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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 6

Live recap for episode 6 of the Korean drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) which airs on JTBC on Friday and Saturday at 23:00 Seoul time, and stars Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In.
We left of with our couple enjoying secret love time at JH’s place and secretly dating all across the city. But that can only last so long. Jin-ah’s father has already found out that she is sneaking out late at night. I feel like it is only time before someone sees them out on their secret date or the sister busts in on them at her brother’s place. Hopefully they tell the sister first. I can see her being really upset if she hears this from someone else.

No live recap Saturday of next week. But we will have one on Friday. We will try to do the Saturday recap in the evening next week!

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Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – Mom | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: April 14th, 23:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix! (From KDramaNews: Something in the Rain will be available on Netflix (Worldwide except Japan, Taiwan, America, Canada) on 13th. They’ll be releasing a total of 4 Eps for this week & 2 Eps every Friday for the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, it’ll be available in America & Canada starting from May 26)
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Do you think it is really okay?
yes, I am a good actress so they won’t figure it out.

JA sneaks inside her room and softly closes her door. But she jumps when she sees her father sitting on her bed. He asks her if she went workingout again. She says yes and he sighs.

Appa – JA, Appa…you…

JA kneels and says that she lied.

Appa – Is it something that appa will be dissapointed by?
JA – yes…but maybe it isn’t. I will try to be like that, so I can’t tell you anything now. Just wait a little bit, I will tell you everything. Can you just trust me and wait?

Umma wakes up and walks through the living room

JA – Are you angry?
Appa – No, you should raise your head

Umma goes into the room and appa st arts to tell JA that she really doesnt’ want to excercis with appa! Thinks of your appa! Umma pulls JA out and pushes Appa and JA out of he apartment. Appa leaves with JA and pretends like they are going to go excercise.

JH hides behind his car as he watches her. She segnals for him to leave and runs into a little tree as she follows her appa. There song is playing all the while.

“Sometimes it’s hard to love a woman…”

JA and Appa walk to the same underpass with her following him all the way. They make it all the way to the outdoor walking track at the park. JH gets to work or home. JA and Appa sit on an bench and talk.

Appa – we spent a couple hours.
JA – yeah
Appa – Let’s go back.
JA – Appa….

Appa keeps walking and JA keeps following him. She kinds of hurridly shuffles to keep up, but she stays behind him.

JH – What is all okay? What did he say? Don’t suffer by yourself
JA – It is nothing, I feel like it would be better if he yelled at me. I shouldn’t have held onto you all night. I wanted to stay there.

They keep talking about how it was nice to hold each other. He asks when she will show him her pretty face. She says that she will do better, don’t worry, she has him. Seo Joon-hee is next to me so I am not afraid of anything.

JH – Jin-ah, I love you……I really love you a lot….

JH just holds the phone to her ear and touches her chest. She closes her eyes and another song starts to play. It looks like JA just wants to grab those words from the sky and put it right to her chest. He listens to her on the other end, but she isn’t saying anything.

She goes to sleep comfortably and he sleeps comfortably as well. Next to his bed is another drawing of JA while she sleeps.
JH texts JA from his sisters place. KS tells him that they should go to JA’s moms house to eat. KS will call JA about it. We cut to them both going to the home. They bring a gift, but Umma says they shouldn’t bring a gift to their home since they aren’t strangers. KS asks wheere JA is and goes to her room. JA is still sleeping so KS jumps on her. JA wakes up and then is startled when she sees JH looked at her from the door as well. KS falls to the ground, lol.

JH leaves and KS and JA stay and chat about what she has been doing. KS thinks it is so suspicious but JA says she has nothing to tell her. they playfully fight about it with JA spanking her friend for being so nosey.

