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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 23 and 24

Live recap Korean drama
I don’t know about you, but I am ready for 60 FULL minutes of cuteness. Or if you saw the preview yesterday, 59 minutes of cuteness and 1 minute of angst. Hopefully only 1 minute of angst…pretty please.

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Shorthand: Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Ji Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | Ah Ji 3 – AJ/aj3/3 | Ye Ri El – RE/R | Scientists – S | Yu Chul – YC | Bumbling detectives – Dumb and Dumber/D&D/DD

How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Airing Time: Jan. 11th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: ~FIN Thank you for recapping with us! OMG that ending…


They just got locked in! JA runs to the door and says that someone is there in the room. They are there! But the man has already driven off. JA thinks, why am I trapped here with him! No! I will die with cold of stuffiness!

JA tells MG to trust her, she will get them out. She calls someone, but she doesn’t have a signal. She is jumping around trying to find a signal, but there isn’t one. She tells MG not to worry because she is good at sleeping outside and to trust her.

But then she hears a mouse squeak squeaking around, and she gets a little concerned. But she hides it. She hops in the ATV and looks around. But then she tells MG that it is okay because she sees well at night.

MG tells her that he is okay he is okay being inside and he is used to the cold. Then JA’s tummy growls LOUDLY. JA thinks all the bad things come together. SHe tries to deny that it is her and blame it on JA, maybe he ate too much fish. But he says it isn’t him and her tummy growls again, lol!

Pi and BG are trying to fix the van amongst all the snow falling on them. Pi wants BG to get back in the car and take a break, and BG wants Pi to take a break so they both get back in the car.

JA is looking for something and MG is looking around with his flashlight on his phone. JA tells MG that they need to find something to keep them warm and she finds some hay in the back. But MG doesn’t know what to do…do we just put in over us? JA tells him that they have to put the hay on the floor and then put some over them and they should be okay. But she gets a little injury and MG looks at her hand and pulls her away.

He gets towards some light and then uses his credit card to take the little thorn from her hand. He is very delicate as he takes it out and he says, ah, I did it. It is out and he looks at the little thorn and then he looks at her. They have a moment where they look at each other and JA stands while still looking at him.

Pi is talking to BG about BG wanting to start over with JA. She wants to know what BG thinks about MG and JA together and what has been happening lately. BG says that whatever he told JA, she was always smiling and supporting him. He knows why they broke up and he wanted to recover the damage, but JA is a different JA now and BG isn’t the same person either so they can’t just go back. Pi thinks that is a sad story. She wants to know if it hurts and BG says it does but it is nothing compared to their pain.

They turn on some music and BG tells them to rest until it ends. The song is talking about the one next to you, if you turn your head then you will see me, but you don’t know…

They have made the ATV into a little hay bed and they are wondering about laying down together or separate and JA says that she will just exercise all night and she doesn’t have to sleep. She wants MG to sleep though because he is her guest. She starts doing jumping jacks and MG walks over to the corner, he found something. Makguli and a gas heater! They also found dried anchovies.

JA is happy at first but she thinks it belongs to someone so maybe they shouldn’t eat it? But MG says they can eat it and refill it. Cut to them preparing everything on the truck bed.

MG – Based on what I heard maybe all this food isn’t enough for you. (because her tummy was growing so much).

MG starts to smile.

Pi sneaks out, maybe she is trying to fix the car.

They are eating and MG is just staring at JA. He looks so relieved and happy to see her. JA wants him to stop looking at her but he just says it is so wonderful. But MG says he is doing things he couldn’t do with aj3 like eating and drinking and all those things.

JA and MG figure out that they are the same age and MG wants to be friends with her since they are the same age.

MG – Kim Min-gyu, not you or customer, but Kim Min-gyu.
JA – If you don’t drink that makguli then I am drinking it, why are you following me and trapped in here…
MG – I like it.
JA – What?
MG – This situation, everything…
JA – What do you say if your girlfriend listened to you, then it would be a mistake.
MG – I don’t have a girlfriend, this drink is really good.

The battery dies in the ATV

Pi is trying to open something with a screwdriver, but she isn’t strong enough

JA – Do you like rain?
MG – I have a memory I can’t forget when it was raining. I had my first kiss. I want to talk to you about aj3, so if you don’t mind can you just listen to my story? I never talked about her with anyone because the thing we shared is very difficult to explain and understand for someone else. but I want to tell you, Hong-ju. If you don’t mind…I won’t tell you…
JA – If you promise not to bother me anymore after today. It makes me really uncomfortable.
MG – I promise, but can you ask me about aj3 first, I don’t know where to start.
JA – For you, Kim Min-gyu, when was she special to you?
MG – I know what point, the first day she came to our house for testing. If you listen you won’t sleep because it is so funny. She made me so uncomfortable because she told me Umma! and she said it was friend mode and she opened the door and broke the box……(he tells her all these things about aj3)
JA – (thinking) ah, if I tell him honestly, what would happen?

