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Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) Live Recap Episode 1

Something in the Rain starring Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In
Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (aka Something in the Rain) is finally premiering! I believe this drama is a straight romance so it should have a happy ending; I mean, that is basically the definition of a romance, right? But who knows with how drama endings have played out lately. One great thing is that this show is on JTBC which almost guarantees a solid drama with great writing and directing. The leads are amazing actors as well, so we should be in for a wonderful ride!

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Airing Time: March 30th, 22:45 Seoul jtbc
How to Watch: Not sure who has this one yet. On Demand Korea (Thank you Cara!) Update: Removed from On Demand Korea?????? (Thank you Cara and Donghae for the updates)
Countdown: KKEUT

Jin-ah is in the coffee shop and talks to the employees about the businees. She wants them to throw away all the expired foods and clean up everything in the memo. She understands that one of the employees wants to look tall, but she shouldn’t wear highheels because this floor is slippery. It is for her safety so don’t be angry.

Jin-ah leaves and gets a call from Kyung-sun. She says her boyfriend wants to see her, she feels strange about it. Her friend tells her she should look confident when she meets him.

Cut to Jin-ah trying on a dress. She wants to buy it so the lady asks her how she will pay for it. She says she will pay for it in a three month installment. then we see her meeting with her ex, Gyu-min. She talks about a sushi restarant with him and tells him that it would be work the money. At valentines day it will be their one year anniversary, lets go to the south sea somewhere. But the boyfriend doesn’t look that into this conversation. Jin-ah asks why he doens’t like her anymore, why did they break up. That is why he wants to see her right? Do you have a new girlfriend? So waht is it? You should have a reason. Is it my style. my personality? My figure? My father isn’t rich? Im not in my 20’s? What is the reason?

He says she did everything. But she tells him to give her a good reason. He says, our relationship is just….I don’t know if you understand it. She says she doens’t. so he continues, our relationship is like…jelly. (diet jelly?).

Jin-ah sits back, so, it means you expect nothing from me? He says that isn’t it, it isn’t you, it is our relationship. JA tells him that he plays with words and he wants to say that he is not like normal guys. But he tells her that they should stop.

They leave and Gyu-mint ells her that he will drop her off. But she just stands there. He says he is leaving now, and he leaves. JA walks off by herself, but then her ex runs back and asks her if she can give him some money, he doesn’t have any. JA gives him some cash and tells him to change his habit of not carrying cash, because I won’t be with you anymore.

She walks off gloomy and we fade into the next scene.

In this scene, someone is pulling luggage into an apartment. That someone is Joon-hee. Joon-hee turns on the lights to a fully furnished place and looks around. He has a note that says, call me as soon as you see this or I will kill you. it is from his sister.

meanwhile, Kyung-soo meets with JA and talks to her about the dumping. JA says he wasn’t so fresh to her either. She was so popular a few years ago. My first love even wanted to meet me. And that college student wanted my phone number and waited for me. I was 31. Her friend says, yeah, how can you just break up, as soon as he said jelly, I would have slapped him. The friend says she has no smell and no taste because all the men have an ideal woman that is young. So, you have to choose better men.

The friend wants to eat ddukbogi but Jin-ah wants to go to the norebang and sing. We cut to them leaving a norebang with JA stumbling in a drunken stupor. She wants to sing longer but the friend says singing doesn’t make the guy come back. Her friend isn’t as drunk as JA is and tells her to sing this song when she is depressed, she starts singing a fighting song for older woman and still having passion. JA joins in as they both pick up large safety cones and start singing into them.

An ajusshi is sitting in front of the TV in a very nice looking living room and pouring himself a shot of soju. Someone tries to come inside the home, but they get the password wrong. The Ajusshi is about to stand to help them, but then the person gets the password right. That person is a drunken JA who came home with this safety cone. She apologizes and goes to her room with the cone.
Both her mom and dad look at her and sigh.

JA’s phone goes off in the morning. She reaches for it and rolls over as she checks the time. Then we see her leaving the bathroom and talking to her little brother. She asks him why he won’t just stay at home, he says there are no drunk people in the dorms. JA rolls her eyes at him and goes back into the bathroom.

