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Premiering: The Undateables

Premiering Undateables Recap on Drama Milk starring
We decided to recap The Undateables instead of Miss Hammurabi (sorry Miss Hammurabi) mostly because it looks light and fluffy and has nothing to do with the law. So I am digging into this Premiering post to familiarize myself with the drama.

This is a straight up romantic comedy between a man who doesn’t believe in love and a woman who only believes in love. The are both involved in a dating company where they help the undateable find love matches.

Namkoong Min (남궁민) as Kang Hoon-nam
A relationship expert who doesn’t believe in love. He is the second son of DMJ food but was born from an extra marriage. His mother died when he was little which is what led him to the family house. Because of that, he doesn’t’ believe in love and keeps his distance from it. But then Jung-eum showed up in front of him. He starts to have the happiness and sadness of love.

Hwang Jung-eum (황정음) as Yoo Jung-eum
A former diving athlete who became a “relationship helper” who dreams of love and marriage, but has given them up in her own life. Whatever she does, she is all in. Love is the same, she can’t do measurements. She believes that those who love the most are happiest, but she was betrayed by her first love and only had a wounded heart.

A few years later she started her second life as a couple manager. But after a big incident, she takes over all 0% couple matching members. On accident, she found out Hoon-nam’s secret and worked hard as his couple manager in the 0% member couple manager group but she starts to have feelings for him as a man.

Choi Tae-joon (최태준) as Choi Jun-soo
A clinic doctor who is Jung-eum’s best friend. He is a very good man whom only Jung-eum doesn’t know about because they have been friends since primary school. When she sees him, she knows how he feels. One day, due to Hoon-nam, he realizes his true heart to Jung-eum.

Oh Yoon-ah (오윤아) as Coach-yang
Coach of the National Diving Team. Cool and cutely clumsy. She is like Jung-eum’s real sister and has been with her her athlete days. She became Jung-eum’s first 0% club member and met Yook-ryong. She experienced a new world of love.

Jo Dal-hwan (조달환) as Charlie
Hoon-nam’s army friend and a magazine editor. He looks like a macho man but he is very sensitive. He respects Hoon-nam and relies on him because Hoon-nam was on his side when he had a hard time in the army. Because of Hoon-nam, he is working as a writer for a dating column, “Hoon-nam Jung-eum” which is the Holy Grail for undateables.

Jung Moon-sung (정문성) as Yook-ryong
Hoon-nam’s younger cousin and Jung-eum’s servant. He has a peculiar face that you won’t forget. He is one of the undateables who is always dumped when he confesses his love. But, with Hoon-nam’s coaching, he becomes a Casonova. He meets coach Yang and becomes like a slave to Jung-eum.

The Undateables airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 on SBS. You can watch it live on SBS On-Air.

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Hwang Jung-eum Instagram @jungeum84
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Shorthand character Chart for Korean Drama The Undateables starring Namkoong Min and Hwang Jung-Eum





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  1. Sashaa
    May 23, 2018 / 1:54 pm

    Started on Hammurabi. Am not fully sold but I am in for the feminist Present in our female lead.
    If only I could spread my legs like that in a subway to prove a point! They had me there.

    • V
      May 24, 2018 / 5:35 am

      Okay I need to find a clip of that. I’ve noticed that JTBC is high on the feminist angle so that should make this show fun.

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