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One Spring Night: Episode 11 and 12 Recap

One Spring Night Recap Episodes 11 and 12
Korean Drama One Spring Night, courtesy MBC

All.Caught.Up! So happy to be caught up with this drama which allows me to relax a bit and enjoy a few of the other dramas we have our eyes on. I am a bit obsessed with Arthdal Chronicles crazy self and need to watch today’s episode like I need to breath. In addition to that, has anyone watched Search: WWW yet? I really want to watch it mostly for its romantic comedy vibes. But enough of that, on to One Spring Night!

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Jungin receives a phone call from her boyfriend just as she is left alone with Jiho. She tells her boyfriend that they should break up. He asks her why she is doing this, she tells him that he should have expected it – let’s break up. Jiho leaves.

The boyfriend asks if she really wants to break up? She says yes and asks him if he thinks she is a joke? He asks what the reason is. She wonders if he is not happy that she asked to break up.

JI – If someone asks me then I will tell them that you dumped me

KS – Why now? We didn’t meet each other to get married. We just dated and it was brought up. I recognize your existence or whatever, so why are you saying this?

Ji – Lets break up with no reason, then. 

KS – Jungin…

JI – I don’t want to talk about it. I have nothing more to say but I am not in a situation where I can talk now.

KS – Hey…

She hangs up. He curses while at home/work and drops his phone on his desk. Then he turns to look out the window.

Jungin goes outside and sees Jiho standing there.

JI – You did not leave yet?

JH – You will yell at me?

Ji – Couldn’t you just pretend that you didn’t hear that?

He goes back inside. They sit on her couch.

JH – When youngjae comes, I will leave with an excuse.

JI – You don’t have to

JH – We both have a lot in mind.

JI – Just in case. What happened has nothing to do with you.

JH – Well, what can I say? Someone I like is breaking up with their boyfriend but I’m not happy. I don’t know what kind of feeling this is.

Ji – Are you afraid of me bothering you more?…When you saw me, I know it is all of a sudden or it does not make sense and maybe I went too far. In retrospect, I dont’ know when it started. Rather than finishing the relationship, I just tried to avoid it.

JH – So the easy part is…Lee Joowon? (not sure if he said Lee Joowon)

JI – I am just thanking you for that

Meanwhile, the friend and sister are downstairs about to head up. Youngjae thinks they might be too bothersome to her sister. But Jaein says that her sister always says it is good or bad as soon as something happens. She didn’t say anything so that means she is fine with it. He mentions that she does not look like that kind of person.  

jaein says that he does not pay attention to her but only her sister so she will seduce the pharmacist. But it was a joke. She also mentions that the friend said that the pharmacist likes someone. He tells her to never ever mention it, I am begging you.

Cut to the sister asking Jiho who he likes (lol). They have all had a few drinks and are sitting around the coffee table. Jiho asks who said that. The sister says his friend said it.

Sister – Liking someone is nothing embarrassing, right?

JH – That is right

Sister – what kind of woman do you like so much?

Ji – Jaein

Sister – I am not asking you eunnie…what is the charm of that person?

JH – She is super dumb

Sister – *speaks something in French and laughs*

JI – Hey, you are drunk. When she is drunk then she speaks French

Sister – Yeah, I said something that he does not recognize. 

The sister gets up to go to the bathroom and pretty much agrees that she is drunk. Then Jiho gets a call from his son and asks him why he is not sleeping yet. He gets up and walks to the bedroom for some privacy to talk to his son. Jungin gets so embarrassed because her room is super messy.

SO while Jungho talks to his son about where he is and what house he is in and if it is sunsangnim (teacher, aka Jungin) Jungin starts to clean the room quietly. Jiho says it is not like that. The son says he wants to talk to her.  Jiho asks why, what are you going to do?

Jungin motions for him to give her the phone and starts to talk to the son pleasantly.

Meanwhile, Kiseok drives somewhere looking thoughtful

In the apartment, Jungin talks pleasantly to Eunwoo about how he wants to be taller than appa so he has to go to bed now. The little boy is happily sleeping with his grandmother sleeping on the floor beside him. Jungin keeps talking to him and tells him goodbight and all the cute small talk things with kids.

Jiho is so overcome with the moment in an almost amazed way. He tries not to be so emotionally into it.

