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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 27 and 28

Korean Drama Live Recap
Ahhhhhhh! Good Lord, we are back!!!! The images are janky, but I’ll take it. It feels so good, y’all. It feels like watching a meteor shower with Min-gyu (wait, what?).

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Also, we translated Ji-ah’s letter from the last episode and put it in the updates of yesterdays post. After reading that letter, I can see why Min-gyu was so upset!

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Shorthand: Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Ji Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | Ah Ji 3 – AJ/aj3/3 | Ye Ri El – RE/R | Scientists – S | Yu Chul – YC | Bumbling detectives – Dumb and Dumber/D&D/DD

Airing Time: Jan. 18th, 22:00 Seoul
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WE OPEN at a news report of the meteor shower. aj3 is at the coffee shop and stands up abruptly, she says that she has to go to the meteor shower, her friend told her that she has to go to the meteor shower. She says her friend told her to be there. The coffee shop friend said her mon ami will meet someone else there tonight and aj3 said, who?

JA goes to her room and lays down on the bed. The lamp lights up and JA sees that it is lit up. She runs out and catches a taxi.

Cut to MG driving to the meteor shower.

A lot of people are at this tree and walking around. MG is there as well and he is looking around to see if JA is there. he doesn’t see her though and his face drops. he looks down and then turns around. Just as he turns around he sees her standing right in front of him all bundled up and looking just as shocked to see him there.

MG – What do you want to tell me. What do you really want to tell me
JA – I will tell you, I will tell you everything, I have a lot to tell you but I don’t know where to start.
MG – From the beginning, from the day you came to my house.
JA – I didn’t want to hide it from you, I just didn’t tell you…we met each other as a human, not as a robot, I met you as JA, not as a robot
MG – I saw JA?
JA – Yes, Jo sajang is me, you met that JA, that was our starting point.

Cut to the coffee shop. One of the scientists is limping from when he fell. They are pretty sad that they didn’t see their brother. They wanted to apologize to him.

MG – You are Jo sajang, that doesn’t make any sense! (flashbacks of him thinking about all the moments that were similar to the robot and jo sajang)
JA – Do you remember it now?
MG – Then if it is true then I told you…(flashback to asking her about kissing) I told you everything!

JA nods.

MG – Wait a minute. It doesn’t make any sense. I was talking to Jo when I got aj3 delivered.

JA – I talked to you in the box and I was super surprised, that is why…back then I thought that you would have caught me,
MG – But you said it was friend mode…
JA – And you believed that.
MG – So there is no friend mode?
JA – I made it up.
MG – So I am stupid?
JA – yeah you are stupid to believe it.

(Flashback of all the human-like moments, like her passing gas and all those things)

He points at her about passing gas and says that a robot can’t blame him for those things.

MG – You thought I was stupid, tell me the truth!
JA – I thought you were the most stupid person in the world. Do you believe it now?
MG – I can’t believe it.

They keep talking about believing it and not believing it and all those things.

JA – My brother really didn’t know about it. he didn’t know that my face and aj3’s face were the same, why else would I cover my face.
MG – Did you call me to tell me I am stupid?
JA – You called me.

Company things going on

Pi shows up and asks for an Americano. aj3 is in the corner and she looks kind of sad actually. The friend says that aj3 wants to go somewhere so she put her in sleep mode.

MG – Yeah, so let’s be honest, tell me what you hid from me.
YA – I didn’t hide, but I stole some things.
MG – What did you steal, are you an onion, you never stop peeling.
JA – I took something that you threw away. All the meat and food
MG – You took it?
JA – Because it looked delicious, your veggies and drinks (laughs)
MG – Are you laughing, how did you stand not eating it?
JA – I ate all of your food at Goje Island, it was really good.
MG – So what did you do, tell me everything.
JA – Nothing.
MG – Nothing.
JA – Nothing.
MG – Really, nothing?……so who is Hong-ju?

BG has a question for the sec, why isn’t he angry at them? The secretary says that as a lawyer he is on both sides. it is a wrong starting point, but it was pitiful for him, MG and the Santa Maria team. He was basically in the middle of all of them. He said that the key to the problem isn’t on MG only, everyone should be responsible for their actions, so he will put in the lawsuit tomorrow.

