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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 31 and 32

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The penultimate and finale episodes are nigh. It is time to say goodbye to Min-gyu, Ji-ah, Baek-gyoon, Pi, Ah Ji 3 and the rest of this adorable cast. And though we didn’t see them a lot recently, I will miss the dumb and dumber detectives something serious. Where are you my much needed comic relief?

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Shorthand: Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Ji Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | Ah Ji 3 – AJ/aj3/3 | Ye Ri El – RE/R | Scientists – S | Yu Chul – YC | Bumbling detectives – Dumb and Dumber/D&D/DD

Airing Time: Jan. 25th, 22:00 Seoul
How to Watch: On Demand Korea (no membership required)

Countdown: KKEUT…what happened to Madam X? O_o


Coming on right on time.

BG – Marten killed your father, not Hwang Do Won, I have a confession. I heard you have a board meeting. Do you have another solution?
MG – I will make them not use my disease as a weapon anymore

We see that he has the USB in his hand.

YC and the butler meet at the butlers’ house and have some bread. YC starts to ask the butler about MG’s disease. The butler says that MG was suffering for 15 years. YC is shocked to hear this. The butler says that MG had it after his parents died, he was hurt a lot in his mind.

Flashback to YC telling MG to sign the paperwork and then YC holding his hand and telling him to cheer up. Then little MG starts to freak out and runs away.

Little YC goes to his dad’s office, he is looking for some documents. He finds them and opens them up. He starts to read them. It says that YC’s father will become a guardian of MG.

Back to the present, the butler says that after that incident at the funeral, MG was trapped inside his house for 15 years. No one came to visit him. Why didn’t YC come visit him as well? YC says it is because he was sorry. The butler tells him that if he is sorry then he has to say that he is sorry.

YC is at the bar with a drink and RE sits next to him.

YC – It was all because of me that MG got that disease. I didn’t know why he was doing this to me. We were friends, how could he treat me like that. I pretended like I was the victim and justifying my father’s behavior and my own.
RE – You were little back then, you didn’t know MG had that disease. MG will understand it, it is not too late, we can go back.
YC – Do you think we can really go back?

RE puts her hand on YC’s arm. They smile

MG has is having a massage in his massive massage chair. The heart ball lights up and he smiles. Cut to JA at her home. She thinks that MG will not be able to sleep because of the press conference tomorrow. Then she gets a call.

She goes outside because MG has come to her home. She gets in the car and he touches her hair, then he tells her “friend mode” They both start laughing and JA says that she will beat everyone up for him. He tells her that she is so cute. MG says that among all the woman he knows, she is the cutest and the prettiest. She tells him that he doesn’t know that many women and he says, should he meet some more. But she will kill him. They keep laughing back and forth and chatting about that. He says that she will be another layer above Ipooni, she will be onion because she has layers and layers of truth.

Cut to them holding hands in the car. They start to talk about what is ahead with the company. MG says that he will be fine because JA is always next to him. Little kiss. JA tells MG to have a good fight, friend. And he says that he will have a good fight, friend.

There is an urgent board meeting that is important for the future of the company. But YC says that he wants to say one thing. MG is having a press conference that might affect their board meeting, so they should check it out. They fight over the importance of the press conference.

MG is already at the podium. All the lights are flashing. JA smiles at him and it gives MG strength. He starts talking.

MG – I am the chairman of KM Financial, Kim Min-gyu and I am also a patient with a human allergy.

The reporter that has the leaked information is there.

MG – Because of my allergy, I had to wear gloves and have a stick. How can this person have the role of a big company? It is all thanks to the employees that kept their distance from me and my team leader. However, I can tell you now, for sure, that I am freer little by little from this disease. One day a robot came to my life and with this robot, I became their friend and tried to communicate with the robot and it happened.

All of the Santa Maria team are watching at the lab.

MG – This robot was sometimes human and sometimes a robot. My emotions to the robot and the human, after I shared my emotions with it, the miracle happened. that event gave me a big change in my thought process. It will be a big scoop to the reporters. KM financial will change from M&M process to invest money in human relationships and humans. We will put a lot of money into AI so that we can communicate our emotions with robots and we will work with Dr. Hong Baek Goon.

Reporters: Is BG here? Can we talk to him?

