Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People): Episode 3 Recap

Y’all, definitely don’t watch this show alone because it will have you seeing movement in shadows and feeling someones eyes on you when you should be alone. It is that level of creepy and just kicked itself up a notch by showing us exactly what we should be afraid of! Yep, well…I’m definitely scared!

Arthdal Chronicles: Episode 14 Live Recap

Alright, we have a lot that happened in the last episode to get to. First, Tanya became the high priestess who is second only to Tagon. She is working with Tagon to rule the nation. Her first action was to free her people and bring them all to be with her in the palace city. However, one of those people is a turncoat, which is how he survived as a soldier.

Arthdal Chronicles: Part 1 and 2 summary, Part 3 – Episode 13 Live Recap

Alright y’all, bear with us because we did not watch season 1 or 2 of Arthdal Chronicles which only amounts to 12 episodes. But we did try and find summeries on YouTube to catch up. So, we think we are ready to tackle season 3 head on!

Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People): Episode 2 Recap

Aaand, the creepiness definitely continues! The sweat glistening all over their bodies continues as well, which makes this show a pretty gross watch. I just want to soapsud ev-er-y-thing! So many reveals this episode y’all, which shocked me. Things were trucking along nicely, until …well, I don’t want to give anything away!

A Collection of Photos from Kdrama Strangers From Hell

We are trying something new! I always love all the photos released from dramas about the shows that they are promoting, but then they get buried on the internet and hard to find again. So we are going to try and collect as many of them here as we can! This post will be constantly updated with new images as they are released so check back in often!

Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People): Episode 1 Recap

This show makes me so wary of living in grimy places with strange people that stare at you and use up all your shampoo. Wait, I was already wary of places like that. Y’all, if this guy does not get up out of this gochiwon as soon as possible.

Kdrama Travel: 10 locations to visit if you loved Hotel Del Luna

Did you watch Hotel Del Luna and immediately want to go to all the sites they mention in the drama? Well, this post is for you. From museums to neighborhoods, we have 10 locations in our Korean Drama Travel spotlight for Hotel del Luna.

Hotel del Luna: Episode 16 Final Live Recap

Here we are at the finale! There will be a lot to get to in this episode. All three ghost employees need to have a resolution and be sent to the afterlife as well as Man-wol. We also need some kind of happy ever after or bitter sweet something for our couple. Will reincarnations be on the list? I hope so!

Hotel del Luna: Episode 15 Live Recap

We are in the finale week! Only two days left to see if our couple will wind up with their happily every after. I for one find it really refreshing that Koo Chan-sung is not the reincarnation of either of the two men from the past. He is just a good soul who matches with Man-wol in a lovely way. And, from the end of the last episode, it looks like Man-wol was able to hold on to her memory of Chan-sung on the bridge and head back to the world of the living. I’m looking forward to seeing their reunion!

Premiering: Strangers From Hell (Hell is Other People)

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a bit of horror to creep into my drama watching (not too much, though, just a teeny tiny bit). Well, it looks like I will have that in spades with Strangers From Hell which looks all sorts of creepy. Though we did get a good tip that it isn’t supernatural creepy. So I guess that means it is situational creepy? Contemporary creepy? I’ll take that.