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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 2

Live Recap for episode 2 of Kdrama Something in the Rain starring Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In
The first episode of Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food was wonderful, it ended perfectly, and I can’t wait to watch today’s episode. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

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Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Yoon Jin-ah – JA | Seo Joon-hee – JH | Yoon Seung-ho – SH | Seo Kyung-sun – KS | Yoon Sang-ki – Dad | Kim Mi-yeon – Mom | Kim Seung-chul – SC | Lee Gyu-min – GM | Cho Kyung-sik – CEO | Nam Ho-gyun – HG | Jung Young-in – YI | Choi Jung-mo – JM | Gong Chul-gu – CG | Kang Se-young – SY | Gum Bo-ra – BR | Lee Yae-eun – YE | Kim Dong-woo – DW |

Airing Time: March 31st, 23:00 Seoul jtbc
How to Watch: Not sure who has this one yet. Possibly Netflix? On Demand Korea (Thank you Cara!) Update: Removed from On Demand Korea?????? (Thank you Cara and Donghae for the updates)
Countdown: KKEUT…updates on twitter

UPDATES: We will go back and do a better edit on Pretty Noona since the subs aren’t available anywhere yet. TRANSLATIONS AT THE BOTTOM COURTESY OF STROPPYSE ON SOOMPI! Stroppyse, you are seriously the best.

We are at the end of the last episode when JA was dancing to the pop song. JH watches her and laughs. JA is really having a fun time as she parties alone.

She gets a phone call which cuts the music off, but she doesn’t answer it and starts dancing again. But some says turn off the music!

JA looks up, startled and hides immediately. But then she peeks and sees that it is JH. She answers it an asks what he is doing there. He asks her why she didn’t pick up her call. She says she was working, why isn’t he at the club? But JH just says he heard the club was on the 12th floor and smiles as he goes inside.

The coffee company people all went to the karaoke and it looks so uncomfortable and awkward as all the men drink and stumble over each other and grope all the women. Not really grope them, but pull the women from the company close to them.

Back at club 12th floor, it is a lot quieter as JA makes JH some coffee and sits to walk some more. JA gets a text from someone asking if she is done working. She texts back that she is almost done. Then her and JH get to having fun in the office.

JA tries to hit JH and he says it feels like a huge stone tried to hit him. She hops up and starts chasing JH around the office as they yell. He manages to avoid her. But then we see JH’s hoobae come in, YE. She is super drunk and left the party to come help JA. JH hides under a desk.

JA pulls YE aside and YE starts crying. JA asks her if she had a hard time at the norebang? Y Esays that chief CG was touching her all the time. He touches you all the time too at the norebang! You broke up with your boyfriend and people are mocking you so you are having a hard time. You liked him a lot!

JA tries to say that she didn’t like him a lot. They quickly talk back and forth about liking and not liking JA’s ex so JA pulls YE up and escorts her drunken self out. She turns off the light in the office and looks over to where JH is. It looks like the security activated also, so JH is trapped inside.

JA goes all the way downstairs, but she is concerned about JH being trapped inside the office. She quickly calls a cab for YE and tries to handle her as she drunken talks (I like you a lot!….I also like you a lot!).

Meanwhile, JH is trapped inside.

YE tells JA that she will be a great assistant manager one day! I love you! I love you! JA closes the door to the taxi and runs back to the building. JH sees her running from the 12th floor.
Gorgeous music is playing as JH pretends like he is sleeping on the couch. JA bursts through the doors. She calls his name and he still pretends like he is sleeping. But he sees her and she sighs.

Cut to them both in their own places. JH is snuggled in bed and JA is washing her face. JH tells her that he made it home and she texts him goodnight. He laughs and smiles as he looks at the message from his bed.

JH drives with his sister to work. The sister tells JH that they should live together to save on rent but JH says he likes his privacy. She wonders if he has a girl? But he just smiles and plays it off.

KS talks to him playfully about being worried about him when he called from a police station and that he needs to bring a nice girl home. But he won’t be able to find a girl prettier than her.

Meanwhile, JA drew something and is showing it to CG. CG doesn’t like it and asks BR to come in and bring a ruler. It looks like CG might be giving JA and BR a hard time because they didn’t come with them last night. he picks up little things like using ctrl c and not ctrl b. He calls another woman in. It looks like this woman is SY. SY also didn’t come last night. All three woman are in the office. CG tells them that they need to come to those meetings as a team, they need to care about their colleagues. We don’t have sexual discrimination, we eat and drink person to person! Now leave and take this back!

They all leave and CG tells someone that they should eat. The man quickly says yes and gets up.

The three woman leave and complain about CG. How can they follow them around, they are too busy working in the field. it is hard to stand up in the morning. But they are still young, they shouldn’t talk about age anymore. JA says, old or young, lets eat some nutritious food.

The three woman go into the same restaraunt as JH and one of his coworkers. The coworker wants JH to introduce him to his pretty friend and JH is all like no. But when they all sit togehter, the coworker kicks JH and tells him to introduce him. JH tries to make small talk with SY and asks her where she lives. Then he asks JA if she will buy him some food, he helped her yesterday. But she tells him to shut up.

SY aks how they know each other and they say they’ve known each other for many many years, they are basically family. He also mentions that his sister even has a coffee store as well.

In the bathroom, SY talks to JA about taking over the friends coffee shop. JA wants to keep it. The friend leaves and JA starts to complain outloud, why did he tell her that his sister has a coffee shop!
Appa is practicing English at home (or maybe talking to someone on the phone in English). Umma and he sit at the table. It looks like the mother recieved another wedding invitation. The mother is jealous and complains about paying so much money for this persons wedding. That person is so materialistic and always talks about the family.

