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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 10

Live Recap for episode 10 of the Korean drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) which airs on JTBC on Friday and Saturday at 23:00 Seoul time, and stars Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In.
This episode might be all about the mama. After that explosion yesterday, I believe we are going to have some come-to-Jesus moments as our family members (aka mama) realize what is actually best for their family.

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Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – Mom | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: April 28th, 23:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix
Countdown: AIRING! …check twitter for updates.

JA runs to her building, puts in the code, and goes inside. She runs all the way to the elevator and hastily gets in.

Upstairs, JH and SH share a moment. JH gets up and goes outside with SH watching him.

Meanwhile, JA gets to her front door and enters. She sees JH kneeling in front of her mother. What is going on? Her mother has the same question. He has something to tell her and he is kneeling like this, like a sinner.

JA kneels right along with him. Umma is thoroughly confused, but then it dawns on her. Wait a second…..you two….it’s not, right?….not happening……

They both apologize. Umma passes out SH picks her back up. She aks her son if he knew this? Umma explodes on her son and yells at him about playing games and studying. JA asks her why she is doing that to SH? Umma says that her son dissapoints her so much. She starts crying and runs to her room. JA wants to finish what they are talking about.

JH knows what is happening and looks worn.

Umma takes some calming down medicine in her room. SH comes in and she starts hitting him some more and tells her that he shouldn’t have hidden this from her. Do you want your sister to ruin her life? Shut up, listen to me, never see JH anymore.

JA asks JH if he is leaving. JH says, maybe that is better. She walks him out to the elevator. They are pretty quiet. JA apologizes and JH apologizes too. He sys he should have talked to her first. Whatever she says, just listen to her. Today, just keep quiet, I don’t want you to have a hard time without me. It’s okay, I know how to go downstairs (playfully). He tells her he will call her.

The door close to the elevator. The smile JH had goes away. JH looks at the elevator door and we cut to JH looking solemn as well. JA goes back inside her home. Umma attacks her but SH pulls her off. Umma calls JA a witch? And asks her how she can be human? JA asks her how she can just ignore someone like that? It is JH, why can’t this happen? Because you took him as a son? That is nothing! Umma says she s killing her! You crazy girl! There are so many men! How did you pick JH? She says she didnt’ pick him, she was picked by him. You don’t know what kind of lovely love I have right now. Mom yells for her to give it up. JA says that she will meet him, whatever happens she will still see him.

JA goes to her room but her mother goes in there too and hits her. Brother is in there too at the door watching this. Umma tells her that he is not her biological son, but he is a son. JA says he is her boyfriend. Umma questions her, man? You are not shameful at all? Okay, just do that. Let’s see what will happen. Umma storms out.

SH asks JA, don’t you know mom that well? This is all bad, she won’t yield to her kids. Don’t you know that? SH leaves too.

JA is left feeling miserable in her room.
JH slowly walks to his apartment. He stops neat his sister’s place, but he ends up going to his place. he looks back at his sisters place once, but continues to his place. He goes inside and turns on the lights. He is home. he sits for a moment with his head down as he thinks about what just happened. Then he pulls out his phone. he sends a text.

JH: Just in case, don’t cry.

JA is crying in her room as she sits next to her bed.

SH is in the kitchen, someone comes home. It is Appa so SH comes to tell him to quiet down because he might be drunk. SH tells his appa that mom found out they are dating. Appa hits SH across the face and says he will take care of everything. He keeps singing like a drunken man and goes to his bedroom.

Appa – Jin-ah and Joon-hee, I let them date. Young people dating. It’s no problem.
Umma – what is he talking about? What did you grant?
Appa – they like each other, don’t block them
Umma – everyone knew about it but me?
Appa – you are angry becasuse you are the last one
Umma – I will kill you first!

Umma attacks appa and falls. Maybe she hurt her arm?

JA talks to JH and says everything is okay, Mom was just surprised. Okay, don’t be too sad, just understand, okay?