Later, JA is all freshened up and sets the table with JH But he ignores her. he leaves and she follows him. they go to her room and whisper. She asks him why he is there, he hugs hre and says that he just wanted to see her. And he told her that he loves her. They smile and hug, she pushes him on the bed but he plops and makes a loud noise causing KS to comein. JA quickly pushes JH on the floor when KS comes in right at that moment. KS tells JH to hurry and get out.

While eating, they talk about how JH will only eat his wifes food. She also mentions that SY is hitting on JH. JA looks jealous. Umma asks what SY’s family is like and all those things. She tells JH that he needs to look at the family of the person that he likes. KS says that they don’t have anything as well. So Umma says that at least one side need something. Appa tells Umma that she makes everything uncomfortable. Umma keeps talking and making everything so uncomfortable. JH pokes JA under the table. Umma says what she says is all for them, you know that right? JH agrees and smiles.

At the company, all the women are meeting. It looks like the purchasing team is about to report a man for making her pour him a drink. they think JA is a butterfly effect that is going through all the teams. Cut to an email, it looks like the CEo is having a dinner where only women are invited. All the perverts are concerned about this. CG even tries to look at the CEO’s office. YI sees the email and goes to meet with the CEO.

The CEO tells her that she saw the notice, so find a nice place to have dinner together. All the discrimination things, please get a list of all the discrimination things in the company of the female employees. Whoever gets accused, please reveal their names. Do you have something? YI says only the victims know.

Cut to JH leaving. His friend thinks he is going to see a woman. Is it a married woman? Ah….a married woman. But JH just looks annoyed and leaves.

JA and the coffee owner playfully talk. He tells her that people notice secret love faster. JA smiles and then runs off to meet with JH. They eat together and talk about when they came there before. Before he told her that he wanted to date her. Did she know that she wanted to date him? She says that she noticed it, why did you ignore me when we met again.

JH – I took my bicycle out and I saw a woman walking, I was curious about her.
JA – Ah men
JH – not like that, I was just curious about her, I thought she aws so pretty. And it was JA.
JA – you were surprised?
JH – I thought that you were so pretty.

Shots of the bicycle ride when He rode around JA on his bike. Then we see a montage of all their loing scenes together. They walked under the umbrella, they held hands confirming their love for each other, their first getaway…
….her noticing him sleeping at their first getaway and seeing the drawing he did of her while she slept. She smiles and puts it on the table as he continues sleeping. She puts on some lipstick and thinks about applying it to his lips. She pusts a small mark of lipstick on his lips and then kisses the drawing.

You shouldn’t do that while I am sleeping
no one told you to sleep
Who slept first
I should have woken you up…why are you laughing
I don’t know, it is just funny
We are in big trouble
I just want to brag about you because you are so pretty
I am serious, I can get sick
Would you like to see my friends
Your friends?
We are going on a couples camping trip, I can join if I have a partner, I told them I can join if I think about it
It’s not that, i will be the oldest right? It doesn’t comfort me…I will be the oldest among them…

They kiss and JA’s colleagues come in. BR sees them kissing and JA sees her and stops kissing JH right away.

JH leaves the restaurant and looks around ouside. BR and JA stay inside.

BR – this is shocking
JA – this is something that people say I can’t retract
BR – where can I use this
JA – I am your forever servant
BR – I wonder how to explain this to SY, she is so excited about it, she always wins but a dark horse defeated her.
JA – give me a break
BR – I thought the new Jin-ah was not normal, but you are so cool. It is my true feeling
JA – I thank you,
BR – You should buy me dinner alone, not as a couple kissing in front of me.

BR goes back to work smiling. SY thinks she looks a little different. JH comes up to them and smiles as well. BR and her both smile together at each other. SY grows suspicious of them. They all hop into the elevator. SY says she needs to leave after the meeting and go somewhere nice with some fresh air. BR asks JH if he has a lunch appointment. He says he doesn’t . She asks him if they can eat lunch together. He says yes, think of where you want to go and I will buy it. SY is secretly fuming. The elevator opens and SY storms out, BR turns to JH and says it was a joke, a joke and smiles at him.