Umma comes out at that moment and dotes all over Deung-ho as he basically ignores her pampering and tries to leave. He heads out and Umma goes to the kitchen to prepare for the day. (their kitchen looks amazing by the way.) The mother wants JA to bring her boyfriend home, but that makes JA just leave and lose her appetite, she doens’t want to eat breakfast. The mother yells at her, I made this for you!

More home scenes as JA gets ready to go to work. Her appa is retired so he goes to talk to her. He has nothing to do. But JA just runs off to work, she’s late.

Cut to commuter scenes as JA rides the escalator and teh subway. She goes inside to a lavish hipster coffee franchise business and sits at her hipster like cubicle. then we cut to our guy, Joon-hee coming in. He works in the same building.

JH is a graphic designer for a game company and goes to this very gaming looking office building with clear walls and metal all around. there are toys everywhere and bicycles hanging on the wall. It looks like JH might have tried to swap a gun. He walks with it hidden, but then he gets ambushed! Everyone starts shooting their guns at him, but they run out of bullets so he shoots them too until he is tackled.

But the mood is different at the coffee shop as they all quietly talk about coffee business. Something happened at one of the coffee shops. JA speaks up for another employee. Ah, it looks like the instagram photo is problematic because you shouldn’t have a cell phone or earings at work, so that worker is in trouble and JA tried to cover for her.

Afterwards, instead of being happy about it, the other woman is angry and not appreciative at all. She leaves and JA looks through her desk. She finds a coffee cup with her ex boyfriend and her on it.

Then she goes to one of the coffee shops and tells the manager that he needs to train his employees better, not fire them. She nit picks all the thinks this man is doing wrong with the coffee shop. Does he mix the coffee? The sales and beans available don’t match. the man thinks the machine might have lied to her and smiles. But JA just keeps looking around. It looks like he isn’t putting cash customers on the list. JA tells him he has one more strike. After that he will be out. He tells her that he is clean, just look around.

So she does look around, she looks in all the boxes in the back and finds another companies coffee box. He says he did it! heir coffee is so expensive so he had to! I will burn everything! he storms off.
JA goes outside and sits on a bench. SHe talks to someone about printing out a list of employee training for their franchise coffee shops. Then she pulls out some kimbap and starts eating. But she gets a call right then and tells the person that she has another meeting. She finished one franchise and has another one. But she is given an extra one by her boss. She tells him that it isn’t far away so she will go there right now.

She switches from her tennis shoes back into her worker shoes and runs to the next location. But maybe she shouldn’t have run because we cut to her walking slowly and touching her feet a moment later. Then our guy rolls through on his bicycle. he keeps rolling and she watches him, curious.

But then she keeps walking. However, he comes back and she says it was you! I thought it was you, when did you come back! He says, While you were sleeping. and they both laugh at that. Then we have the veryplayful bycilce riding scene from the promotional teasers. JA tries to catch him on the bicycle and she tells him that he is playing with noona.

He keeps riding around her in the bicycle and she keeps trying to walk and catch him at the same time.

JA and JH sit for drinks. She asks him if he found teh woman of his life and he says not yet, you are the best. She tells him that if he wasn’t his best friends little brother then he would be hers. They start talking about the overseas work, he was in the US for three years, but he wan’ts to go to another country. He wanted to live in the US, he likes big countries. But JA tells him not to say that in front of his sister. She yells at him, but she is concerned about him.

He says he thinks about her too much, that is the problem. He didn’t tell her that he is back yet either. he thinks she will make too much of a fuss about it. JA says she remembers giving him piggy back rides, how come he grew up so much. But he says, the noona who gave me piggy back rides, how come you are so old? She tells him to shut up. He says she became jelly and she is about to throw up, suddenly.

Cut to the both of them walking along the sidewalk. She says seh can’t walk like that, so she cahnges into her sneakers. He kneels to give her a piggy back ride and she kicks him so he stands back up. then they talk about wearing sneakers to work. It seems like he can wear them if he wants to.

