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I Am Not a Robot Live Recap Episodes 7 and 8

Live Recap Korean Drama
Spoiler alert! He lives. Just kidding, maybe he died and she had to bring him back to life with mouth to mouth. Where is my mind going with this? It’s too early.

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom! So check back in!

Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Jo Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | AhJi3 – AJ/AJ3

/3/Robot | Ye Riel – RE/R

How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Airing Time: Dec. 14th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: Finished Airing


A boy and his parents are building the card house. It looks like MG when he was about 7 or 8 and his parents. They are super cute and are trying hard to put it together, but it is in the infant stages. MG has a hard time even getting a tiny one built and it crashes. His father cheers him up by doing a magic trick.

VO – Some moment you don’t have becomes a memory that you miss so much

Happy birthday party for MG with his parents and staff and other people around. The tiny girlfriend is there and maybe also the tiny mean boy, but they are all very nice to him. They look like genuine good friends to him and it looks like he had a very happy childhood. His appa starts to do some magic at the birthday party and everyone cheers.

VO – some moment will never become a beautiful memory which will never come back.

MG and his parents are driving in the car and playing a word playing game. A balloon goes in the fathers face and he drifts to the other lane. The truck tried to warn them that they were drifting, but it was too late. Head on collision. Umma held MG’s head so he wasn’t as badly injured, but his parents didn’t make it. MG wakes up in the hospital screaming for his parents. An older man tells him that he is his family now and Euchul is his brother. Let your parents go well, everyone is waiting for you.

He goes to the funeral in his clothes that they picked out for him. It looks like the father was very well loved. Someone puts something in MG’s pocket, but he doesn’t notice. Crowds of people are at this funeral and MG goes and pays his respects to his parents.

Cut to an office. MG was sleeping in an empty room but someone comes in. Another man is there and tells him to rest, not to work so hard. He tells MG that he has to sign something for the funeral and his Appa’s life will be easier. MG tells him that he will go to the bathroom. He goes to the bathroom and after washing his hands he sees what someone put in his pocket. It says “Don’t sign anything, don’t touch anything, – from Madam X.” He leaves the bathroom and sees some people talking.

Man – He will sign everything, you should do it as soon as possible

MG hid behind a flower and overheard everything. Now everyone is bowing to the chairman and the chairman looks happy with all the attention. MG goes to sit by himself and Euchul goes to sit with him. Euchul talks about being brothers with MG and then he even tries to get MG to sign something! MG flips through it and it says that the uncle guy will be the guardian. He signs it?

Euchul tells him to cheer up because they are family now. He puts his hand on MG and the hand turns into a monster hand. MG hops up and yells to get away from him.

The brother takes the signature back to this father but it looks like MG didn’t sign it, he wrote “son of dog/bitch” instead. Euchul looks like he doesn’t really know what is really going on. He just wants to be brothers with MG

Man – It looks like MG likes to be alone.

MG went home by himself.

VO – I was curious. God, why did God give me so many memories that I long for so much? That beautiful moment where everything was perfect. What was the meaning of that beautiful moment that I remember?

Little MG walks over to the card table and starts to continue to build it.

VO – Memory, and remembrance became torture to me.

Little MG yells and grown MG wakes up on the floor next to JA.

JA tells him that he had a bad dream. MG is trying to figure out what happened and then remembers that he had that episode. He is sooooo happy that JA saved him. They talk about the cat things and all that and he tells her she is super cute and he upgrades her. She asks if his thigh is okay? He looks at it and the syringe is still sticking out of it, lol. She also put one in his shoulder. He cancels her upgrade.

JA starts to ask him what his allergy is. Peanuts? He said it is a secret and she said there is no secret between friends. She switches to friendship mode. he tells her to leave and she asks if his foot is okay? He has another syringe in his foot! She leaves quickly.

She sees all the robots and is happy that she is at the same Ipooni level with them now. She sees all the boxes and she sees the box that she bought. But it looks like he bought it again so she was the bad person because he had to buy it twice.

She walks the grounds and thinks about his allergic reaction. She wonders what type of allergy it is and that he has it all but maybe life is not so easy.