Later on, we see that the boyfriend has gone to Jungin’s apartment complex. Upstairs, the group has started eating and cooking BBQ on the coffee table. Then there is a ring on the door, it is Jungin’s boyfriend and it is pretty late. The sister wonders who it is and goes to check. She is pretty stunned that it is Jungin’s boyfriend. Jungin tells her sister not to come outside and to stay with her guests.

Then Jungin goes outside.

KS – where you drinking?

JI – Why are you here?

Inside, Jiho asks who it was, the sister casually says that it is her sisters boyfriend. Then she toasts soju with the fellas. Jiho’s mood drops.




KS – I know that you are determined. You should keep your manners. We should not break up like this. 

JI – We don’t have a basic relationship, it does not matte where or how we quit.

KS – I understand you are emotionally hurt, but you should think about getting back together. How can you say to break up right away?

JI – Are you going to keep yelling? Do you want everyone to wake up?

KS – Lets go somewhere and talk.

Ji – I dont’ want to talk.

He grabs her arm to pull her away but she stuggles against it and everyone inside hears. The sister gets up to go outside. The friend asks if they should leave. Jiho says they can’t leave, it would be strange for everyone.

The sister opens the door like she is about to beat a person up and accidentally on purpose kicks a mans shoe out. She tells the boyfriend that they have guests inside so if they want they can come in and everyone can evaluate their love life. Come in.

Jungin tells her to stop. The sister says that they are her guests, she told her that. The boyfriend asks who they are. The sister says they are her guests, she can check if she wants. So come inside, our guests are waiting.

The sister goes back inside and gives Kiseok another once over before she does. Jungin closes the door.

Kiseok – I gave you time because you wanted time. So now give me time, we can’t break up like this.

Jungin goes back inside to the clicks of the door. The fellas thinks that they should leave now. The sister asks why her boyfriend came in and ruined their mood. The friend says it is okay, they were about to leave already. Don’t worry about it. The sister says that she hates Jungin’s boyfriend.

Jiho heads to the door and taps Jungin on the shoulder in a considerate way before leaving. He smiles a comforting smile and heads out with Youngjae.

Everyone broods in their own way as the camera lingers on them all. Jiho thinks while in the passenger side of his car. The boyfriend thinks while in his office. Jungin thinks while sitting on the floor of her room with her sister sleeping in the bed.

Jiho gets home and sits on his bed thinking as well. he looks pretty close to tears, though he isn’t crying.


Eunwoo gets ready to go to school. His grandmother asks him what his secret conversation was last night so the little boy sys he talked to his teacher. He should sleep well so he will grow up. The grandmother asks if the teacher is a woman? The little boy says that there are no man teachers. Then the pick up service comes to happily take him to school.

The grandmother goes inside and tells her husband that jiho has a woman. She looks so happy with mentioning it. The husband says not to think about it. But Sookhee is happy to talk about it and thinks that the woman is a teacher. She is super happy. The father goes about his work with the laundry.



At the school, Taehak (jungin’s father) talks to Youngkook (Kiseok’s father) outside the school. YK asks him what he thinks about working for their foundation after he retires? The father is happy with that and is thankful. Youngkook then tells him that they dont’ know who their kids might marry, don’t be too much in a hurry. It is an important decision. So he is basically telling him that if their kids do not get married then he will give him a job at his foundation.


All the librarians work at their desks and try to find a vertain book that was checked out. They are the dinosaur books so Jungin says that she forgot to say that it was checked out. The hubae says that it is a kids book. Jungin says that it was a gift for her nephew. Her friend says that she does not have a nephew. Jungin is all like it is a cousin, I’m working, goodbye. She walks off. The friend asks the others if Jungin looked embarrassed?

In the pharmacy, Jiho and his boss finish up and then head out for drinks. She tells him that she does not remember the old him anymore. When he was in school he was  funny, smart, and aggressive.

JH – Back then ~

Hj – You didn’t have Eunwoo? Hey, no life goes as planned. Anything can happen. Your life changed with Eunwoo but you should not be pessimistic about it.

JH – I am not

HJ – That is why you are great. I raised my own kids and I know one thing for sure. You raise Eunwoo but Eunwoo also made you grow. But now i think you are getting young (immature) again. But if it is my mistake, forget about it.

