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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 3

Live recap for episode 3 of the Korean drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) which stars Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In.
This show is the biggest mystery out right now considering no one has the license and the place that did have two episodes up (On Demand Korea) ended up not getting the license and removed those episodes. Perhaps what everyone thinks is true? Netflix has the rights? If anyone knows anything then let us know and we will post it here. We love this show so far, so we will keep trying to do the live recaps of it till the end!

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – Mom | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: April 6th, 23:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: It’s a mystery
Countdown: KKEUT …check twitter for updates.

We start at the end of the last episode. GM says it was that guy! Tell me! He grabs JA’s hand. JH tells him to let go of that hand. He walks over to him and pulls him out by his tie. He pulls him all the way to the elevator and tells him that they should go down and talk. SH follows them out. GM says JH is younger than him, he won’t just let this pass. SH is trying to figure out was is going on but JH just stares at the elevator and says to go down and talk.

Inside the apartment, the parents are wondering what happened. JA says she will explain everything but Umma tells her to change her clothing first. She was suspicious when she wore those clothes becaue it is something she has never done beofore.

Outside. SH is trying to figure out was is going on. GM says that JA liks JH. JH looks like he is about to punch GM and calls him a stalker. He tells him friend that GM had abother girlfriend, that is why Noona quit him. SH asks GM if he had another girlfriend. But GM says it isn’t him, it is JH, she was dating him! SH tells him to leave and JH glares at him. GM tells them botht hat they will regret this in the futre and walks away.

SH thinks his sister is stupid and asks when JH knew, he should have told him. It seems like you think about your noona a lot. Ah, I should have killed him. the friends continue talking about the situation. SH says that his noona said that she likes him so do you think it will be okay? they go back inside.

JA removes her cosmetics as the boys come back in. The parents ask what happened and the boys just say that he had another girlfriend. JA comes out and says that GM kept bothering her so she asked JH to pretend like he was her boyfriend. JH apologizes but the parents tell him that he doesnt have to apologize, they are more sorry to him. The mood is much better now. They say that they should eat byt JH smiles and says he will come back when it is a much better time. He leaves.

JA goes to her room and looks at her phone. Her mother rushes in and tells her to tell her the truth. GM thing is true but the JH thing isn’t true is it? What does he thinks? He is yor brothers friend, you brother will be embarrassed. JA says, so why did you call him? I didn’t ask you to. You told me to just get married but that isn’t an easy thing. Umma says that JA is the only one that isn’t married, why is that.

They argue about it. JA says it is because she is not a good daughter, that is why she isn’t getting married (like she isn’t her friends daughter).

At JH’s place, he stares at the counter for a moment and then grabs a bottle of water. His sister came over to borrow some beer. She asks him if he fought somewhere, he didn’t get hit, did he kill that other guy? he says that he will go wash which makes his sister think that he must have really fought.
Meanwhile, the parents bicker back and forth about JA not getting married yet. The mother is concerned about this and wishes her husband was still at work and in a higher executive position. it is all his fault that people look down on them.

JA goes to her brothers room and apologizes. he is over it and playing a video game. He says it is okay, JH was about to hit that guy outside. You should have picked a better man to pretend to be your boyfriend. We told him to leave before we kill him. Why do you live like that? JA says she is already having a hard time, he shouldn’t add to it.

She leaves and goes back to her room. Then she calls someone and grabs her coat. the music starts playing. She leaves the house and takes a cab somewhere while thinking in the car. She goes to someones apartment and is walking outside of it. She stops and looks around and then quickly walks to the door. “Save the last dance for me is playing”

JA rungs the bell and her friend opens it. JA is suprised to see her friend. Her friend asks her why she is there so late and JA says it is because she smelled the beer, haha. Sh eringed her door but she wasn’t there so she ringed JH’s door, haha. Where is JH? the friend tells her he is in the bathroom and her and JA leave togeher hand in hand back to her apartment.

they go inside the friends place and sit and eat and drink. KS says that JH fought somewhere, but he didn’t tell her. SHe thinks he was just mad. Whenever he is mad I feel pity, he doens’t have any father or brothers to talk to and no Umma, only me. You didn’t come here to drink? JA says, no no I am drinking. Her friend tells her to tell her the truth, you can’t fake it with me. But JA says that nothing happened. Her friend wants her to sleep there tongiht, she likes her that much right?

It looks like JH might have slept at work. He is all relaxed and asleep on the company couch as one of his coworkers fires a toy gun at him.

This wakes him up, but he is too grumpy to play with his friend.

He leaves and sees JA walking to work right at the entrance of the building. She tells him that he came to work super early and thank you for last night. He thought that she would yell at him. He tells her that she will be late, go inside. And he hps on his bike and takes off.
JA calls him and they go somewhere to talk. Rooftop? JH wonders why she was so dressed up to meet him does she want to get back together with him? She says the way she looked doesnt’ tell the full stroy, she had her reasons. JH says that she should be strict, no one will come and visit her house if she is like that. There is nothing to talk about so I wil go down first. he leaves and she looks over the city, frustrated.