Then he suddenly grabs her hand and andpulls her up the little hill they are near. they break throw a fence that has a crack in it. Perhaps this is a short cut? When they get to the other side of the fence, they see some people making out and get a little uncomfortable. But then the kissing couple sees them and leaves. JA asks what this place is and he says it is a shortcut. He found this place in highschool to smoke cigarrettes. She says he was a good student. he says that good student had his first kiss there also. Then he says something and she starts hitting him like a punching bag.

they run off together and she tells him that he became a real womanizer.

then we cut to them turning a corner and walking up another sidewalk. JH says when he was in the US, the building moved and everything changed. Can you show me around now? But JA just says she is busy. He tells her she is pretending to be busy so she won’t have to buy him food. But she just playfully runs inside and he smiles as he watches her.
Umma and JA are in her room talking about marriage. Umma wants JA to marry her ex, UMma doesn’t know that they broke up. Umma says that everyone is envious of her because of her daughters boyfriend who went to Seoul University and is a lawyer and comes from a good family. JA tells her that she is super tired and just wants to go to bed. Umma tells her that she always tells her she is tired when she wants to talk about those things. Behave better!

Then we cut to Joon-hee reuniting with his siter. He stops by her business at closing. She says the store is closed, but when she sees that it is her little brother, sostarts smiling and chasing him around the building.

JA is at work and gets a text:

JH: Noona, buy me some food.

He gets in the elevator and thinks of what food he might want, something spicy? Chinese food? Everyone talks about the lunch menu. JA is on the elevator too but doens’t notice that JH is there.

JA goes out with her colleagues and eats. there are two men and two women. CG asks why JA breaks up all the time, then he asks for some of her food. He says he is telling her this because she is like his little sister. Being single isn’t good. JA doesn’t say anything about it and just keeps eating.

JA’s alarm goes off and she wakes up with a stretch. She geos to the living room and sees that her father is already awake. He says it is his habit since he always woke up early for work. She tells him to get some more rest, but then she heads out to work.

this is another franchise store opening day, so JA makes sure everything is in place. Then seh gets a text, her ex boyfriend already has another girlfriend and posted a picture of them together on Facebook. She calls her friend and asks what this is. The friend says this is her boyfriend, she wondered shy he just dumped her so she followed his Instagram and they went to the same place that JA wanted to go to with GM. Whatever JA suggested, GM took the other girl there.

JA sits in her car and looks through her ex’s Instagram. She even finds out where they are rigth at this minute, and goes there to see the two of them together. She looks through the window at the happy couple, and is devestated. She asks for teh key to that car and says she has to take something out. She goes to the ex’s car and puts lipstick in it and torn-raveled stockings on the floor.

then we cut to the girlfriend and ex-boyfriend leaving. She is drunk, she cant stand. So he tells her that they should go home, he will give her a massage. he gets his car keys and beep opens the door for his girlfriend. the girlfriend gets in and sees the lipstick and stockings. Meanwhile, JA is sneaking around as she watches the scene from behind another car.

The boyfriend gets in the car and the girlfriend asks him if he has another girlfriend. They get into an argument. She says she normally doesn’t include old Oppa’s like him in her list of boyfriends, but she incuded him since he always stuck around. But she is leaving. they keep arguing and yelling about this. The gilr is loud and amazing at arguing and basically shuts up the boyfriend. She gets out and JA watches, it was a success.
Afterwards, JA goes drinking with her friend, KS. She is sad even though she just got revenge on her ex. JA thinks she doesnt’ have good eyesight for men. Maybe what she thinks is love isn’t real love, what is real love? the friend smiles and says she doesnt’ know. They both drink. JA says, knowing her future is a sad thing. the friend thinks they should see a shaman. waht is your future? JA says she thought she would meet someone, get married and live happy. The friend thinks there might be some happiness in those things, maaaaaaybe!

JH comes in and sits with them. he wonders why noona is so drunk today. She is falling into the alcohol. The friend says that JA is sensitive today. JA wants to know, did someone say she was jelly again? JA punches JH a few times but says that she doens’t have any energy to punch him. that is so sad.

Cut to the end of their night. JA gieves her friend a happy drunken hug and rubs her head. The friend tells her to go home safely and get straight in bed. jH comes out and asks his sister, what if they get married after doing this all the time? We will become a couple. But the sister just tells him to get into the car and escort JA home. They leave and their music starts to play.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…giving all your love to just one man…”

This song plays as JA looks ahead and tries not to tear up. JH drives her and tries not to look at her or notice that she is about to cry. JA turns her head to the window and closes her eyes. JH looks a bit awkward as he doesn’t say anything even though it seems like he might want to. JA keeps not sobbing until they pull over.

