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Premiering: Lawless Lawyer

Premiering: Lawless Lawyer which airs Saturday and Sunday starting May 12th on tvN
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Are y’all as ready for Lawless Lawyer as I am? Because I am ready for my weekends to be alive with drama magic again. Lawless Lawyer might just be that drama to bring a magical spark back to my action drama palate, so I am greatly anticipating the premiere on May 12th.

Lawless Lawyer is the story of a former thug who became a lawyer due to a great injustice. The great injustice has something to due with his tragic backstory of witnessing his mothers death, but it is not clear. Either witnessing the death is the great injustice, or the thugs not being punished could be it, or it could be something else entirely. Whatever the case, your boy became a lawyer and is using the law to do his fighting for him now.

There is some wordplay going on in the character descriptions because the Chinese character for “Moo” can be “Less” and if can be “Fighting.” They used the “less” part for the title, Lawless Lawyer, but they use the fighting part to describe our duo because both of them have the fighting spirit and literally fight people; seriously, the trailer is full of all sorts of punches going around. In the long trailer and in the character posters our main man says he is not a law less lawyer, he is a fighting lawyer, which makes me wonder if the production team didn’t like the English title and are letting the world know in an inside joke sort of way.

I will have to side with whoever created the English title though because Lawless Lawyer has a better ring to it than Fighting Lawyer. Though Fighting Lawyer would also be cool. Or they could have gone way off and called it Martial Law or something similar which pulls the play on words from fighting and the law. “Martial” being the fighting part and “Law” being the law part. When put together, martial law means the suspension of ordinary laws when under military government. But in our case it would be our main characters using the law as their own means of war against all the thugs of city which also ties in the bendy ways they will probably use the law to this means. Okay, that was me just postulating, let’s get back to the actual drama.

Lee Joon-gi (이준기) plays Bong Sang-pil – Bong Sang-pil is our lead who is the former thug that uses the law to his advantage. Some might consider some things he does as bending the law to his advantage, because he finds all the loopholes and uses them for justice.

Seo Ye-ji (서예지) plays Ha Jae-yi – Ha Jae-yi is our hothead lawyer who fights for justice with the law in one hand and her temper in the other. That temper gets the best of her when attacks a judge and is demoted for her efforts. Our main guy ends up hiring her for his law firm and they fight crime together.

Lee Hye-young (이혜영) plays Cha Moon-sook – Cha Moon-sook is a highly respected judge in a senior position, though she is not all that her respectable image presents. Moon-sook is all sorts of greedy under that robe and uses the law for her own means.

Choi Min-soo (최민수) plays Ahn Oh-joo – Our resident bad guy, Ahn Oh-joo is a former gangster who has gone legit, Michael Corleon style, and is now the owner and boss of a large corporation. But you can’t take the thug out of the thug so you know he is still up to no good, right? Ahn Oh-joo may have gone legit, but he is a dangerous, unscroupulous man with a huge gangster chip on his shoulder that he doesn’t want anyone to find out about.

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