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We have a book series!!!! Y’all we have a four book series planned of four friends who all fall in love during a trip somewhere. Some places are farther away from home than others (Vancouver for our first book), some are more familiar than others (just out of town for one friend), but they all are going to put our heroines in a world of trouble…romantic trouble!

The first book out in the series is Sticking to Emma Daniels which is available now on Amazon! If you have read it then we would be over the moon appreciative to have a review. Reviews are the #1 way indie writers like us (wow, we’re actually indie writers) get the word out that our book is kind of okay and might be a good read so go on ahead and give it a try. So if you liked our book, and feel up to it, then go on ahead and review it on Amazon!

(We know you will, we have the best readers over here 🥰)



Emma Daniels is a workaholic buyer for a top art gallery in LA. Her current goal, fly to Vancouver to purchase a well sought after painting by Haesung Hill for her demanding boss’s Women in Art exhibit. Emma thinks its a lucky trip because she can surprise her long-distance boyfriend with a visit.

Henry Hill is an acclaimed artist who might not work as hard as he should. Just ask his Mom, Haesung Hill, who Henry is currently avoiding. But Henry’s bills are about to be due which means – time to actually sell a painting. Luckily, he has a client lined up in Vancouver.

When their luggage gets switched at the airport, Emma’s well-organized day becomes a mad dash to meet HH (ie. Henry), swap back, and hurry to her auction. 

Only, things go haywire from jump street when she catches her boyfriend cheating at the restaurant she meets Henry. One viral slap, a high flying flip over a rental car, and a concussion later, sends Henry and Emma to the hospital and saddled with a doctor’s order: you must keep him awake for 6 hours.

Now reluctantly attached at the hip and internet famous, Emma and Henry have to work together to get to Henry’s meeting on one side of Vancouver and to Emma’s auction on the other without tearing each other’s heads off. Of course, they definitely won’t fall in love.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

– Excerpts from Sticking to Emma Daniels

All of our books in this series will be available on Kindle Unlimited because that is a win-win for everyone if you already have a subscription. Even though the book is free to Kindle Unlimited members, we will still get paid because Kindle offers authors 0.0045¢ per page flip.

If you would like to support by purchase it then you can! You can purchase the book for $3.99 (moving up to $4.99 soon) on Amazon kindle or $10.99 for the print book version on Amazon. That link is RIGHT HERE!

This book is a quick read at around 57,000 words which is about the size of The Great Gatsby (50k), The Notebook (52k), Slaughterhouse-Five (47k), and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (46k). We want every book in the series to be around this size to keep them as quick fun reads.

Y’all, we are SO EXCITED on this new venture. I am writing book 2 as we speak and hope to release that one at the end of August! If all goes well then say goodbye to the ads on our site!!!! If things start to go really well then say hello to new contributors that we can actually pay a salary to! (We would love that so much.)

Without further ado, here is a sneak peak at the book I am writing now….


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