Cut to JH standing outside as JA prepares herself in the car. Maybe he let her cry alone while he stood outside. She gets out and walks up to him and they nod to each other. then we cut to them both back inside the car. JA sleeps and JH takes a picture of her. This wakes her up, she asks him if he took a phot? He deny’s it so she tells him to give her his cell phone. But he asks why he should take her sleeping-drooling picture. She isall like, I don’t drool, stop lying to me. But he just motions to wipe some drool from her face.

They get out and he walks her to the front. She tells him that he is the only one she can brag to, so when he is alone he will buy her dinner. She says bye and goes inside. He watches her walk allthe way to the elevator and probably would have watched the doors close, but she waves for him to leave. He turns and leaves with a smile, but then his face grows a bit serious.
There is a problem, the grand opening day present isn’t there. This looks like it could be a big problem. JA calls the company to find out what is going on. Cue someone asking around. An employee goes to the boss’s office and she tells him to leave, she will take care of it. SHe picks up the phone and says that she is the manager, she wants them to send….

then we see her meeitng with her boss (?). She tells him that she made a mistake. This man didn’t sign the form which is why the gift wasn’t there. This man doesn’t work, he is just the cousin of someone so that is why he has the job. He is a big trouble maker in the company. He sheds the form.

At the franchise, JA apologizes to everyone. She says they will send the present to their homes and they will send them a coupon for coffee.

JA runs to the main offices and asks the young employee if he double checked it. But then someone pulls her away and we see her sitting with the CEO and the cousin. the CEO asks his cousin, you said you didnt’ have the documents to sign? the man deny’s it. JA says they will send the gift by mail, it is her mistake so she will pay it from her own pocket. The CEO tells her that she works well, seh can leave.

JA goes to the rooftop and talks to the Young-in, the manager. She thanks her. The manager tells her to cheer up and leaves. JA stays on the rooftop and sees her card debt mesage on her credit card. Then she talks to someone on the phone. She says she has an appointment but some hubae wants to eat with her. She tells them not to worry about her.
Similarly, JH tells his company people that he has an appointment.

Cut to JA and JH eating together from the promotional teasers. She says this is a nice place. He asked where she wanted to go and she says she didn’t want to remember it. JH asks the waitress for the house wine. He tells JA that she can break the news even tohugh it is worktime.

then we see JA coming back from the restroom, she goes to pay but the waitress says that the guy already paid. JA goes outside and tells him that he shouldn’t have paid, his sister will be angry at her. But he just plays it off and they leave together.

they hop on the elevator at work together, but the troublemaker director gets on too. He talks to her about the urgent message and if she has something else. She says she will find it. She hops off and he whispers, fighting!

At her desk, JA gets a call from her friend telling her not to meet that guy ever ever ever again. She doesn’t want to see her suffering. JA agrees. She leaves work and starts waoking somewhere right aourside the building. Ah, her exboyfriend is there. He asks her why she is ignoring him. They should go somewhere and talk. But she says that they can talk there.

Cut to the lawyer begging her as they argue. ALl the company people see this and watch from inside the building. JH walks out and pulls JA away as if he is her boyfriend. He tells her to pretend that he is her boyfriend. GM comes up and asks who this guy is. JH says he is her boyfriend and he will report him as a stalker. he calls someone and says that he is reporting a stalker. But he called his sister, lol, and is sister is all like, what? the man runs off and JH says he will explain it to her later, he hangs up.

JH and JA walk off and talk about how pitiful JA looks. She thinks she is so pitiful that her best friends brother has to save her from a man. But he says she always had bad taste in men. If you didnt’ break up with him then you would be with a bad guy forever, so youa r lucky. She thinks that is a better explanation than what happened.

JH is at his desk working when a man comes up to him. He wants to be hooked up with his noona from the coffee shop. JH looks at him like he lost his mind. The colleague wants to know why he is looking at him like that, does he like her? But then they talk about how pretty Se-young is. Ah, it looks like the friend wants an introduction with SY, not JA.

Cut to JA at her company. SY talks to JH and asks about the new guy. Is she dating him? Is it okay if she hits on him? JA says she can try but he has high standard and doens’t date anyone.