All the reporters start talking and the press conference is a big hit.

KM Financials stock starts to increase exponentially. But they want to continue with the meeting. YC agrees 100% with MG’s new vision of the company and he opposed firing MG. RE also supports MG and she also opposed the firing process. YC and RE smile at each other. Lots of commotion breaks out.

They talk to each other over the phone. MG is in the car and JA is somewhere inside. they talk about how they did a good job.

MG, RE, and YC are talking alone in the boardroom. RE says that she trusts MG and is looking forward to seeing the new company. She also says that YC worked hard in convincing the board members to keep MG. YC looks apprehensively at MG. RE says it is a good time for them to have a reunion and she leaves.

YC – I knew what the document meant. I couldn’t tell you that I knew about it. I didn’t know, until now….I don’t owe you anything and I was convincing myself that my father’s intention was good. I was protecting myself like that. I was timid and stupid. I am sorry because it is too late, MG. I am sorry MG.

MG – Marten chairman, I have evidence that Marten killed my father and I gave it to the international police. COnvince your father that his sentence will be lower if he confesses that.

YC – Okay, thank you for letting me know.

YC gets up and leaves, MG then takes a deep breath and steps up to him as YC is leaving. He takes off his glove and offers a handshake to YC.

MG – I think it is okay now.

They shake hands and give each other a firm handshake. They both smile and YC takes a deep breath as if he has been waiting for this moment for a long time.

He is talking to JA and then kisses his phone. They will meet somewhere. He hops up and turns around all giddy and runs smack into his secretary-brother. He immediately gets awkward. They sit and MG tells him “Ummm, today, you did a good job.” They start to talk about it and the sec tells MG that he should accept his resignation letter.

This catches MG off guard. The sec tells him that he still wants to quit because everything has ended now so he wants to quit. He calls MG team leader and says that he is leaving and take care. he gets up and leaves.

Mg is left thinking and reserved.

They talk about how MG is like a little brother at home, but so charismatic in public. Then BG says, “What about me?” Pi asks him straight out, “Shall we date?”

BG stammers at this and Pi keeps asking him. BG smiles but he doesn’t answer and tells her, let’s go. But Pi says that he didn’t answer so BG walks back and takes her hand, then he says, “It’s cold” and they continue walking.

Appa is drinking and RE comes in and apologizes to him. She is sorry that she didn’t become the person that he wanted her to be. She says that she will be happy though and she hopes that her appa will believe that. She leaves.

They are taking the promenade walk from when it was snowing all those episodes ago. it is dark outside and MG fills her in on how his day went. He talked to YC and offered him a handshake. JA is shocked, so he shook his hand and was okay? MG says that after he saw her, he was better. MG then tells her that it is so cold so he takes off his scarf and wraps it around her. He asks what she wants to do and she says that they will be busy soon, so they should play hard now.

They go to an arcade and MG is like a fish out of water. She says she wanted to do this with him for so long. he says that he can make one of these at his house. But they stay there and they continue playing all the games. JA is really good at it and so into it. She is the best at shooting games and motorcycle games and air hockey and everything. JA beats him at all of them. But MG is really good at the basketball game. He smokes her. JA wants to play again, but MG says he is done, he wants to remember winning this game.

Then they go to the street bar and eat a fish cake. MG is really timid eating it.

MG – Hey, about your brother…what is he like?
JA – When he says no once, then it is forever no

(MG starts to cough and choke)

MG – But how is he to you?
JA – Like a father?
MG – I want to find a way to persuade him

The Santa Maria team are all around the table trying to solve this issue with the sec-brother. They ask MG if he was bad to him? MG says he was before…but that was before and not know. They think about it and then they tell him that maybe he doesn’t like MG as JA’s boyfriend. MG tells them “No help, no help” and leaves. But BG follows him. MG says that he just went there to rest and gets in his massage chair. But BG stays there and looks at him awkwardly.

BG asks him what young people do to date recently and MG is all like, um, why do you need to know? But then it hits him, BG must be dating! BG tells him to be quiet but MG is all happy about knowing this.

His wife goes off on him about quitting, lol. It is an explosion at the table. She is still super pregnant and telling her husband that he should be more flexible and take the letter back! Answer me! He nods and puts his head down. She is the boss.