MG – How did I look to you as a human?
JA – You were a really bad guy who didn’t pay me and you were really crazy. You gave birthday parties to robots and had a priority on your robots….well that’s why I thought you were crazy…you told me to tell you the truth….at some point, I started to care about you. Everything started to sound sad, so that is why the more I got to know you and see you, the more it hurt my mind.
MG – So…
JA – So I wished that you became happy.
MG – …and then?
JA – And then if you became happy, I wanted to do everything that I could do.
MG – I can’t hear you because your voice is so low, can you come sit next to me?

He pats the seat next to him and she gets up and sits a little closer.

MG – Tell me that again, from the beginning….

Riel’s appa canceled the marriage with MG. He said MG will be fired and YC will be back. She is better with YC than with MG.

The other appa comes in with YC and RE leaves. She is super annoyed and pissed and says that he isn’t the same YC that she knew before.

MG – You were hurt because of me, so didn’t you have a moment where your heart pounded?
JA – Little moments, not much.
MG – Tell me everything, I want to hear all the things that you knew but I didn’t.
JA – In the morning, my heart was pounding when I went to you…when you told me that I was your precious, I felt like you were proposing to me…when you got hurt because you wanted to protect me, I thought you were my knight…whey you had allergies and I rescued you that time, I never knew a guy could smile like that.
MG – Weren’t you scared?
JA – Honestly, I was scared, but I remembered what you told me…so, I realized back then how desperate you were to say those things to me.
MG – And…
JA – When you patted my head, I was happy and my heart was pounding. I really hated it in the beginning, but later, I looked forward to it and was sad if you didn’t do it…and that day you were drunk and told me that you wished I weren’t a human, in that moment I thought my heart would just explode because I felt so sorry and happy. So, I told you, lying next to you…I am not a robot.

They look at each other and MG smiles and reaches to touch JA’s hair, but then he stops and retracts his hand. JA isn’t avoiding his hand anymore. Then she puts a hat on so he can touch her head and he reaches his hand out again and touches her head and they hold hands, she is wearing her gloves.

MG – You are pretty.
JA – You are prettier.

They smile to each other on the bench while holding hands and looking at each other.

Hoktal is sewing his pants, lol. Pi says that she is sorry that they are coming to her shop and holding her up. The friend is all like, it’s cool and tells Pi that she is pretty and will look pretty if she straightened her hair. The conversation then changes to if the friend is dating or has a boyfriend. She asks Hoktal if he wants to date and he stutters and the other scientist almost wakes up.

JA – When you reset me, I couldn’t tell you everything, I couldn’t tell you the truth, I was so sad.
MG – Were you suffering a lot?
JA – Becuase I liked to see you so much, because I liked the way you looked at me, I was paying for lying to myself. But when you followed me to Goje island, I am sorry that I ignored you until the end. When you said, hi aj3, I thought my heart was just dropping. That night at the warehouse, I was so worried that something would happen to you. But I was so happy that I could see your face and hear you. I was so happy. The time passing was so…I really wanted to stop the time. I should have told you the truth. I am really sorry.

MG moves really close to JA, he is about to kiss her…but he stops just right at her face and moves back a little. It looks like he really wants to kiss her, but he didn’t. JA stands and puts MG’s hat on. Then she sits and cuddles next to him.

JA – I am here. What I want to tell you the most is that starting from now…back then, when it was raining, when you put your umbrella on…
MG – Stop, the best present is to just leave it alone. I will just leave it alone as a memory.

He stands up and lets go of her hand

MG – Thank you for telling me the truth. You told me everything that I wanted to know. The memories I had with you were good memories that I could keep forever. With that memory, I can endure the rest of the time that I have.
JA – What are you talking about
MG – It is time to go back to our place…maybe I won’t be able to touch you anymore forever…for 15 years. I don’t want to put you in my 15 years of pain so we should just end it here….So, I can’t see you…I don’t think I can see the meteor shower because it will be too good of a memory. We should stop our memories here. Bye-bye aj3. Bye-bye Jo Ji-ah.

He walks off.

JA – You shouldn’t leave like this, stop, you gave me the love I wanted to have for my life. It was you and I miss you!

MG turns around.

JA – Not because you need me but because I need you so much, because you are the one I was looking for for my life. The one that I was waiting for. You don’t know that. When you reset me, I wanted to tell you this so much…I love you.

MG comes back to her, slow motion, and he kisses her! It is a really nice kiss and we see the meteor shower above their heads. He wraps his arm closer to her and they are still kissing.

He stops kissing her and his heart rate is normal. They are both looking at each other and JA smiles. MG smiles too and they start to laugh. Then JA says that she didn’t see the meteor shower. They say that right now they made their wish come true and they hug it out.



