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One Spring Night: Episode 9 and 10 Recap

One Spring Night Recap episodes 9 and 10 with Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In
Korean Drama One Spring Night, courtesy MBC

Ugh, this show keeps pulling me in to its melodic slow wander through Jungin and Jiho’s lives! I must watch. In fact, even though we have no time to spare, I just wanted to keep watching the next episode after we finished Wednesdays episode. But I also needed to post this and we have things to do today to get ready for. But I was all ready to postpone all that and just get my next hit already! I can’t wait until we watch episodes 11/12 because it looks all kinds of constipated with feelings that want to explode all over the upholstery creating a mess no Dyson can clean up. Give it to me.

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Shorthand Character Chart: One Spring Night

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They are both sitting in Jiho’s car, not looking at each other. The car is not moving and Jiho is talking. The camera is directly facing both of them so they both fill the screen creating a bit of an intimate awkward feeling as they both don’t really know what to do with their bodies and are sitting there stiffly.

JH – I won’t ask you for anything, just, let me just look at you only. No one will notice it.

JI – That is not good

JH – To you only.

They both look at each other.

JH – I told you, I went there because I missed you. My heart has grown and I went there without a plan. But as soon as I saw him, it was like someone was telling me I shouldn’t do this.

JI – So…not even me noticing it? You just want to see me secretly?

JH – If you say no…

JI – Of course not, I can’t do that.

He nods.

JH – Yes, its nonsense in your situation

JI – What is my situation?!

JH – If you now that someone is secretly looking at you

JI – Whatever. You said no one will notice it! I don’t even notice it so it does not even matter. I am the problem. Yeah, Jiho, you can look at me whenever you want to, but what  can I do? Should I get your permission to sneak up on you? Why do you only think about yourself? If you enjoy it then it does not matter? What about me? What about my heart? Are you this selfish? 

JH – Do you really want me to be selfish?

JI – No.

She looks away from him.

The music kicks in. Jiho is noticeably bothered and rolls his head back. Then he gets out of the car as if he might explode. She stays in the car. He stands outside and takes a few deep breaths as he composes himself and puts his hans on his knees and stands and breathes some more. She stays inside and closes her eyes. A tear might have been about to trickle, she wipes her face right there. Jiho stays outside.

Kiseok is still at the cafe with his team having a good time. He searches his phone for Jungin’s number. Her number is saved as “My Woman” he puts his phone to his ear and waits. But she does not answer.

Cut back to Jiho and Jungin driving, they are quiet as the car rolls along the road. Then it slowly creeps to a stop in front of her place.

JH – I should stop. I was thinking about it all the way here. If we continue this, you will lose a lot, and a lot more pain will follow you. Well, it is not like I want to be scene as a good person. This is my selfish heart. More honestly, I was so into these emotions that I thought I will never have again. I did not think, I have even more stupid and bad ideas. If I continue then I will turn myself into a clown.

JI – Whatever happens, what about me.

JH – I don’t know, I am about to just die.

JI – Do you think you can convince me with your lies?

JH – Yes, please. Please help me.

They both look at each other, it is stiff in the car.

Cut to Jungin’s parents talking in the bedroom about Jungin’s marriage. Taehak wants her to get married and says that she will get married anyway. The mother says that Jungin is not a normal kid, she is super duper stubborn. She has to do what she wants to do. The husband wants his wife to talk to her, she is the one making him a bad person. The mom says that he is a bad person. their daughter is a responsible girl, so trust her. I will ask her what she thinks.

The husband gets into bed, the mother kind of tucks him in but then balks and sighs.


Jungin goes to see her mother at her art class. The mother pretends like she is happy to see her in front of her friend, but then tells Jungin that she does not want to see her. However, she still goes to a room to talk to her. Umma sulks and Jungin grumbles, ummaaaaaa. Umma is actually upset about the little sister hiding in Jungin’s place and says that if she did not see her then she would still be hiding.

They then start to talk about Jungin resisting marriage and how appa wants her to get married. They keep talking about Jaein (the little sister) and Seoin (the big sister). Umma says that Seoin caused a lot of trouble yesterday. All of a sudden her brother in law showed up and wants Jungin to get married. But Seoin told their appa to not make her sister like her again.

JI – Umma, what kind of people do you think get married to each other (or who should I get married to)

Umma – so it isn’t going well with Kiseok? It is difficult to cut human relationships, sometimes arguments get stronger.

JI – Hey, I am not breaking up.

They both sigh.

Umma – You can’t control human minds.