Back at their lab-shack. BG starts to quiz her about what happened. Did he take advantage of her? She says he is a good guy. BG tells her to not go out with him or to the bedroom with him. Don’t do that!

JA – he has a big allergy reaction so I had to do it (with the syringe)

JA explains that MG will pass out and all those things without the syringe. Then she asks were Pi eunnie is because she has to take off her clothes.

Pi eunnie is on the grounds with the two other scientists. They run into a grounds person who is explaining to them that they have to paint the walls of the home. Pi leaves and grounds ajushi tells her that she can help him. Soooo many things happen around the house and he is so happy that he has so many young people to help him.

Pi – I feel like we opened some hell gate.
Scientist – We shouldn’t have come.

But the other scientist smiles and looks like he likes painting.

BG tries to help her take off her clothes but it fails and she doesn’t want him to see her body so she bolts and tells him that she will be back later.

JA goes to her best friends place and they talk about love and her ex. BG also thinks about JA and says that she is a bad girl. 3 wonders if she is the bad girl and he says not her. Back at the best friends place and the conversations changes to the appeal for the contest. Did she get the signatures? He looks bad, but he is not normal. She mistook him for a bad consumer.

MG rolls over and tells AJ3 to come to him. But he remembers that she is gone for the day. He calls his doctor and the doctor says that he recovered fast this time, that is a good sign. Phone call.

JA – Yes mast—— yes.
MG – Did you break the necklace? If so, I will prepare my mind
JA – I sent it
MG – Where?
JA – Trust me, I am honest, I am showing you my honest mind.
MG – I don’t care.

They keep arguing back and forth. MG says he will continue not trusting her and hangs up. JA yells at the phone and wonders how he is so good at making people crazy. She talks to her friend about her plans with the letter. If she sends it today then he will get it tomorrow.

He is at the company with Euchul. He is looking at the robot and he thinks it looks like his sister. Euchul tells him that she is a robot. He is grilling the secretary about the robot. Does he know anything about it? The secretary says that he doesn’t but his leg is shaking something terrible. Euchul says okay and its okay to leave. But Euchul says that what MG said bothers him. He talks about that with another person.

The two guys who are looking into the robot are watching all the CCTV to try and find it. This is comic relief in the extreme. These two are so ridiculous. I love it. They wait in the car for someone to show up at the lab. Finally, two guys from the lab show up to get the package. It wasn’t the robot part they were looking for though. They leave and the investigators follow them in a really cute little car.

But they lost them.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, MG is playing a racing game. While playing he thinks back to RE saying that they could get married in an arranged marriage. But they should date at least 3 times. MG switches to his relaxing massager, but he is still thinking about Riel and kissing Riel. It is driving him crazy. He needs a friend so he thinks about AJ3. Then he thinks that it would be perfect, he needs someone to talk to, not necessarily a friend.

BG is reviewing the video of MG’s episode and trying to figure out what type of reaction it is. Meanwhile, all the other scientists are dog tired from doing all that manual labor outside. The scientists call MG three-stage-stick. And three-stage-stick is currently walking around their building secretly. He hears moaning noises and his mind goes dirty. But it is just the scientists inside getting massages and icepacks and stuff for all their aches and pains.

JA notices that a light is on in their security. What is that? They all look at it. It is the tracking device for MG and he is right outside their building!

MG opens the door but then hops back. he sees BG coming out and BG is wondering what is going on. BG tells them that he is going to buy some icy-hot patches and all those things. Is MG okay with them being there? MG says he is not okay with it, but he wants to see AJ3 so he came there. Can he talk to her? BG says no because she is charging and they are fixing her skin sensors so he should stop touching her. MG said it is his will and if they don’t like it then they can pack up. BG is all like you want us to pack up? MG wants to say something but he doesn’t and storms away.

Inside they wonder how they can track him and they tell him by his cell phone. Possibly from when they put that app on it.

MG is relaxing in his pool and then sees the scientists come in with a huge floaty. They say they are American style so they swim and they hop in. But when they sink to the bottom they see MG sitting on the bottom of the pool staring at them. They freak out and run back to their lab-shack screaming “I saw three-stage-stick! Ahhhh.”

At the lab, BG is looking at the episode again. Pi comes up and tells him to just trust JA, JA knows what she is doing. Then she tells BG that he doesn’t want to send JA to MG whether he was a pervert or not.