YC and his dad are talking. YC fills him in on everything and Hwang is trying to take it all in. He explodes, but then YC tells him that it is done. Hwang sits back down.

JA wants to make the coffee shop her office. Her friend tries to help her out and asks her all these questions about her company and investors and all those things. Then her friend says that she doesn’t have to pay rent, but she can give her a share of her earnings. They agree! The friend goes outside and takes away the sign that says “For Rent.”

They are having a one-on-one and it is really awkward. They are at a coffee shop and the sec asks if MG is okay and MG says “Yes” so overexaggerated and then grabs the sec’s hand. But it is so awkward and they both retract their hands.

But the sec has something to say. it is so hard to come out. “My….letter…..about….my letter…..”
MG says that he will accept it if he really wants to quit, but if he is uncomfortable with JA then he can change his mind and come to work for him again.

The sec hangs his head, he failed asking to work with MG again.

MG and JA are talking on the phone and JA is at the coffee shop. She says that she is working, she is making a website for crowdfunding her projects. Then they hang up and MG comes in the coffee shop. Lol, he was probably right outside. JA keeps working and MG sulks. She tries to ignore him, but it is impossible so she asks what is up. MG says that it is about her brother, they met. then JA says that he was supposed to rescind the resignation letter! Did it happen? But MG just hangs his head.

JA tells him that he has to come to her house!



JA tells MG that he should come to her house. He won’t be able to tell her to get the letter back in front of her sister-in-law, so he will accept it.

MG – Okay, I will do it….when I come to your house….can I see your room?
JA – No, it is too dirty.
MG – You come to my room all the time…why can’t I see your room?

They smile and laugh.

Hoktal and Coffee shop Friend are having a date in the movie theater and The friend raises the armrest. They are about to kiss and Hoktal closes his eyes. But then some popcorn hits them. It is Ssam Ip throwing the popcorn! Hoktal and Friend hold hands instead.

They look so out of place there, but they are trying to have a good time. They say that they will play a game and whoever wins first will show the movie. They decide to play a shooting game and Pi wins, she is really good and BG is impressed.

But she isn’t good at getting toys out of the machine. BG is the best at this. After that they do Dance-Dance-Revolution.

Cut to Hoktal, The Friend, and Ssam on a date. Ssam looks so sad though as the third wheel. But some foreigners are there and one of them recognizes Ssan Ip. They talk to each other. The foreigner is gorgeous and calls SI, Eddie. She asks SI if he wants to go hang out with them and he says absolutely! They take him away and Hoktal also looks at them, lol. The friend turns Hoktal’s head back toward her.

They sit and talk about how they spent so much time trying to make a robot that can talk to humans that they never talked to humans themselves. They should keep taking these moments to rest and talk to each other. They both agree.

MG is talking to YC’s Dad about not repeating the bad past again. The dad looks like he reluctantly agrees with this.

MG leaves and talks to his doctor. The doctor thinks that everything is out and MG says that he is happy that his past won’t haunt him anymore. The doctor says that everything should be okay. Then MG says that he has a phone call, it is JA. The doctor jokes about the call and they get off.

MG talks to JA and tells him to come over now. MG is nervous because he doesn’t look respectable enough. But JA tells him that it is okay.

Meanwhile, the brother is sitting at home with his daughter and the daughter says that she is on her Appa’s side no matter what happens. The doorbell rings and appa goes to get it. It is MG and it shocks the brother so much that he almost falls over.

The brother wants to know why he is there and MG says that he is there for JA. The niece comes up and says hi to MG and the brother wants to know ho the nieve knows him? They say that it is a secret. The brother nods and goes to his room. But then he listens to what is going on outside.

Meanwhile, outside in the living room, MG is sitting next to the niece. They tell him that they will be making chicken soup. MG smiles and then stands and looks at the family photos on the wall. He laughs and says that she is so cute and she looks the same as right now. Then she sees the picture of JA’s father and tells him that she really wanted to see him. The niece asks him how his allergy is? And he smiles and whispers that it is all cured. Then she whispers…you like my aunt right? And he whispers back that it is true.

Gift time! MG brought three bags for the three women of the house. they all love them and then they sit to eat. MG and the brother are across from each other and they are as awkward as ever. They try to look at each other, but they can’t. But then MG says a confession: I can’t live without you Jo team Jang. I want to be with you forever.

