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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 25 and 26

Korean Drama Live Recap
Did everyone see the preview? Check the bottom of the last episode if you haven’t. I have a feeling we are going to have a big ol episode full of funky angsty separation that I hope only lasts for one episode (or, you know, 2 thirty minute episodes).

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Shorthand: Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Ji Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | Ah Ji 3 – AJ/aj3/3 | Ye Ri El – RE/R | Scientists – S | Yu Chul – YC | Bumbling detectives – Dumb and Dumber/D&D/DD

Airing Time: Jan. 17th, 22:00 Seoul
How to Watch: On Demand Korea (***UPDATED LINK***)

Countdown: EDITING…(sometime today)


MG just got to the beach and saw JA there. He is relieved that he finally found her. JA is crying and gets up and turns to him. He is happy at first, but then he sees the necklace and he is shocked. He blinks several times. he stutters…that is the necklace that I g-gave to aj3.

He pushes JA back as she approaches him. He connects the dots and says that she lied to him until now. He is starting to breathe hard and his watch is beeping. He feels like throwing up and his allergy starts to show up all over him. A tear falls as he looks at JA and collapses.

He is screaming on the ground and looking up. He is in agony and looking at JA. JA is crying. BG and Pi show up right now and run to him. THey look at him. MG is screaming and breathing deeply and lying on the beach. BG is very calm and takes out the syringes and puts them in MGs thigh. Pi is looking at all this with her hand over her mouth. MG is still crying and in serious pain.

Cut to the butler running in the snow at the mansion gates.

Cut to the van, JA is crying a lot and the ambulance is coming into the mansion, not the hospital. The ambulance is super dressed up and the medical team is all dressed up from head to toe so they won’t touch MG. JA is screaming at MG that she can explain it to him. What should I do, what should I do?

The team takes him inside and MGs personal doctor is there. They go through all the motions of connecting all the wires and tubes into MG. Everyone is covered from head to toe, we only see their eyes. MG finally starts to stabilize.

The Santa Maria team is waiting outside the door. They are all quiet and are only looking at the door. JA’s brother comes and sees them there.

Inside the doctors is looking at MG and he is still sleeping. But it looks like he is having a dream of AJ3 and all their happy memories. His head starts to rock…he dreams of the necklace that he gave her and of JA having it on the beach. His pulse starts to go up when he saw JA. The doctor sees this and injects something. His pulse starts to go back down.


YC’s father is talking to the Santa Maria team about MG and how he is crazy and thinks the robot is a human and human is a robot and all those things. He wants to reveal it all and he wants the Santa Maria team to give it all up. he blames the team for tricking MG and is trying to get them to sign the contract. BG signs the contract to save MG. He gave up aj3 to save MG.

MG is still out, but his eyes slowly open. The doctor is sleeping int he chair and MG sits up. He looks worn out. he looks at his hands and then he gets up and starts to painfully walk to his kitchen. Someone is there at the table of the living room and asks if he is okay. It looks like it might be JA. But MG just ignores her and tries to straighten up and walk right. But he can’t and he falls to the ground again. The doctor runs to his side again.

they are in the lab and are very quiet and stoic. They gave up everything for MG. The doctor comes in and tells them that MG is awake. When he was unconscious the condition was up and down, but now he can talk. He tells the team not to bother him though because he needs more rest.

The brother-sec takes a deep breath and goes to see MG. he hands him some paperwork and tells him that everything about the incident. MG says to sue them. The brother says okay, but if they sue them then MG might be fired. He tells MG to just read the paperwork first.

MG – What is the deep learning video? WHY DO YOU HAVE THE VIDEO OF ME?
Sec – aj3’s system has to take pictures and learn from the pictures.

Then the sec starts to tell all the truth of what was going on and has been happening.

MG – Why did he sign it?
sec – He did it for you.
MG – For me? Should I believe this?
sec – If you sue them then people will think you are crazy
MG – I don’t care, just sue them.
sec – okay, I will do it

The sec gives MG his resignation letter and tells him that the reason is in the letter. MG starts to read the letter and starts laughing. He crumples it up.