CG pulls JA to the side and starts giving her a hard time. the branch where the man isn’t showing up is giving them a hard time so he is giving her a hard time. He says that it is all becaue of her. He basically yells at her in front of everyone.

Cut to JA at the franchise guys house. She rings the bell and leaves another note. But he opens it and lets her in.

The place is quant, she takes off her shoes and tells him to go in first. he says she can sit at the table. Soju bottles are all around. She asks how he has been and he opens a soju bottle for her. They pour themselves shots and drink. the man looks pretty disheveled. he says that he had to do it, Our main branch sells things at a very expensive price so it doenst make any common sense.

She says, F common sense, I was so stressed. So you want to continue? He tells her that he can’t just say yes to her all the time. She agrees. He should go to the end and not just stop in the middle. he says she shuoldnt’ tell him that. But she says that she will quit soon, she doesnt’ want to work there anymore. She is a middle man and she hates it. You might be in court though, if you need anything then I will be your witness. He wonders if she is reallywuitting her job?

She says that her appa quit and just stays at home, so she will just stay at home also.

Cut to her appa sleeping on the couch. He has body aches all over after fighting with that young wiper snapper. the mother sits him up and tells him that he is old, he shouldn’t just charge that young man like that. Take this medicine and take a nap and you will feel better. Sit down, it will be hard for you to stand up later, I will make you some rice. He asks for juk. She says sarcastially, you worked hard.

SY goes to the friends coffee shop and tells her that she is from the company. It is nothing, she just stopped by to say hi. You are JA’s friend right? I head that a lot. You are Seo Joon-hee’s noona, right? I just said hi through them. She asks her if she would like acoffee, she will pay for it. But then GM comes in and the friend tells her that maybe they cand drink later.
JA goes out drinking with the franchise owner and tries to give him advie about closing his shop, he should do it as soon as possible so he can save money. He thinks that he is grateful but she shouldn’t push him too much. She is still young, she has a lot to live. But JA thinks she is having a hard time. She does fighting and gets cheered up but then she gets sad and then cheered up and it is all the same. He tells her that he knows that she just works for a living…cheer up. They toast and drink again.

JH goes back to work and wants to spend the night working afain. He is with his friend. They pass SY and she tells him that Yoon migh have gone on a date. She went to his sisters coffee shop and saw GM there. Then they start to talk about going to a club. SY invites JH. He thinks it might be good. the other people think it might be fun as well.

Cut to GM and SY talking. They are eating and drinking. GM wants to know if JA really has a boy that she is dating. But he says that he saw him at her place in front of the parents, but you know what the most funnier thing is, he is SH’s friend. Sh wants to know if he is talking about the guy that took JA in front of the company…hey stupid. JA comes in and goes to talk to GM, how does he know that they are there. She tells KS to leave.

JA and KS go outside, KS tells her that she looks angry today. Did she fight somewhere. JA says that too many people make her angry lately. KS says that GM thinks there is a thing between JH and you, you say him, why didn’t you tell me last night. JA says that she didn’t want to talk about GM at all, that is why she didn’t tell her. KS says that she trust her, seh hopes she has s good finale. Bye-bye.

KaTalk of everyone having fun at the club and telling her that she should come. then GM drunkenly leaves the rastarant, she yells after him.

BR is daning on the pole like a crazy person. the music is popping and the lights are flashing. Everyone is jumping around. But JH isn’t into it, he just looks at his cell phone. SY comes up to him with a drink and they click drinks and smile.

Meanwhile JA yells at GM, he is going where? To her house? He thinks it drives him crazy that he became trash, he wants to kneel to them (?). He tells her that she didn’t go to a good school or is from a good amily. JA slaps him and tell shim that he makes her go that far.

Elsewhere, the club is still popping. JH goes upstairs with SY and they talk from the rafters. He tells her that he texted JA, but she is not texting him back. She says to leve her alone.

GM tells JA that he will die there, do you think I am bluffing? JA walks up to him and lightly pushes him into the street. He quickly hops back up, lol. JA tells him that it isn’t about someone, it is just that she hates that she only liked him. She hates herself that much, that is it. We shouldn’t hate each other, lets just live our good life. Bye. She leaves and he yells some drunken crazyness at her. He is not going to give up! He will make it like before! But she keeps walking.

The coffee shop girls have fun looking at their cell phones. Maybe they are looking at pictures from the club the night before? JA omes in and tells her that they sent her a KaTalk, how did it go with your boyfriend? JA says that it went well. SY says she wanted to call her again but her brother wanted her to stop.

JA gets a call from one of her bosses and we cut to them talking about the franchise owner. The franchise owner said that he was just bluffing. The three of them talk about that branch (YI, CEO, and CG).

At the company, JA talks to HG about paying for the event. But CG tells her that the company will take over the cost. CG tells her to tell him thank you. HG says it is okay but JA tells him thank you anyway.