Appa thinks their JA can marry to a good family. But the UMma thinks she might not get married next year also. She starts to talk about GM. But Appa leaves, he probably had his fill of marriage talk.

JA is in the car with GM. He took her somewhere for a date possibly. He asks her if she likes this place, if not then they can go somewhere else. She rolls her eyes and says that she likes it. They go inside (ah! this is the same place he took that other girl!). JA goes inside and says she wants to sit over there (the same seat). All the waiters remember GM as well. He asks her what she wants to eat, she tells him they can eat what he ate last time. He tries to play it off and she goes to the restroom.

She must have called her friend because her friend tells her that she shouldn’t be there at all! Just pour the wine on him and leave! Don’t do anything stupid! The friend gets in the car and tells her brother what is going on. He wonders if it is a trick. He says she gave him room to do it again and again. the sister pauses, why are you angry? But he is all like, huh me? When?

Back at the restaurant, JA is angry as she sits at the table. GM says he wants to get back with her, but she is giving him a hard time. She asks him if he is stupid or if he has an iron face. How can he come here, especially if he wants to get back together with her? The lipstick and stockings….what? Are you going to sue me? I anted to finish this as a good memory, but you are cruel. YOU ARE THE WORST.

She gets up and leaves, he runs out and grabs her arm, but she pulls it away. He asks who that guy was in front of her building. But she says he is the worst. He says he is the worst because he dated her. She turns around and asks, what? Do you need my cash again? Then she leaves.

JH, the friend, and SY wait for the elevator together. She tells JH that he looks upset today, but he says he is okay. then SY tries to make small talk about where JH lives. JA walks up at that moment and they all get on the elevator together.

They talk about eating pizza together at a local pizza place. JA doesn’t say anything. She asks for his cell phone number and he reluctantly gives it. JH asks Noona if she will come, but she says she wasn’t listening to what they were talking about. All the coffee people get off and JH is left riding to his floor with his head against the back wall.
The CEO calls a meeting and asks them if they saw the news. He tells them that the coffee industry is big, but their share is small. So they need to improve. Someone comes in and says that a store isn’t open. the Gawan store. The CEO stands up and says that everyone is fired if that store doesnt’ open in 30 minutes!!!!

Everyone hops up like a bullet and takes off. they all drive in the same car and call all the franchise contacts. Everyone is busy calling all the contacts. SY calls JH and tells him that she won’t be available for lunch today. She stays on the phone with him a little too long though which makes JA roll her eyes.

JH says it is fine and hangs up. But his friend is looming over him. He wanted to eat with her, what about tonight! Tonight! But JH says to not be too pushy and walks away. The friend is all like, I’m not being pushy!

The employees will have to run the shop today. They said that the owner might be protesting them becuase of what the store did by buying another persons coffee beans.

Back at the company, YI and HG talk about the paperwork that HG didn’t sign. he says someone should be responsible for that. She just looks at him stone faced and says that she will change it. She leaves and he grumbles about giving YI a hard time on day.

YI runs into the CEO right otsde the office. HG goes outside as well and sees the CEO. The CEO tells the both of them to eat lunch together. At lunch he asks what happened to that branch. HG says they are running it. He says JA works hard, but why did she make that mistake. HG says he dons’t know. CEO asks where the promotion signing stopped. HG stops eating and looks at YI. YI says she will find where it stopped and give him the result. It looks like the CEO might know that HG is the one that made a mistake.

Cut to the director asking YI to talk provately in the hallway. He wants to know what she will tell the CEO. YI says that she will tell him that JA will pay for the promotion and she will tell him exactly what happened. YI says her team makes a copy of everything and she confirmed that they all signed. HG is all like…..I…..okay, lets see. YI tells him that it will cost $242 and HG says he will pay for it.
Everyon goes home after working hard in the coffee shop all day. JA stays and tells them that she will meet with the franchise owner. Afterward, she goes to meet the franchise owner at his house. He does not answer. She leaves a note and says avoiding her is not the solution…call us.

She heads out and gets in her car. She sits for a moment and then drives off.

Cut to JH leaving work for the day. He is in the parking garage and walks right by JA’s car. She is taking a nap in her car so he stops walking and stares at her for a moment. Ja wakes up and sees JH watching her, she tries to avoid him, but hits her head on the horn and honks it, lol. Cut to them eating dinner together.

At the restauraunt, they both quetly eat. JH says, so that guy said you are like this jello? Are you meeting him again? JA asks, who said that I am meeting him again? he plays it off and says that he just heard it. JA asks him how he is so nosey about dating. When you date, you have to be passionate and on fire. That is normal. He says, really? That is so professinal, I will rmember that and use it later.

She asks him why he is so sarcastic. It is how he said it, his intonation. He apologizes if it made her upset. They keep eating quietly. Then JH looks out the window and says, it is raining. SHe says I know. He says he didn’t hear that it would rain. they don’t have an umbrella. He says he can just walk under the rain….because of her, she made him angry.

She tells him okay and pours him a drink. SHw says she is sorry that she didn’t make him eat hot pizza with hot SY. He smils and says she sould come as well. She aks him, if the woman is pretty, are men always okay with that? He smiles and says, you are prettier noona.

they go outside and look at all the rain. She thinks they should call a taxi. But he runs off and says he will buy an umbrella. He takes off. He goes to the closet convenience store. there are a lot of umbrellas there, but he only buys one and walks back out to meet JA.