MG – So, I can’t accept your resignation letter and I want you to tear it up by yourself.
Brother – While you date my sister, at work you are my boss, but I want to treat you as my sister’s boyfriend outside of work (starts talking banmal to him)

MG is shocked and says okay and they start to smile.

MG DOES get to go into JA’s room and sees all of her ideas all over her room. SHe has all the drawing everywhere and all the things that she was tinkering with. he grabs one of the sketchbooks and sees the umbrella sketch and the heart ball, and clothes you can wear to clean the house, those are in the closet. MG wonders what he can do….he likes her more and more.

MG tells her that he has all of these things in her yellow cabinet. JA wonders how he has all these things? Was he one of the 5 that bought them? How did he get it? MG says that if you kiss me then I will tell you. They go to kiss each other, but the niece bursts in! Their mom is weird!!!

She is in labor and about to have the baby! They all rush out and MG drives them to the hospital. The mom says that it is her second child so they don’t have to be too nervous. But she is moaning and MG is definitely not okay.

Everyone waits outside. The brother comes out in his hospital clothes and says that everyone is okay. then he says that their daughter is very cute, like a princess. They all go to see the baby in the nursery and this baby is sooooo super cute, I can’t deal. They all smile.

BG is walking on a stage like he is at a Ted Talk. There are so many people there and he is giving a big presentation. He says that their Santa Maria team made a new robot. They focused on communicating with humans and they want this AI to be able to help people. People will be more human because of that. They want to solve the secret of human emotions so that they can make a super AI robot. They figured a little of this out and they gave it the name of MG’s father. Park Sun Jin.

They introduce the new robot and it comes out, but we don’t see the face. It looks like it might be a male robot though. Everyone claps.

There is a military guy coming out of the bus.

Cut to the company. There is a huge stack of paperwork and we see the sec-brother behind them. He is promoted and looks confident and capable.

Cut to RE, she is also happy and has a team meeting. She leaves and meets with YC. They smile and walk out together. They say they don’t want to be late.

Cut to the doctor also leaving.

Cut to JA’s family leaving as well. The baby is a lot bigger now.

The coffee shop friend is leaving as well. She says her shop is closed for the day.

JA is at a meeting and talking about her heart lamp to some businessmen in English! But she looks concerned because he can’t leave yet.

Cut to a car driving.

Cut back to JA still at the meeting. They love the heart lamp and keep talking about it. JA listens to them and smiles. They sign the contract, but she is short on time now.

A taxi goes to the mansion and a military person gets out. It looks like MG, but we don’t know for sure. He slowly walks to the home and we see someone walking toward him. It is JA! MG smiles at her and she opens up the umbrella to keep the snow off of them. MG tells him that she really missed him. JA tells him that he worked hard and this day has really come. She asks if he is really hungry and he says that he is really hungry. She tells him that everyone is waiting for him and they hold hands and walk to the door together.

They start talking but then JA slips and they have the sexual tension moment and MG tells her that they should kiss at that moment. He kisses her and then they turn the umbrella to dark mode and this umbrella is a green umbrella. They keep kissing in the snow and their song starts to play.

They are still kissing in the snow. It is a long long long kiss and it almost looks like the screen is frozen? But it isn’t, the umbrella moved!


Fade Out.

#1: Outdoor Car kiss

#2: Press Conference for the win

#3: YC and MG hand shake it out

#4: Sec & MG resignation and Pi & BG “Let’s date?”

#5: MG & JA outside promenade walk and Video Arcade Date night

The Translation is from Stroppsye on Soompi. Thank you!

JA: I thought you were shaking a little, but you did very well.
MG: At first, I was really nervous, but after I took a deep breath, I saw you. From then on, I wasn’t nervous and the words came flowing out.
JA: I had an out of body experience so that I could help you.
MG: Oh, also, for the first time in 15 years, I was able to speak properly with Yoo Chul. Also, I asked to shake hands first. I just thought it would be okay to do so.
JA: You shook hands?
MG: Yes.
JA: It was okay?
MG: Yes. After I had seen you, it became okay.
JA: So, take good care of your treasure. (me: MG had referred to JA in an earlier episode as his treasure. LOL)
MG: Oh, it’s too cold. Come here. (wraps his scarf around JA)
JA: You said that you’re cold, so why are you giving it to me?
MG: So that I can take care of my treasure well. (me: Just awwww….) What do you want to do today? I’ll do everything you want to do.
JA: Mmm, since I’m going to become very busy for awhile, let’s really play hard today.

