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One Spring Night Episodes 1-8 Summary

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We are currently traveling while trying to watch dramas in our free time and hunting for a good internet signal to recap! June is definitely interesting to say the least. But there are so many good shows coming out this month that we had to try. Well, we were finally able to catch up on One Spring Night up to last week. We still need to watch this weeks worth of episodes, but we are all happy at the last two weeks worth. The great news is that this show is slow going, so it is very easy to give a summary of what has happened, I’ll stick to the main couple.

Lee Jung-in (Han Ji-min) is a librarian with a rich boyfriend who might have been introduced to him through her sisters husband. She is an independent and private person with three loving sisters, a loving mother, and a meddlesome father who wants her to get married already. She tries to tell her father that she will get married on her own terms. 

The thing that is holding her back is her sister who has a less than desirable marriage. So, she keeps her boyfriend around, however, she does not give any signs that she wants to move further into the engagement side of relationship.

After a very drunken night at her friends house, Jung-in wakes up in a hurry to get to work and runs to the local pharmacy for a hang over tonic. There she meets Yoo Ji-ho (Jung Hae-in) who is the quiet pharmacist preparing the tonic. He quickly and strait-forwardly makes it for her and she slurps it all up, however, she does not have her wallet on her. The situation is awkward as she tries to explain that she has the money but he shoudn’t have just mixed everything to begin with. He quietly decides to just give her the drink, which makes her even more annoyed because she can pay for it. She just needs to call her friend!

So they exchange contact information so that she can wire him the money as soon as her friend gives her her wallet back. That is the meet cute. Jung-in thinks about him all day. Similarly, Ji-ho thinks about her all day long. But he holds tight to his emotions so it is not super clear what is on his mind. Later on, she ends up going to the pharmacy to pay for the hang over tonic. They end up talking in a quiet private moment. While there Ji-ho tells her that he likes her and wants to get to know her, but he does not want to be her friend. He does not think he can do that. She says that she has a boyfriend and he says that he has a kid. It all just comes out. 

They separate as “not friends” and go about their normal lives once again, but that is when all the coincidental meetings happen. Ji-ho is on her boyfriends club basket ball team so they see each other there. They end up eating together as the basketball team goes out for a meal after the game. Ji-ho is also her best friends upstairs neighbor in a small apartment complex so they run into each other when Jung-in hangs out with her friend. Jung-in also knows that Ji-ho works just up the street from her friend so she makes time to slowly walk past the pharmacy. She is also very curious as to why he had to suddenly leave an event they were both at.

After a good amount of chance encounters, basketball hangouts, and blossoming feelings, they decide to be friends. That is when Jung-in invites Ji-ho and his son to her library. She finds a lot of fun dinosaur books for the son, though there is an awkward moment when the son asks her if she is his mother. Ji-ho freaks out for a moment and reprimands his son by telling him that “he is not yelling at him” though he clearly is. Jung-in tells Ji-ho that she did not know he was a terrible father, though it is a bit a joke. She tells Jung-in not to take his embarrassment out on his son and gives an example from her own childhood. It is a nice conversation.

Ji-ho has a nice quiet moment where he apologizes to his son and later on he asks his son why he asked that woman if she was his mother. It was the first time his son had ever done something like that, so Ji-ho is curious. The son just gives a kid like response and says Jung-in is warm or something like that. Ji-ho tells his parents about it, both have their own opinions as to what to say to the son about it. The mother thinks the son should know all the truth, don’t hold anything back. The father thinks holding things back is a good thing. I should also mention that the son lives with his grandparents, though it looks like Ji-ho visits him everyday. 

After this situation, Ji-ho goes back and forth as to whether he should live with his son at his parents house. His pharmacist boss gives him some pretty good advice that she experienced and says that he will not have a life if he lives with his parents. He will have to do everything they say, he will not be able to have any moments to himself, and if he does hang out with friends or anything, his parents will tell him that he should spend that time with his son. There will always be that pressure hanging over him, so never live with your parents.

By now, Ji-ho and Jung-in have sent short texts to each other about their day or getting home safe and even had a very short conversation on the phone. However, Jung-in’s boyfriend is always right there with a phone call to spoil their mood. Jung-in tries to tell her boyfriend that they should take a break, though not break up. The boyfriend would much rather keep dating, but tries to be understanding and give her space. However, he continues to be close to her as if they aren’t on a break at all. He mostly just stops mentioning marriage.

The boyfriend might sense something is going on with Jung-in and Ji-ho on a subconscious level (at least that is what I think the writer is trying to tell us) because he all of a sudden starts to notice Ji-ho everywhere, especially when he is with Jung-in. It is almost as if he is subconsciously telling Ji-ho that Jung-in is his woman. He even goes to the Ji-ho’s pharmacy and buys a bunch of vitamins for Jung-in and mentions that he plans on marrying her. Ji-ho is congratulatory yet all kinds of disturbed by this. I should also mention that the boyfriend is a new member of the club basketball team, so Ji-ho and he don’t actually know each other. But everyone on the basketball team went to the same school together, so they are hubae and sunbae.