SH calls for noona to come out. JA tells JH that she will call him later. SH and everyone go downstairs, maybe they are all going to the hospital? JA goes to get the car, Umma holds her arm and her two men stand next to her.

The family walks to the emergency room. JA goes with Umma and appa and SH stay behind. SH says they are not help so they sit in the lobby and wait. Appa looked like he wanted to go inside though.

Appa – You should be the daughter, you are not useful at home, being born as man is a sin.
SH – yeah.

JA and Umma talks about what just happened. Umma says this is all because of who? JA tries to understand. She helps her mother take off her jacket.

Another person comes into the hospital and the ajusshi sits in the waiting room. The waiting room is filled with ajusshis. SH looks around and sees this. They go meet their Umma/wife. Umma glares at her husband and they leave.

Appa says, what would they do without JA? She is so smart and took care of everything, she is perfect in everything, you are really the best. Umma asks appa if he would like to ride in a taxi. then she tells SH that he didn’t do anything, why did he come to the hospital. Umma says that helping her now doesn’t mean that she grants their relationship.
At home, JA makes Umma’s bed. Umma thinks everything is appa’s fault and tells him to sleep outside.

Appa tells JA to not fight against Umma.
JA tells him not to fight against Umma too.
Appa says that it will be difficult, but she shouldn’t hate her.
She already hates her.
He says it is all for her.
She knows that.
Appa thinks they should work together.

CG and JM talk about why they don’t get together anymore. You don’t even join us. HG and JM get into the elevator, but CG stays out. JM is all like, what is going on? Upstairs, JM asks CG what is going on with him and the director? They used to have a good relationship. Did something really happen? CG says he got stress from him, just stop. JM thinks he should take him to a nice place, that is what friends are for. What good place? A good place (with women).

YE mentions that JA isn’t coming to work today, she is busy. SY figures out that everyone kind of knows? SY asks YE if JA told her about her boyfriend. YE says she heard it from….JH. She asked him if he knew who the boyfriend was and he said, it is me. YE runs off smiling.

JA and JH eat some subway. JA tells him that her mother broke her arm so she has to go home early. He understands, but tells her to eat slowly. He says he picked a busy girlfriend. She didnt’ know she would be this busy. He mumbles something but then JH says it is nothing. She says not to say that as a joke. it isn’t his fault, it is mom’s fault. Did you think I was a stupid guy? No….you awere always pretty to me. They keep joking about this. JA tells him never ever to do that, okay? If you do it one more time! He tells her to eat slowly. She eats super fast. I finished it!

He tells her to leave slowly as he takes all the food to to trash. JA runs out.

Umma goes to KS’s coffee shop. KS is concerned about Umma’s arm but Umma just wants to go in and talk. KS looks like she feels what this conversation might be about.

UMMA scoffs, you knew that? KS says she just found out and she was super surprised, but it already happened so she should tell them to meet happily. Umma asks how she can say that, they are like family. KS understands but says that they like each other. Umma says she should think about it, JH is her own son, he is a good guy but, of course I think, I dont price JH, of course not, it is nothing, but do you think they made this decision reasonably? KS says she didn’t think that far. Umma says, riiiiiight, you have good decision skills. You are the noona, you liked you father ad mother, JH doesn’t’ know, you have to guide him well. You always say you wanted to make JH’s life well and guide him. Life is a correct thing and right thing and it is a process, if one thing goes wrong than everything goes wrong. I shouldnt have to explain this to you, you are me and I am you, we fit well right?

KS looks like she is caught in a bind.

Umma steams at the bus stop. She really looks like she is about to murder someone and is thinking of how to do it.

JA laughs at work as she secretly talks to JH on the phone. JH is laughing a lot at work as well as she sneaks away to talk to JA.

KS goes to the closet at work and cries.

