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Song Joong-ki interview with W magazine: Calm and Passion

May 18, 2017
Song Joong-ki W magazine interview

I was first introduced to Song Joong-ki (송중기) through the Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which I loved. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him in anything since then. I heard Wolf Boy was really good, and of course everyone raves about Descended from the Sun. I saw the first few episodes of Descended from the Sun and I definitely saw what pulled people in. I need to finish watching it…


Lee Sun-kyun and Ahn Jae-hong’s Arena interview: Get close, get closer

May 15, 2017

Below is an interview Lee Sun-kyun (이선균)and Ahn Jae-hong (안재홍) participated in to promote their upcoming Korean movie, The Kings Case Note (임금님의 사건수첩) that we translated from Korean to English. I’ve loved Lee Sun-kyun ever since he was the second male lead in Coffee Prince (I wanted him to get the girl!) and have recently come to know Ahn Jae-hong from the Korean drama Answer Me 1988…


Park Eun-bin’s Arena magazine interview: I am just who I am

May 12, 2017
Park Eun-bin 박은빈 Arena magazine interview

This is one of the more interesting interviews I have come across. It was so open and relaxing, I really enjoyed reading it. Most actors aren’t as forthcoming as Park Eun-bin (박은빈) was in this interview, so it was really unexpected to get such candid answers from her. She didn’t divulge her souls or anything like that, but it does seem like she answered honestly. The reason might…

Culture & Lifestyle

Coffee houses, cafés, and shops: Felt Coffee

May 10, 2017
Felt Korean Roasted coffee shop Hongdae

Eun-pha Piano –> Felt Coffee (펠트커피) in Hongdae Felt Coffee is a roaster coffee shop with a private piano school sign board in Hongdae. If you didn’t know it was there you would probably just walk on by. Or more embarrassingly, go inside expecting to get your kid (or yourself) some private piano lessons and look around stunned. Um, where are the pianos? At least you can play…


May schedule and posters for Fight for My Way

May 7, 2017
Korean Drama Fight for my way teasers

KBS is continuing to string us all along with Fight for My Way teasers (쌈 마이웨이). I love that they added the “for” in there recently, I think it adds a nice touch. There was something missing with Fight My Way, but Fight for My Way brings it all together. Anyway, Fight for My Way is the drama of my heart right now, so I am waiting with…