Cut to JA talking to YI, she knows that YI is the one that fixed everything. YI plays it off and says that they just followed company policy. But JA tells her thank you for everything.

then we see her at her friends coffee shop. They are both drinking a copy together. The talk about SY taking over the store. Her friend jokes about if JA is jealous that she will get closer to SY than her. She ivnites her out, but KS says she can’t make it because it it her mothers memorial. they both go out shoping an talking about how ten years passes so fast. After JH’s college entrance exam, she died. The father is also MIA. The friend says that she is a strong woman. When she dies and sees her mother again, she will brag about JH, seh doesnt’ know what type of woman JH will meet, but she wil be a very cruel sister in law. She will train her right away. It will be fun.

But JA wants to talk about something else. KS says that SH is stupid, he connected you and JH together, haha. JA also laughs, haha…. But it is late and they don’t have a taxi.

Then we see JH opening the door to the car so the groceries can go inside. KS asks her if hse would like to ride in front? But JA says that she will just take public transportation. She leaves immediately.

In the car, KS wants to know if JH is still angry. He says it is nothing, did JA noona go to your store? She says that she is going to a different store now. She understands why she can’t kick GM away, seh is so undecisive. She says that GM even went to visit her yesterday. She was saying hi to SY and GM just came in right at that moment. But JA comes in and they fought. I hope JA lives loser to us. that day you were angry and went out, JA came to your place and range the bells.

JH is shocked, she came to my place? But he tries to play it off.
JA unloads the memorial food. Her mom sits he down at the table and talks to her about GM. He wants her to give him another chance, possibly? But JA storms out, she won’t meet him. Her mother says that she promised her.

Elsewhere, JH and KS perform the memorial for their mother at home. It is a very small and quiet memorial in the middle of their tiny living room. KS wants to know what JH thinks their mother is thinking. He says that she is thinking her daughter is sonderful and her son is super handsome. KS smiles.

We quietly go to JA’s room. She is cleaning and vacuuming everywhere. She cleanes under the bed and starts sorting her closet.

Memorial. KS says that JA really likes this food, i should have told her to come. JH thinks that it sounds like seh is her daughter. KS agrees, it is like she is my daughter. JA was the one that took care of her, even real sisters can’t do that much. She has two dreams, guess….

One….about me. I don’t know what the other one is.

KS says that the other is that she wants JA to marry a good man. I want to see her, what is she doing? She calls her and talks to her like an ajumma. JA tells her that she is erasing all her memories and her past, seh is throwing away everything. KS thinks she is wasting all her money and laughs. She walks away from the table and we cut to JA throwing away everything. then she looks at JH’s umbrella. It looks like she threw away the memories of two men. GM and JH.

JH walks back to his place from his sisters place. But instead of going inside, he just puts his jacket back on and runs somewhere.

Meanwhile, JA is on a swing with the red umbrella, she couldnt’ throw it away. She is just spinning it on the swing. then she sees JH walk up on her. She wonders why he is there. He asks her why she came to his place. JA says that his sister should have said everything. She went to her place and she wasn’t there so she went to his place. he asks if hse really wanted to see noona. She asks who else it would be? He says, I am asking you if you wanted to see me?

She tries to play it off, but she says that seh wanted to see him, she was sad and she wanted to tell him thank you. But it is good that she didn’t see him because it was embarrassing.

He thinks it isn’t. they start to argue about GM. He thinks she is too loose to him. She is making him angry again. He asks her what is with the umbrella. She says it is just in case it rains. He says she was supposed to throw away everything right?

She tells him that seh just picked it up!

You like that umbrella?

I will killyou!!!!!

She starts chasing him around the swings. She is serious, but he is laughing. then they go back to her place. He walks her to the door and he asks her, can’t you just not go in tonight?

Where are we going

What do you think
Nothing…what what
Lets play

They go to the movies and decide to drink something. She apologizes since she dint’ rbing any money. He tells her that she won’t be able to go home without him, and laughs.

They eat popcorn together in the movie theater with a couple kissing in front of them. they are both a little tense as they look at that couple. JH rubs his nose.

that is mine
What…oh (she drank his soda)…sorry

She starts to drink her soda again and the movie ends. (save the last dance for me is playing). they both say that it was a good movei and she jokes that he didn’t watch it. He asks her if hs eis hungry? Buy me something good to eat. Do you want to die? Buy me some food.

They go to a snack cart and he buys her some food. She comments on some art, it is a good drawing and he says she sholdnt’ say anything about art in front of him. Ah, you make me competitive.

He goes to the other cart and buys some art supplies. then we cut to her posing for him to draw her. She poses like the thinking man, lol.

While he draws her, their song starts to play (sometimes its hard to be a woman). This song plays as we watch him slowly drawing her. S

When are you going to finish, this is hard
I can’t fix a point
I’m leaving
I’m done! …. give me money
I have nothing….ah, I have something….my beauty

He gives her the drawing and she is all like…do I look like this? the drawing is of a cartoon person with a huge head.