Umma goes to her kitchen and makes her self a drink. Appa asks her if she just came back from somewhere. Umma tells him to sit. She tells him that she met KS. How can you just let this go like this? This is your only daughter. Appa thinks they like each other. Umma says other people….JH is not like that. He has a lot of brothers by different moms. Are you going to let them marry? Listen to me, you should only think about JA, her life is dependent on this. How dare he. Umma gets up and leave. Appa is left thinking at the table.
JH goes to his sisters place. She tells him to clean up and eat. JH thinks something must have happened, he knows her. But she says it is nothing, she just wanted to feed him. Then she tells him that they should live better than before, don’t be discouraged. He tells her that it tastes good, she should get married. She jokes and tells him F-you, you should get married. You should be good to me, I am the best noona in the world. they joke a lot about being the best. then he says it tastes good.

At JH’s home, JA gives her mom the medicine and tells her how to take it. Then she cuts her moms nails. Umma tells her that she should ahve made it quiet, but did she brag around? JH wonders what she told her. Umma says of course, she is not stupid like you. JA says she is an adult, she can get married without parents permission and date. Umma says, fine, lets see what happens. As you wish.

JA tells her umma that she should keep quiet, don’t regret it after you see some blood. Umma says she doesn’t regret, ever. JA tells her to stop moving or she will get hurt.

JH talks with A later. JA says she is tired after doing all this house work. She is so tired. They happily talk and then tell each other to sleep tight. This is my love love, I love you a lot a lot a lot. JH smiles.

Cut to JA ringing KS’s door. KS opens and she hugs her tightly. They go inside and drink while KS cries. JA apologizes. KS wonders why she is crying like that. JA tells her, hey KS what should I do for you? KS says to do nothing. JA says eunnie will make her laugh. KS says to stop, stop. They playful laugh and joke about it. JA gets up and tries to make KS laugh. She does something funny that we don’t see and KS busts out laughing.

KS goes to sleep and JA tucks her in. A gorgeous song plays as JA turns out the light. She lets herself out. As she leaves, she looks at JH’s door. But she doesn’t go to it.

JH is all curled up in bed. He holds his cell phone and sleeps next to another drawing of JA.

JA takes a taxi home. The song continues playing.
JM talks to the CEO about how YI wanted him to find evidence for her. If you tell me to stop then I will stop. the CEO tells him to keep doing it. (it is a little dubious as to whether the CEO really wnats to find these things out or not).

YI sits BR and another female employee down and talks to them about finding information. She picked these two because they wrote the most on the survery. They ask her if the survey didn’t work? YI says that everyone didnt’ fill it out completely. They basically talk about getting evidence like a KaTalk or something like that. Not that much. She doenst’ want to think about this too much. They also mention that this is like a cue in the company.

SY goes into HG’s office and give him a report on sales. He aks her how long she has been the supervisor/ She answers. They talk about that a little. He tells her that it is time to get promoted and get a desk job. We have a lot of female employees here, everyone is similar but some of them are much better than others. SY says she will take it as a compliment. He says, of course, but, you know…it is hard to pick just one person. it is not that easy because people talk about some rumors. SY asks him what he wants to say. he says, as you know, we have some rumors now. It is difficult to…you know…support….when my position is secure….you know…not just see what is going on with the sales but….you know. SY says she will see what is going on. HG says she is smart, a very smart girl.

SY leaves. HG smiles.

SY walks to her seat looking conflicted. BR asks her what she thinks will happen to the accusers, will they all be fired for sexual harassment. SY gets angry. BR asks her why she is angry. She says it is just in case she (BR) gets fired. BR asks why she is excluding herself. SY says she is not excluding herself, she leaves.
JM meets with CG over food. But it looks like he is secretly recording this with a recording pen. HG tries to get CG to talk about things. CG says he went to work with JA. HG mentions that Nam told him to just eat. CG says he is accusing him for everything. He just wanted to drink and you know, have a fun move. The girls misunderstand me. But HG is different, he uses JA as the mood maker to seduce all the other men using JA in order to get the deal. Look at this….(shows him something)….JA smelled something and just ran away. She is ah…..(implies, how did she sense that?)