The entire coffee team goes out drinking together. They pour drinks for each other and eat in a relatively dignified way. it is one of those awkward company outings that everyone has to go to. So they all sit and eat and drink for their future love and work. JA has a love shot with the director adn he looks her up and down. Then he says they don’t have missles (refering to her breasts). This catches the managers attention because it was innapropriate. But no one says anything about it. They wonder why seh sits with those old men. She doesn’ have an opinion.

The women leave together. it looks like some other people are going to a norebang but JA says she needs to go home (or back to work?) but the man says she doens’t have a boyfriend anymore so she can come. She says she always went even when she had a boyfriend and storms off back tot he company.

Sh buys a lot of beer and rubs her eyes as she goes back inside the building. That is when she runs into JH who is leaving to go to a club. She says she is going to work and drink. She asks him if he is going to go off and seduce women? he gets a call and tells the person that Oppa is coming. JA sees this as her cue to leave. Then JH gets another call from another woman and says Oppa is on the way. But he looks a bit reluctant now.

Cut to JA working in the cubicles. But then we see JH coming back into the building. Cut back to JA playing “I am the best” as she dances around in the office with her beer. She tries to do all the sexy moves and struts around as if she owns the place. It is so cute.

JH gets off the elevator, but he needs a card to get into the coffee offices. he looks around and sees JA dancing from the window. She is really going to town dancing. JH smiles as he watches her having a fun time. He laughs and their music starts to play.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman, giving all your love to just one man…”

Fade Out

More cuteness to come. And it looks like the umbrella scene is tomorrow as well. (preview is below)

This show is super adorable.
The song that keeps playing in this episode is very famous. It is called Stand By Your Man and it is by Tammy Wynette. It was made super famous in the US after Hillary Clinton quoted it in the wake of the Clinton presidential scandal in the 90’s. Now it is always mentioned when a policitian’s wife stands by her man after he cheats on her. Hopefully this drama doesn’t go into the cheating/infidelity route!

The office dance song
2NE1 – I Am The Best


This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!
Woman: They say that the pain of a rejection can be treated by a new love. Go ahead and meet someone else.
JA: What a man says and does, how far should one believe him?
Woman: They’re all lies.
Man: I thought that Yoon Jin Ah had completely crumpled, so why does she keep making noises these days?
YE: It’s because you allow his behavior that the department head keeps acting up towards you, manager.
Man: Don’t you have a “some”? (meaning: some = flirtation, someone you’re interested in) Oh, you do have one. How old is she? 23? 24?
JH: 35
Man: Can you even have a “some” with her?!
JA: For men, if they’re pretty, do you just like them regardless?
JH: Noona is prettier.

Scene #1: The Breakup

Scene #2: The Aftermath, drunken singing

Scene #3: Talking with her friend

Scene #4: Welcome back

Scene #5: On the job at one of the franchises

Scene #6: the bicycle scene from the trailers

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: (work call on her phone) Burgamdong? Right now? No, it’s not far. I’ll go there right now. Yes. (changes into her heels and runs off)

(JA is walking later in her heels which are giving her some problems when JH rides by her, before he circles around to come up by her.)
JA: You have come. (meaning he has come back in to Korea) I thought I had seen wrongly. When did you come back into the country?
JH: Mmm….while you were sleeping?
JA: As always, you’re such a joker.
(JH continues to ride in circles around JA to tease her.)
JA: Yah! Really. If I could chase you down, I would. I’m restraining myself. You’re teasing your noona.

Scene #7: Eating out with Joon-hee

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

JA: So, have you found a girl that you like yet?
JH: Even if it makes me miserable, until now, Yoon Jin Ah is still the best.
JA: Aigoo. If only you had not been Seo Kyung Sun’s little brother, you would have been really killed.(both take a drink) Oh, that’s refreshing. I would have thought you would have asked to eat grilled pork skin and drink soju.
JH: With the staffers earlier, I’ve already eaten and drunk my fill.
JA: I see. Are you done with going to the overseas office now?
JH: What are you saying? With the rotation, a chance will definitely come up again for me.
JA: You had left to live in America for 3 years already, and it’s still not enough?
JH: Actually, staying put and living does sound good. I actually think being taken care of is right for me.
JA: Oh. With just your body being all grown up, really. You should show that to Kyung Sun as well. Kyung Sun only nags on the outside. When it comes to you, Kyung Sun is scary. (meaning that KS cares for JH a lot) Do you even know how much time and effort she has spent looking for a place for you to live when you got back home? Think about your noona?
JH: The problem is that I think about her too much. I haven’t even told her yet that I’m back.
JA: You’re crazy!
JH: Saying she wants to feed me, she’s going to go to a lot of work, isn’t she? When even working at her shop is hard.
JA: (baby voice) koochi-koochi-koo. I used to carry you on my back as you were a baby, so when did you grow up like this?
JH: The noona who used to carry me on her back, when did she become so full of it?
JA: Do you really…want to die? (both laugh) It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?
JH: What about dating? (he’s asking if JA is dating)
JA: Hmm… Well, love is, as always, an NG. (meaning No Good)
JH: I hear you were dumped? (JA chokes on her drink) What’s wrong? What’s wrong?