JH – I like someone who is in a different situation than me. But there are a lot of things happening where I can block her future. So I take it as saying that I shuold not do this anymore.

HJ – So you think you won’t regret it if you let her pass by?

JH – *shakes his head* I can endure it, but it is obvious that she will have a hard time because of me.

HJ – Hey, don’t mistaken it. Love is not a social service. Suffering by yourself is stupid self-satisfaction. Not love. That is good enough. You are punishing yourself enough. Hey, Jiho…Ii am asking you as a sunbae. I want to see that brave YooJiho again.

JH – Do you really want me to make an accident.

HJ – Ooh, you are scary. *smiles*


The sister is on the floor with her husband shredding all her documents. He tells her that she can not get away from him. Also, she is the one with a disadvantage by divorcing him. What about your image as an announcer. She says that she never knew he worried about her so much. He says he worries about her, of course. You are my wife. I will be back soon so be ready. And I invited Jungin and Kiseok, so you pick the time.

She tells him, if you affect my sister then I will kill you. He mutters that she is so scary and heads out. She takes several deep breathes. Then we cut to her at work getting ready to go on air. She texts her text, it is her husband telling her to be ready. Her annoucning partner person says that he heard a rumor, should I quit also? She says of course not, you are good. He asks if something is really going on, a scandal? She smiles and tells him to look forward to it.

Cut to her talking to her boss in his office. He asks if she really has to do this? She says that, well, there are already rumors spreading in our company. he asks who spread those rumors. She says that he can just accept it, she does not want to affect their company image anymore. He tells her to tell him what is going on, why do we have a company? If it is something we can take care of then we can take care of it.

She says that he can’t keep secrets from only a few people. He is a bit heated and says that she will give up her new program, that is why people are wondering things. I had discussions. Okay, okay, what are you going to do now? If you go to another company I will~.

She says that this will never happen. She wants to study some more. He asks if she will go abroad? Well, if that is the purpose then we have our study abroad program. But she says it is personal, please accept my resignation letter.


Jungin meets with her mother over a coffee outside on a bench. They talk about how the mother loves her work so much. the mother is all like yeah, and looks at her drawings/calligraphy with pride. Then they banter back and forth about that as well as side dishes and other motherly daughterly things. the mtoher says that she never had time to drink coffee with all the laundry.

Jungin asks what it is, she can’t take that long of a break. Umma tells her that she is on no ones side, but appa has his reasons. His boss will give him a position after he retires. Jungin asks what of it? Do you want me to sell myself? Umma says that she should not get angry. Jungin says this is the same as eunnie, which is why I am not doing it and don’t understand it.

Umma tells her that it is not all about appa. If your dating life does not go well then that has nothing to do with appa. Did Kiseok have an affair? Jungin says no. The mother says yes, he has a temper but he will not betray you. He is not the kind of person that will betray.

The head out and Jungin gives the mother a little money, she says it is for side dishes. The mother says she does not need it. Jungin says it is bribery money, please don’t betray me like eunnie. Umma tells her that she needs to be clear about it. Jungin just tells her that she wants her to be on her side more. Umma asks her if she is going to make big trouble? Jungin says, just in case something happens, understand me a lot, please.

Umma gives half the money back and tells Jungin not to betray her also. DOn’t be like your eunnie and pretend like everything is going okay. Jungin says that it will not happen because I am good at messing you up. Umma is all like, okay, just go back to work, leave, leave, goodbye. They happily part.




Jiho waits for his friend outside his workplace and gives him a vitamin bag. The friend asks what this is, why deliver it like this and complain? Jiho says it is not normal to ask delivery for a pharmacist. They both laugh. Then Kiseok comes out and talks to Hyunsoo for a moment who asks if he wants to eat? But Kiseok declines and says that he will meet his girlfriend. 

But then the camera shows their feet. Kiseok feels something and walks back. He tells them that he wants to join them after all.

Elsewhere, the little sister and Youngjae talk. She asks about the pharmacist again and wants to know if he really does not know who the lover is? You said I should not go into the room when the two of them were in there? The friend says that she was cleaning the room when he was talking. Having a private conversation in front of everyone does not show manners. She asks if he is married? The friend says that he is not married, if he was would he talk in front of your sister?

The sister says it is suspicious between him and her sister. The friend agrees but says it should not be like that because she has a boyfriend. The sister agrees, though it looks like they are both thinking about it.