Appa meets with JA at her bus stop. He says he wanted to meet her to date her. They go to eat. Appa knows that she is disapointed with mom. JA says she doesnt’ understand it, why don’t they like JH? Appa says they shouldn’t decide people based on their background and what they have. having parents or not is a big thing. Parents or no parents is a big difference. Parents can give advice. parents teach them what to do.

Do you think JH is a bad guy with no manners? There is no reason. Do you think people like me because I have parents? For you guys I am a supe rdaughter, but I am just a normal girl. In some cases I am behind others. JH? I dont deserve him, he is a big and good guy.

Appa tells her that her point of view and their point of view is different.

JA asks, what is love? Parents should tell kids to grow. So tell me, what is love? Teach me what love is. Appa….I just knew what love was, how to love. Through JH I am learning it. When I helped mom at the hospital change her clothing and talking her down from the bed and talking kindly just in case she gets hurt. I have that kind of caring heart now. He is putting all of his caring heart to me. How can you deny him? He is a really caring and good person….I am not going to listen to you. When I feel that it is wrong, then I will stop. Whatever you say, I will not separate from him. If you get dissapointed, I can not help because I am also dissapointed with you guys.

JA leaves. Appa sighs.

JA goes outside and pauses for a moment at the door. Appa takes another drink of his drink and puts his head back.

JH asks where she is, why didn’t you go home? You aren’t sick are you? You don’t sound good. You should be sick. JH says she is good. He tells her that she souds strange, did you dress warmly? She says she is wearing something super warm. he says the project is almost over, lets make something super delicious at home.

They start to talk about cooking. What will you cook for me? Anything you like. For JA, I can cook anything. What would you like? She says she wants……Seo Joon-hee, I want Seo Joon-hee only.
JA gets home. her mother is basically waiting at the door for her. Her mother tells her to empty her weekend, she will have a blind date. JA tells her mother that she is really childish. JA goes to her room and her Umma mumbles that she is an ungrateful child.

Appa tells JA to just let her decide. Umma grumbles about how they might not be able to seperate them. Appa mentions that they like eah other, love is like that. Umma rails at him, there is no love between brother and sister. Appa asks her what love is. She doesn’t answer. Appa grumbles and goes to sleep. Umma yells, turn off the light! He gets up and she tells him, if you step on me! I see everything!

He sighs, turns off the light, then sighs again as he lays back down in bed.

JH looks at his phone and tells KS that he will cook something for JA. KS hits him and tells him to cook for his noona! He tells her not to get jealous, this will happen more and more. She says she will get very jealous. He tells her to give him a break, she tells him goodnight. But this is playful and they both smiled.

But outside, KS looks very concerned/worried for her brother. She goes home and paces, looks at her phone, and paces some more. Then she sits and calls someone. A mans voice answers. he asks what this is about. KS says, this is Kyung-sun. He says, what is this about. She wants to talk to him. He sounds like he doenst’ want to talk to her, he is with his kids. She says she is his daughter also. he responds but she starts telling him that so many years past, doesnt’ he wonder how they live? How long will he do this? Should she have any hope for him? He just says he will talk to her later. he hangs up.

KS stares at the phone for a long time. She starts shaking. Then she starts sobbing.

JH happily talks to JA. They play with each other and talk about how they want to see each other. JH says, even though they dont’ see each other, they want to see each other. JA says, it is because her boyfriend is drinking so she is doing the same. He says he will block her mouth if she is next to him. She tells him to count to ten, then she takes off running and hops in her car.

Umma checks JA’s room and sees that she is gone.

JA happily calls JH and tells him to open his door! He does right away and she runs up to him and kisses him as they hug. They go inside.

Umma gets out of a taxi and goes to JH’s apartment building. She presses the door to the elevator. She is still in her nightgown. She walks pas the sisters place, staring at it, then she goes to JH’s place.

The clothing is all strew all over the floor at JH’s place. The lights are off.