JA: Oh, I don’t think I’m going to make it to the house. (changes to sneakers) Thanks. I’ll do it.
JH: (crouching down in front of JA) Just in case this was a test that you wanted a piggy back ride, that I didn’t realize.
JA: (kicking him) Don’t mess around.

Scene #8: Joon-hee surprises his sister and JA’s awkward lunch with coworkers

Scene #9: The Instagram photo and Revenge

Scene #10: JH gives JA a ride home after she cries in the car and he secretly takes a photo of her.

Scene #11: Another meal out JH secretly pays for it

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

Jin Ah: Oh, Ye Eun.
Ye Eun: Manager, where are you? You have to eat.
JA: Ahh… I…had a personal appointment.
YE: Did you really have an appointment? Or do you, with me…
JA: Why won’t you believe a person’s words? Go ahead and eat with Dong Woo, and don’t worry about me. Dong Woo is probably crying somewhere.
YE: Yes. Manager should also make sure to eat.
JA: Okay.

JA text to Joon Hee: Should we eat together?
Colleague: Jjajjangmyun for lunch at the usual place. Okay?
Joon Hee: I already have a (lunch) engagement.
Colleague: What? When you don’t even have any friends.
JH: That’s why a woman is important.
Colleague: What’s this?! Were you being serious?

JA: It’s nice here. I almost took you on a tour of “mat-jibs”, and would have just been scoffed at. (me: mat-jibs are restaurants or other eateries famous for being delicious)
JH: Where did you usually go for lunch?
JA: Oh, it brings up memories, and I don’t want to ruin this atmosphere right now. (me: She probably means it reminds her of her ex which would put her in a foul mood.)
JH: Do you want a glass of win?
JA: Whatever. It’s the middle of the workday.
JH: You have to break a taboo in order to shake it off. (meaning: She should do something that is taboo in order to get rid of any lingering mood breakers.)
JA: Really?
JH: What do you have as your house wine?
Waitress: The house wine?
JA: Please show us a (wine) menu.
Waitress: Yes.

JA: Is the bill perhaps here?
Receptionist: The male person has already paid.
JA: Yah! Why did you pay? Kyung Sun is going to scold me for taking from her little brother.
JH: You can just take responsibility for paying for lunches going forward.
JA: Okay. Anyway. thanks to you, I ate well in a good mood today, and even broke a taboo.
JH: Since you’ve had a taste, Yoon Jin Ah, you’re in so much trouble. (me: ROFL)
JA: I ate too much at lunch.

Scene #12: the ex-boyfriend encounter as JH pretends to be JA’s new boyfriend

This translations is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you so much!

GM: Why are you ignoring my messages and not answering your phone?
JA: What is it that you had to say?
GM: This isn’t really the place. Let’s go someplace quiet to talk…
JA: That’s enough of that. If you have something to say, then say it quickly.
(JA’s co-workers notice the arguments which then also attracts JH’s attention.)
GM: Let’s just go someplace and talk.
JA: Just say it here.
(JH grabs JA by the shoulders and walks off with her.)
JA: Hey, what are you doing?
JH: Play-acting as your boyfriend. Act natural.
GM: (to JA) Oh, who is this person?
JA: Oh…
JH: Who are you?
GM: I’m Jin Ah’s boyfriend.
JH: Get lost.
GM: What did you say?!
JH: I said get lost. Are you a stalker? Do I have to report you (to the police)?
GM: (to JA) Yah! Who is this person?
JH: (into his phone) This is the police, right? I want to report a stalker.
KS: (on the phone) What are you saying? Did you cause trouble again?
GM: We’ll talk later.
KS: (on the phone) You crazy bastard! What are you reporting?!
JH: I’ll call you later. (hangs up) Noona is going to kill me.
JA: I’ll explain it to her. (walks off)

