing her hair to make herself look good. So….what is up with that? Maybe there is more to her history with JH’s dad.

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