SY confronts BR about JH. What is this? BR just says it is lunch, why is she shaking so much? You said you are always confident. Br walks off, content. SY goes to her desk and is preocuppied thinking about this. She decides to leave. YE wonders why she is doing that and BR just laughs at her desk. She is so happy. She is even laughing happily when CG tells her to write her report again.
YI meets with HG about the womans meetin. But he doens’t get any information about her. She leaves and the male executives come in and talk about what is happening with the female employees. they say they should be a little bit more caerful in how they treat the female employees. But some of them are clueless a to what they did. HG tells them, no more drinking for now.

SY goes to where JA is working and says that BR backstabbed her! Sob sob. It doesn’t make any sense! Sob sob. BR said to eat lunch with JH! Sob sob. JA starts laughing a little bit, but she tries to hold it in. JA tells SY that she is popular without JH. But SY says it is not about that, it is about BR advancing in front of her. She should attack her. You are good friends with KS right? Can you help me? JA is all like, um, I might not be able to help you.

Cut to JA excercising at home and not wanting to eat anything. Her parents are all like, eat this fruit, is wont make you fat. She hops out and eats some. then she sleeps with a beauty firming mask around her chin. She wakes up and checks it in the mirror. Umma walks up on her putting her face in the freezes and calls her crazy. JA runs away and looks at beauty things online. it looks like she is trying to memorize it. Then she looks though all her clothes and tries to pick out the most youthful looking ones that flatter her the best. She is literally going through all her clothes.

Appa walks by and sees the shoes in a mess at the door. He fixes them and puts them all back up on the shelf

In the car, JA puts a lot of makeup on with JH. He tells her she is pretty, she doesnt’ have to do that. But she is on a mission. She asks how old they are. He tells her not to compare, they are young. She asks how young are they then?
They get there. JA says she will be the oldest. JH tells her that she will be the prettiest. Don’t worry too much. he walks around to all his friends putting up the tents and then comes back and tells JA that she is the prettiest among them all. he leaves again when someone calls him away. But he comes back to JA and tells her that she is the prettiest among them, there is no comparison.

They all sit around and drink. The girls tell her she is eunnie, so hold old is she? JA leans in and tells them that she is almost 40. Everyone is all like…waaaaaa…..you look so young, I didn’t know. Later, JA tries to help do things, but everyone tells her to rest, eunnie I can do it….eunnie rest, we will do it….They all don’t want her to work so hard because she is the oldest. JA starts to do somethng else, but the guys are all like…no, we will do it!….we will do it!….

they all go play soccer and have fun doing that. JA isn’t the best at it so JH shows her how to kick the ball as they play soccer volleyball. JA tries to head it and misses the ball completely. They all laugh and have a fun time as they continue playing. She finally hits it over so JH comes out and hugs her.

Parents. The parents mention that there will be a big snow storm at her campsite. Do you think she went there with her company people? Appa doesn’t answer (becaues he knows!).

At the end of the day, JA drops JH off at the dorm. He hugs her and says that she is so pretty (?). He wants to know if she is okay with everyone? She basically says hse is okay but she regrets something (missed that part, it was a joke). JA goes upstairs with the other younger women and sits with them. The girls have all their makeup out and tell JA to use anything she wants.

The girls talk about JA going to work and how they envy her. One went to graduate school because she couldn’t get a job. One of them says she spent all her parttime money to get a job. Yellow sweater says that she just wants to quit, wherever she goes, she just serves coffee, she works hard to get in but only serves coffee. JA tells them that she experienced it all too. They are all like really? She says, of course.

the men are super quiet downstairs. they wonder what the girls are doing, so they go upstairs to talk to them. But the girls just throw things at them and tell them to leave…go!…go!