Some cute moments with the friend and the scientist talking about dating. They say they are cute..you are cuter.

MG drives her home and JA is asleep in the car. MG goes to get an American for him and JA. But his hand touches the coffee worker and his heart starts to race as if he will have the reaction. But then he looks at JA sleeping and his heart rate goes down again. he doesn’t look all that happy about it though.

he gets back in the car and JA wakes up. he smiles and they leave. he takes her home and asks if she wants to drive around again? But she says that they drove around 5 times already. he asks playfully if she wants to come to his house/workplace and she hits him. They have a back and forth about JA going home and going inside and it is really cute. MG wants to see her go inside and doesn’t leave until she does.

JA goes into her room and does a pirouette spin and falls on her bed. Her niece comes in and quizzes her about where she went last night. They are happy for her.

In the car MG is also happy, he is smiling a lot.

The foreigner is back and won’t shake YC’s hand. All he wants to know is where his aj3 is. They go into his hotel room and talk to the foreigner. The foreigner is pretty upset and disrespectful. he is still in his bathrobe as he is talking to them. He wants aj3 at all costs.

We have news on the informant! The sec found him. They find out that the chairman’s death was not an accident. Cut to a flashback with the informant in the hospital. YC’s father tells him that he didn’t see anything and to take the money and be quiet. YC appa says to not say anything and his family will survive.

The informant tells the sec that he can’t give him the recording or YC’s dad will get him and his family.

YC is also finding out about all of this.

MG is feeling all kinds of regret about talking badly to the secretary. He clears his throat and calls him. he tries to make small talk and asks him if he ate today. he asked him what he is doing? The sec says that he is about to submit the lawsuit about Santa Maria and his sister. MG tells him to cancel it cancel it! The sec is all kinds of confused and says that he will cancel it. MG says he won’t change his mind, so throw it away and come to his house asap! He has something to report to him.

MG thinks that this is the first time he has had a feeling like this in his life.

The doctor starts to talk to MG and tells him that he should make the disease his friend. The problem is that the medicine doesn’t work well, so he should be careful. The doctor wants to know if MG will make friends with Santa Maria also? he tells MG that the team really cared about him.

Cut to the sec coming in! MG is sitting on the couch and awkwardly asks the sec to sit. The sec says he is okay standing. They have a really awkward hilarious moment about sitting or standing. Both sides are very uncomfortable. MG gives the sec a vegetable drink and the sec drinks it all. then they put their drinks on the coffee table.

MG – You didn’t do anything wrong so I won’t accept your resignation letter. You made a mistake….I trust you
Sec – Don’t trust me, I thought that I wouldn’t lie as a human rights lawyer, but now I lie to you so people can change, but I will still trust you.
MG – I like your sister very much, does it affect our relationship?
Sec – Not now.
MG – Let’s start
Sec – Martin came to Santa Maria, they will lose everything. we found the informant, but we couldn’t persuade him.

They are all sad and trying to make jokes with aj3 and say that she is going to a good place and to not be sad. But aj3 realizes they are telling her a happy lie. They all start crying.

MG starts to read the letter that Santa Maria wrote. BG says that JA didn’t know anything and everything was because of BG.

Then the butler says that there is some big trouble outside and he should come now.

The foreigner scientists are there and looking over aj3 like she is a piece of meat. They want to take her apart and see how she is made.

MG runs in, but he is too late. They already took aj3.

MG – Where is aj3? Where is she?
BG – They took her.
MG – Why do you do this so easily?
BG – We didn’t send her so easily
MG – Because you asked your ex to get the research funding and lie to me and all those things! You should have found a way!
Everyone – Sorry.
MG – Don’t you get angry? If you are angry then get angry
Pi – You know why we sent her.
MG – Because of me? Just tell everyone in the world, I don’t care.
BG – You don’t want to know how it feels to be known in the media with a bad reputation, no one will listen to you. Your entire life will be affected by that bad publicity. We don’t want to see the rest of your life destroyed like that.
MG – I didn’t ask you to do that. (tearfully)

They are so creepy and they are talking to aj3 about how she is a product. YC shows up.

MG is sitting at his desk, tired. He calls JA.

MG – Did you have a good nap?
JA – Yes I am awake and you?
MG – I have a lot to take care of
JA – why are you laughing?
MG – You are the real Jo Sajang
JA – Are you happy?
MG – I really like it, it is familiar to talk to you. When you changed your cell phone number I was so sad, did you change it because of me?