Jungin and her other employees talk work in their office to the side. But then Jungin says, “unexpected you”. The other two are all like, huh? Who are you talking about? Jungin says that it is not that she is talking to someone in particular. She starts to say that it is actually their writing competition and she is talking about “me…someone….” wouldn’t that be good? They think that her idea is the best, though it was really just all her excuses because she was thinking about Jungin.

Cut to Jungin working in the pharmacy.

Meanwhile, sister Seoin is declining the documentary with her boss. The boss is upset at her and wants to know why she is not doing it? Is she being scouted by someone else? He is heated. He thinks this is what people do when they move to another company and wants to know why. Why! 

But se says that she is sorry, she has nothing to say about it.

Elsewhere, the husband is talking to someone about moving his practice to a new building. It looks like he is looking at this building with this person. They walk out together and talk money. But the husband says to just get the deal and tries to say that he has money without actually saying he has money.

In a cafe, Jungin and Kiseok talk over a meal. It is a moody quiet place. Jungin asks him if he saw her brother in law. Kiseok says yes, he did. But only for a little bit. He needs a loan for a new dental office. Jungin tells him not to do the loan and to just make an excuse. He asks what the reason is. She says there is no reason, he should just not get involved. But Kiseok says that the brother in law supports their marriage. Jungin looks at him so Kiseok asks why she is looking at him like that. Do you really not want to get married?

They start to talk about this. She asks what his family says about the marriage. He wants to know, if I take care of it, is that it, then we can get married? She asks if he wants to win over this also? He asks if she will yield everything to him? She says oppa and then says that this is why she does not want to see him, they are just arguing all the time and she does not know what to do about it.

Their argument is pretty quiet, neither one raises their voices. Afterward, he beeps his car for her to get in, but she does not want to. She wants to just walk off. He says that he will not talk about marriage anymore, we don’t have to get married. But she tells him that she is not stupid, she knows what his family thinks of her and she explodes it all out.

JI – I know they do not want me! Would I be sane if I am super happy about this! It is so humiliating so I did not want to talk about it! But you really want to humiliate me like this! How can you be so mean! Do you really want to get married? Any moment? *tears* Have you ever been sorry to me at all? I did not ask for your love or to get married! I just wanted you to understand me! Is it that difficult!

KS – *apologetic* I am sorry, now I understand

He tries to take a step closer to her, but she is not having it.

JI – You knew it from the beginning – what your family thought of me. But you just ignored it.

She walks away, heated.

While walking, another song starts to play as something soft starts to fall. Elsewhere, Jiho looks at the cafe and thinks for a moment. Then he keeps walking. Kiseok sits in his car thinking. He is still outside the Italian cafe.

Jungin goes home, the music still plays. She curls up on her couch and thinks. Jiho is also thinking at his place. He can’t sleep either so he sits and thinks and thinks and thinks. 




Jiho puts on his pharmacy jacket and gets ready to work when a woman comes in for a strong hangover medicine. This reminds him of Jungin. He gets the medicine for her and the other pharmacist checks her out. Jiho goes to the back to take a moment to himself. But then his boss comes in so he stands up and says good morning. She gives him old clothing from her kid. 

then they start to talk playfully. She asks if he already broke up, he says he is too good for her. She hits him playfully several times and tells him to go away. He smiles and heads back out to the register.

Meanwhile, Jungin’s father talks with Kiseok’s father about the school and the budget. They sit after that and talk about Jungin. The rich father wants to know what Jungin is good at, she should be good at something. Taehak says that she is good at a lot, she is smart and great. He says his wife is stubborn and his daughter looks after her. But why are you asking? The rich man says that he is just wondering what kind of kid she is.

They go eat afterward. the rich father is talking to his son over the phone and tells him that he should get married and not just play basketball all the time. When he gets off the phone, the rich father starts to mention something about his son playing basketball. Taehak starts to say nice things about his daughter. But the rich father says that he does not trust his own children 100% so of course he will not trust Taehak.

Taehak says that he will not tell him lies. that is his kid and she is a great person. The rich father is all like, okay okay. He keeps eating.

In the library, Jungin says that she is going to break up with Oppa. Her friend asks if she likes the pharmacist that much? Enough to dump your boyfriend? Jungin says that is not it, it is just timing. But the friend is just like, you say that but I know it is betrayal. Jungin asks if it is noticeable. Her friend says that her body is with one person but her heart is with another person. If her boyfriend knows that another person took her, especially his hubae, he will not let her go. Not with his personality.

