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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 29 and 30

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Y’all its the last 2 days of I Am Not A Robot and I cannot believe this cute drama is coming to an end. But we still have a lot of loose ends to wrap up, so I expect an action filled episode today!

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Shorthand: Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Ji Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | Ah Ji 3 – AJ/aj3/3 | Ye Ri El – RE/R | Scientists – S | Yu Chul – YC | Bumbling detectives – Dumb and Dumber/D&D/DD

Airing Time: Jan. 24th, 22:00 Seoul
How to Watch: On Demand Korea (no membership required) *Updated!*

Countdown: EDITING…thank you for recapping with us!


We open at MG’s house with a cute robot running around. It is the Wall-E robot from the first episode. Everyone is at MG’s house and they are all cooking. Santa Maria and JA and MG are all running around the kitchen trying to cook things. MG looks at all of them and then they see him and they all stop.

JA says that everyone has something to tell him and BG says that he asked everyone to come today because it might be their last day together. MG tells them all to clean up when they are finished and he leaves.

He walks into his bathroom and thinks about what BG said about them not being able to see each other again and emptying out the storage house. MG is upset and yell, How can he say that so easily!”

Cut to the dinner. Everyone is eating and JA fixed something. Everyone says that it is really good, but it is actually really bad. They ask her how long she has been cooking and she said for a few days. MG eats some and is super emotionless and says it tastes so good…I will cook next time.” They laugh and start to have a good conversation.

They ask MG if he is okay? And he says that he is getting better. They talk about the time MG invited them for dinner and made a big meal and all those things. BG didn’t know because he wasn’t there. They talk about how MG called them researcher 1, 2, 3 and they have made a big improvement since then.

Then their gift for him comes in. It is Wall-E. MG wonders why they are giving him this gift and everyone gets solemn. They say that they aren’t sure if they will see him again and MG always gave them things so this is something that they want to give to him. They want him to love it, even though it isn’t aj3. Then they apologize to him again and tell him to forget about all the bad memories and remember all the happy memories. Then JA holds MG hand under the table.

But MG says, “No.” He says that if the robot breaks, how should he fix it? Should he recycle it or throw it away? What should he do?

Everyone says that they are done eating, so they can leave and MG tells them that they can stay. They can just stay there. he says that it is really cold outside so they can just stay inside his home. Everyone’s spirits lift as they start to ask for some more food. CHicken? Let’s cook! And the Walle robot does “sanranghae” with his arms.

AJ3 is in the box and listening to what the bad guys are saying. They are talking in English in this part. Then they disappear and someone else shows up? It tells her friend mode and we start to hear the research team as her friend. Maybe she is remembering Santa Maria? This part is a little confusing.

The brother scientists are sleeping in MG’s bed and MG tucks them in carefully. One of the scientists’ talks in his sleep and says, “sorry aj3” as he cries. MG sees this. Then we cut to the living room and see JA sleeping on the couch. MG comes to the couch and looks at her sleeping, then he kneels in front of her and just watches her sleep for a moment. He is smiling and he sees that her hands are all busted. He grabs one of her bandaged hands (the one she got from him) and he kisses it. Then he smiles so happily at her and delicately runs his hands on her hairline.

JA kind of wakes up and MG tells her to sleep more. She holds both his hands and tells him that she likes it when he looks at her, but, he looks sadder now. MG says he is not sad, he is super happy.

JA – Kim Min-gyu, input my emotions and my face, if you do this, it makes me sad.

MG nods.

MG – Yes, I am sad now, I found you…but Santa Maria lost aj3. That is what makes me sad.

JA sits up and puts out her hands for a hug. MG sits next to her on the couch and they hug with his head cradled in her shoulder. JA tells him that she knows he tried his best to save her. JA wants MG to remember this one thing; wherever you are at, I am always next to you.

MG nods into her shoulder and JA pats him on the back. “You tried hard.”

Cut to BG in the lab. Pi is there and she is looking at the docking station. BG tells her to just cry or it will hurt more. BG pats Pi’s shoulder and lets her cry.

Back at the mansion, MG opens his eyes and rests his arms on his knees. Then he looks at JA.

MG – We still have some time, we should find a way until the last moment.
JA – That is my MG.

At that moment, MG gets a text from Madam X. Then he suddenly holds JA hands. he has found a way to get aj3 back.

They leave in the car and JA is driving. He is surprised to see him driving. Then she slams on the breaks to avoid something and puts her hands in front of him. he is pretty happy about that moment of protection and they have some cute smiles back and forth.