Umma rings the doorbell.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…”

Fade Out

JA hides in the closet again as JH kneels to Umma.
Lots of fun moments
KS and JH’s father comes?
JA gets hit by her Umma and JH protects her and asks if she is okay.

I feel something foreboding coming with our OTP!!!!!!!! I hope I am way wrong and we get a happy ending.


JH: Dating Jin Ah noona is not a mistake.
Mother: You can’t meet my standards.
JA: Why do you keep saying things are fine every day? Why?
JA: You can get angry. You can curse my mom out.
Gong: Did Yoon Jin Ah come?
BR: This is being done for your sake, so if it’s just talk, then what do you want to do about it?
Gong: We have to find out who has been bothered by Director Nam.
Jung: Oh, Yoon Jin Ah.
KS: Let’s not hit the child.
JH: Should I call you brother-in-law?
SH: Brother-in-law? Fine.
KS: He’s my little brother.
JA: He’s my boyfriend.
KS: Father has come.
JH: What’s the point of meeting him and listening to him? What does he want?
JA: Who else would be so thoughtful of me, even while enduring his own difficulties?
JA: I lied, so what?!
Mother: Move! You, move! I said get out of the way!
JH: I’m fine. Fine.
JA: I’m fine as well. I can endure everything.


Scene #1:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Mother: Are you talking back right now saying you did the right thing?! Are you really going to disappoint me like this? Come in with me. Hurry up and come in!
JA: Mom. Mom!
Mother: Hurry up and come in!
JA: But, at least, we have to finish talking…

SH: Ow! Ow!
Mother: There are things you shouldn’t keep secret! Uh? There are things you shouldn’t accept! Do you really want to see your sister ruin her life?
SH: What do you mean ruin?
Mother: Close your mouth! Close your mouth!
Mother: You. You. Listen to me carefully. In the future, don’t meet with Joon Hee. What to do.
SH: Oh, really.

JA: Are you leaving?
JH: I think that would be better.
JA: I’m sorry.
JH: I’m the one who is sorry. For doing this without even talking to you about it first. Whatever your mother says, just only listen to her. Okay?
JH: For today, restrain yourself. It’s because I don’t want you to go through difficulties when I’m not here. Understand?
JH: Here is fine.
JA: Why?
JH: I know how to get down to the first floor by myself. I’ll call you.

Scene #2:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Mother: How dare you raise your voice! What do you think you did right that you raise your voice! After doing something so terrible!
Mother: What? You’re going to date? Do you think that’s just something to say? How dare you with your little brother?
JA: Why is he my little brother? Is he a son that mom gave birth to?
Mother: Do you think a child is had only by going through birthing pains? Huh? A child that one has accepted into one’s heart is also one’s child. To Mom and Dad, he’s a son just like Seung Ho is!
JA: Not to me! To me, Joon Hee is just the man that I like. That’s all.
JA: Ow!
Mother: What? Man? Joon Hee? This… this thing doesn’t even know to be ashamed. Oh. Oh, okay. Just keep going on like that. Fine, we’ll have to see who wins then.

Scene #3:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SH: Mom found out that Joon Hee and Jin Ah are dating, and there’s been a total ruckus.
SH: Ow! Ow!
Father: Dad is going in. Mi Yeon!
SH: Oh, geez.
(Father goes into the BR singing.)
Father: Jin Ah and Joon Hee, I’ve given them permission.
SH: Mom, water, water.
Father: The youngsters are dating each other. Hm? So, what’s the problem?
Mother: What is he saying, that human being? What are you permitting?
Father: Is there a reason they can’t? They say they like each other, there’s no reason to stop them.
Mother: So, what you’re saying is that everyone except me knew about this thing about Jin Ah?
Father: Because you were the last to know, you’re aggravated. I was the first to know.
Mother: That mouth of yours!
SH: Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!
SH: Are you okay? Are you okay? Oh really.
Mother: Is Mom dying?
SH: Let me see. Let me see.