JA – I thought if I heard from you again then I would just run to you.

MG GOES to the lab and asks BG to tell him everything. BG says that JA was his first love and left one day without telling him why. He made aj3’s face as JA’s face to find out the answer. He found out the answer now. he says that one chapter of his life ended. he wanted to tell MG and JA everything, but he lost his chance. When you hesitate, a critical moment passes by.

MG says that he will try and fix everything. Not because he forgives BG, but because it is for KM Financial.

Cut to MG getting his suit on and looking fly. He goes to the company.

MG goes to YC’s dad’s office and they talk.

MG – I think I will resign. But I have a condition….sell Santa Maria to me.
YC Appa – You give up KM Financial, but you are hiring Santa Maria…well your disease….
MG – With this condition, I made a lot of money for KM Financial
YC Appa – we will sell Santa Maria. If you just clear up yourself, that is all you need to do (resign by yourself)

YC tells MG that Santa Maria are con artists and they deserve it. MG protects SM even though he hates YC because of one thing he did when he was little.

MG – Listen to me YC, they did it, they gave away everything they have only for me. You and your father will never be able to understand it.

MG goes to his office and is stoic. He is sitting in front of RE’s appa.

Appa – We can break the marriage.
MG – Thank you, I wasn’t mature enough. You know what the deal is with marten. We have to stop the deal so I can make an emergency board meeting, please help me.
Appa – Riel will marry YC, that is my answer.

Cut to a flashback of RE talking to her appa about this issue. She thinks Appa is being so pitiful.

Cut to a reporter who has gotten something. Maybe someone mistook a robot as a human. he thinks it could be a big story.

He is driving and gets a message about investigating his father’s death.

Wait a minute, she broke out by herself? She is just walking around Seoul by herself. She looks at everything on the street and says “Let’s go home.”

Fade Out

We were in and out for awhile but we made it through! Hopefully everything is up and running now.

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UPDATES via Soompi forums

All Video translations are by Stroppyse on Soompi (Thank you!)

MG: Oh?
JA: Do you remember now?
MG: If that is true, then I to you…

MG: So, if even the lips touch, is that also…a kiss? Johh-ohk. (me: this last is a sound meaning that it was extended contact, like a sucking sound)
(end flashback)

MG: So, I even told you things like that? (JA nods) Wait. Wait. Wait. This doesn’t make sense. When I received delivery of AJ3, I was on the phone with President Jo.
JA: That’s right. I was on the phone with you. I told you to go to the hospital.
MG: But, AJ3 was inside her case!
JA: Since I was on the phone inside that case. But as soon as the door of the case opened, and you were in front of my eyes, how shocked do you think I must have been? That’s why… (flashback of JA screaming at seeing MG) That time, I thought I had been completely caught out.
MG: Doctor Hong (BG) said that “Friend Mode” had been shown.
JA: But, you believed that.
MG: But then, that was originally not there?
JA: Because of me, they developed it.
MG: Those words mean…I am an idiot.
JA: I was astounded that you believed it.
MG: (chagrined) Wow. How? How could I not know that?

JA: Master, you’ve farted.
MG: I have?
JA: Yes.
MG: It wasn’t me.
JA: Then, was it me?
MG: Of course, it couldn’t be you.
(end flashback)

MG: Wah! Fart! F…! W…! A robot who tries to push off her farts on another, as if one would exist in the world! You. You must have thought…that I was very stupid. (JA just looks awkward) I told you only to tell me the truth, didn’t I?
JA: I wondered if there was such an idiot like this in the world…
MG: Stop…there!
JA: Can you believe it now?
MG: No! I can’t believe it. Even more than that you were President Jo, that such a you…that I could believe you were a robot, I can’t believe myself.
JA: Well, it’s hard for me to believe as well. (flashback of MG: How can such a smart, aware robot exist?) The first time anyone has told me that I was smart, you…
MG: Enough!
JA: Also, my brother. That I had this part-time job, he really didn’t know about it. My brother is not that kind of a person. That he didn’t tell you that AJ3 and I had the same face, that was for my sake. Really.
MG: How can I believe that?
JA: If that wasn’t the case, (flashback) then why would I put my hair all in front of my face?
MG: Oh. That I saw you in that state, and I still believed you? You. Did you call me to tell me that I was an idiot?
JA: You called me.

All Video translations are by Stroppyse on Soompi (Thank you!)