Later, all the girls became best friends and do a cirlce huddle as they all hug. The men are all quiet as the girls say good bye to each other. they are all best friends now. the couple get into their separate cars and drive off. JA falls aslpeep in the car as they drive.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…”

The car drives and drives amidst all the snow as the song plays. they get out of the car and run around int he snow (preview snow hug scene). She hops on him in a big hug and they both smile. he helps her walk down the snowy mountain and fall. They all laugh as they fall. She rolls on top of him and laughs. He laughs as well. The song continues playing as they stand and look at each other in snow. they kiss as the snow falls around them and smile at each other and kiss and smile and cuddle.

then they drive off again. But the snow looks even worse.

KS makes a drink for Umma and sits to drink it with her. Umma was just passing by and wanted to bring some side dishes. KS thanks her so much. Umma says she is on the way to a friend meeting. Last year her daughter marred and this year her son is marrying, she doens’t want to go. The friend tells Umma to just leave JA alone, seh will get in a relationship before you know. Mom thinks JA has a boy that she likes. Someone saw a young boy giving her a ride. KS laughs and says that it was Joon. Umma thinks she is dumb, yeah, of course that was Joon. they umma mentions JA going to gwangsangdo with some people (employees?). Umma thinks KS should find someone for JA, KS smiles and says that she will.

Cut to JA and JH. She says that they really have to go in. Ja starts counting down backwards. But her mother walks by so they hide in the car. She walks by….JH peeks his head up and says that she passed by…JA peeks her head up too. they all sigh. JH wonders why they should do that, it isn’t like they shouldn’t meet each other, they shoudn’t have to live like sinners. Maybe people will like it if they break the news. JA thinks her Mother and Father will pass out and your sister will think the world is upside down. JH wonders how long they should live like this? Everyone will know soon. JA wants to hold off just a little bit longer. JH wants to know if it is his background, because he isn’t a good man to marry? (no parents and things like that). he says that he is ready, he can tell them right now. He can say that he loves Jin-ah, please let me date. JA pretends to be her dad and says, until I die, I won’t let it happen!

They hug each other and she says to tell her 10 reasons why he likes her. But he says that is too many, he only has one. It is becuase he is Yoon jin-ah, there is no other reason. She smiles. he tells her it is becasue she is pretty. She says she knows that is his excuse because he can’t think of 10 reasons. But he just says that she is pretty, and laughs.

They talk on Skype later. She is at home and he is at work. They playfully talk about kissing him over th ephone, can’t she do it? he wants her to do it. She says she will do it, she prepares herself, but then she is about too…..but she says “melarang” and hangs up. He smiles and sighs. Then he stars working. But she sends him a popo text message that makes him go crazy with joy.

Cut to JA fixing her hair with super red lipstick on. Her brother comes in and asks what is up with the lipstick. She says she is just trying on different lipsticks. He wonders if JH told her anything. He gives her the photo of her and GM naked in bed. he didn’t know that guy was this bad. She is concerned that JH saw this. The brother says that they went to his house and JH broke the laptop.

Cut to JA going to GM’s home. He comes out and she starts hitting him over and over again with her bag. he asks her why she is doing this as he is getting beaten. her phone falls to the ground but she doesn’t notive it. A neighbor peeks her head out and sees it, she calls someone.

the brother gets a call while at home. He leaves immediately. he tells his mom and dad that he is going to meet JH. The umma thinks he should meet someone that can help them get a job. Appa basically asks her why she is like that.
The brother calls Jh and says there is big trouble. He jokes and asks if his game isn’t working. But SH says that JA is at the police station! JH takes off right away and tries to speed to the station, but he gets stuck in traffic and does some illegal driving to get there. He meets SH outside and asks what happened. SH doesn’t know the details but says that JA told him not to tell the parents. JH runs in and sees GM there, he immediately grabs him and is about to hit him. The police and the brother have to pull him off.

They drag him outside. the police man tells him that they can’t do that there even if they are angry. SH says they should get JA and leave. JH goes back inside and immediately gives JH an big hug with the brother behind him and GM behind her. A song starts playing as he hugs her.