JA: I didn’t cry. Really. I told her that we’ll talk about this again later. Mom was too startled and taken aback. I think that’s why she reacted that way. Oh, that’s right. Yes. You, too. Don’t feel bad. And, be understanding of her as well. Yes.
SH: Noona! Noona! (bursting into JA’s room) Come out quickly!
JA: I’ll call you back.

Scene #4:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SH: What would we do if we went in anyway?
Father: Is that right?

Father: You should have been born a daughter.
SH: Dad wasn’t exactly what was needed at home right now either.
Father: Being a man is a sin.
SH: That’s what I say.

JA: I’m not going to try to claim that we’re even with something like this, do don’t worry.
Mother: Why are you acting as if you care?
JA: Is this the time to be caring whether it’s real or for show?
Mother: Whose fault is all this anyway?
JA: Okay. Okay.
Mother: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. It just…
JA: Just try enduring it a little longer. I’ll do it gently.

SH: Did they say she can leave?
JA: Yes.

Father: Aigoo. What would we have done without our Jin Ah? She just took care of everything so well. Our daughter is definitely the best. There isn’t anything about her that’s lacking. So trustworthy. Very.
Mother: Do you want to go home in a taxi? (to SH) And, you’re the same as well.
SH: I was doing anything.
Mother: if you weren’t going to do anything, then why did you both go along?

Scene #5:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: You know that Mom hurt her arm, so for the time being, I think I’m going to have to go home early.
JH: Aigoo. I understand, but eat more slowly. You’re going to get indigestion.
JA: I have to get back to the store quickly. One of the part-time staff didn’t show up.
JH: You picked someone who was too busy.
JA: I picked someone who was too much a headache.
JH: That would be me.
JA: You, what?
JH: Nothing.
JH: It was nothing. I just said it to say it.
JA: Don’t say things like that.
JH: I made you miserable.
JA: That was Mom who did that, so why are you blaming yourself? After you told me not to underestimate you.
JH: I must have seemed pretty worthless.
JA: Are you saying that’s how you saw me?
JH: I only saw you as being pretty.
JA: Oh, really. That word “pretty” is too weak.
JH: If you had been even more, then I wouldn’t have been able to seduce you.
JA: Anyway, don’t say such…
JH: I won’t. I won’t.
JA: Don’t do it!
JH: I won’t do it. I won’t do it again.
JA: Just you dare try to do it again.
JH: Eat more slowly.
JA: I’m done eating.
JH: Take your time coming out.

KS: Mom! Did you hurt yourself? How?
Mother: It’s nothing much.
KS: What do you mean it’s not much? You should be more careful.
Mother: Let’s go inside and talk.

Scene #6:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

KS: Since it’s already happened, well, I guess I should just tell them to date well.
Mother: You what… That… Is that something that you should tell them to do? Jin Ah and Joon Hee are just the same as being in the same family.
KS: Mom, well, there is that… But, they say that they like each other, so what can we do.
Mother: Oh! I’m very disappointed to hear you say that. How much must I be thinking of Joon Hee as being my own child for me to be like this? Think about this carefully. This isn’t something to just accept casually. Of course, there is nothing wrong with Joon Hee. Even though I am a person who looks at this and that qualifications, would I be comparing relative positions in society with Joon Hee?
KS: Of course, you shouldn’t be doing such things.
Mother: Shouldn’t do or not, there’s nothing else. It’s just that the two of them having spent all that time together comfortably (as family) is causing them to think that this is what they want to do. That’s why. Do you really think that they’re doing the right thing? Do you think that?
KS: I haven’t thought as far as that.
Mother: Of course not. That’s right. You’re not someone who makes poor judgments, so I did think it was strange. Kyung Sun, you’re his older sister. What is an older sister? She’s a mother figure. Joon Hee is still immature, and so needs strong guidance still. Hm? What is that thing you always say? That you would be responsible till the end for Joon Hee’s life to be good, haven’t you always said that?
KS: I didn’t know that this was something which held Joon Hee’s life in the balance as well.
Mother: Is life something separate? So that his life can be right and proper, you have to correct each thing that happens. So, if even one thing goes awry, then you can’t correct it again. I don’t need to explain anything to you anyway. I am you, and you are me. Don’t we always agree? Isn’t that so?