But he doesn’t walk all the way up to her. He motions for her to come to him. SHe is all like, um, no you come here. But he tells her to come so she runs to him. She asks him why he bought only one and he says he wanted to save money. She says that they will get wet together, half and half. But he says he has a way….like this.

He puts his arm around her and pulls her closely to him. She seems startled by this momentarily, but she walks with him like that and their song playes.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…”

Hea sks her if hse would like to take a taxi. But she says she thinks they should sober up a little more. He says maybe they should walk a little bit more and then hop on a bus. He turns her around and they walk back down the same street.

He tells her she is small, he didn’t know becasu her punch was so hard. They playfully banter back and forth. Then we see them both smiling as he holds the umbrella over them.

Would you like to watch a movie over the weakend? I haven’t watched a movie for a long long time.

“Stand by your man…”

They get back home, the rain has stopped. They both walk quetly.

JA says it is late so JH can go back. He says he wants to see her all the way home. SHe says he is using all his manners in his entire life. He gives her the umbrella and says this is his present to her. Go inside.

She says okay and goes inside. He tells her goodnight and watches her walk to the elevator. Then he turns and leaves. She also turns and looks at him for a moment.

Inside her room, JA looks at some photos online.

At his house, JH looks on his cell phone as well. he looks at the sleeping photo he took of JA and zooming in and out of it. he lays on his bed and smiles.

JA goes to the franchise owners house again. She rings the door, but he doesn’t answer. She writes a note and says she will give him 3 more days, if they can’t contact him anymore thenthey will close the store. She leaves and the man peeks out.

One the way out, JA talks to JH. She says she will get a morning coffee from a professional. JH hangs up the phone and looks out over the city and smiles.

Meanwhile, JA’s parents call GM and ask if he has time today. He says he is busy with a big case. they tell him that they understand. themother wants to know what happened and the father filles her in, he is super busy but he can come tonight. Mom thinks she should make some more food and they should tell JA.

JA and SY talk in the office. But it’s mostly SY talking about what she is interested in. then she says bye. YE asks JA what she is doing so JA says she will buy her dinner. They both leave together and go to a rice and drink place.

At the same time, SY, the friend, and JH are walking somewhere. But JH says he has an appointment and can’t make it, he will see them next time. SY is upset that he isn’t coming but she smiles and says she hopes she will see him later. JH smilse too and then calls someone. Perhaps he called SH?

Cut to JA and YE eating together. YE wants to know if something happened tonight. SHe says nothing happened, she just wants to drink. YE thinks she is thinking about her ex boyfriend. New love is better than old love. You should date someone quicly before you forget the previous mistake.

JA wonders, how much do you have to trust the man? YE says she majored in engineering and all the guys said they would do anything to seduce a woman. JA thinks that menas they like her at least. But YE says it means they want a lot of woman and will pick one later. Cue GM calling.

JA goes outside and yells, why are you calling me again! But it is her appa on the other line. She asks why her appa has GM’s phone.

The brother did talk to SH. Both of them are catching up and playing pool. JH tells him that his sister is in the same building as him. SH says he invited JH to theirhouse, but GM is coming over so they had to go to the pool house. they talk about the sister a little bit more (missed a little of this).

JA makes it home and sees GM sitting at the table with her parents. But she is upset at the sight of him and storms to her room. Mom goes to the room too and they both quickly argue about it. Mom knows that her and GM had a little argument but how can you break up over a little fight? Mom basically wants JA to keep GM. She likes him, he is a lawyer and has a good family. The man is important, but the family is also important. it is hard to meet a perfect guy like GM. You don’t know anything so if you get angry like that again, I will kill you.

Mom leaves and JA sighs.
JH and SH part at the pool house. But then SH calls JH’s name and he runs back to him.

JA goes back to the table. Everyone gasps at her. JA she put on a very sexy outfit and dark red lipstick with black sexy stockings. She says that GM loves this clothes, he told her that she was like jello. Do you like it like this? Or should I wear something shorter? Should I change my clothing?

She bends over at the waste showing off her chest. But then she says that is too much right. Maybe I shuold sit.

She goes to sit and pouts at GM, maybe I should drink some wine….

SH gives JH a ride and they talk about dating. JH says he will have a relationship with a 35 year old. the friend is like, what, that is crazy! that is noona’s age, it is like you are dating my noona. Just stop. JH looks at his friend, but he looks a little hesitant.

Back at the room. Appa cheated on MOM a long time ago. JA asks what she did and she says she hit DAD upside the head. JA says, like this? And she hits GM hard upside the head. This makes Mom pause….what a minute….GM, do you have another woman? Appa says, I will kill you!

Everyone stands.

Meanwhile, JH and SH gets back to the building.

Inside, it looks like they had to pull Dad away from GM. GM says he isn’t the only one who had an affair, JA had one too! JA tells him that he should have said no to the invitation. But GM just kneels to apologize. He tells her to tell them what happened. Tell them that guy who took you away in front of that building, who was that guy! Why can’t you tell me! I am going crazy because I don’t know.

JA yells, I like him! that is right! I like him!

The sons says he is back and Umma runs up to get the door. JH is there as well and they all wonder why the mood is strange. GM yells that that is the guy! That is him! JH sees this guy and his face grows serious. He pulls that guy by the wrist (lol) and tells him to come out. Come out!