JH: Did I make a mistake?
JA: No.
JH: Then why aren’t you even saying a word to me? It seems as if you’re mad at me.
JA: Because I’m completely embarrassed. How useless am I that even a friend’s little brother steps forward to help me out of my pathetic dating situation? I’m embarrassed to death.
JH: I was not even shocked. After all, noona’s ability to judge men is a little lacking anyway.
JA: That’s what I mean.
JH: You were lucky. You could have been tied to that pathetic human being for the rest of your life. See, you were totally lucky.
JA: The interpretation is better than the event. (meaning that JH had put it into a better light than she had been experiencing it. Awww.)

Scene #13: The solo dance party at work. JA dances and JH laughs as he watches from outside.

Something in the Rain Character Chart starring Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-In

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  1. mary_of_bethany
    March 30, 2018 / 10:18 am

    hi, i was at soompi forum for “pretty noona’. found that you are doing recap.
    do you mind, with your permission. can i post your recap at the soompi site. since it is a thread dedicate to Pretty Noona… i will credit you of coz. i will be very happy with your permission to post there.
    this is the site. i am very impressed not just with how fast you wrote your recap but your ability to understand korean and wrote so fluently.
    and you wrote well in bringing out the feels.


    • V
      March 30, 2018 / 10:25 am

      I don’t mind at all! Go right ahead 🙂

      • mary of bethany
        March 31, 2018 / 10:57 am

        great. i will post your stuff there and credits u. you can check out soompi forum Pretty noona site. m…. am impressed again tonight.

      • mary of bethany
        March 31, 2018 / 10:59 am

        btw, are you the “V” that i met back at I am Not A Robot (or some other dramas)?
        the one that Mod Berou posted the recaps from?

        • V
          March 31, 2018 / 12:01 pm

          Yes, same one!

  2. bbcream
    March 30, 2018 / 11:17 am

    This show looks so amazing. It feels real without feeling uncomfortable. It also doeasn’t look like there are any eeeeeeeevil people around so that makes me happy.

    • Anonymous
      March 30, 2018 / 11:22 am

      I agree, I love that the only evil person is the nepotism guy. And he isnt so much as evil as just incompitent and innapropriate.

  3. Kiara
    March 30, 2018 / 12:22 pm

    Thank you so much for this!
    I picked up some of your translations from YouTube but gave credit to the wrong person sorry.

    • V
      March 30, 2018 / 12:46 pm

      Not a problem Kiara! It is so nice that you came over to apologize (that makes me feel all warm inside). I can’t talk all the credit though, there are two of us over here. O does all the translating and I do all the typing. 🙂

      Stop by again sometime!

      • True52
        March 30, 2018 / 12:52 pm

        Yes, thank you so much V! And Kiara, you are the best for helping spread the word. 🙂

      • Kiara
        March 31, 2018 / 10:07 pm

        I’m definitely hanging out here with you guys. Thanks for providing a place for us to squeeee over Pretty Noona <3.
        I love this show so much I can't concentrate on any other haha.

  4. True52
    March 30, 2018 / 12:43 pm

    Thank you so much for your efforts in doing these live recaps! I know how hard it is to type so fast. I can’t even imagine translating and typing. You are the best 🙂

    I loved this first episode. I believe I am in it for the long haul. Don’t be cruel to me show!!!! Picking the song Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette only eludes to a bitter sweetness of a drama. I hope it is more on the sweet side, but I can see how a lot of people might not want them to be together. The biggest being her best friend, but I hope the friends won’t let it ruin their friendship.

    • V
      March 30, 2018 / 12:51 pm

      I know!!!! I hope the show isn’t as cruel as the ending of two other recent shows that shall not be named. Please give us a happy ending. 🙏♥️😬

      • V
        March 30, 2018 / 1:10 pm

        Also, this was such a good point about the song, so I had to add a note above that explains it a tiny bit!