Scene #7:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

KS: Go wash your hands quickly and come.

KS: Eat a lot, will you? You like this.
JH: Well, could I know why before we eat?
KS: Why are you asking for reasons? Just because, for once in a long time, I wanted to eat this and that, so I went grocery shopping.
JH: Do you think I don’t know noona?
KS: If you don’t know. Even if you do know, there isn’t anything to not know. Just eat.
KS: Let’s live well. Even better than we are now. Losing nothing in comparison to anyone.
JH: Hey. Your food is becoming better and better over time. You could even set up a restaurant.
KS: Don’t make me laugh. Hey, could you live even one day without me?
JH: You’re wrong again. Noona is the one who couldn’t live without me.
KS: That’s right. I couldn’t live. So, stick close to me. If you go anywhere, you’ll die.
JH: So, you should be good to me while I’m here.
KS: How can I be any better? If there is an older sister like me, tell her to show herself.
JH: There can’t be any others. Living in such a family is so overwhelming.
KS: You, you, you, you.
JH: I said it was overwhelming. My heart is overwhelmed with happiness.
JH: This is delicious.
KS: Eat a lot.
JH: Yes.

Scene #8:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: You’re sleeping already?
JA: Yes. For the first time in a long time, I did some housework, and now I’m too tired.
JH: Just by doing some dishes?
JA: I also did the laundry and took out all the trash as well.
JH: You did a lot of work.
JA: I did do a lot of work. So, please be understanding of me today.
JH: Okay. Hurry up and sleep then.
JA: Yes. I’ll call you tomorrow.
JH: Is that it?
JA: Chee.
JH: Chee?
JA: Yes! I love you. I love you very, very much! (in baby talk)

JA: I’m sorry.
KS: Why are you? So annoying. Why are tears forming?
JA: My Kyung Sun. What should Unnie do for you?
KS: Do? Do what?
JA: Should Unnie make you laugh?
KS: Don’t do it! Don’t do it! What do you want to do? Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Really.
JA: What do you mean what? You wanted…
KS: You! You! Not that.
KS: What? What are you doing? So embarrassing. Really.

Scene #9:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: In Mom and Dad’s eyes, I must look like some great daughter, but I’m also a person who is an ordinary match. Actually, for some families, I would be much less acceptable as a potential daughter-in-law. Joon Hee? He is someone I’m very grateful for. Enough so that I wonder if I’m good enough for him, he’s a wonderful person.
Father: The way someone may look to you and the way someone may look to your parents is different.
JA: What is love?
JA: You said that parents are supposed to teach their children well.
JA: Please teach me what love is.
JA: Dad, I’ve come to know it for the first time. What love is. How to love. Through Joon Hee, I’m learning that. Even at the hospital when I was taking care of Mom, all of that, helping her change her clothes, putting on her shoes and helping her down off the bed, speaking to her warmly, being careful she doesn’t trip or hurt herself. Even though I’m a full grown adult, so much to almost feel embarrassed about, I’m receiving the care of a nervous heart. He’s pouring his whole heart into me. To Dad’s child. When he cherishes and loves me so much, why can’t he be the one? How can you say that he can’t? Joon Hee is such a warm person. He’s such a considerate person. I’m not going to obey you. It’s only if I feel it for myself that it’s not the right thing will I stop. Before that, no matter what you say or what you do to me, I absolutely can’t break up with Joon Hee. It can’t be helped if you’re disappointed in me, since I’m disappointed in Mom and Dad as well.