Fade Out

Montage of all the times JA and JH spent together as well as the sneaking around times. Perhaps this is the preview? It doesn’t seem like it is a preview, but maybe it is.

JA – I never knew that I would love or be loved by someone like this.

No live recap Saturday of next week. We will have a live recap Friday and then we will post the Saturday recap sometime in the evening. But we will be back on the regular schedule the following week!


(The old JTBC link was removed. This is the new video link JTBC added, haven’t checked all the dialogue yet)
JA – After you met me, you had a lot of trouble right?
JH – Don’t worry, I will do better (I will take care of it)
VO – You are hiding something from me
VO – This is the first time hearing it
Appa – I am ready to hear anything from you
SH – We are not blood related, it’s okay legally, it doesn’t matter to us at all. But why Yoon Jin-ah?
JH – Because she is Yoon Jin-ah.
JA – Sorry Seung-ho
SH – Hey, hey, Yoon Jin-ah!
JA – I never knew that someone would love me so much, I love you a lot. I will love you for a long long time.


Video #1

Video #2

All these scenes are translated by Stroppyse on Soompi!

Extra Scene
Translated by Stroppyse on Soompi
Okay, guys, a little extra treat for the thread. In episode 6, near the beginning of the episode, JH looks over text messages that he and JA had been exchanging. This is the translation of those messages. It’s pretty cringeworthy, though. 🙂

JH: I’m not tired of waiting at all. Rather, I’m filled with anticipation.
JA: Chee. You’re making me even more sorry. I want to see you soon.
JH: Me, too. You can take your time coming, but I do want to see you soon.
JA: Dad is going to bed!! I’ll run quickly to you.
JH: Come quickly. I’ll embrace you.
JA: (face)
JH: Even though we just talked, I want to hear your voice again and I want to see you again. Is this a disease?
JA: It’s a major disease. You probably won’t recover easily.
JH: Take responsibility for it.
JA: Patient, it’s all your fault for having such a pretty girlfriend.
JH: Hm?
JA: You’re going to be scolded!

Scene #1:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!
JH: What do you just keep saying it’s okay? What did he say? Don’t just worry on your own.
JA: It’s really nothing. I almost would have preferred it if he had said something.
JH: I shouldn’t have held onto you last night.
JA: I’m not a woman who can be held against her will. I wanted to stay, that’s why I stayed.
JH: Who is comforting whom right now?
JA: Comforting? Whatever. I was just telling the truth.
JH: You’re pretty.
JA: I said I know.
JH: When are you going to show me your pretty face? I’ll come get you later.
JA: I want to stay home today. I have a conscience after all.
JA: Don’t worry. I can do well. You’re there after all. There is a dependable man named Seo Joon Hee next to me, so what is there for me to worry about? I’m not afraid at all.
JH: Yoon Jin Ah
JA: Yes?
JH: I love you. I really love you a lot.

Scene #2:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: What? What’s this? Why did you come without letting me know first?
JA: Omo!
KS: Omo!
JA: Yah! Sorry. Sorry. When did you get here?
KS: Oh, I contacted your mom. Even though it’s a rest day, do you know what time it is that you’re still sleeping?
KS: What did you do yesterday?
JA: Do..ddo what?
KS: Stuttering? You. You. You’re being suspicious. You think I won’t be able to figure it out?
JA: Figure it out? What’s there to figure out?
KS: Yah! Yah!

KS: You’ve made so much of the steamed kimchee.
Mother: You said that Joon Hee had wanted to eat it.
KS: He had been saying that he didn’t have much of an appetite, but he’ll probably eat a lot now.
JA: I need to make a phone call.