Jungin thinks that she can’t date him anymore, so whatever. The friend wonders if the pharmacist is waiting for her? But Jungin says that she does not think she can date him either. She is not confident to be next to him. The friend is confused, so you will dump your boyfriend but not date the pharmacist? Jungin says that she will explain it all later.


Jungin’s parents own their own laundry service so they are working and talking about things. the mother starts to talk about the daughter of a grocery store person in the neighborhood who just got divorced and moved back to live with her parents with her kid. the father asks if she is bringing it up because of Jiho? Just leave him alone.

Umma says that she does not want to do it, but Jiho is just wasting his life. Appa asks if there is no contact with Eunwoo’s mom? Umma says to not mention it or Jiho will go crazy again. But then she steps outside because Eunwoo just got back from school. He is being dropped off by his school. The grandson tells his grandmother that he wants to go to the library he went to the othe day with appa.

Sookhee wonders what is so special about that place? The grandson says that “teacher” was there. His appas friend. But when the grandmother asks him a bit more the grandson just says “I don’t know” and runs inside like little kids do.



In a restaurant, Jiho and his friend Hyunsoo talk about who is the best with dating. But then the conversation goes to “that girl” jiho was dating, so Hyunsoo stops talking and starts talking about the chicken that he is eating. He mentions that he should invest in it. Jiho jokes about how Hyunsoo can be a banker. Hyunsoo starts to talk about Kiseok and how it does not look like the girlfriend wants to get married. But they dated for a long time. Jiho is super into this conversation. Jiho asks if dating for a long time is the reason to get married? Why date? his friend is all like why are you so angry at me?

They start to talk about their other friend Youngjae and how he must be studying very hard because they can’t even contact him nowadays.

Cut to Youngjae eating with the youngest sister, Jaein, about what she is going to do in Korea. She says that she can do a lot and lists all that she can do. He asks when she learned all that. She whispers, when you were failing your exam. They both chuckle. 

Then her sister comes on the TV. Youngjae says that Seoin is his ideal type. The youngest sister gets annoyed and heads out. Youngjae is all confused, lol. They both go outside where the sister talks about Jiho. The friend asks if she is interested in Jiho? You ask me about him all the time. the sister is basically like yes. The friend smiles but says that she should not joke with Jiho, he thinks he really likes someone. It is his first time seeing him like someone so much.

the sister goes home and tells Jungin that the pharmacist has a woman that he might love. He does not even date but now he has fallen in love. Aren’t you interested? Jungin tries to change the subject and tells her sister to behave herself. Jaein asks if this is because of her boyfriend, you changed a lot, I liked you better when you did not care about anything. The sister walks to the back, annoyed. Jungin looks at her as if she just realized it.

The next day, Kiseok sits and talks with Shihoon about the loan. He tries to explain the loan to im, but Shihoon is not that into listening to it and jokes about tax evasion. He mentions that he talked about his marriage to the parents so don’t worry, I will support you. We are family, among family we help each other. Then he brings it back around to the loan. Kiseok says he will look into it a little bit more.

They head out happily with the husband looking very pompous. He tells Kiseok that he should come to his place because his wife is a public figure. Kiseok says okay and Shihoon heads out. But then Kiseok gets a text from Jungin asking to see him. His face falls as he heads out.



Elsewhere, Seoin greats nurses at her husbands workplace and asks one of them to buy her medicine. Then she sees her husband in his office and says that she is going to sell the apartment. He says he is not divorcing her. She tells him to stamp the paperwork (sign the paperwork). He lunges for her so she runs away, but he is able to grab ahold of her wrist and yaks her back. 

But then the nurse comes in with the medicine and sees this harried looking scene. The husband tries to play it off as him helping his wife to stand up. She runs off to the nurse and thanks her for the medicine. Then she heads off. (Ah! That was her plan!) 

In the library, it is time for everyone to head out. Jungin checks her phone and sees that Kiseok has not time to meet today. He friend looks over her shoulder and pats Jungin on the back. “Ah, you have started your war. Goodbye.” the friend heads out and Jungin sighs.

At home, Jiho washes his clothing. He basically wears the same thing everyday.

Jungin heads out of the library and thinks for a moment. then she calls “Pharmacist” but he is not answering. So she walks to her friends place and looks up at Jiho’s apartment. His light is on. She calls him again. He does not answer. She puts her arms to her side and then angrily heads inside the apartment. We see the automatic lights turn on as she walks up the steps.

then we cut to Jiho’s place and see him in the kitchen. His phone rings so he checks the door and is a bit taken aback to see Jungin in the screen. So he goes outside to see her.

JI – Why aren’t you picking up my phone calls? Now you decided to not pick them up even?