MG – So that woman is your sister?
sec – I am really sorry.
MG – Go away and tell them don’t waste any moments and leave my house (tearing up).
sec – Yes, I will.

The sec leaves and goes outside. he stars to walk and sees the butler.

Butler – Team leader Jo, would you like to have a cup of tea with me?

They go to have the tea and the butler starts to give the sec some advice. He says that when someone is having a hard time, you shouldn’t run away.

the doctor tells MG that the team wanted to tell him the truth but he blocked them. But MG just says, so what, what does this matter to me. The doctor starts to leave and them MG asks when it was. The doctor says it was right before the reset. he wonders what would have happened if they told MG. Would MG be happy then?

MG is all curled on his side and tells the doctor that he wants to sleep and he doesn’t want to eat anything. The doctor leaves.

The sec goes to the lab and they start to talk. The sec says that the chairmen told him to tell them to leave his home as soon as possible. They all bow their heads and say that it makes sense. They will pack up and take the computer and everything. But they wonder about aj3. They have to take aj3 with hem because they have to send her to CEO Hwang. They also wonder where they will go tonight. They said when they find another warehouse they will send all the equipment.

The doctor is leaving in the snow and sees JA. She comes up to him and asks what she should do.

JA – He was cured because of me and got the disease because of me. What should I do to make him better?
Doctor – The answer isn’t in me. You made the miracle so whatever answer you find is the right answer.

The heart lamps are sitting on the table and MG goes to sit on his couch next to them. The necklace is left as well. MG holds the necklace close to him.

JA starts to learn how to cook at the home. Her sister in law is teaching her.

The two scientists go the coffee shop to talk to their boo. She tries to comfort them.

The two main fathers are talking about YC and RE and how they can give them the company. They should get married so that they can have all of the stock and run everything

JA goes to MGs house ad she is setting up something. MG comes downstairs, he might have thought it was the butler and he has his 3 stage stick with him. He is annoyed to see her and just goes to his kitchen table.

Ja starts to tell him that she made something for him. She knows he doesn’t eat other peoples food, but she says that she made it very clean. He sees that she has a band-aid and then he takes everything and throws it all away. He leaves and collapses at the stairs. But he stands up again and manages to leave.

JA leaves the mansion gates. She thinks that MG is barely surviving so she should be strong herself.

Pi is trying to see if they found a place. BG tells her that she should take her professorship because his career is over and Santa Maria is over. But she will be a good professor. He says that he will make sure everyone joins a good lab. But Pi tells BG that they trust him and they started from the bottom and they are there now. They can climb up again. BG says that he thought that he was always right, but now he thinks that he can be wrong. he thinks that she should just leave to calm his mind. Pi leaves and walks to her building.

But then Pi comes back out. She gets back in the car.

MG looks at the trashcan and remembers that JA had a cut on her finger.

Cut to JA’s home and she is making more food. SHe brings it to MGs house again and MG sees it.

MG – Are you really crazy? Why are you still coming? I ignored you! I am still going to sue you. Why are you here? You are not a robot! Why are you in my house?

JA retracts her hands and MG wants to know if it is contagious, is she scared of him? MG throws all of the lunch on the floor and says that that is his answer. Go Away!

MG goes upstairs in a fury and falls on this bed. From downstairs, JA says that she is sorry but she is not scared of him, whatever he tells her, whatever he becomes, she will come here every day to see him.

MG is laying in bed as she says this and trying not to cry. JA is still downstairs looking up the stairs, but then she walks away.



Pi and BG are talking to someone about getting the new warehouse. Then they go to a coffee shop and start to talk about if the warehouse is good or not. Pi puts a straw in BGs cup and BG looks at the straw. Pi wonders what is up with that, then she asks him to tell her honestly, was he scared because she was really leaving? He said that his heart really dropped. They start to have a cute conversation about themselves and MG and JA.

MG is in bed again and tossing and turning. he thinks about what JA told him about how he will come back again and again. She will be there every day.

MG goes to the warehouse and no one is there. He looks at all the equipment that is still there, but there is no aj3 there. MG says that it is cold and turns to leave.