He drags him out of the condo as “save the last dance for me” starts to play.

Fade Out

Yes! More dating cuteness. (video preview & translation is below)

Mentioned by Kiara on Dramabeans and mandelbrotr in the comments.

This is from Kiara’s comment on Dramabeans
“Pretty Noona”: “Borrowed from the 1940s”
Episode 2: There is a scene with Jin-ah’s father reciting something in English from his lap-top. I caught the part that says “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of your life.”
I googled it and it turns out to be a famous line from an American movie called “Casablanca”1943.

I picked a slightly longer video clip just to get the full context of the scene. The quote is at 1:10


This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!
GM: Jin Ah says that she likes him, but there is someone else that he likes!
JH: Apparently, you had come by our house. I’m asking you if you had come to see me.
JH: Noona just keeps on being cute.
JA: I am so old, you… (me: she’s saying that she’s too old to be cute)
JH: Isn’t that different depending on the person who is doing the looking?
YE: Between men and women, it’s also about the timing.
JA: What if the timing keeps not not right?
JA: We had better make progress quickly.
JA: Passionately.
(JH hiccups. 😆 Not sure if this is just the way the preview is put together, or if this is actually JH’s reaction to JA wanting to progress things quickly, but it’s still funny.)
JH: Noona, you know…just in case…
JA: Just in case?
JH: Just in case I…
JH: You what?
JH: Perhaps…if I ask you to buy me a meal tomorrow, will you buy it for me?

2NE1 – I Am The Best (내가 제일 잘 나가)


Video 1

Video 2

The translations below are from the Soompi forums!

Scene #1: Party on floor 12

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

YE text: I’ve only just came out now. You haven’t finished work yet, have you?
JA text: It’s almost all done. Don’t worry and go home. You’ve worked hard.

JA: Hey, working like this, this is really going fast. When I was putting one together and then having to tape it, the pile to be done wasn’t getting any smaller.
JH: That’s right. A head is meant to be used. (Meaning that she wasn’t using her head to get it done more efficiently. LOL)
JA: Is that right? (headbutting him. LOL)
JH: I think a fly is flying around. It just bumped into me. (JA slaps him) Oh!
(JA chases JH around the office.)
JA: Yah! You!
(fun and games interrupted by a drunk YE returning(
YE: Manager Yoon! Manager Yoon!
JA: Oh? Ye Eun!
YE: You haven’t left yet!
JA: Why did you come?
YE: Because I didn’t think you would have gone home yet. I thought you would all night.
JA: No. I’m almost done anyway, and it’s too messy over there…
YE: I’ll help you. We can talk while we finish up.
JA: No. That’s just your ambition. (meaning that YE wants to do too much) We can clean up tomorrow when we get into work.

Scene #2: Getting locked in

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

YE: Manager!
JA: Get ahold of yourself.
YE: I really, really like you, manager. You know, right?
JA: I also really, really like you.

JH: Ai, really.

JA: Okay, let’s go now.
YE: Manager!
JA: Yes?
YE: Just like you, manager, I’m going to become an awesome career woman.
JA: Okay. Make sure you do that…
Taxi driver: Are you getting in or not?
JA: for now, let’s just go home, okay?
YE: Wait! Why do you keep trying to send me away?! When I like being with you, manager?
JA: (Taxi driver) ajusshi has been waiting for a long time.
YE: Manager must not like me. When I like manager so much.
JA: I like you. I like you so much. But, right now, you have to go. Okay. (slapping the taxi) Ajusshi! (she’s telling him to start driving)
YE: Manager, I love you.
JA: Me, too. I love you. Please, leave. Bye.

JA: Joon Hee! Joon Hee! Where are you?! Where is he? Huh? Joon Hee!
JH: Oh, why did you come back so late?
JA: Yah, I was trying to come back as fast as I could.
JH: “Fast” whatever. When you just crawled back. (meaning she took her time in a slow crawl)

JH text: I got home safely. Good night. (me: He texts “good night” phonetically to say the English words.)
JA text: Good night. (me: She texts “good” in phonetic English, but texts the night in Korean. For some reason, I find that cute. Not to mention, JH’s reaction to her text.)

Scene #3: Lunch with Noona and coworkers

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Bo Ra: Then again, if like them, they just sit around at their desks all day, then company dinners are to be looked forward to. But we have to go around to the various stores outside even when it’s cold, so how can we even have the energy to go to those company dinners.
JA: That’s why…even getting up in the morning is becoming harder and harder. I think I’m getting old.
Se Young: Why are you both being like this? We are still in the prime of our lives.
BR: You’re saying that not realizing what a big difference one year makes, aren’t you? (meaning being one year older makes her feel a lot older)
SY: Between colleagues, do you want to keep talking about ages? Do you want me to call you “unnie”?
BR: That would be a great honor.
JA: Whether you’re old or young, we need to restore our energy, so how about a health restorative meal.
BR: That would be good.
SY: Rice noodles.
JA: Huh?
BR: How are rice noodles a health restorative meal?
SY: If it’s made deliciously, then it’s all the same. Let’s go.

JH: Thank you.
Waitress: Enjoy your meal.
Seung Chul: Put your legs down. If a friend is lonely every meal, then sickness…
Waitress: Welcome
JH: Noona!
JA: Oh, you were here.
SC: Please, sit here comfortably.