JH – It was on vibrate so I did not notice it. Did something happen?

JI – Am I the only one? Nothing happened to you? You don’t feel anything?

JH – This is driving me crazy

JI – Am I bothersome to you? Am I making you mad?

JH – Yes, you make me mad. You should not have come. Why don’t you just stay a stranger. What are you going to do just showing up in front of me~.

She covers his mouth with her hand. He is pretty shocked and stops talking. Then she starts to cry a bit and removes her hand. He doesn’t really know what to do.

JH – Did you eat dinner? Would you like to eat dinner?

JI – What are you going to buy me?

JH – Should I buy it?

JI – Of course, I paid for my cab

JH – What kind of calculation is this, I did not ask you to come *playfully*

JI – So you hate it? *still upset*

JH – *sigh* You just do whatever you want

Cut to them going to a local place. They are closed, but he is a regular so the owners let them sit. He tells her that spicy kalguksu is the best (thick noodles). She says that she will take it but he should eat soojaebe (American style dumplings). She mentions that she can eat his. So he asks the owner for those two.

the food comes and the two eat. Though they are a bit awkward and aren’t talking. She speaks first.

JI – Said it was a good restaurant, you don’t like it? *he is not eating*

JH – Actually, I already had dinner.

JI – So you feel good? You eat regularly.

JH – Well, do I have to not eat because of you

Ji – Well, you didn’t (because he ate already). Is it too bothersome if I call you.

He looks stressed again.

JH – It is the wrong relationship.

JI – Is it like the Misery movie?

JH – More than that.

They speak in a mix of banmal and jongdaemal when they talk. They are both the same age, 35.

JI – Do you think that cafe is still open, after this?

JH – Don’t you go home?

JI – If I don’t go home, will you let me sleep at your place?

JH – This dangerous woman..

She kind of slurps up her food but doesn’t really say anything else.



Cut to the cafe that she was talking about, they are both sitting there. She is drinking something.

JI – Am I really bothersome to you?

JH – I asked you for help, but you are chasing me now. Of course that is burdensome. Just falling into our emotions, I can’t stop more than you, then it will be a hundred times, a thousand times more difficult for you than me.

JI – So you are suppressing yourself for me?

JH – If I didn’t, I wont’ be that stupid guy who can’t even hug the woman who covers my mouth and cries.

JI – I am Misery (the movie) and you are majorie (stupid). 

They both smile.

JH – I don’t want anyone to suffer because of me. So don’t cry.

JI – I did not cry for you.

JH – I know you are competitive, but don’t do that to me. It only will give you a harder time.

JI – So, I shouldn’t do anything?

JH – I will be your friend as you first said. Sometimes we can eat together and drink tea together and say hi to each other. that is it.

JI – I am not confident anymore.

JH – So what do you want me to do?

Ji – You are so cold

JH – Don’t you understand how difficult it is for me to say this?

JI – I don’t care. 

JH – Selfish Lee Jungin again

JI – You will see more of this, I am specialized in not listening

JH – Just help me, I am really asking you. You should help me

JI – I don’t want to.

Jh – You should do it.

JI – No.

JH – Do it, you are too – good – for me.

It was really hard for him to say that last part. She noticed it and looks out the window. They stop talking. He drives her back and rolls the car to a stop in front of her building. She waits a moment then gets out without saying anything. It looks like he wanted to follow her out, but stops. However, once she fully walks in, he gets out and walks around to the other side of the car.

She stops just inside her buildings revolving doors. Takes a deep breath, then continues inside.

He turns and puts his head on the car. 

Just then, the sister comes in and notices Jiho. She happily approaches him and asks what he is doing. He also sees his friend with her and asks about them. She holds his friends arm and says that they are friends now.

The sister runs upstairs and tells Jungin that she saw the pharmacist, he is with his friend now. I told you I am friends with that guy, he brought me here. I couldn’t even ask him to come up and drink a cup of tea because of yoooooou. Jungin is all like I am not that kind of person. The sister says that she will call him to come up, then! She runs off.

Jungin is all like, Jaein! But it is too late, the sister has already run off to tell the two guys to come up. Jungin runs upstairs to et her place presentable right quick. She super cleans up as if her in-laws are coming over.

Jaein goes outside and happily tells the two men that they can come up if they want. So they park their car. Jiho looks all kinds of nervous to come up but tries not to show his hesitation. However, he walks very slowly the closer they approach the door. The sister is so happy and loose and welcoming of them both. She practically pulls Jiho into the apartment and then asks her sister what they should do. Junin says they are her guests so it is what she wants to do.