She is all like, is my body like this? It’s too tiny.

He tells her that she is small and cute but she says she is old.

He tells her that it depends on who sees you. She thinks that is possible, but she is not young enough to be cute. She was cute until seh was 20. He says he doesnt’ know that part of her past. She hits him adn walks away. He yells…you were cute…you were cute!!!! And she smiles as he runs up to her.

they keep walking and she says she will pay him back 10 times. Be ready. then they talk about drawing her and she says that what he said is to sexy to a woman (?)

they talk about the umbrell and her throwing away all her things. they are talking around the subject of the umbrella. He says don’t throw it away. She says she won’t ever throw it away. He says, why never. She says it is nothing, just nitpicking. He tells her to just keep it safe and she says…okay.

they slowly walk back to her place.

What are you going to do upstairs…will you sleep right away?
Not right away…why what are you going to do
What should I do
What do you want to do?
Would you like to do it together?

Cut to them playing an online game together. He is at his place and she is at her place. They are talking on headphones. He coaches her through the game and tells her that he will be there, just wait there, she doenst know what to do. But she is having fun and laughing. theyn they meet each other in the game.

Later, JA looks at her drawing, she is so happy about it and traces it with her fingers. She hugs it and then smiles as seh higs it.

At his house, he draws the real picture from one of her photos. It is an amazingly detailed drawing of JA, very professional level.

They both go to work. Appa goes into JA’s room and sees that seh picked out a lot of clothes to get ready for work. JH goes to work, but lingers on the elevator as he tries to see if JA will run into the building.

But she is already upstairs. Today she has to go to the other branch and work. The woman meet and spread their work around while in the conference room. Sy tries to be friends with JA because she knows her and JH’s relationship. BR and SY leave the meeting. YE is left and starts to talk to JH about her friends brother. Is he like your own brother. JA says he friends brohter is not like her brother…..mmm…

She gets a text from JH.

JH: what kind of coffee do you have?

Cut to the two of them drinking coffee outside. He says it is good and she says she just made it. But we see that she made a huge mess making it in their coffee room.

Then we see JH almost falling asleep while they are meeting in their gaming company. One of the company people asks him if he is sick. he says…my stomch….headache….ah, I feel bad. they tell shim to eat this (and they give him something). He says he will go to the hospital and sneaks out with a smile.

Both JA and JH sneak away in his car. JA tells him that seh can take a taxi, he didn’t have to come out. But he says that he finisehd his work, he is good, he is a super important person for his company. She mumbles something about him not being a man to her. He grows a bit serious. But then seh pulls it back and says that he is man. He smiles again. he tells her that he can pick her up as well. She says no, you dont’ have to…..really?!?

JA meets the franchise owner. He tells her seh looks brighter today. Is it because of the guy outside? She immediately runs away and says that she will see him later!

She and JH go to a restaurant and laugh and eat together .

JH – by the way, what if…..
JA – what if….
JH – What if I….
JA – you what….
JH – Not me….noona….your boyfriend…..me…if I ask you to buy me dinner, will you buy it for me everyday
JA – Yes, I always buy you dinner, i will buy it everyday until you get stuffed
JH – Really?
JA – OH! (Yes)

He smiles and we cut to them walking down the street together in slow motion. He think sabout putting his arm around her, but then scratches his head. he tries it again but then touches his head. Then he takes a breath and just walks next to ther. He grabs his hand in a fist and hits his back. then he hangs his hand to his side, but he hand is in her pocket.

We cut to them in the car together. He wants to hold her hand in the car, he thinks of grabbing it, but he is hesitant. Her hand is right there though. He almost is about to hold it, but she gets a phone call. She puts her phone away and holds her hands together. But then seh puts her hand back in that same position (on purpose!) and looks out the window and then kind of looks toward him. She kind of move her hand over a little bit and looks out the window again. But his hand has moved now.

they walk back to her building.
They both said that they had fun. She says that she will go inside. She tells him bye-bye and he waves but it looks like he wants to tell her more. He watches her get into the elevator and they wave at each other from it. Once the doors close, he turns and walks away.

YE waits at the coffee shop for JA. She is working at the shop that day and takes a break to talk to her. they talk about the timing in a relationship, what if your timing doesn’t fit. You die old. You know each other like eac other, but you know, you have to give the guy a cue, you have to create the timing, you shouldn’t wait.

Cut to a lot of action figures. Chicken, bulgogi, ramen…are all on the action figures. the expensive ones are hiding. We are at the game company. the boys try to hit the expensive beef which is on a little doll that is hiding in the back. JH hits the little doll and they all go crazy. But the owner is all like…man. JH eats the ginsang drink and texts noona.

JH : I will finish my comapny dinner, how long will you stay there
JA: I still have to do work

SY asks her who she is texting nd JA says she is just texting her friend. Is it JH? No, it is another friend. She says that they should go eat. Will you buy me dinner?