They get to the coffee shop and MG popo’s JA on the cheek then smiles and leaves. he goes inside. The coffee shop is pretty packed and MG looks around. There is a woman there and MG sits down and talks to her.

M – Hello MG.
MG – Madam X?
M – I am madamX’s messenger.

The messenger starts to tell MG all about the voice recording and contacting Interpol and protecting the person they are looking for

They are still around! They want to see AJ3. They are going to look for her.

It is the next morning and MG is meeting with the secretary. But the secretary looks out the window and sees his sister in MG’s car.

Sec – When did you hire my sister as your driver?
MG – …ummmmmmm…..I don’t……..

But then the informant comes and he sits down. He wants to know how he can be protected. they tell him that they have international police and he will be protected by the witness protection program. The informant is still skeptical though. MG tries to give him some reassurance though. He tells him that he will show him the way out

Lots of things start happening. MG is calling Dr. Hong and saying that they will find aj3. The car is speeding through all the traffic and we also see that other things are going on with Santa Maria and the company.

MG shows up at the company and tells them that they cannot proceed anymore (in English). He gets a call that someone is there. Then he tells Hwang that it has all ended for him. The police come in and arrest Hwang for MG’s father’s death. The police take him out and the foreign businessman leaves and Hwang stared daggers at MG before leaving.

Hwang – The matter becomes bigger
MG – No, this is the end.

They leave and MG gives JA a big thumbs up. They have a cut thumbs up moment between them and the brother sees them and scowls so MG stops. That part is funny.

Martin goes to pick up aj3 but she isn’t there. She has disappeared. BG gets a phone call that aj3 disappeared.

Cut to aj3 walking on the street. She is not dressed appropriately for the weather and everyone is looking at her. She tells herself “let’s go home” but she doesn’t have any GPS, so she doesn’t know how to get there.

Cut to Marten, he is pissed because they talked about all their illegal things in front of aj3. They need to find her and delete the recording.

Cut to aj3 walking across the street. Everyone keeps looking at her and how little she is wearing. AJ3 starts to think about friend mode and what MG told her about some trees looking strange and other trees that he wanted to touch. She tries to touch some people, but they are avoiding her.

BG and Pi and everyone looks at the CCTV and see that aj3 left the building by herself. Everyone starts looking for her.

MG and JA, Pi and BG, and the bad guys. But the music is really light and magical during this scene, so it is kind of nice and ET feeling. AJ3 sits on a bench and looks at a street person. She sells the person sitting there that the bench is for 3 people. She asks if he is afraid of her and he says that she is just the same as all humans to him. He says to hold his hand and she tells him that he has a pretty hand. Then the street person kind of starts to like her and asks her about herself almost as if he is very concerned for her. He tells her to go home and to not be like him.

But aj3 doesn’t understand what it means to be like him. he says it means he has no one to see or wait for and no one pays attention to him. But aj3 says that she is interested in him and she wants to know more about him. So the man looks happy. He gives her a bus card and tells her to take it and go, or her family will worry about her. Then he tells her to leave because she makes him confused. He lays back and closes his eyes.

They are interrogating Hwang and he is not answering.

Martin is threatening YC, he has to do something or his father will take the blame. Cut to YC talking to his driver. YC thinks his father killed the president. But the driver says that isn’t true. Martin killed him and Hwang kept quiet about it. The best scenario is if Marten leaves and then his appa will be safe. But they have to fire MG first.

JA thinks that aj3 will be trying to go home. She thinks that if she were aj3 then she would try to go home.

aj3 goes into a Samsung store and the bad guys see her. They follow her. aj3 went into the store and searched the web to see how to get to MG’s house. She found out that she should take bus 310. The bad guys see this and know that she is going to MG’s house. They make a plan to catch her and if they break her then it is okay.

aj3 is on the bus and a very tired ajumma sits next to her. She is sleeping and leans on aj3’s shoulder. AJ3 pats this woman and tells her that she tried hard. Then the bus stops and the ajumma gets off. A woman with her little child comes and the girl sits next to aj3. The girl tries to drink the yogurt and aj3 puts the straw into it for her. Then she tells the girl that she is pretty.

Cut to everyone still trying to find her. They find out that aj3 took a bus by looking of CCTV.

aj3 gets to her bus stop.

