Touch Your Heart: Episode 14 Live Recap

Okay, I kind of want the stalker case back. Not gonna lie, I am pretty annoyed that this court case came back to the show. I already had in my mind that the disabled man got off easy due to his disability, upstanding reputation in the community, and the fact that it was self-defense. It helped me sleep better at night thinking that.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 13 Live Recap

Okay, who knows what is going to happen now because we have 4 episodes left and the stalker thing looks done-done. I’m not complaining, that stalker stuff was cree-to-the-z creepy so I’m all for all the fluff that is to come, but you know, they have to get back together again.

He is Psychometric: Episode 4 Live Recap

It looks like our crew is foregoing college in order to start solving crimes right away. So, I expect a lot of sleuthing this episode, that is if Lee Ahn can pass his exam. Though I do have a feeling that he will sleuth with or without a badge.

He is Psychometric: Episode 3 Live Recap

I think a time jump is neigh as we figure out just how good Lee Ahn needs to get with his psychometric abilities in order to solve the cold case of the apartment complex fire/murder mystery and clear Jae-in’s father’s name.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 12 Live Recap

So, I wonder how quickly this bad guy is going to disappear because it looks like they might wrap up his storyline pretty fast. My guess is that Jin-sim’s fame will take a front seat to everything and will cause a rift between our two lovebirds. I have to admit, I like that storyline much better than “crazy rich stalker man.” Especially when Jin-sim and Jung-rok go on adorable dates to theme parks.

Touch Your Heart: Episode 11 Live Recap

Let’s see just how crazy this crazy stalker is about to get. Hopefully the law can protect Jinsim a bit better this time around. Though it is nice to have an ace lawyer in her corner.

He is Psychometric: Episode 2 Live Recap

We are going to try and live-ish recap this on today! But we might not get going until 9:15am or 9:30am depending on how things shake out. I will let everyone know when we start, on Twitter!

He is Psychometric: Episode 1 Recap

This first episode was pretty good! It was fun, not that creepy, and established the background character motivations and quirkiness of the show well. I am looking forward to the next!

Premiering: He is Psychometric + Behind the Scenes Clip!

Buckle up because we have a new Monday-Tuesday show on tvN to sink our drama loving teeth into.

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 13-14 Live Recap

This drama hits all my tickle spots. Hopefully they can finish airing safely and responsibly so that we can continue to enjoy it and that all the fruits of their labor are actualized into a finished product. (For those who don’t know, the lead actor injured his rib and wrist while filming various action scenes). Surprisingly, the lead actor, Kim Namgil, is back to work!

Touch Your Heart: Episode 10 Live Recap

It seems like we will get a few more cute scenes together before the foreboding starts. Secret company kisses, anyone? Also, we plan on working…

Touch Your Heart: Episode 9 Live Recap

We had a kiss, it was an adorable one, I loved it. But, the scary part is creeping in with the rich chaebol stalker so I don’t think they will let us eat cotton candy from their adorable fair much longer. Though hopefully we get at least this episode to bite into.

The Crowned Clown: Episode 16 Live Recap Final

If you are going to go out, then you need to go out like Lee Kyu! He not only protected the King politically, he also got rid of his biggest Royal threat, and all at the same time! But there is still trouble brewing, Daebi is still out there plotting, there is another prince somewhere that might want that throne (with Daebi’s help), and the army is still two days away! Goodness, y’all. I can not wait to watch.

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 11-12 Live Recap

This show continues to be fun and exciting, however, we heard that the lead actor injured/fractured his wrist on one stunt and then also fractured his rib on another! Filming has halted for the time being so that he can get treated. Hopefully everything goes well for him and everyone else on set. I love all the action scenes, but I want y’all to stay safe out there!

The Fiery Priest: Episodes 9-10 Live Recap

A translation app, the Pope, and the President…y’all, I can’t, I just can’t. This show is so deliciously crazy. I want seconds and a doggie bag. Live recap is coming up!