Cut to the gaming company paying for their food. They leave and one of them sees the coffee bae. They go outside and talk. JH asks JA what they are doing. She says they are going to eat. JH says that they will go drink somewhere. SY says that tehy didn’t want to eat dinner, right? Cut to them all drinking together.

they start to talk about their love life. What kind of man do you like? JA says a good comfortable person. They all say it won’t be JH then. SY asks if JH is a bad person. hey all say that he can get any girl he wants. 100%? No, he says it is 99%. There is a woman that is not seduced by him. They want to know who it is, but he won’t tell them and just drinks. But JA looks a bit uncomfortable as the camera sees her reaction.

Bathroom. SY asks who the girl JH is talking about is. JA says she doenst’ know. SY thinks maybe she is younger than them. But JA says they aren’t that old. SY wonders what kind of woman isn’t seduced by JH. And why are you smiling like that? JA says she isn’t smiling, it wasn’t her.

SY thinks someone is there. If I start this time, I should progress quickly and hotly. She walks out of the bathroom on a mission.

At the table. Why does a player like JH hesitate. He says he has his reasons. He knows, but the girl isn’t sure. But he hasn’t asked her yet. Why are you nervous with women? He says he is just telling them why. Does the woman know that he is like this? You are dying. He tells them to talk about something else.

SY says that they aren’t a couple yet right?

Under the table JA holds JH’s hand.

We aren’t a couple yet…..(but his eyes grow wide and he starts to hiccup when JA holds his hand under the table)…hiccup….hiccup.

Fade Out


JA – I don’t know how important timing is to man and woman
JH – We became a man and woman relationship
JH – You are pretty!
JH – I am crazy… to whom (how dare to whom)
JH – would you like to come to my place?
JA – by the way, do you think you and me are really okay?
JH – We didnt’ commit any crime
VO – You should always be careful with your body. When your body is trapped then you say a lot (not sure on this part)
VO – Jin-ah said she would come, but I can’t contact her
VO – Assistant manager Yoon, you didnt’ care about those things before
JA – I shouldnt’ have held your hand, what if I have those thoughts (regret)
JH – I am not going to leave you alone from now on

Jin-ah and Joon-hee confirmed how they each feel about each other by holding each others hands. They start to talk to each other over night and go on their own pitter-patter dates. The more Jin-ah refuses Gyu-min, his obsession grows bigger and bigger. He goes to the coffee shop to look for Jin-ah. On the other hand, Joon-hee is worried about Jon-ah because he couldn’t contact her. So Joon-hee follows Jin-ah on her business trip and they have a nice date by the sea …. and have their first kiss.



Translated scenes are by Stroppyse on Soompi. You are the best!

Scene #1: JH and SH confronting GM outside JA’s family’s building

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. You are the best!
SH: Whatever it is, talk! Why are you fighting when you should talk it out? Why are you being like this? Both of you? Geez, this is driving me crazy.
GM: Hey, the one being driven crazy is me! Jin Ah says she likes this guy, but the one she says she likes is standing right there.
SH: What are you saying? Hyung, I said that he’s my friend.
GM: That’s why I’m even more dumbfounded!
SH: Hey, what is all this that he’s saying? Say something, you bastard!
JH: I told you the last time to get lost, didn’t I? Are you really Yoon Jin Ah’s stalker? Do you want to die?
GM: What the…?!
SH: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. (to JH) What are you saying? Stalker?
JH: This bastard was cheating on her. That’s why noona finished it with him. I’m telling you he’s an animal!
SH: Hyung, did you cheat on her?
GM: No, no… that was… I said that I wasn’t the only one. Jin Ah was cheating as well, with him! She even told her parents, that she liked him! I told you that!
SH: Go.
GM: What?
SH: I said go. Not my friend, but before I stomp you to death, I said go. Can’t you hear me?! I said get lost, you son of a dog!
GM: Oh, you’re saying that you don’t believe me, is that right? Fine. Be like that. Someday, you will definitely come to greatly regret this. (leaves)
SH: Oh! Yoon Jin Ah, that idiot. Hey, when did you know? If you know, you should have told me!
JH: You’re sounding as if you usually live taking very good care of noona. (me: He’s being a little sarcastic here that SH doesn’t normally concern himself with JA.)
SH: Geez. I should have beaten him up.
JH: I told you to stay out of it. Couldn’t you figure it out as soon as you saw it? This is driving me crazy. Jeez.
SH: Apparently, Jin Ah had said that she likes you, so how can you be in your right mind?

Scene #2: The next day, JA thanks JH for his help, but JH is still in a bad mood over GM being at JA’s house the night before.

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. You are the best!

SC: You’re not dead after all.
JH: Oh, really.
SC: Why? Are you getting mad at a little joking?

(JH meets JA as he leaves)
JA: You came to work early.
JH: I worked overnight early.
JA: Thank you for yesterday.
JH: This is unexpected. I thought that you would be cursing me out for interfering.
JA: Huh?
JH: You’re going to be late. Go on in. (leaves)
(JA calls JH.)