They are driving in their bus and then they see aj3! They are super excited and do an illegal U-turn and pull up next to her. They hop out and ask her where she is going. SHe says home and they tell her that they will take her home. She gets in! D&D also get in, but before they can leave the really bad guys show up and block the car in. They start knocking on the car and shaking it. They are about to break the window. D&D are so scared, but then aj3 holds their hands and they calm down.


They are still shaking the little van and D&D tell aj3 that they will protect her! They say that they will drive away! But then the police come! They arrest everyone that is outside. Santa Maria comes at this time as well.

(streaming issues)

The police start to search everywhere in the hotel room. They are looking for Marten.

D&D are driving away and D&D wants to know if aj3 will remember them.

But, AJ3 is with Santa Maria now and everyone is so happy that she is back. They ask her if she is happy to be back and she says that she needs to charge and they say that they need to charge too. Then they say some jokes and test her to see if she remember then. Everyone starts laughing and aj3 scans them all and sees that they are all happy.

Cut to MG and JA crashing on their couch, exhausted. JA wants to know what it is and MG says that it is a secret.

MG – I did everything that I had to do and you are next to me. And, I can see you like this by laying on your thigh. (his head is resting on her lap as they sit on the couch together)
JA – You are heavy.
MG – You are a good driver.
JA – I told you…if you need anything else, then just tell me.
MG – Do what you want to do, make what you want to make, but show it to me first
JA – It’s dangerous for you by yourself, so I will….

They look at each other longingly. But then JA hops up and says that she will leave. MG doesn’t want her to leave and she says that this is his house but he says that it can be her house too. They have a playful back and forth and then we see them run to the kitchen to cook.

JA tells MG that she made her own joomokbap when she was little. Flashback to the niece telling MG this same thing. MG is putting two and two together and realizes that fate brought that little girl and him together at that moment. MG starts laughing and JA wants to know what it is. MG says that he just knows who is his guardian angel now.

They lean in and kiss in the kitchen. A veeeeeeeeery long kiss and MG pulls JA closer to him.

He is talking to his driver/assistant and is upset that the driver told YC everything.

The driver/secretary is talking to Riel’s dad and tells him that they are moving all the stock under RE’s name. They are trying to get RE’s dad on their side and they want him to fire MG. Maybe they can do something with his disease. RE comes in right at that moment, looks disgusted, and leaves. Appa finds her and tells her that someone’s misfortune is another person’s happiness and she should ignore it once. But RE is not about all of that. She tells him that it is B.S. But Appa says that it is nothing as time passes.

He finds out that his father didn’t kill anyone and feels good about that. then RE calls him. She starts to ask about everything and asks YC what he knows. YC tells her that he will call her back.

Cut to YC pulling a drawer open in an office. He finally gets it open and finds a USB. It is the USB of MG’s disease. YC plays it and sees MG almost die due to his disease. YC looks so sad to watch this. Then YC sees the resignation/giving up letter that MG gave to YC’s father. He is putting it all together.

Pi is getting her hair done! The wants her hair straightened and the salon person says that she can hook her up.

Cut to BG at the lab. He is smiling as he looks at the screen, then he turns around and looks at aj3. aj3 is charging and sleeping.

The friend and HT are at the coffee shop doing tarot cards. She tells him that you have to be specific when asking the tarot card something. Then she says that this is her gift to him….the love card. But Ssan Ip is there and says that he is still there and he shouldn’t have slept back then…

Then Pi shows up with her hair all done, but her face is still the same annoyed look as she looks at them. They tell her that character doesn’t change. But Pi does look good with her new look and style. Then everyone starts talking about dying their hair and how the friend loves the other guy and all those things.

Then BG comes in and doesn’t recognize PI’s change. The two other guys try to signal that Pi changed her look, but he is oblivious. The friend just tsks and says that they are a natural match. Then they tell Ssam Ip to go do something since he is the only one not paired up.

Pi and BG leave and walk back together. They are walking outside and BG tells Pi that she looks a little strange today. Something is different….her eyes look bigger? She says she took off her glasses. Is her forehead bigger? She says she pulled her hair back. Ah, her hair! Her hair is different. Yes, she says that her hair is different, is it strange? BG says that it isn’t strange. Not strange at all.

MG is talking to his doctor on the phone about his numbers and everything looks good with his condition. Then MG gets a text from Madam X about the meeting to fire him.

Ssam Ip shows up at the mansion and no one is there. It is very dark there as well. He is so sad and thinks they are so harsh on him even though it is his birthday.