  5. sylxlviic
    March 30, 2018 / 2:14 pm

    So glad you’re here to cater to the obsessed and that you’ve picked up this drama to recap! *squeals*
    Thanks heaps to the duo behind Drama Milk, for the amazing work and effort!

    • V
      March 30, 2018 / 2:29 pm

      Woohoo! We welcome all the obsessed! No one else understands that when you have to know, you have to know RIGHT NOW. 😁😄

  6. Cara
    March 30, 2018 / 4:05 pm

    Phew. I’m glad you guys are recapping this. It doesn’t seem like anyone (Viki, Dramafever, etc.) is translating this or recapping this besides you.

    I was surprised by how this was shot. First Misty then My Ajusshi and now this. I wonder if this will be a trend now. No complaints here as I’m all for variety. Also, this was very different from what I envisioned. I was expecting the usual noona rom-com, but this was a nice departure in many ways.

    • V
      March 30, 2018 / 5:22 pm

      So does Netflix have this one too? If so then that is a really big score for them since this drama was pretty highly anticipated.

      I loooooooove how this show is shot. It is like Misty and My Ajusshi. I think that adds to the normalness of it and yet to the kind of normal magic of it too?

      • Cara
        March 31, 2018 / 4:24 pm

        I don’t think Netflix does. It’s a jtbc show so the odds are low. If it was TvN then it would be a high probability of a yes. I think for whatever reason it just didn’t get picked up which happens every so often. However it’s a shame given the high production value, actors, and fan anticipation.

        I’m glad that Korean tv is finally embracing different formats and styles. I was afraid that kdrama would be stuck reusing the same set of formulas again and again so these recent shows are a good indication. Hopefully, Secret Forest 2 and the doctor show from the writer of Secret Forest will continue the trend.

        • Cara
          March 31, 2018 / 4:34 pm

          Just noticed that On Demand Korea is airing Pretty Noona, but it’s unclear if they are subtitling as well. If they are, it may be for the paid users or depend on the region. Stateside I only see the raw, but ODK sometimes can take a while to subtitle. For example, ODK has Hyori’s B&B but it takes about 2-3 days for the subtitles to appear.

          • V
            March 31, 2018 / 4:37 pm

            OMG Cara!!! Thank you for the heads up!!! That is great news, at least some people can watch the episode without having to worry about malware etc…

  7. StrangeTraveler
    March 30, 2018 / 11:08 pm

    Yo-hoo,… Thanks for recapping this. This will be actually the first drama i’ll follow after hwayugi. Good to be bumping with again @V and of course, this lovely site and its team.

    • V
      March 31, 2018 / 6:26 am

      Whoo hoo! Hwayugi Peeps are always welcome! 🙂

  8. April 7, 2018 / 10:28 am

    Finally got this first episode watched. I had to wait for Eng subs, as pathetic as they are, to watch. I gathered the gist of it all, but your recap is so nice to have and Stroppyse at Soompi too! You guys are all saints! This was a great start. I am already falling hard for the leads. They have such a natural attraction and easy dialogue, don’t they?

  9. April 7, 2018 / 2:02 pm

    Also, can someone explain to me what “jelly” means? I don’t know what “diet jelly” is either. Is it like she’s anemic or boring, not worth eating, flavorless? Thanks.

    • V
      April 7, 2018 / 2:12 pm

      It is a type of jelly food with no taste. People just eat it to get full. It is also called Devils tongue jelly or Kongyak jelly.

    • V
      April 7, 2018 / 2:13 pm

      I would guess that means that the person is boring and has no spice in their life possibly. It is a new expression that this show is using.

      • April 7, 2018 / 3:45 pm

        Thanks. It was strange how the show makes it sound horrible, like a curse word, and her expression when she is called it.

        • V
          April 7, 2018 / 5:32 pm

          It seems like it is the least flattering word, almost like being called a “Basic Bch” but not that strong.

  10. uby
    April 12, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    can’t wait for your tonight recap… yeah me too, i’ve seen somebody has used your recap on youtube. But so glad that finally i’ve found this site. thank’s V and O💖

    • V
      April 12, 2018 / 9:12 pm

      So happy you found us uby 🙂

  11. Lala
    April 16, 2018 / 5:13 am

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. I think I read somewhere this show won’t be on Netflix until late May for those in the States. If this is the time to buy Netflix and hopefully they will add English subtitles this would be the time to get it 🤩

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