In the last episode, Ji-ho kind of overstepped his boundaries with Jung-in by going to her library to see her unexpected, yet disappearing when her boyfriend suddenly showed up. He apologized for it later when he calls her after seeing her on a small village street lined with shops and restaurants. They talk about the library thing where Jung-in says that Ji-ho should have just come up to her and her boyfriend at the library. They are friends after all. But Ji-ho tells her that he told her once that he cannot be her friend. She does not want him to cross the line, though she does not actually know where that line is. He says he will come across the street but she suddenly tells him no, don’t! Which basically says that that is the line right there. They both go home pregnant with emotions and kind of avoid each other. 

I think, the next day, Jung-in is with her boyfriend in his car when the boyfriend sees Ji-ho walking across the street. So the boyfriend yells at Ji-ho and waves, which shows him happily with Jung-in. Ji-ho is so caught off guard by this that he is barely able to keep crossing the street. The boyfriend thinks that might hav something to do with Ji-ho’s stressful life with a kid and tells Jung-in all about Ji-ho and the woman that left him with a kid (I think he explained this at that time, it was either then or a similar point).

Through a situation of events, Jung-in finds out that her little sister used up all the vitamins that her boyfriend gave her, so she texts Ji-ho to ask if his pharmacy is open. It is closed and Ji-ho is out with friends, but Ji-ho says it is open and quickly leaves his crew to hurry to the pharmacy and act like he has been working all night. Though there is construction going on outside so Ji-ho has to park pretty far away.

Jung-in shows up and says that she has to buy the vitamins the her boyfriend got her, though she never looked at them so she does not know which ones they were. They both end up kind of wanting to talk about their current situation, but Jung-in’s boyfriend calls which makes the situation so much more awkward. Especially because the boyfriend is hanging out with the crew that Ji-ho just left. 

Ji-ho lets Jung-in go to the back to talk to her boyfriend over the phone. The boyfriend wants to stop by Jung-in’s place (I think) so Ji-ho writes her a message saying that he can drop her off at her place. This annoys Jung-in so she storms to the front and they both end up talking about their situation once again. Though ever time Ji-ho wants to say something important, the noise from the construction starts up and stops him. It ends up being pretty comical so they both laugh as the tension breaks between them. 

Ji-ho ends up running to get his car so that he can give Jung-in a ride home. Being in the car is an intimate moment as Jung-in looks around and sees all the dinosaur stickers everywhere. Ji-ho ends up telling her that he is sorry he tried to pull her into his emotions, so he will keep his feelings secret. She tells him that he does not have to lie to others. But he says that actually, he is lying to her. Which I think means that he is going to keep his feelings of liking her, secret from her. To make her more comfortable. The episode ends there and we are all caught up for this week!

Some other things happening are that Jung-in’s boyfriends father does not want his son to marry Jung-in. He is not rude about this, he just makes it known to his son.

Jung-in’s little sister is a handful of a free-spirit and is living with Jung-in now. Jung-in uses this as an excuse to not hang out with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend knows this.

Jung-in’s older sister is in an abusive relationship with her husband and her husband is up to his eyeballs in debt. It looks like he is very irresponsible with money and will not give the sister the divorce that she wants. The sister told him to move out.

Jung-in’s father is very meddlesome in his daughters lives and wants Jung-in to marry her boyfriend already. The older sister tells him to not force Jung-in to get married just as he forced her to get married. Jung-in’s mother is a calm loving mom and is on her daughters sides.

Ji-ho’s best friend, Young-jae, is unemployed though trying to pass the government exam and is hanging out with Jung-in’s little sister a lot. He is the reason that Jung-in’s vitamins disappeared because the little sister gave all of them to Young-jae to help him study.

The common denominator between Ji-ho and the boyfriend, Joon-han, is Ji-ho’s friend Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo works in banking with Joon-han and is a classmate of Ji-ho’s. He also is on the basketball team and served as the introduction between the two men.

Ji-ho’s pharmacy coworkers are Hye-jung (the boss) and Yoo-jin. They immediately know that Ji-ho is smitten on a women and confront him about it after he sulked around all day. They want him to go for it and not think about being a single father, so they encourage him in a very motherly/sisterly/cute way to follow his heart.


I love this show. It really gives a sense of living through a person’s “what if” moments. The acting is great, the dialogue is great, the hidden moments where the camera lingers on a character are great. Everything is great, and I am in love. Hopefully the love lasts because I am on this bandwagon. We plan on watching and recapping this weeks episodes sometime soon. Hopefully we can get episode 9&10 recap up today sometime and 11&12 sometime tomorrow. ☺️

First Impressions: One Spring Night

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  1. Rose
    June 6, 2019 / 6:21 pm

    Im glad you’re caught-up with all that episodes. Todays episode (11-12) was intense, especially the ending. Thanks for the summary V! ☺

    • V
      June 7, 2019 / 6:29 am

      Watching Wednesdays episode right now! Can’t wait!

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