JA: Why did you come? (JH hugs JA) Hey! Are you crazy? Really/
JH: I wanted to see you so much I was dying, so what could I do?
JA: You’re really crazy.
JH: I said I was. (gives JA a peck)
JA: Hey!
JA: Go outside!
JH: Why?
JA: Don’t know.
JH: But why aren’t you saying anything?
JA: Say what?
JH: I said I love you.
JA: Ahh…
JH: Ahh? Oh? Oh? Look at this one.
JA: Look at this one? (me: JA is reacting to JH’s extremely casual speech again)
JH: Look at this one.
KS: Where did he go?
JA:: Oh!
KS: You startled me! Why is he like this?
JA: Oh, him. I kept telling him to get out, but he wouldn’t. In another person’s room…
KS: Listen to your noona. Please. Geez.
JH: Yes.
KS: When will he grow up? Really.
JA: Really. I’m hungry, let’s quickly go and eat.

Scene #3:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: Since there is still time left, don’t drive too quickly. Of course, I want to see you. Yes. Okay. See you later. (sees the store owner looking at her)
JA: There was some thing I needed to contact the office about, so I was talking for a moment with another staff member.
Owner: So, you’re in an office romance?
JA: No. A different…
Owner: Should I accept this load of nonsense or get rid of this emotion?
JA: Couldn’t we just leave it with me buying you a meal?
Owner: A meal is fine. But do you know this? Secret dating has a way of being more noticeable.

JA: Is that delicious?
JH: Yes. Try some.
JA: (grabs his fork to eat his bite) Mmm, it’s delicious. (at his look) What? We’ve done more than that.
JH: Wow, you’re just saying anything you want now.
JA: Why? Should I do more?
JH: When we came here before… I wasn’t even able to get out the words saying that we should date. Did you know I was being like that?
JA: I was so frustrated, I thought I was going to die. However, when we first met… No, no. When we first met after that long time, why did you pass me by as you didn’t know me?
(flashback scenes with JH, JA voiceover)
JH: I had just come out of the office with my bicycle, but some woman was walking towards me. Strangely, I was curious about her.
JA: Aigoo, men.
JH: No, that wasn’t it. Anyway, I went over to take a look, but she was so pretty. Just as I was thinking, “Oh, she’s nice”, I realized “Oh, Yoon Jin Ah?”.
JA: Were you disappointed?
JH: I was shocked. Whether it was really the Yoon Jin Ah that I knew. Was she always so pretty?
JA: Really. You must have been like that. (me: She’s being a touch sarcastic.)
JH: It’s true. I was really startled.

Scene #4:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: That’s so petty. How could you do that while I was sleeping.
JA: So, did anyone tell you to sleep?
JH: Whose the one who fell asleep first?
JA: You should have woken me up!
JH: Oh, I should have woken you. (at JA’s laughter) What did you do right that you’re laughing?
JA: I don’t know what I did right, but it’s strangely funny.
JH: Oh, this is a really big problem.
JA: Why?
JH: I just want to brag here, there, everywhere, because Yoon Jin Ah is so pretty.
JA: Chee.
JH: It’s true. I’m being serious. It might even be a compulsion.
JA: Heol.
JH: That’s why I’m mentioning this. Don’t you want to meet my friends?
JA: Your friends?
JH: There is a camping trip for couples, and they said that if I had a partner, they would include me.
JH: I only told them that I would think about it. If you don’t want to, well…
JA: It’s not that. If it’s couples, then I’m going to be the worst one. Even if you look at me that way, it’s not comforting at all. I’m going to be the oldest one there.
JH: Aigoo. (pinches her cheek)
JA: That’s enough. (kisses)
(BR comes in and sees them kissing)

Scene #5:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Mother: Stop doing that already. Come here and eat this.
JA: That will make me gain weight.
Father: It won’t make you gain weight.
Mother: And this is so good for your face. The collagen in here is really good.
JA: I think I should eat some collagen.

Mother: Aigoo! Aigoo! Aigoo! You kid!