JA: Also, when you had the allergic reaction, I saved you. Then…I thought “Ahh, there is a man who smiled like this in the world.”
MG: That time, weren’t you scared?
JA: Truthfully, I was scared. But, then I thought of something you had said. (flashback MG: Whatever appearance I may change to, I wish that you would recognize me.) How earnest those words you had said were, I realized it then.
MG: And?
JA: Whenever you stroked my hair, I felt excited and happy. Do you know? At first, I really hated it. But as I got used to it, if you didn’t do it, I felt sad.
MG: And?
JA: And that day, when you got drunk and told me that you wished I were a person. That day. (flashback MG: That a person who hoped that a robot was a person…fold (a finger)) That time, I thought my heart was going to burst. I was so sorry and happy. So, I hunched down next to you and I said this. (flashback JA: I am not a robot.)
(MG reaches out to stroke JA’s hair, but stops, so JA puts her hood up, takes his hand, and has him stroke her hood fur.)
MG: You’re pretty.
JA: You’re prettier.

All Video translations are by Stroppyse on Soompi (Thank you!)

JA: I’m right here. The thing that I wanted to tell you the most is from right now. That day, the day it rained, the day that you shielded me with an umbrella. That day, I kissed…
MG: Stop there. (JA looks at him in surprise) The best present is one that is left alone. That present, without opening it, I just want to keep it. (MG gets up) Thank you. For telling me the truth. For telling me everything that I wanted to know. Also, for making the time I spent together with you not a disgusting memory, but a beautiful cherished memory that I can keep forever. With just those good memories, I think I can now bear the remaining time that I have well.
JA: What are you saying?
MG: Now, we have to return to our rightful places.
JA: What does that mean?
MG: I may never be able to touch you again. Into the 15 years that I’ve had to bear with, I can’t drag you in with me. So, we are finished here. Oh, I don’t think I can watch the meteor shower with you. Since I think that might become a memory that pierces my heart too much. So, your and my memories are also finished here. Goodbye AJ3. Goodbye Jo Ji Ah.

All Video translations are by Stroppyse on Soompi (Thank you!)

JA: How can you just leave like this? You. Stand right there. The person who gave me the love that I’ve always wanted. To me, that is you. So, the person that I longed for each and every day. To me, that is you. Not because you need me, but because I really, really need you. Because you are… the one that I’ve been looking for until now, the one that I’ve been waiting for, the one person. You don’t know, do you? That when the reset was happening how much I had wanted to say these words. I love you.
(MG returns to JA. KISS! To a background of meteor showers even.)
(They see MG’s vitals stable and normal.)
JA: Oh, we didn’t see the meteor shower. But, we have to make our wishes.
MG: My wish just came true.
JA: What was it?

All Video translations are by Stroppyse on Soompi (Thank you!)

Server: Here are your Americanos.
MG: Thank you.
(MG sees his vitals escalate, but then see JA which turns them back to normal.)

MG: Are you awake?
JA: Yes. (taking the coffee) Thank you.
MG: Let’s go.

(car parked at JA’s place)
MG: Shall we drive another round?
JA: That’s already five times around. Hurry up and go home.
MG: When are you going to come?
JA: After I take a nap, I’ll call you.
MG: Oh, that’s a shame.(meaning that he doesn’t want to be apart for that long) Do you just want to come to work at my house again?
JA: Hurry up and go home. I’m going.
JA: (gets out and through window) I’m going. Bye.
JA:(at her door) Go.
MG: Go on in.
JA: You leave first.
MG: No, you go in first.
JA: You leave first.
MG: Hurry. I’m going to watch you go in, and then I’ll leave.
JA: Okay.
MG: Go on in.
JA: I’m going. I’m really going.
(MG finally drives off, still looking.)

(JA in her room, twirls and falls onto the bed)
Niece: Aunt!
HJ: Where were you last night?
JA: Mt. Hwangmae
HJ: Mt. Hwangmae? Why would you go there?
Niece: Aunt, you weren’t cold?
JA: Not at all. I was totally warm.
HJ: Go hit your aunt.
JA: Come here, come here, come here (hugging her niece) So pretty.

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    I love how MG and JA are back together amidst all the potential problems and I love how MG was hitting himself over the head for how he reacted to JAs brother. That was hilarious.

    • V
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      Yay!!!! 🙂

      That scene was hilarious with JA’s brother and MG. One of my favorites from today’s episode.

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