(after SC taps JH’s foot)
JH: Where do you live?
SY: Me? My parents live in the countryside, and I live in Mokdong. I live alone.
SC: That’s the best. I mean, that you’re living in the best area. Yes. (me: LOL at his slip of the tongue)
SY: Where do you live?
JH: Gundang
SC: I live in Bangbaedong.
BR: Since I have something scheduled. (me: This is a way of excusing herself before others from the table.) Please enjoy your meal before you go.
JA: Okay, go first. (me: Way of saying “see you later” to her.)
JH: You’re going to treat me for these rice noodles, aren’t you? Since I helped you yesterday.
JA: Can’t you be quiet?
JH: I’ll eat well.
JA: Okay.
SY: So, how do the two of you know each other?
JH: Since I transferred in second grade of elementary school… wow, it’s already been over 20 years.
JA: Seriously. His older sister and I were elementary school classmates.
SY: Ahh… you’re totally family to each other.
JH: Don’t you know my noona as well? She runs one of your franchise stores.
SY: Oh really? Where is that? Which store is it?

Scene #4: JH finds out that JA is having dinner with her EX

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

KS: (on her phone) Are you going to date Lee Gyu Min again? If you’re not going to, then why…why are you dragging it out? You just dare to do something stupid. Fine.
JH: Who was that?
KS: Why bother asking? It’s Yoon Jin Ah, of course. She said that Lee Gyu Min seeked her out again.
JH: Why?
KS: Why would it be? He’s probably saying all sorts of nonsense to get back together with her.
JH: Doesn’t Jin Ah noona know that it’s all nonsense? Why does she keep meeting him?
KS: That’s what… (she stops as she takes in what he’s said) Meet him? Whose meeting him? I said that bastard is seeking her out.
JH: It’s because she’s giving him some room that he’s doing that. (meaning that she hasn’t definitely cut him off, but allows him to speak)
KS: Yah, she’ll probably finish it for good today. Surely, she won’t…
JH: Whatever.
KS: But why is it that you’re the one that’s so annoyed?
JH: When?

GM: I’m trying really hard to do well with you again, but since you keep being angry, it’s really hard.
JA: It’s hard?
GM: Of course. Since I don’t know what to do.
JA: Is it that you’re brazen or that you’re thoughtless?
GM: What?
JA: How can we come here? When you say that you’re trying to do well by me? Lipstick. Stocking. Why? Do you want to sue me? If I have to be sued, then let’s include some violence.
GM: No, Jin Ah.
JA: I came today because I wanted to end it on a good memory. But, you’re cruel. You’re really the worst! (gets up and leaves, followed by GM)
GM: I’m not the only one who dated someone else. Who was that guy who took you away in front of your office?
JA: Oh, really.
GM: See! You also met someone else! Why am I the only bad guy here? Since we both did it, then can’t we just both get over it?
JA: It wasn’t you. I was the worst for dating you! I was!
GM: How can you just leave like this?!
JA: Why? Do you not have money for the valet again? Oh, you drank, didn’t you? Do you want money to pay the substitute driver? (walks off)

Scene #5: Everyone gets into the elevator and talk about eating pizza for lunch

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SC: Did something bad happen?
SY: Hello
SC: Hello. Your look today is just wow.
SY: Thank you. But, Joon Hee-sshi, you don’t seem to be a good mood today.
SC: That’s true. (nudging JH) See.
JH: No. (me: He’s denying that he’s in a bad mood.) (sees JA coming up to them, so speaks to SY) You said your place was in Mokdong, didn’t you? Where is that?
SY: About five minutes from here.
JH: Oh, that legendary 5 minutes?
SY: That’s right.
JA: Hello
SC: Hello.
(but no greeting from JH which JA notices)
JH: There is a Heart Pizza near there.
SY: Oh, do you know that restaurant?
JH: Yes, I thought it was good there.
(everyone into the lift)
SY: There is an outlet near here.
JH: Here where?
SC: Would it not be possible for you to take us there then?
SY: Why would it not be possible? Since we’re talking about it, how about lunch there today? Do you have time?
JH: Of course, we can do it.
SC: If we can’t, then we still have to make it happen.
JH: Is this the army?
SY: Oh, your phone number?
SC: Mine? (puts his phone number in her phone, then hands it to JH who puts his in.)
JH: Does noona want to come as well?
JA: Where? I wasn’t listening to what you all were discussing since I was texting. (gets off)
SC: Bye.
SY: See you later.

Scene #6: JH and JA bicker like an old couple over dinner. It starts to rain.

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JH: I heard all about it. How ardently did you date that even your junior person was feeling sorry for you?
JA: When you date, are you just pleasant with each other? It has to be passionate. If you weren’t like that, then you were the strange one. That’s not good manners for your partner. That’s just not caring enough about her. When you like each other, then ardently, crazily, burning for each other is the right thing. Don’t you know?
JH: Oh, is that right? You’re a professional at dating. I’ll remember it well and use it.
JA: Oh. But why are you sneering at me from awhile ago?
JH: Who? Me?
JA: Even the way you spoke just now.
JH: No. (JA drinks again.) If it made you feel bad, then I’ll apologize. I’m sorry.
JA: Oh.
(both keep drinking, then JH looks outside)
JH: It’s raining.
JA: So it is.
JH: There was no word that it was going to rain. You don’t have an umbrella, do you?
JA: I don’t. Just getting rained on while I’m going is fine.
JH: Why would you just get rained on?
JA: Because of you, my insides are burning up. So what?
JH: I said I was sorry. Please, let it go now. (holds out his glass for her to pour him another shot)
JA: Okay. As it is, I’m the one who is sorry. For not letting you be able to eat a delicious pizza with Kang Se Young at the hot Heart Pizza place. (clinks glasses with him) Since I did make it difficult for you, I’ll accept your apology with a generous heart.
JH: Why an apology? You could just go with me. You’re going to leave today. (meaning that JA was just going to go home anyway)
JA: Am I a third wheel? Why would I go when I’m being reluctantly squeezed in.
JH: What do you mean “reluctantly”?
JA: What “reluctantly”? Didn’t you say that? “Does noona want to come as well?” It wasn’t even “go with us”, but “come as well”.
JH: Did I say that? I was mindlessly agreeing, so I must not have been paying attention to what I was saying.
JA: Of course, your mind must have been dead. Yah! Do men just like a woman because she’s pretty?
JH: They do.
JA: No standards.
JH: Noona is prettier.