But then they all pop out and wish him happy birthday! They all have hats and streamers and sound poppers. Ssam Ip is so happy and so sad at the same time. He starts crying and everyone tells him to blow out the candles. They all cheer for him and they have a big dinner for him. SSam Ip is at the head of the table and he says that everything tastes so good. MG made all the food and JA picked the cake.

They give him a present and he opens it. IT is citron pang (bread). He wants to know what this is and MG said that he heard that when he eats it he cries, so he wants to see this. They all laugh. Then we see another birthday gift, the real one. It is aj3’s video file of aj3 going outside for the first time. They all go sit and watch it.

Everyone is paying attention to the video and watching it intently. We see all aj3’s interactions with all the people that she met: the street person, the ajumma on the bus, the kid. They all smile at aj3’s mannerisms and the things that she said that she learned from all of them. We even see D&D finding her and then Santa Maria team rescuing her. The end.

JA and MG hold hands and look at each other, they are content and happy. BG says that everyone trained her well. BG also says that it is time to change her face, they will leave her learning pattern, but all the private records will be erased. They will start a new version of the android robot. Today is the last day and BG says that they should let her go.

VO – Because of you, we will endure everything. You will continue to a new robot and we will remember you forever. I am sorry for sending you to Marten, I am really sorry, I wanted to tell you that. You are not disappearing, I know you liked me a lot….I will remember you aj3, bye aj3.

They all get to say their goodbyes to aj3.

MG says that they found Marten’s confession from aj3. Madam X’s assistant takes it.

Cut to RE’s appa. They prepare something about MG’s disease, they want to leak it and get him fired.

MG is about to enter the meeting. He takes a deep breath and composes himself. Then he opens his eyes and goes in. But he is not at the meeting, he is at a big press conference! It is Chairman MG’s press conference. MG goes to the podium.

MG – I am the chairman, Kim Min-gyu, and….I am a patient with a human allergy. (lots of camera flashes go off.)

Fade Out


Looks like it is focused on MG and the company
YC is still thinking about MG being angry at only him.
MG holds out his hands to shake someone hand and smiles.

My favorite parts of this episode are definitely all of aj3’s interactions with people. It reminds me of this 80s movie called D.A.R.Y.L. I loved that part an I now want to see a tv show that is all about that! Take my tears show, just take them.


(not in order)

SCENE #1: MG and JA holding hands and cuddling

SCENE #2: Continuation of cuddle scene, car kiss, Madam X assistant

SCENE #3: The gift of Wall-E and dinner

SCENE #4: The new Pi and coffee shop scene

SCENE #5: Birthday USB present for Ssam Ip

SCENE #6: Arresting Hwang Yu Chul’s appa

SCENE #7: aj3 on the bus

SCENE #8: Rescuing aj3


SCENE #10: The ending scene at the press conference

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  1. Lalaloo
    January 24, 2018 / 8:10 am

    Thank you for the recap! Kim Min Gyu made a smart move! It will be a good advertisement for AG3 how she helped him overcoming his disease. I guess it will bring a lot of money for Santamaria and KM Financial… If the final episode talks about it…

    • V
      January 24, 2018 / 8:14 am

      I really loved the part where AJ3 talked to the street person and made him feel welcome. I loved that part. I also love the video of aj3’s day out. That was so touching because it really showed that she was learning.

      And can I also mention that Chae Soo-bins acting as aj3 is superb. I really feel like she is a robot.

  2. Huda
    January 24, 2018 / 10:56 am

    I am really going to miss this show 🙁

  3. Bubble
    January 24, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    I’m really going to miss it too. I don’t have any shows lined up afterwards either.

  4. Bubble
    January 24, 2018 / 3:34 pm

    Maybe radio romance.

    • V
      January 24, 2018 / 7:28 pm

      I think we’ll start that one to help with the drama hangover.

  5. PC
    January 24, 2018 / 7:10 pm

    Your recaps give me life ?

    • V
      January 24, 2018 / 7:25 pm

      This comment gave me life 🙂
      So happy you liked the recap!

  6. Hallyu.Noona
    January 25, 2018 / 8:06 am

    The episodes made me so happy and so did this recap! I’m so happy I found your website shortly after starting the series I Am Not A Robot :3 it’s part of what inspired me to start my own kdrama blog

    • V
      January 25, 2018 / 8:09 am

      This episode made me so happy too! I love the ending and seeing all the family scenes. WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG????? Let me know and I will go check it out!

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