At the library, the friend and Jung in talk about how Kiseok declined to meet her. Youngjoo says, maybe he found out about the pharmacist? Don’t be so relaxed about it. I told you, just in case, don’t tell him because you are angry. You are not breaking up because of the pharmacist. Jungin asks if she thinks it will be more difficult if he finds out? The friend is all like, hey? Do the three of you want to fight each other?

Cut to the three men awkwardly drinking together. Hyunsoo asks why he canceled his date? Kiseok kind of smiles and then asks Jiho something. Jiho says he can ask him anything.

KS – A few days ago.

JH – Yes I was in the officetel (apartment). I know you came by but it did not seem like a good situation so I could not greet you.

KS – Alone?

JH – No, with youngjae because youngjae and Jaein are dating.

KS – So you were in the apartment? *laughs*

JH – I am sorry.

KS – No, you shouldnt’ be sorry to me.

HS – Wait, what are you talking about? You and youngjae? *so confused*

JH – I will tell you in detail later

KS – Youngjae and Jiho went to see my girlfriend at her place.

HS – What? Why? Without me?

JH – I will tell you everything lateeer.

HS – *defending-ly* Hyung, they are so friendly, that is why they crashed in. But they wouldn’t make any trouble or anything.

KS – It is okay, it is a kind of funny thing to me. Laughable even. You felt it. I didn’t have a good time with her and went to see her but she said she had guests. She said it was just friends. But obviously it was guys. I went mad a little bit. I thought she was dating someone else. But they were you guys in the house. It is so ironic. *laughs* If I knew it was you guys then I should have just gone in and gotten back in with Jungin. I lost my chance.

The friend looks a bit like, ummm, something is wrong. Kiseok asks why he didn’t say hi. Jiho says he should have said it. The sunbae asks, you said what? Jiho says, whatever, we don’t have any secrets. But all the men look like there are some secrets.

Cut to Youngjae talking to Hyunsoo over the phone while he is with the little sister, jaein. It looks like Hyunsoo is talking quickly and choppy because Youngjae mentions that he should explain things better to him. Nothing happened. It was just a coincidence. Of course, that is why I didn’t tell you. Tell Jiho also, okay?

He gets off the phone and then tells Jaein that her sister’s boyfriend figured out that they went to her sisters place. Jaein says that was faster than expected, though she does not look that concerned. He says that he will explain it all if some trouble happens. 

Then Jungin shows up outside her building where Youngjae and Jaein are standing. The two go up to her. She tells the friend that she sees him often. Her sister immediately tells her that her boyfriend is meeting the pharmacist. Jungin tries not to look shocked.

But she goes inside and is noticeably shook. Her sister comes in and asks what is up with the pharmacist, tell me. Are you the one the pharmacist likes? Jungin just sits in her guilt. Her sister sits as well and asks if she also likes him? Jungin says that she likes him. Her sister sighs. The sister says that now the two guys that love you are facing each other now. Jungin says that oppa does not know it yet. But her sister sighs and says that he will know it soon. He will figure it out today.

Jungin starts to call someone so Jaein asks her who she is calling? She says Jiho. The sister says that is why the pharmacist said that his lover is stupid. What are you going to tell him? Will you pretend and not show it? that will make him mad. Call your boyfriend. Why is my eunnie so dumb. You should see what he knows. Just call him, now!

Jungin starts to call her boyfriend with her sister sighing.

Kiseok picks up the phone while talking to Jiho and Hyunsoo. Kiseok says that she never calls him so quickly, then he tells the two that she invited him to her place. He tells them that he told them that their relationship is not going well so she asked for him to come over.

Jiho asks if he can just stay there? He sounds drunk. The friend is all like um, why are you doing this?

KS – So, you really want to tell me something?

JH – Why dont’ you bring your girlfriend here?

HS – Hey, are you drunk?

He pulls his head to him and sees that Jiho is super drunk.

HS – He is super drunk.

KS – Don’t drink too much, okay?

Kiseok gets up and leaves. Hyunsoo sits and thinks for a moment, then asks Jiho what happened. Jiho smiles and shakes his head to say that nothing happened. But it looks like Hyunsoo knows that something is going on. Kiseok also looked back at them and has a stone face as he walks away. So eeryone feels something.