JH: You’re pretty. You don’t have to do that.
JA: I wasn’t able to sleep, so my face is a bit blotchy. Oh, what do I do? Don’t do that!
JH: Why? Let me see.
JA: There’s no time.
JH: Hey.
JA: How old are they?
JH: There’s no need to compare with them. They’re young. Young.
JA: Yes, it’s because they’re young. So how old are they?

Scene #6:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: See, I was right, wasn’t I? I told you that they were no comparisons to you.
JA: That’s enough of that.
Girl1: This is the first time that I’m meeting a girlfriend of Joon Hee oppa.
Girl2: Me, too.
JH: She’s pretty, isn’t she?
Everyone: Oh! Oh!
JH: Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? She’s pretty.
Girl3: You’re an unnie to us, aren’t you? What year were you born?
Girl1: Yah, how can you so rudely ask something like that as soon as you meet?
Girl3: Is it rude?
JA: (after taking a drink) I will be 40 the day after tomorrow.
Everyone: Oh. That’s so startling. Oh, I really couldn’t tell.
Guy: Oh, you can go over there. Please go rest.
JA: Why? We can do it together.
Guy: No. Please leave it to us. It’s fine. Please go rest.
JH: Yes, go hang out. We’ll be done soon.
Guy: Please go rest.

Girl1: Oh, unnie, we’ll do it.
JA: No, I’m almost done.
Girl2: Unnie, please rest.
Girl3: We’ll do it.
Girl: Just please rest.
Girl2: We’ll do it.
Girl: Hurry and come over.
JA: You’ve worked hard.
JH: Just with words?
Guy: Hey, because we have to drive, we can’t even drink, so why don’t play a game of bag football?
Girl1: That’s enough.
Girl2: What’s that? You do it yourself.
JA: You’re going to play bag football? That sounds fun.
JH: You’re going to play?

Scene #7:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Girl: Nabe is also really delicious.
Girl2: Nabe? What is that?
Girl: In a pan, you…
Girl: Unnie, use whatever you need. Though, I don’t know if this is going to be what you need.
JA: I’m okay using anything. Though, you all have everything. You are really amazing.
Girl: I usually leave just leave it in oppa’s car. Just in case something like this happens.
Girl2: We know that you deliberately make it happen.
Girl: That’s right. Aren’t you the one to make it rain like that?
Girl3: Yes, you’re a total god. A god.
Girl: How did you know?
Girl2: Unnie. Unnie works in an office, don’t you? I’m totally envious of you. I couldn’t get a job, so I went to graduate school.
JA: I did hear that there are a lot of circumstances like that these days.
Girl3: At least, you went to graduate school. I used all of my money from part-time fees to apply to positions, but so far haven’t gotten a job yet.
Girl: Yah, do you think that a job is the end of it? Look at me. It’s my fourth office, but I want to leave again.
JA: Why?
Girl: Wherever I go, it seems that the female employees are used just to get coffee for everyone. I worked hard to pile up good specifications and had gotten a job. I’m not a personal secretary, but they keep having me do run errands.
JA: I also had to go through all those things.
Girl: Unnie did as well?
JA: Of course.

Guy: Is this a temple? Say something.
JH: You say something.
Guy2: When it’s just all guys, it’s really no fun at all.
Guy3: But, hey, what are the girls doing that they’re so quiet?

Guy: What?
JA: Just a moment. (throws a bag of chips at the guys)
Girls: Get out! Get out! Go downstairs! Go downstairs! Get out!

Girls: Bye. Bye. See you later.