Scene #7: JH and JA walk in the rain as close as they can and for as long as they can

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

(JH gestures for JA to come to him.)
JA: What?
(JH gestures again)
JA: You come here.
(JH just gestures again, so JA runs over to him.)
JA: You said not to get rained on.
JH: Since I was rained on a bit as well.
JA: Aish. However, why did you buy only one umbrella? And, a red one at that?
JH: I don’t know. I bought just the umbrella that I liked the best.
JA: You will become a rich man. (me: she’s being sarcastic that he was being cheap by only buying one) If we keep going this way, then we’re both going to be half completely wet.
JH: In that case, there is a way.
JA: Huh?
JH: Like this. (with his arm around her shoulder and pulling her tight against him)

JH: Should we take a… taxi?
JA: Well, I think it would be good if we went after waking up from the alcohol a little more.
JH: Then, it’s probably better if we walk a little longer before we grab a taxi.
JA: That’s true.
JH: Noona was the smallest, weren’t you?
JA: What?
JH: Because manager’s punch was so strong, I didn’t realize it, but you are really small.
JA: Hey, I’m not small. I’m exactly average.
JH: Ehy, what do you take me for. I’ve held a lot of women… (stops talking as he realizes what he just said)
JA: Ahh. Is that so?
JH: That was a joke.
JA: Hmm.

Scene #8: YE and JA meet over a meal and they talk about men.

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

SY: Weren’t you going with us?
JH: I had a previous engagement.
SC: He says he’s going to a club.
SY: Club? I like those, too.
JH: Really? Then next time, let’s all go together. This time, I promised someone else.
SY: Okay then. Next time, take us to somewhere really good.
SC: You can have another engagement next time as well.
JH: I’m entrusting her to you, take care of her well.
SY: I’ll have to take good care of him. (to SC) Shall we go?
SC: Let’s go.
SY: See you again.
(SC and SY leave)
JH answers his phone: Yoon Ddong! Are you here already?

(JA and YE eating)
YE: Manager, did something happen?
JA: No. I just suddenly felt like having a drink.
YE: You still think of your boyfriend a lot, don’t you?
JA: If I say I don’t, then you would just say that I was lying.
YE: They say the wounds of a breakup can be treated by a new love. Hurry and go date someone else.
JA: (sighs) No, that’s okay.
YE: Why? As far as dating goes, the shorter the time is better. Why? Because since you haven’t forgotten the mistakes you made before, you make fewer mistakes next time.
JA: You’re a total player.
YE: Even if in real life, I’m fumble around a bit. In this, I’m self-assured.
JA: That’s great. However, what a man says and does, how far should you believe him?
YE: They’re all lies.
JA: Lies?
YE: “Yah! When a guy is trying to seduce a woman, what won’t he say and what won’t he do?” I used to work in a public bath house. In 4 years of working on the men’s side, those are the words that I heard most frequently.
JA: Still, that he had intended to seduce her means that he likes her, doesn’t it?
YE: That is true, but as my mom used to say, does a man actually appreciate a woman? He just wants to catch as many as possible into his own pond, and then choose at his leisure.
(JA gets a call from her ex-boyfriend who she has labelled on her phone as “Dog Gyu Min”. LOL)
JA: I’ll be right back after taking this call. (leaves to go outside)
JA: Yah! Why do you keep calling me?!
Man on phone: It’s your dad.
JA: Dad? Why is dad using Lee Gyu Min’s… Dad, did you meet with Lee Gyu Min?

Scene #9: JH meets up with SH, his friend of 20 years and JA’s little brother. Meanwhile JA has to suck it up and meet with her ex and her parents home.

Scene #10: JA plans another revenge and dresses like a vixen. She asks her EX if this is what he wanted. At the same time, JH talks to SH about dating older women.

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

(JA comes out in a dress that is far too tight and looking like a floozy.)

Mom: What is she doing that she’s taking so long… (sees JA enter the room) Oh, you…
JA: Mom and dad, no need to be shocked. It’s because Gyu Min seems to want this kind of look. He says that I’m too plain. He means that I’m boring. Darling, why are you just sitting there like that. You have to look at me. How do I look? Do you like this? Huh? It’s not quite what you really want yet, is it? Should I have worn something shorter? And a redder lipstick? Oh, fishnet stockings! I don’t have those, but maybe I could do something about these…
Mom: Yah!
JA: Oh right. Mom and dad are watching. That’s going a little too over the top. Right?
Dad: That’s right. Go ahead and sit now. Okay? Sit. Huh?
JA: However, I want some wine.