At home, the sister is making something to eat as Jungin paces. She tells her sister to just sit.

Cut to Eunwoo calling his appa while preparing to sleep. His appa talks to him outside on a village street. he happiy chats with Eunwoo, though we don’t know what he is saying. We just see him laughing.




it is a three person dinner as the sister joins Kiseok and Jungin on their talk. The sister says that it was all because of her so don’t mistaken it okay? Kiseok says it was no misunderstanding, he just laughed for awhile. If he knew it was Jiho then he would have already been relieved in advance. he mentions that he was a bit suspicious of Jungin.

The little sister asks what he suspects of her? Kiseok says that Jaein will know soon that Jiho has a little boy, he is a single father. Before I came here, Jiho did not want me to leave, he actually wanted to call you to come. He is a funny guy.

Jungin says he was probably drunk. Kiseok says he should be. the sister looks at them both and says that the should forget about it. Kiseok says yes, it is nothing to mention since it is Jiho. But Jaein says that he should not talk like that. Having a kid has nothing to do with evaluating him. Saying he is not a consideration goes too far.

Kiseok explains that he did not mention it like that. he knows him already so they do not need to talk about it at all. that is what I meant. The sister repeats what he said, that is what you meant? Okay, then I went too far.

Kiseok tells Jungin that they should have gotten back together earlier. Then he holds Jungin’s hand and tells the sister that they are going to get married. Are you on our side? the sister just smiles and kind of uncomfortably laughs.

Later on, Jungin walks Kiseok out. He asks what will happen to them. To their relationship? She doesn’t really say anything. So he hugs her tightly and says that he just realized it. That he loves Lee Jungin. Lets love each other more. I will do better, okay? Jungin doesn’t hug him back.

Jungin goes back inside her apartment and slowly walks to the kitchen were her sister is cleaning.

JI – Were you disappointed?

Sister – Of course, to your boyfriend. Jiho should be hurt a lot, you should comfort him well. 

JI – I was the one getting comforted by him

Sister – did you decide what to do?

Ji – no

Sister – to me, I will honor your choice. So….should I give you a huggie?

She gives her sister a big hug and they both share a tiny comforting laugh.




The pharmacy is open but the employee, Yeseul is standing outside. The boss comes up and asks if it is closed? She says no, but Jiho is having an important conversation inside on the phone. He is super serious. I think it is a woman thing. She also tells her that they should go have a cup of coffee. The boss is all like, we should go listen! Then she peeks inside.

Inside, Jiho says he is okay. He was angry but he understands that she did it all for him. She tells him that he should call her and get angry and yell at her. He smiles and says he would regret that so he shouldn’t do it.

Ji – Jiho, I am sorry to lie to you.

JH – It is a good morning

Ji – Good morning.

She is smiling amidst apple blossoms.

Meanwhile, her not yet ex-boyfriend talks to his father. They go have a coffee inside. the father tells him that he shoul dnot meet anyone that will ask him for a favor as a banker. You should be colder and more rational to the people closest to you. Don’t trust easily. The son says okay. the father tells him that when principal Lee retires, he will give him a job in their foundation. He asks his son if he is surprised? 

The son says that he did not know that he trusted her father so much. The father says that he does not trust him at all. Do you still date her? Bring her over. Why are you looking at me so shocked? Kiseok says that if he does this now, why weren’t you open to her from the begining? The father asks if they broke up? Kiseok says he will marry her. If you oppose it, I will still marry her. The father says that he did not say he is opposing him, he just told him to keep the line. The son is all like, whatever. The father asks to see her first. The son is all like, chincha.


Jiho and Kiseok basically battle it out on the courts during practice. They are both star players on their teams. Afterward, the three men walk out in their day clothing. Hyunsoo asks where Jiho’s car is. Jiho says that he did not bring it just in case there was traffic. Kiseok tells them that they should eat lunch together. Then he jokes and asks what his excuse is.

Jiho thinks a moment and says that he will. Hyunwoo tells Jiho to ride with him. But Jiho says he will ride with sunbae and gets in the car. The friend looks like he noticed something.

In the car, Jiho and Kiseok talk.

KS – I heard you are dating someone. Hyunsoo doesn’t even know. What kind of woman are you hiding so much?

JH – Well, hmm

KS – Good times. She should look so pretty to you.