Outside the butler has made a campfire and is sitting outside enjoying it. MG comes up to him and says that it is warm. The butler tells him that if he comes closer it will be warmer. He asks that butler is JA is coming there again tomorrow and tells him not to open the door for her. Then he asks if the butler lied to him too, just tell him the truth. The butler says no and then says that all humans have lies and MG also has some things that he is hiding from him also. Then he talks about a hedgehog story about how when it is cold, they get close and sting each other and move away, but they are so cold so they get close to each other again. So cold is worse than the pain of being lonely.

A kid comes out in front of the bike and JA swerves to avoid him. She is hurt because her bike crashes to the ground. Her entire right side is hurt.

At the mansion, MG is waiting for JA to show up. He dressed nicely today and looks around the house and starts to read a book. He looks at the door, she isn’t there yet. He thinks about it and then looks at the door and walks to it. He looks out the window. Then he thinks back to her saying she will come every day. He thinks that she lied.

Cut to him drinking some whiskey and looking at a handwritten confession letter on his table. Ji-ah’s letter. MG thinks Jo Ji Ah, Ah Ji 3?

He starts to read the letter and then he sees something. He looks over at the heart and his expression is one of shock.

JA finally comes to the house! It is late at night and she is kind of limping. MG watches her put all the food on the table. JA notices he is there and starts talking to him.

MG – I am not your friend, you shouldn’ speak banmal.

JA looks at him say this and then looks down. She starts to leave after some time passes. MG is at his couch now.

MG – You are the owner of the heart lamp…
JA – You read my letter?
MG – You came here to my house to reopen the final. That is why. That is why you had the commercial and the letter and everything.
JA – I have a lot to tell you. Can you listen to me?
MG – No, what should I hear from you in this situation. Wow, you are super brave, how can you just come into this house after you have done everything. Are you human? No, you are not human which is why you acted as a robot so well.
JA – I am sorry.
MG – Shall I tell you what I did before I read your letter? I was waiting for you like a fool. Like a crazy man, stupidly. I really hate myself waiting for you to come. You lied to me again. I really hate myself waiting for you. How funny do I look to you? You said that you are doing this. Why don’t you just leave and disappear like a robot? You shouldn’t have gotten caught, you should have hidden it forever!
JA – I am sorry.
MG – What are you sorry about? That you acted like a robot? You knew how I felt. You felt it. So what did you think looking at me. Telling a human that I wish you were human. What did you think? Was it fun resetting a human? How much did you laugh at me? You ignored me at the train and the restaurant and the warehouse. I told you all my stories, how did you just listen to it and not laugh, is it even possible? How did you do this to me? Yo will just hide and ignore me. Why are you here again? How come! Do you have any moment that is truthful to me for one second? (crying) (JA starts crying too) Why are you crying, to prove that you are a human? Can’t you just leave, just disappear, input that, oh, you are not a robot, I will tell you in human language. All the moments with you, I hate them, I want to erase them all. I wish they disappeared. SO DISAPPEAR FROM MY LIFE FOREVER.

He throws his cup and it breaks one of his museum pieces. JA is bleeding somehow, she has a scratch and the blood drops on the floor. MG goes to his couch and cries by himself and JA leaves.

MG is still crying and in pain. He sees some blood splash on the floor.

His desk is in the hallway now. He gets a text from Madam X. She knows where that guy is that they are looking for. It is the driver of the late CEO.

They talk about the driver and how he has the weapon for protecting MG and Santa Maria and aj3. They know where he is now.

MG is fixing himself and drink and sees the bag that JA gave him. He goes over to the bag. It is all of JA’s favorite cartoons.

“When you are bored, read these cartoons, your time will pass very quickly”

The coffee shop friend comes over and she sees that there is broken glass all around and she sees the blood on the floor.