MG: Wow!
JA: Do you know how much I wanted to bring you here?
MG: This! Should I make you one exactly like this at my house? Do you want to come every day and live there? (me: LOL. Yet another time that MG is asking JA to come live with him and be with him all the time.)
JA: Let’s at least start with a little warm up.
JA: You know how to do this, right? (talking about the air hockey)
MG: Oh, yes. Yes.
JA: I’m going. (scores a point) Yay! (soundly beats MG)
JA: Die! Yeah! (winning at a shooting game)
MG: Oh! How can you do this?! (at a fighting game. JA just looks over and sticks her tongue out.) Again!
MG: (motorcycle race) Oh! How can I lose at this, too?
JA: (at MG winning at a basketball toss game) Let’s play one more time.
MG: Noooo.
JA: What? How can you quit after you’re the only one who won?
MG: This victory, I want to cherish it in my heart forever.
JA: You said that you would do everything I wanted to do today.
MG: Well, tonight’s dinner, I’ll treat you to it. You can eat everything you want to eat.

#6: Dinner with the family

The Translation is from Stroppsye on Soompi. Thank you!

MG: (of JA’s childhood pictures) Cute. She looked just the same as she does now! (picture of JA’s father) I’ve wanted to meet you.
MG: (to JA’s niece who’s come to stand by him) What?
Niece: Ajusshi. Is your allergy cured now?
MG: Yes. It’s all better.
Niece: The person that you talked about then that you liked a lot is my aunt, isn’t she?
MG: Yes, you’re right. But, that’s a secret.

MG: Oh, this…I wasn’t sure what I should buy.
HJ: Oh, mine, too? (me: meaning she’s pleased that he had bought something for her as well)
HJ: Oh, it’s so pretty. Thank you.
Niece: Oh, it’s cute!
JA: It’s pretty. (me: Nice product placement.)

HJ: Why does it feel as if the two of them are on a blind date? (me: Talking about MG and JS’s brother who are awkwardly eating and not quite eyeing each other.)
JA: I know.
HJ: Director, what brought you over.
MG: That…I don’t think I can do without Team Manager Jo. (me: ROFLOL. MG starts off his comments as if he was declaring his love for JA’s brother, almost as a suitor asking a parent for their daughter’s hand in marriage or something.)
Brother: Excuse me?
MG: Team Manager Jo, I like you. Very much. Since Team Manager is more than a colleague that I will always want to work with, but a mentor.
Niece: Wow. My dad is fantastic!
MG: Of course. He is such a fantastic person. So with that, I can’t accept this resignation. So, I would ask Team Manager Jo to rip it up directly with your own hands.
Brother: I have a condition.
MG: Please tell me what it is.
Brother: While you are dating my little sister, I would like to keep the personal and professional strictly separate.
MG: Yes, I agree.
Brother: While we are at the office, you’re my director, but once we’ve left the office, may I address you as my little sister’s boyfriend?
MG: Yes. Please make sure you do that.
Brother: I got it, Min Gyu. (me: LOL. JA’s brother has been in polite speech all this time until just this statement where he drops all formality as if addressing a younger person without any allusion to titles and status.)
MG: (taken aback, but recovering) Yes, hyung-nim. (me: MG in turns raises the politeness in his speech as to addressing an older respected person rather than the formality of being coleagues.)

#7: Movie night with Hoktal, Coffee shop friend, Ssam Ip, and the beautiful looking foreign travelers (a.k.a Ssam Ips happy ending)

#8: The awkward meeting with the brother before JA invited MG over for dinner

The Translation is from Stroppsye on Soompi. Thank you!

Brother: Are you okay?
MG: Yes! I’m all cured now! I’m just the same as everyone else! i can even touch like this! (touches the brother’s hand. Awkward. Withdraws it.) I’m sorry.
Brother/MG: I…
Brother: Please speak first.
MG: The…about the resignation…
Brother: Yes, the resignation. Anyway, I… that is…the resignation is…
MG: Yes, I’ll accept. If Team Leader so wants me to. I would like Team Leader to work with me, but it seems that you’re a little uncomfortable because of Ji Ah. Tha-that, since one never knows, if you ever change your mind, please tell me. I would welcome it at any time.