Scene #10:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: You left the store awhile ago, so what have you been doing instead of going home? Where are you? Why do you sound so listless? You’re not hurting anywhere, are you? It won’t do if you’re hurt. Anyway, your voice is strange.
JA: Because I’m cold. My nose is stuffed. That’s why.
JH: You’re not dressed warmly, are you?
JA: I’m dressed very warmly. Are you spending the night at the office again?
JH: No. The project is nearly finished. So, the emergency situation is over. On the weekend, let’s make something delicious to eat at home.
JA: But, I can’t cook.
JH: I was worried that you were going to say you would.
JA: So? What are you going to make for me?
JH: Whatever darling wants, everything.
JA: Everything I want?
JH: Of course! What wouldn’t I do if it’s for Yoon Jin Ah? What would you like?
JA: Mmm… For me…Seo Joon Hee. I only want Seo Joon Hee.

Scene #11:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Man: Hello?
KS: Hello.
Man: Please speak.
KS: It’s Kyung Sun.
Man: Oh. Yes, yes. What’s going on?
KS: Can you speak for a moment?
Man: Right now?
KS: You can’t?
Man: The thing is…that I’ve brought the kid to some place.
KS: I am also father’s child.
Man: Why did you call so suddenly and say that?
KS: Then what should I say? Should I say that you should live happily and well? Or should I just not call you in the future? Oh, really. Do you know how many years it’s been? Aren’t you even curious how Joon Hee and I are living?
Man: I got it.
KS: What are you saying “I got it” all the time? How much longer are you just going to blow us off like that? Are you really someone who I shouldn’t have any expectation of, someone who is supposed to be a father?
Man: Let’s talk next time. (hangs up)

Scene #12:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: I’m deliberately drinking it, because I might not be able to get to sleep.
JA: Why won’t you be able to sleep?
JH: Because I want to see you, darling.
JA: Chee. It’s just an excuse to have a drink.
JH: If I could show you, I would show you. How much I want to see you right now.
JA: I want to see you, too.
JH: I think I’m going to die.
JA: I’m not as far gone as that.
JA: Stop frowning.
JH: It’s nice.
JA: What is?
JH: Even when we don’t see each other, we can see each other. That’s what our relationship has become.
(sound of JA opening a can of beer)
JH: You’re totally caught.
JA: Because my man is having a drink, so I thought I had better have one with him.
JH: If I were next to you, I would have blocked your mouth.
JA: With what?
JH: With what has come to your mind right now.
JA: Just count to ten.

(JA’s mother sees her empty room)

JA: Open your door!

(JA’s mother is at JH’s apartment building. Oops.)

Source YouTube and Soompi

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    The mother is a real pain in the butt and truly unlikable.

    • V
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        OTP stands for One True Pairing. It’s used to refer to shipping each individual loves the most and want to end up together. It doesn’t matter if it’s canon or not, it doesn’t matter if it’s between main or supporting characters.

        When I first started watching Kdramas it was the first time I saw it used for the main couple by default. I was confused why people said they hated the OTP, if you hate it then you’re not supposed to use the term OTP because it’s not an OTP for you.

        OTP is an individual term.

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  16. Kay
    April 29, 2018 / 3:11 am

    JA’s Mother is the typical self-centred, money-minded, out-to-benefit-from-a-rich-son-in-law Mother and future Mother-In-law from Hell.

    All she’s concerned about is how to boast to those around her that her daughter married a rich man so she can be proud of snagging a rich son-in-law.

    She’s not concerned about her daughter’s happiness but just her own.


    • Maits
      May 7, 2018 / 3:18 am

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    • Paul
      April 30, 2018 / 7:23 pm

      Some parents intrinsically associate their child’s success with their own. This isn’t inherently bad, but when the parent loses touch with the emotions of their child, they can begin to lose touch with what is actually best for their child. But since they can not see this fact, they strive to assure, what they believe to be, the right thing.
      The result isn’t a parent that had a child for selfish reasons, but just wants what is best for their child. A parent that loses touch with their child’s individuality from themselves. A parent that forgets just how important “emotion” is. A parent that wholeheartedly believes that what they’re doing is the right thing, that their child is wrong and will understand later.
      Not evil, or intentionally selfish, just stupid, ignorant, and bullheaded.If she were just “evil” it would be a cheap character.

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