(on the rooftop)
JA: What did you mean by what you said earlier? Why did you think that I would curse you out?
JH: Well, since I ruined you trying to get back together with your boyfriend.
JA: Did it look to you as if I were trying to get back together with him?
JH: You weren’t, but you dress up from head to foot, and then you invite him to your home?
JA: Okay. I guess you could have misunderstood things from the way I looked. However, that is because I had another reason…
JH: There probably was.
JA: I didn’t invite him. Does that even make sense?
JH: Whoever did it, if noona had completely ended it, no matter who invited him, he wouldn’t be able to come. That is the way it is. (clears his throat) You don’t have anything else to say, right? I’ll go first.

Scene #3: JH is invited clubbing with SY and colleagues, he decides to go after finding out that JA met GM yet again.

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. You are the best!

Man: I know. We all do this to be able to eat and live. Stay strong. (me: Since I haven’t watched the episode yet, not sure who this is speaking. Will fix later.)
JA: Stay strong, sir.

SC: You’re going to work overnight today as well? Why are you suddenly working so fervently?
JH: I was already that way.
JA’s colleagues: Hello.
SC: You’re not a complete set today.
YE: Oh, Manager Yoon was working outside today…
SY: And, she’s finished work for the day.
YE: There is no way that could be.
SY: I’m the witness to it. I saw her boyfriend. (to JH) Oh, right, I’ve been to Joon Hee’s sister’s store.
JH: Oh, yes.
SC: Then the one person is on her date. Where are the remaining three persons going?
BR: I’m going home.
SY: I haven’t decided yet.
SC: Oh, you don’t have any plans.
SY: I’m gong to make some. Joon Hee-sshi, when are we going to the club?
JH: We might as well go now.
SC: Yah, you said all night, you were going to… Oh, you meant you were going to play all night. You.
JH: I’ll go drop my bag off and be back.
SC: Me, too.
YE: Are we really going to a club? I didn’t wear the right clothes. I should have worn some nicer clothes.
SY: Oh, you know about clubs. Manager Gum doesn’t have any thoughts of going, right?
BR: Oh…
YE: You should go to, even if it’s in the spirit of people watching.
BR: Okay, then.

KS: What are you saying? Yoon Jin Ah has another man? That’s crazy.
GM: I’ve seen him several times with my eyes, so what do you know?
KS: If she really had one, there is no way that I wouldn’t know. But, I don’t know. So, she doesn’t have one.
GM: I guess you don’t know everything.
KS: Yah!
GM: I saw him at her home. In front of her parents…she said that she liked him. But, he appeared with her little brother. He’s her little brother’s friend!
KS: Are you perhaps talking about the guy who took Jin Ah away from you in front of her office building?
GM: You know him as well! So, why are you saying you don’t know him?!
KS: Oh, jeez. Hey, you imbecile!
(JA comes in.)
KS: We met because we agreed to meet, but how did you know we were here?
JA: Is there someplace else that you come to after you close the store?
KS: Ah.
JA: Kyung Sun, you should go now.

Scene #4:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. You are the best!

JA: Where are you going? My house? You must be crazy!
GM: It’s not that I’m crazy; it’s that I feel it’s unfair! It’s so unfair that I’m the only one who has come to be seen as trash that it’s driving me crazy! Let’s go meet your parents again, and tell them that there is no difference between you and me, so they should apologize to me!
JA: Yah!
GM: And, that bastard! That bastard who is your little brother’s friend, him! I’m going to make him kneel to me!
JA: Are you really this crazy a human being?!
GM: Then what about you?
JA: Were you such a loser?
GM: Then what about you? What’s so great about you anyway? Did you graduate from a better school than me? Or is your family better than mine?
(JA slaps him!)
JA: You’re driving me this to do things like this now. (meaning he’s pushing her to such extremes)

(Inside the club, JH leaves)
YE: I told her that we were here, but Manager Yoon hasn’t contacted me yet.
JH: So what?

GM: I said I’m really going to kill myself.
JA: Go ahead and die.
GM: You think I’m lying, don’t you?
JA: Is it a lie? (pushes him with 1 finger. causing him to panic)
GM: You really! Have I become so easy for you? I said that I’m going to die, and you’re not going to hold me back from dying?
JA: How much more certainty do I have to give you?
GM: This is all because of that bastard, isn’t it?
JA: Don’t go around saying “this bastard”, “that bastard”. He’s not someone who should be called that by you. It’s not because of anyone else. It’s because the foolish me who only had eyes for you; I’ve come to hate that me. Enough to give me shivers, I hate her. That’s all. Gyu Min, let’s not hate each other, and just separately live well. Hm? Farewell. (JA turns and leaves)
GM: Yah! I definitely won’t give up! This! I’m going to turn this back to what it was! (JA stops for a second, but continues to walk on.)