MG – Why are you here, JA’s friend?
F – I am here to give you the present of your life.
MG – I don’t want to listen to you.
F – Santa Maria team comes to the coffee shop often. JA will go to Australia.
MG – I don’t care.
F – JA’s hands are bloody. Among her memory, you will be out. You will have your own memory and JA will meet another man in the future. Why did JA kiss you? When do you think JA wanted to tell you that she was a human? What do you think JA thought about a guy thinking she is a robot? All of these questions are a gift for your life. It is a beautiful present because you cannot see it. You will lose everything soon MG.

The friend takes one of the hearts back. She goes to JA’s place but JA went to see her father in the cemetery.

MG thinks about what the doctor said, If everyone told you the truth, what do you think would happen. aj3 is a human, is that joyful more than the betrayal?

MG goes to the coffee shop and it is for rent. MG thinks he is crazy.

He sees that the entire team is on the street and eating some street food. He looks like he misses them and MG thinks back to what the friend said about keeping the memory.

Then the scientists see MGs car and they start to run toward it! They yell brother! Brother! But then one of them falls and MG looks concerned. But MG starts to drive away again.

JA brings a picture for her dad to his place at the memorial cubby hole. It is the picture of her in the disguise. She says that she did something well but she said that she made a big mistake. She hurt him a lot. But she still wants to see him again, what should she do?

MG drives back to his house and pulls up. He gets out of the car and then sees the umbrella in the back seat. He opens the back seat and goes to grab it. He takes it out of the car and then goes inside with the umbrella then lays the umbrella on his coffee table and sits down.

The meteor shower is on tonight. It will cover the entire sky. But MG turns off the news and goes to put the umbrella in the locker and while doing that he finds another umbrella. He wonders if it is the umbrella from that time. He thinks that he has two of the same umbrellas.

Then he remembers something and quickly goes to the computer to search for something. He looks up JA’s portfolio and sees that she has the umbrella in her portfolio. He thinks back to what JA told him in the warehouse about how someone told her that she was special and how he was the one who told her that. How he wanted to see whoever made that umbrella. She said that this person made her feel very useful. Then he thinks back to when they first kissed. Perhaps he is thinking that JA really loved him (maybe). He looks at the bookshelf with the heart design.

Then he goes to the lamp and touches it. It lights up. JA comes to her room at that time and lays down. The heart lamp is lit up, but she doesn’t see it.

Cut to MG driving really determined like. He goes to the meteor shower and to the tree. He looks around for something, he is looking around instead of at the sky. Maybe he thinks that he is crazy. He smiles and then he is serious again. Then he nods and thinks of leaving. But then he stops. JA is there! She is all bundled up and is looking at him.

They are both quietly looking at each other, stoically.

Fade Out.

They are on good terms again! The company storyline heats up. Perhaps YC doesn’t want to destroy MG.

Server issues!!!!!!! Contacted Bluehost while all this was going down. They are trying to fix it.

Someone posted Jo Ji-ah’s letter to Min-gyu in the DC forums and we translated it for you to enjoy! I can see why Min-gyu was so upset…

This is Jo Ji Ah who acted as Ah Ji 3,

The reason I first started this part-time job was because of money. Dr. Hong Baek Goon told me this would be a Turing test job and promised to pay me 10,000W for a 3-hour part-time job. I was told that this would be a research test about sending the same looking robot and human to the test subjects home to see who is more human-like. I owed money because I failed several businesses, so to pay it off I had to do this part-time job.

I started the first 3 hours of my part-time job because of money, as explained. The reason I kept doing this part-time job was because you, Kim Min Gyu, are the chairman of KM Financial. I am a participant in KM Financials Young Entrepreneur Start-up Assistance Program. I went to the final with my product Heart Lamp and I waited for the final. Then I heard that the final is delayed indefinitely. I really wanted to take the heart lamp to the world. I thought the heart lamp was a must-have item for the people. To introduce the heart lamp to the world, KM Financials Young Entrepreneur Startup Assistant Finals Competition should go on.

I found out your home address in order to persuade you with our petition. Then I found out that the home I did the robot part-time job for was actually your home. I really wanted to persuade you, so I used this part-time job to persuade you. I continued my part-time job for free with the condition of room and board only.

I didn’t mean to fool you, but I gave you a great deal of pain.

I am really sorry.

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