They all awkwardly stand around for a second. Jungin says that she boiled water. Jaein says that they shouldn’t just drink tea, don’t they have leftover alcohol? She says that they need to go there and drags the friend out. Jiho and Jungin are left alone.

Oppa calls right then. The phone rings several times, then Jungin picks up.

KS – What did you want to tell me?

Jungin looks at Jiho, he tries not to look at her, though he does.

JI – Lets break up.

Jiho’s eyes grow bright as if he can’t believe she just said that. She looks at him very resolutely.

Fade Out



The break up is nigh! But why did Jiho leave? Was he too overcome with emotions to stay? Was the moment too personal between Jungin and Kiseok so he felt like he had to leave? Did he not want to be brought into her drama? Was he bursting with happiness and didn’t want to show it?I.must.know.

The beginning of this episode really got to the point were Jiho just said enough is enough and tried to stop his buildings feelings for Jungin, cold turkey. But in this case, Jungin was the one who was all like, wait, so this means you wont’ answer my calls anymore? So you won’t show up and see me out of the blue even though I told you not to do it? Hold up, so, you really wont? 

It was fun to watch the the circumstances change on her even though she is the one who told him exactly what she wanted and he is just following along. But that is her stubbornness showing, her mother gave us a bit of insight into Jungin’s personality when she told her husband that their daughter is far too stubborn for her own good. It appears that Jungin will not let others chooses anything for her and wont even let them love her unless she says that they can. But that backfired on her with Jiho who basically said, okay, fine, I wont’ love you anymore. And ended contact which sent her groveling TO HIS DOOR not 24 hours later. Or was it more than 24 hours? Not sure, though I don’t think it was more than one week. 

I love how this drama is very character driven which puts the two leads in situations that make it pretty difficult for me to predict where the next scene will lead once we get to the end of the episode. They end of the episodes are rollercoasters. Just look at the end of this episode. Jungin and Jiho drink – it turns happy – then it turns serious – then he drops her off – they separate with the awareness that they shouldn’t see each other again – but then her sister shows up happily and invites him and his friend up – so they see each other but it’s awkward – then they are left alone for a moment and its kind of nice – but then the boyfriend calls soon after spoiling the mood – and then Jungin tells him they should break up. I mean, what! So many waves crashing and receding only to crash again at the end. 

I love it. Give me more of it.

One thing I really loved was in the beginning of the episode, in how Jiho said he has all these feelings that he thought he wouldn’t have for someone again and he lost his mind momentarily in wanting to see her when he thought about her. I love how he apologized. But Jungin was so stubborn and stuck in her own stubbornness which ruined the entire mood! Though I can understand he frustrations in him wanting to see her like a stalker with permission to stalk. That was very weird, any woman would say no to that. Plus, who wants someone coming to their workplace only to gawk at them. But when he asked for permission to be selfish about what he wants, which I think means to love her openly, she said no. Mood Killer.

The way he rolled his head back in frustration and got out of the car made it seem like he put all his hopes into that one question and was destroyed by how easily she shut him off. And yet could not do anything about it because he really does need permission and he does not want to be that stalker guy giving a woman a hard time or that clown that loves a woman who wont return any feelings to him. So at that moment he had to just turn off the feelings faucet even though it is all leaky and broken and needs a bucket to keep from flooding the house.

I am rambling now. Just know that I love it.

One Spring Night Recap note scene in the pharmacy
P.S. I loved Jungin’s response to Jiho’s completely innocent note in the last episode that said he could drive her home to meet her boyfriend. He was trying to be considerate, and yet she did not want him to help her meet someone she did not want to meet right then, darn it!


One Spring Night Character Chart
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  1. Rose
    June 7, 2019 / 10:18 am

    Love this episode too V! I can feel both leads are walking on an egg shell especially JH, he doesnt know if he will go forward of stop, but when he decided to stop, JI starting to hint that she wants him but really cant decide if she push through……argh….its back and fort, back and fort, this drama is goin to give me a heart attack soon! 😆

    Thanks again V! I think you’re goin to love episode 11-12 ☺

    • V
      June 8, 2019 / 6:56 am

      I loved this episode too, Rose! I am looking forward to watching Thursdays episode. Though I had take a break to get all caught up on Arthdal Chronicles!

  2. NN
    June 21, 2019 / 1:06 pm

    I enjoyed these 2 episodes a lot. The mood created are just beautiful. Do you by any chance know the song in episode 10 when the two leads are in the laundry shop? It’s so perfectly suited to the scene. Thank you!

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