(SH and JH driving back)
SH: So, you don’t have a girlfriend?
JH: No.
SH: You? How could this be? Don’t you even have a “some”? (JH just grins slightly.) Oh, you do have one. Tell me about her. Huh?
JH: What is it that you want to know?
SH: Oh, so it’s not going so well, huh? Is it clear?
JH: Would it be straightforward?
SH: Who is it? How old? 23? 24?
JH: 35
SH: Hey, you crazy bastard! Have you completely flipped out? You went to America and came back an idiot. What? 35? That’s the same age as our older sisters… Can you even do a “some” with her? To speak about it simply, it’s the same as you dating Yoon Jin Ah. Oh! I’ve got gooseflesh. (from fright at the thought) Yah, don’t even go any farther, and just end it. Don’t get your ankle caught and suffer a lot from it. Huh?

Scene #11: A fight almost breaks out at him when the parents realize that GM cheated on their daughter. SH and JH get home at that moment and JH pulls GM outside by the necktie.

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Mom: Aigoo.
Dad: You just get over here, you richard simmons!
GM: I…I acknowledge that I was in the wrong. But it wasn’t just me. Jin Ah also had another man. She also cheated on me.
JA: Lee Gyu Min!
GM: What? It’s not as if I’m telling a lie!
JA: Is this why you came here?! Is this why you’re here?!
GM: Do you think it was easy for me?
JA: It wasn’t easy for you, then why are you here?
GM: Your parents told me to come here, so I should tell them I don’t want to?
JA: Yes, you should have done so. If you had respected me or my parents even an eye booger’s worth, then you should have refused. That would have been the right thing to do. If I had drunk a little more today, then it wouldn’t just have been one slap to the back of your head….
Mom: Oh, Jin Ah, what are you doing?
GM: Fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. Hit me. If it makes you feel better, than I’ll let you hit me however much you want, so hit me.
JA: You’re putting on quite a show.
GM: I’m doing this to try to do well with you again, to go back to our beginning…
JA: Stop dreaming! Even if I die and rise up again, that won’t happen.
GM: So, you’re saying that you’re really breaking up with me?
JA: Are we not broken up already?
Mom: Oh! Yoon Jin Ah, what is all this?!
JA: I’ll explain it all later.
GM: Yah, why later? Just do it now. Do you want me to talk about it in front of your parents? You! That guy who took you away from in front of your office, who was that? Who was that?! Pretending that it didn’t happen. Making it seem as if I was a piece of trash who was the only one who cheated in this relationship. What about you?!
JA: If you go on like that, does it make you feel better?
GM: Well then, who that guy is, why can’t you say it? There is no reason why you can’t be straightforward! Since you’re not saying anything, I feel as if I’m going crazy right now!
JA: I like him! That’s right. He’s someone I like, so what do you want to do about it?!
Mom: I don’t know what’s going on.
(SH at the door.)
SH: I’m home.
Mom: Oh, Seung Ho is home. Oh, Joon Hee.
SH: Oh? Why are you all like this?
Mom: Oh, what’s going on is…
GM: Oh, that’s the person!
Mom: What are you talking about? What do you mean he’s the person? Joon Hee?
GM: (grabbing JA’s wrist) You say something!
JH: Let go off that hand.
SH: Yah…
(JH drags MG out of the house!)
SH: Yah! Yah!

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  1. mary of bethany
    March 31, 2018 / 11:33 am

    “At his house, JH looks on his cell phone as well. he looks at the sleeping photo he took of JA and zooming in and out of it. he lays on his bed and smiles.”
    YOU wrote.
    nothing more heart warming… to have a guy mesmerized just by your sleeping pics… no matter how u think that’s so-so-so ugly… but he just cant stop drooling over…
    Pretty Noona felt like a simple breeze at the hot sticky summer afternoon, with that earnestly of JH, you are promised that with his sincerity and maturity, he can go thru whatever ‘age-gap’ issues that both will encounter along the way, including intruding of some Ex…. yes, real daily lives issues.

    no big dramas (dramatic plots, life threatening issues, triangle relationships… etc) for this drama. some times its simplicity that touches, and make you felt identified. and its only merely 2 eps. it delivers.

    thanks for continuing to recaps. i guess you are doing it till the ends. based on how you loved it.

    • V
      March 31, 2018 / 12:03 pm

      Until the end!! This show makes my heart warm so I want to continue it just for that feeling alone 🙂

    • True52
      March 31, 2018 / 12:13 pm

      I love what you wrote here. This show is like a simple breeze on a hot sticky summer afternoon. It just feels good. I love how the plot is simple, but there is so much going on. they have a lot of internal conflict in their relationship right now. Joon-hee might be worried about what his friend thinks if he dates his sister and JA might be worried about what basically everyone thinks if she dates JH. But they haven’t told this to anyone (not even the audience yet).

      I love the umbrella scene and how each person was making up an excuse to make their walk last a little longer. Then that awkward moment when they finally got to her house. It had stopped raining so they didn’t have an excuse to walk all snuggled up anymore so they just slowly walked back to Jin-ah’s place and each one wanted to see the other off.

      I also love the ending when Joon-hee pulled Gyu-min away. He looked surprised and also upset that Gyu-min was there. I love that JH feels so comfortable in JA’s home so he can just go upt to someone even though the air is tense and pull that guy away.

      Now I just want to know what happens next week!!!

  2. Handily
    March 31, 2018 / 6:05 pm

    I have fallen in love with this show. Thank you ( and Cara ) for the update that on demand korea has it!

    • Cara
      March 31, 2018 / 11:10 pm

      As of now ODK has the raw, but crossing my fingers that they will have subtitles for this. Luckily for us, Bah Doo is doing an awesome job with the live recap.