Scene #5:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: You? Why are you here?
JH: You had come by my place. Why did you come?
JA: Is that all that Kyung Sun said to you? if she was going to tell you, she should have told you all of it. Why did she only tell you that? I had gone to Kyung Sun’s place, but she wasn’t there, so I thought maybe she was at your place, and she was there.
JH: You’re saying you really came to meet my sister?
JA: Then who else would I go to meet?
JH: I’m asking if you hadn’t been coming to see me?
JA: Well, that is, okay. I went to see you. I was feeling apologetic. And, I wanted to thank you as well. But, having heard about “the way things are” and whatever else, I thought it was probably best that we hadn’t seen each other. Just think if I had heard those things in front of Kyung Sun. It would have been so embarrassing.
JH: Embarrassed? But, it wasn’t wrong even.
JA: Why did you just suddenly show up here and start harassing a person anyway?! Am I that easy for you? (meaning is she easy for him to make fun of and dismiss)
JH: That’s it exactly. Why did you look so easy that you let yourself be treated like that? Why would you be at the mercy of a human being who isn’t even worth it?!
JA: Who was at whose mercy?! You’re so funny. Really funny.
JH: You’ re not even laughing, so what are you saying is funny?
JA: Okay, let’s say that everything you said was right. You don’t have anything more to say, right? We’re done, right? (turns to leave)
JH: I still have something to say. What’s with the umbrella?
JA: I thought that perhaps it might rain, so I brought it just in case.
JH: You said that you had cleaned up your past, and threw everything away. Was that this? Then give it to me.
JA: Why would I throw this away? Leave it alone.

Scene #6: A little date

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: Can’t you not go in?
JA: Where did you want to go?
JH: What did you just think about right now?
JA: I didn’t think about anything. (at JH’s look) What? What?
JH: Nothing. Let’s go out and play.
JA: Okay.

JH: Do you want anything to eat?
JA: No.
JH: Why not? Let’s at least drink some cola.
JA: It’s because I’m feeling sorry since I didn’t bring any money.
JH: If not for me, since you don’t have any cab fare, you won’t even be able to go home.
JA: Oh! You’ve gotten the wrong point again! (meaning he’s extracted a different point then the one she was making)
JH: I’ll have to use it well. (meaning since she’s at his mercy) I’m going to go buy some cola.
JA: In that case, some popcorn, too…?

(Cute how they both notice the couple making out…LOL)
JH: That one’s mine. (referring to the cola that JA is drinking)
JA: Huh? Oh! (putting it back down)

JH: That was really no fun. (referring to the movie)
JA: It’s because we didn’t watch something sexy.
JH: I think noona saw what I saw.
JA: I don’t think so.
JH: Aren’t you hungry?
JA: I am hungry.
JH: Then try saying “Please buy me something delicious to eat.” (me: he wants her to speak to him in polite speech. LOL)
JA: Do you want to die? (threatening with the brolly)
JH: Give me that.
JA: Well? Are you saying that you’re going to buy me some? Are you going to buy me some?

Scene #7: More dating cuteness

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: The model is just not…
JA: When will you be done? This is too hard.
JH: The subject just doesn’t have anything that she’s good at. She doesn’t even have any endurance.
JA: Don’t do it. Don’t do it already.
JH: But I’m done.
JA: Let me see. Let me see.
JH: Pay me for the drawing.
JA: I already said that I didn’t have any money, didn’t I?
JH: Does it have to be money?
JA: Then what? I really don’t have anything. Wait. I have something.
JH: What?
JA: Incomparable beauty?
JH: Ew. (gives her the sketch which he actually drew as a caricature. LOL)
JA: Do I look like this?
JH: Exactly like it. Yah, it’s totally like a photo, a photo. Isn’t it?
JA: You’re saying that my body looks like this?
JH: Yes. Noona is very small after all.
JA: Yah! It’s not this much, though.
JH: It is! Noona is small and cute.
JA: Cute? Whatever. I’m so old, and you call me that.
JH: Well, that. Doesn’t that depend on the person who is seeing it?
JA: Well… That could be… But still, “cute” just isn’t it, is it? Then again, until I was in my 20’s, I did hear that endlessly.
JH: Ehy, I knew noona back then, and it wasn’t quite like that.
JA: That’s true. You do know my past. If not, whatever. (slaps the sketch back at him, and stalks away)
JH: Thinking about it, I think it was like that after all. That’s right. You were the cutest.

Scene #8:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: I had better go in.
JH: What will you do when you go up?
JA: Huh?
JH: Are you immediately going to sleep?
JA: Not immediately. Why? What else did you want to do?
JH: What would be fun to do?
JA: Not sure. What would you like to do?
JH: Do you…want to do it together?

JA: Oh no! What do I do?
JH: No. No. No. No.
JA: Where do I go?
JH: I”ll go there, so just stay there.
JA: Okay.
JH: Just a second.
(more game dialogue, but it’s drowned out by the BGM. I may edit this later when I can get better audio.)

Scene #9:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: My little brother, and my little brother’s friend who is just like my little brother, and… (gets a text) Oh, it’s time to drink some coffee, right?
YE: Yes?
(JA leaves to go drink coffee with JH.)