JH – What about you?

KS – We passed those times. Why are you looking at me like that? One month is good enough to fall in love. After that, nothing happens, you just date.

JH – I heard you dated for a long time.

KS – yes. You know, dating is just that emotion of liking…that is dating.

JH – But what if your heart changes?

KS – What are you takling about? Having an affair?

JH – In whatever way.

KS – It will not happen to me, but if my girlfriend does then I will break up with her. Of course, she likes someone else.

JH – You will just let her go?

KS – Well, I have my pride. I will not just let her go. If it is not revenge then I will at least release my anger.

In her apartment, Jungin works on something. She is typing at the computer while sitting in front of her coffee table. But she can’t concentrate and starts thinking. Then she reaches for her phone.

Jiho gets a phone call from Jungin while he is with Kiseok in his car. Kiseok asks if it is from that woman? Then pick it up. If you are like that then you will not catch her. Jiho answers. Jungin says that she aws about to hang up,

JI – Is your pharmacy open today? 

Jh – Yes. 

JI – Are you at work? 

JH – Are you coming? 

JI – I just need to talk to you, when do you finish? 

JH – I played basketball. 

JI – Where you will Kiseok? 

JH – Yes I was. 

JI – Still together? 

JH – Yes. 

JI – I will hang up. 

JH – Why? 

JI – Jiho shi. 

JH – Don’t hang up.

Fade Out


Um, Ji-ho better watch himself before his mouth gets him into a problem that his wallet can’t get himself out of. Because you know the rich fight with money and if Ki-seok’s father owns as many schools at it seems like he does, he might just own Ji-ho’s son’s school as well and may have a lot of influence on others which could cause all kinds of problems for Ji-ho. Plus they are a bunch of bankers??? Ki-seok doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would be petty like that, but pettiness makes a strong appearance when hearts are wronged y’all.

I am a bit worried about Ki-seok’s temper after the mother mentioned that he had one. I hope he does not go plum crazy like the boyfriend from Something in the Rain, because the was just out of control. I also wonder what is on Jung-in’s mind because she needs to close things well with Ki-seok while not making her father or Ji-ho look bad. In he preview, it looks like she has a plan, though her plan might not be the brightest thing.

I also wonder how Jung-in’s sister plays into all of this. She seems like a main foil, though I do not see how things are connected. However, it might have something to do with Ki-seok’s growing desperation to get married to Jung-in and relying on the brother-in-law to do it. We shall see!


KS – I told you many times. But I never expected us to separate. Abogi wants to see you.

JI – I want to see your father alone.

JH – I asked you for help many times to get ahold of my heart

JI – Why should I do that? Whether your heart is shredded or not, why should I care? I will survive first.

KS – When we were drinking together, you responded too strangely. Do you like my girlfriend?

JH – I think I am in big trouble becuse I like the woman called Lee Jungin more and more every day. After a lot of time passed, if my heart is still the same, can you come to me?

JI – Please dont’ date anyone. When I come to you I will make sure that no one will hurt you because of your thing.

JH – You can take your time. Just come to me. I can wait for you.


Jung-in and Ji-ho’s love continues to grow as Ki-seok stands between them. Jung-in does not want to hurt Ji-ho so she tells him that she will take care of everything and then go to him. Just wait a little bit.

Hyung-soo and Young-jae are super surprised to know that “that woman” is Jungin. Ji-ho does not care because he know’s Jung-in’s heart.

Young-gook (Ki-seok’s father) asks Kiseok to set up a meeting with Jung-in. Jung-in, for some reason, wants to meet Young-gook alone.

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          June 13, 2019 / 11:03 am

          Seach:www is a must to recap i think. It’s a fresh story i think.. angle Dan also live recap please…three good drama in wed n Thursday,

          Thx for recap. Enjoying n appreciate it

  4. Yannie
    June 13, 2019 / 10:29 pm

    Search and One Night is currently my to watch as soon as new episode is out dramas, I love the both of them so much, I’m just drawn to all the characters! Hope you can also recap Search WWW!

  5. Anonymous
    June 18, 2019 / 10:42 am

    Please do recap on search www! First Two episodes was nice!

  6. Anonymous
    June 27, 2019 / 12:27 pm

    Search WWW is an amazing drama! I love it! You should try to watch it 😀

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