The secretary brother finally goes home to relax and his wife is there to cheer him up with anchovies and beer (usually chicken and beer). She succeeds in cheering him up and tells him that he will be a good lawyer and he should do whatever he wants to do. I love this actress. She asks if he saw JA and the brother says no. But then the sister-in-law starts talking about everything she knows going on with the robot. Hmm, it looks like the brother might think that the robot is her part-time job?

He thinks back to another time when he met JA. He had a visitor and it was JA. She wants to make an umbrella that makes the umbrella transparent or black for couples when they want to kiss. BG is smitten but he thinks only a few people will want that. JA said she doesn’t want to make things for a lot of people, just a few people.

Cut to JA sitting outside on a bench and she sees a bald prof saying hello to some students, but his hair is flying and looking crazy. The girls laugh at him behind his back and JA gets her notepad out. SHe wants to make a nice hat for him that only shows a little hair. But it starts to rain so she gets up to leave. Then an umbrella is over her head. It is BG, he made her umbrella that is transparent or black when you press a button. They both get under the umbrella and share a moment.

Back to the present and the secretary went to visit the lab-shack. But JA isn’t there, she went off to visit MG. He introduces himself and BG tells him that he is her ex-boyfriend.

MG and JA are talking in friend mode and of course, she says all these things that make him suspicious. He thinks she talks to him like a girlfriend? Also, she knows that there is a necklace in the box and he is all like, ummm, how do you know that. But she says that she guessed and he wants her to put it on him. he tells her that it is his mom and his fathers necklace. His father proposed to his mom during a shooting star and the necklace has a piece of the shooting star. he tells the tv to show them the place the father proposed and JA looks impressed. MG tells her that she looks really impressed like a real human being. he said that he will take AJ3 there.

MG – AJ3, if I am married to someone then I want to propose to her with this necklace.

The love interest, Riel and the play brother Euchul are at the company. RE is just visiting him and they have some playful banter back and forth.

MG – Just listen to me, I have a friend who got proposed to by a girlfriend
JA – You?
MG – Just listen to me
JA –
MG – My friend has a big problem that can be lethal.
JA – Allergy? Is it an annoying allergy? What is the cause?

MG tries to explain but JA tells him all these things that women know about relationships. She is really acting like a friend. She tells MG to tell her the truth. He said that he can’t hold her hand because of the allergy. He can’t touch humans! JA tells him that there is no allergy like that in the world. MG says everyone once thought the world was flat too.

Cut to the kitchen. MG lays out a spread of all the fresh food that he is going to cook. JA is so impressed to see it all. But at the lab shack, they open their box and a lot of tiny crabs come out and freak them out. All the shack gets filled with these little crabs.

The secretary and BG are talking and all the crabs are walking around. The secretary tells BG that if he doesn’t change the face then he will sue him.

Cooking montage in the mansion and crabs going everywhere hilarity in the shack.

The BG and the secretary try to talk about something serious in the shack, but crabs are everywhere.

At the mansion the food is prepared and MG is eating it while JA sits there. He says it took him a while to learn how to cook. He tried a lot and failed a lot, but his cooking skills improved. Flashback of a little guy eating not fully cooked cup noodles. MG said taste is memory. His mom raised him with his own food so he tried hard to make everything taste like his mom’s food from his memory on his tongue. But he didn’t learn anything from his father, like shaving…

JA imagines little MG trying to shave and cutting himself. SHe comforts him with a hand on his shoulder. SHe thinks that his master grew up well. But in the present, she is actually touching his shoulder. He looks at her looking at him and then she suddenly removes her hand.

MG – You, now my heart is itching again.
JA – Are you thinking about your first love?
MG – Yes…if, I wish she were a robot like you.

He stands up and runs his hand on her hair.

MG – Then I can touch her hair like this. And hold hands like this. And go somewhere with a lot of people, together. And…*he leans in to kiss her, but he stops right in front of her*…then I will be able to kiss her.

Fade out.

BG punches someone and…it’s Date Night! MG and JA go out and into a crowd with a lot of people.

This episode is my favorite by far!

Courtesy of the Soompi forums


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