JH: Hey, this is a work of art. It’s really delicious.
JA: Oh, I just grabbed something randomly and brought it.
JH: This was grabbed randomly, but it’s like this? Perhaps it’s just a randomly good day.
JA: That’s true.

BR: Who is it? Really? (complaining about the mess in the coffee area)

Team Leader: These days, a game which is just all action with fighting and destroying is hard to sell.
SC: Then how about a new item? In order to explain it, we would do a (me: can’t quite make it out right now, but something about the game)
Team Leader: (something about the game) Isn’t that the same thing that you were talking about the other day?
Another team member: Oh, a classic.
SC: Hey. (nudging JH)
Team Leader: Are you feeling ill somewhere?
JH: I feel kind of nauseous right now, and my head is throbbing.
Team Leader: Here, eat this.
JH: Yes, hyung-nim.
Team Leader: If you’re sick, you should go to the hospital.
JH: Yes. Then, I’ll go and be back.
SC: Didn’t he say earlier that he was feeling listless?
Team Leader: That’s true.

JA: I could have just taken a taxi. You must be busy, so you didn’t come when you shouldn’t, did you?
JH: No. I completely finished everything I had to do, then left. I’m a good worker after all. My company can’t function without me.
JA: Ohh. Are you so great? I didn’t know that.
JH: You’re saying you didn’t know? You really don’t know how to look men. (me: way of saying evaluate and know which are the good men)
JA: How can you be a man?
JH: Are you sneering at me? How could you slight me like that today?
JA: No, I wasn’t picking on you. You’re a man! You’re a man.
JH: What are you saying? What time do you finish later?
JA: I officially start working tomorrow, so I can leave anytime tonight. Why?
JH: I wanted to go pick you up.
JA: Really?! Why?! Do you want to?

Scene #10:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Store Owner: However, it seems that you’ve become much brighter. (meaning cheerful, upbeat)JA: Is that so?
Store Owner: It feels as if I’m looking at a completely different person.
JA: Mmm.
Store Owner: Is it because of that friend who is waiting outside?
JA: I’ll be leaving first. Goodbye. (runs outside to JH)

(JA and JH eat together.)
JH: Noona, you know… maybe…
JA: Maybe?
JH: Maybe, if I…
JA: You what?
JH: Not me, but… perhaps, noona… I… If I ask you to buy me food, will you buy me food?
JA: Did I ever not buy you food?! I’ll buy you food, enough to make your stomach burst!
JH: That’s for real, right?
JA: Of course.
JH: Okay then.

Scene #11:

This scene is translated by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SY: The woman that Joon Hee-sshi was talking about, do you know who she is?
JA: How would I know?
SY: She’s probably younger than us, right?
JA: We’re not that old ourselves anyway.
SY: Who is the one who would say that because of her age she didn’t even like getting up in the mornings?
JA: That is because I was too tired, so my condition wasn’t good.
SY: How great a woman must she be that he doesn’t even notice Seo Jin? (noticing JA’s secretive smiles) But, why have you been smiling like that from a little while ago?
JA: Who me? No.
SY: Anyway, there does seem to be someone. But, he hasn’t made that much headway with her, is that it? If I barge in right now, then I might be able to still get him. I had better quickly make progress with him. Passionately.

Friend: But why are you being like this? A player like you must have a reason.
JH: I just…just in case.
Friend: What’s that? That means that you’re not certain.
JH: No. I am. I am, but…
SC: The girl isn’t sure?
JH: I haven’t asked her yet.
Friend: Oh.
SC: Are you nervous? Why? Because you might be rejected?
JH: That’s why I said just in case.
Another friend: Does that girl know that you’re stressing out like this?
JH: What about me?
Another friend: Huh? You must really like her a lot. You’re dying. Just dying.
JH: Oh, whatever.
Friend: Let’s talk about something else! Something else.
SY: Anyway, it means that you’re not for sure yet. Right?
(JH nods.)
JH: I think that it’s like…
(JA takes JH’s hand under the table, causing JH to hiccup.)

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              Not sure if youtube links are allowed here. Let me try.
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              The last song in the Video preview is ‘Save the Last Dance for me’ by Bruce Willis (original was by ‘The Drifters’)

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    • V
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      Do you know if this is this 12 or 16 episodes by chance? If it is 12 then they shouldn’t have too much exaggerated conflict. If it is 16 then we might see something cropping in. Crossing my fingers for it to remain delightful!

      • Cara
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        I think it’s 16 episodes. It looks like Viki now has the license and is recruiting subtitlers, though I’m not sure which regions have the license. It doesn’t seem like Viki has the North America license.

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    The whole episode is available on YouTube now but it’s very small and the sound may not be clear. And of course no subs.

    I don’t know how to attach the link here but look out for this title :

    Something in the Rain ep 3 by BenBin TV.

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    • V
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      Thank you so much for the information Marsha! So if I understand right, that means Dramafever has the rights, but only USA rights and they won’t release it right now? I wonder if it is a subbing issue.

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