  3. Cara
    March 31, 2018 / 11:08 pm

    I wonder how long JH has nursed a crush on JA. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not a recent thing. I was surprised to see that the two younger brothers – JH and SH – were also friends. I wasn’t sure if they were, even with their older sisters being best friends. Should be interesting for SH to wrap his head around JH and JA together.

    • Handily
      April 1, 2018 / 11:36 am

      I think that will add an additional component to our main couples struggle to date each other. I really don’t see the brother being okay with that.

  4. April 1, 2018 / 2:18 am

    I’ve been all over the www to look for the subs on the first 2 episodes. Waaah! Nada! I am fervently wishing and hoping that someones subs them soon. Thank you Bah-doo for the live recaps by the way.

  5. Yuki
    April 1, 2018 / 9:48 am

    Good job Bah-doo! I like read your recaps, thank’s !

    • V
      April 1, 2018 / 10:10 am

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. jusash
    April 2, 2018 / 12:27 am

    Much Thanks! Appreciate these live recaps – especially since there are no subs too(NOT that I am complaining too much, because even watching raws of these 2 interact and the overall vibe of this drama was so satisfying. Enough to know this drama is an addictive compelling keeper!

    Thanks again! (and to Stroppyse on Soompi too) 🙂

    • V
      April 2, 2018 / 11:46 am

      Yes, so many thanks to Stroppyse over at Soompi! She is really amazing. Thanks for stopping by, Jusash 🙂

  7. Anna
    April 2, 2018 / 6:33 am

    Thank you (V and Stroppyse)for your hard work! Fighting! 🙂

    • V
      April 2, 2018 / 11:47 am

      Thank you Anna 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Donghae
    April 3, 2018 / 12:28 pm

    ODK removed the drama from their site (www.ondemandkorea.com/pretty-noona-who-buys-me-food-e1.html )

    • V
      April 3, 2018 / 12:30 pm

      What in the world is going on with this show? Maybe that means Dramafever picked it up? Or maybe Viki?

      • V
        April 3, 2018 / 12:38 pm

        Checked Viki and an employee responed to someone’s comment about 13 hours ago saying that they don’t have the license for the sub and they are stil waiting for news on it. Maybe they will have it later.

        Checked Dramafever as well and the page is still blank.


        • Donghae
          April 4, 2018 / 2:11 am

          It also happened to Eulachacha Waikiki on ODK, they removed all the subtitles.
          Usually if DF already have a page for drama, they usually get it in the end, like jTBC webdrama which aired on Naver, DF did get those a few months after the drama complete aired on Naver

          • Donghae
            April 4, 2018 / 2:24 am

            Latest jTBC complete aired drama Misty, all subtitles also removed :(.
            What happened with ODK & jTBC? Huh…

            • V
              April 4, 2018 / 2:27 am

              I wonder if JTBC made an exclusive deal with someone?

              • Donghae
                April 4, 2018 / 2:50 am

                Maybe.. This also similar to jTBC show Mixnine which ODK did have the pilot episode and the subtitle, then the page were removed suddenly.

          • April 4, 2018 / 5:47 am

            Did anybody ever find out what happened to this drama? Who’s got license?

            • V
              April 4, 2018 / 6:19 am

              This remains the biggest mystery in Kdramaland.

            • Cara
              April 4, 2018 / 10:29 pm

              Whoa. This is so weird. I didn’t realize something like this had happened before. I remember one show (forgot which) went from having subtitles to none and I asked ODK about it. Someone wrote back and explained it was a glitch and that the subtitles were for a different region and shouldn’t have appeared in my area. Still the show continued being aired by ODK just without the subtitles. Yikes, now I need to find another online source for the raw.

              • Donghae
                April 5, 2018 / 5:17 am

                I asked ODK about the subtitles and they replied this “We have had to take down English subtitles for the drama “Laughter in Waikiki” due to a lack of subtitle licensing.
                The agreement we had with the Broadcast station expired and we are no longer able to provide subtitles.
                I apologize for the inconvenience.”
                then I asked again about pretty noona and they haven’t reply back yet.

              • V
                April 5, 2018 / 6:29 am

                Thank you Donghae, I am really wondering what they will say. Hopefully it is just a glitch.

              • V
                April 5, 2018 / 5:17 pm

                Okay, I asked On Demand Korea about it on Facebook and here is what they told me:

                “We have had to take down the drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” due to failed license negotiations with JTBC.
                While we had the first 2 episodes available during pending negotiations, we were unable to obtain the license rights for this drama.
                We are no longer able to provide this drama on OnDemandKorea.
                I apologize for the inconvenience”

  9. mandelbrotr
    April 3, 2018 / 9:16 pm

    When Appa is speaking English he is quoting lines from the ending scene of the movie Casablanca.

    • V
      April 3, 2018 / 9:31 pm

      Thank you for this mandelbrotr 🙂 I wonder if the writer will have the appa quoting from other films? That would be a fun Easter Egg hunt 🙂

    • April 5, 2018 / 7:12 pm

      So I guess it’s down to Netflix now? Sad. We’ll probably have to wait until the finale just like they did with Bad Guys.

    • Donghae
      April 6, 2018 / 12:26 pm

      Indonesian were really lucky as DSS Indo fansub translating them :(, first episode subtitle available yesterday

      • V
        April 6, 2018 / 2:49 pm

        That is wonderful news for the Indonesian fans!

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