Scene #8: Lots of kisses to the song Stand By Your Man

Scene #9:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: She saw us, didn’t she?
JH: I think so.
JA: Didn’t she see us?
JH: No, no, no, no. Just a moment.
JA: Did she go past?
JH: Yes.
JH: Why do we have to do this? It’s not as if there are reasons why we absolutely can’t date. Why are we acting as if we’ve committed a crime?
JA: It’ll cause a fuss…
JH: Not a fuss, but won’t it be an issue for longer because we’re covering it up? Who knows? If we just create an explosion, then it might get better after instead?
JA: Mom and Dad being in an uproar is for sure, and Kyung Sun as well. She’ll probably be angry and flip things over.
JH: She’s more than capable of doing that.
JA: You know, but you can say things like that?
JH: So how long do we have to act this way? Everyone is going to find out at some point. It’s just a matter of time. Instead, why don’t we just…
JA: Just a little. Just a little longer.
JH: Because I don’t have the right qualifications. (at JA’s look) Ah. Or what could be the problem then? Ah. It is a bit of a pain for only one person to say something.
JA: Are you blaming it all on me now?
JH: Of course. I’ve already finished preparing myself. I can go upstairs right now and tell them. “Mother and father, I love Jin Ah. Please give us your permission.”
JA: “Before dirt enters my two eyes, absolutely not.”
JH: “Then I’ll give up.”
JA: Hey, when was it that you were seducing me, and now you give up so quickly, you jerk?
JH: Definitely not. Would I give up on Yoon Jin Ah? It took so much to get the woman to come to me.
JA: Tell me 10 reasons why you like me?
JA: Why? Because there are too many?
JH: Yes, there are many. But, I only have one.
JA: Only one?!
JH: Because you’re Yoon Jin Ah. There is no other reason.

Scene #10:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: You’re acting very expensively. Is it so hard for you to send just one kiss to your boyfriend who has been working all night? Yah, how could you leave that out?
JA: Chee. Goofing off like that, you’re going to be fired.
JH: I told you my company can’t do without me. Like a certain person.
JA: Is there a person like that? Did someone say that she can’t live without you?
JH: Work or whatever, I’m going to just toss it al in, and go chasing after you.
JA: If you want.
JH: You think I won’t?
JA: Okay. Okay. (sticks her tongue out instead before hanging up)
JH: Really. Oh.

(JH gets a photo message from JA after she fixes her makeup and puts on lippy)

Stroppyse’s note: So, “acting expensively” is a Korean term meaning that a person is being very hard to get or to cooperate, meaning that their time and effort must be so expensive that it’s not worth the other person doing whatever. So, by JH saying “You’re acting very expensively”, it’s about the same as saying “You’re being very stingy” in English, I guess.

Scene #11:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SH: Has there been no contact from Lee Gyu Min?
JA: Why are you suddenly talking about him? (SH throws the card on her vanity) What is this?
SH: I wasn’t going to say anything, but I just can’t hold it in. Was this guy that much of a piece of trash?
JA: You. Where did you get this?
SH: In the flower bouquet, Joon Hee brought it.
JA: Th..this. You’re saying that Joon Hee saw this?
SH: What do you mean saw it? When he went over and half killed him. Seo Joon Hee even smashed the notebook and everything.

(JA goes to GM’s apartment)
GM: You! Why are you doing this?! Are you crazy?! Why?! Stop it! Why?! Why are you doing this?! Hey! Hey! Hey! What are you doing?!

(Neighbor makes a call. Then SH gets a call.)
SH: Hello?

Scene #12:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: What is it? What happened?
SH: I don’t know the details either. I just got a call asking me to come here without letting Mom and Dad know. I think I shouldn’t have told her about Lee Gyu Min.

Police: Who are you?
SH: Hey! Hey! Hey!
JH: Let me go. Let me go.
Police: Why are you being like this here?
JH: Oh really.
Police: No matter how angry you are, you can’t do that here. Actually, if you don’t interfere, that could turn out okay.
SH: I’m sorry. I’ll talk to him. I’m sorry.
SH: Why are you making such a scene? Huh?! Hey, let’s go get Yoon Jin Ah out of there first. You. You stay here. Wow, he’s really crazy. Really.
JA: Don’t do it. Joon Hee.

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