JA: (answering phone) Ah. Why?
MG: Where are you? (me: his plaintive tone of voice. LOL)
JA: I’m at the coffeeshop.
MG: Shall I go over there?
JA: I’m in the middle of working.
MG: Is your work important or am I important? (me: petulant MG. ROFLOL)
JA: Work is important, and you’re important, too.
MG: But, I want to see you now.
JA: I want to see you, too. After I just finish this, I’ll call you right away.
MG: Okay. Hang up.

(MG comes into the cafe after all.)
MG: I can just sit here for a little while before I go, can’t I? (at JA’s laughter) Go ahead and work. I’ll just sit here and look at your face.
JA: You can’t talk to me, okay. (MG nods in agreement, and continues to stare at JA until she can’t take it any more and shuts her laptop.)
JA: Okay, what is it. Tell me.
MG: That is… Team Manager Jo…
JA: Oh, that’s right, my brother! He was going to go and ask for his resignation letter back. I meant to tell you, but totally forgot.
MG: What?
JA: My brother can’t go against my sister-in-law at all. She commanded him to get his resignation letter back. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Did you just meet my brother?
MG: Oh, yes! I met…I met…him.
JA: So?
MG: I told him that I would process the resignation.
JA: Ah…ah…suddenly, the back of my head hurts. This won’t do. You come over to my house.

Continuing the scene after the clip ends:

MG: What?
JA: Even if he dies, my brother won’t be able to ask for his resignation letter back himself now. So, you, casually in our house, can casually return the resignation letter right in front of my sister-in-law. Bam! Then my brother can’t refuse to accept it!
MG: I…I…understand what you’re saying! I can do this well! Also…if I go to your house, will you…show me…your room?
JA: No! No! No! My room is too dirty.
MG: (grumbling to “himself”) She comes whenever she wants into my room, but you say that I can’t go in her room.
(JA laughs causing MG to eventually laugh)

#9: New baby! And presenting the new AI robot!

#10: Back from the army and kissing his woman like he really misses her

The Translation is from Stroppsye on Soompi. Thank you!

MG: I’ve REALLY wanted to see you.
JA: Congratulations on your discharge. You’ve worked hard. A day like this really does come around.
JA: Aren’t you hungry?
MG: I’m very hungry.
JA: Let’s go. Everyone is waiting for you. (start walking up arm in arm)
JA: Oh, I really had so many things I wanted to tell you.
MG: Oh?
JA: Today, I signed a contract with a foreign buyer. I’m so excited! (both start jumping in excitement) And, I also have a new idea for an item…
(Slips on the snow, but is save from falling by MG)
MG: This is exactly the moment when a kiss should be given.

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          • V
            January 28, 2018 / 2:57 am

            That song sounds so pretty, but it is so hard to hear! So far, I haven’t been able to find it. I got the lyrics “I-I got to know…..I’m lost for words…” or something like that? Do you know any of the lyrics by chance?

    • Anonymous
      August 3, 2019 / 12:32 am

      Hello! If you are still interested in the title of the song, it is Lost For Words by Plested.

      • V
        August 3, 2019 / 12:33 pm

        Thank you! ☺️

  3. Rachel Lacow
    January 27, 2018 / 4:50 am

    Coming on right on time.

    BG – Marten killed your father, not Hwang Do Won, I have a confession. I heard you have a board meeting. Do you have another solution?
    MG – I will make them not use my disease as a weapon anymore


    His father died in random car accident! Dead guy NOT HIS FATHER!

    Still really upset they dropped the Madame X plot line! How could they not tell us who it was and why she /he was protecting MG the whole 15 years.

    • Kettrine
      January 28, 2018 / 5:43 am

      Yes, i know, it’s very hard to hear anything. And no, this few words don’t ring a bell 😀 🙁 Oh well.. But thank you anyway :* (^_^)/

      • V
        January 28, 2018 / 5:53 am

        You welcome! But I am so sorry I couldn’t figure it out for you *sad face*

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