The coffee shop friend starts to talk about trust to the scientists and she says that you have to have trust. If you don’t have trust then you are not confident. Maybe you guys believed that he wouldn’t trust it. But how can you believe that your decision was correct? You have 99% probability, but doctors still trust 1%.

The engineers start talking about how doctors can rely on 1% probability, but families cannot do it. Can you make your parents trust 1% probability? MG is like family for us now so we can’t do it.

The doctor calls BG and tells him that his epinephrine is in his bag. If something bad happens then he should get it from his bag. But based on the other guy’s case, the epinephrine might not work.

BG gets out of the car and sees Pi working on the car. He tells her that she shouldn’t have done it without him. Pi hides her hand from him, but BG sees it and starts to clean her hand off.

Pi tells BG that his decision was okay and it was irreversible.

MG – So I reset aj3 with my middle finger. That is my story…gut!
JA – It has not ended.
MG – It has.
JA – Well, you have to tell your life after it reset, you can’t just stop now, it doesn’t sound fun.
MG – I decide if it is fun or not, do you really want to hear it…at first, it was hurting a lot and I had a hard time, but after that, I could just breath a little bit. Then at the company, i went there like a normal person and ate at the restaurant and went home and went to the movies alone and to the bookstore alone…
JA – If aj3 sees you, Kim Min-gyu, she will say, Good job, and pat you…
MG – no, aj3 will say like this…

(flashback to JA/aj3 giving MG a comforting pat on the back)

MG – …you worked hard

JA starts to cry a little and MG tells her that he told her that it was boring.

JA – By the way, why did you say reset was stupid?
MG – That is my secret.
MG – If you become my friend then I will tell you, hiding things between friends is bad, so, do you want to be my friend?….Hong Ju, you are really cute…….oh, I am sorry.
JA – No, you don’t have to be sorry.
MG – I tried to deep learning aj3, I tried to get her back and I told her the same thing and did all the things over again and tried to input everything, but my friend didn’t come back again…in retrospect, my heart just told me continuously, what you feel is real, scared, I was scared and finally I got punished (because he didn’t listen to his heart). That is why I am telling you this story.

JA is pretty sad listening to this story. But she is trying to hold it together. MG isn’t looking at her while he is telling the story. He looks at her then away and at her. He is giving her her privacy.

It is working now and they are driving down the street and talking. BG brings up Pi’s offer and he says that he wants her to accept it. But pi says that when it is time to leave then she will just leave.

It is dawn and they are still awake.

MG – I talked about myself a lot. Can you tell me about yourself? Can I ask you a question? Family?
JA – I have a brother and niece…
MG – Ah, you live with your brother?….Actually, I don’t talk too well.
JA – You can’t improve it easily
MG – Huh?
JA – What is the next question?
MG – Who do you want to see the most?
JA – My appa. He was a mechanic and after school, I would go see him and he would fix all the broken cars like new. After his touch, every blemish becomes straight like magic. For me, I wanted to be like him but with something I can do well.
MG – I can imagine it
JA – Thinking and your ability are different, everyone is better than me. At some point, I feel like a useless person in this world.

Flashback to the umbrella scene and MG saying a genius came up with that idea. He says he wanted to see who created it.

JA – One person made me feel useful and like I shouldn’t give up.
MG – I don’t know who that person is, but they will feel good if they hear it. If you become someone to another person then it is encouraging. If you see them again then you should tell them that they were helpful and encourage them.
JA – Okay, I will….Kim Min-gyu. You talked about yourself a lot and I heard a lot about you as well, as we promised. So just go back to Seoul. When time passes, everything…yeah, it happened before. It will be your good memory. I wish that you are happy Kim Min-gyu…really. From all my heart.

MG looks down and thinks about it.

Halbae comes back inside and sees the too of them sleeping with their heads rested on each other.


THE HALBAE walks in and sees them sleeping. He wonders what this is and we see a lovely scene of MG and JA sleeping while sitting.

All the videos are cracked but they have some clips. They also say that the password is sandwich and that is a funny password. The hacker gives the footage to the security guy and the security guy calls someone, maybe YC. But someone else is there in a hoodie and that person opens the door and goes inside.

Yoo-chul has the footage of friend mode! He starts to watch it and he figured out that aj3 is fake.

They are talking at a cafe and RE asks her appa to just leave her life alone and let her live with her own will. She doesn’t want to marry MG. She asks appa sincerely, with her heart. She tells him that his partner is MG and to let her maintain her respect for her father separately. She leaves.

The Santa Maria team of BG and Pi finally arrives and BG asks for JA. JA comes out and she tells him that MG is still there taking a shower and he promised not to bother her anymore.

Meanwhile, MG calls the scientist hyungs and tells them that he is at Gochae Island, do they have anything they want to eat? They tell him that they are okay and to just come back, dong-sang. He tells them that he bought some blankets and to go home and sleep well. They cry an adorable cry.

MG looks out the window and thinks that he shouldn’t’ have made that promise to JA.

In the shop, Halmae tells JA to just relax, but JA tells her that she will work. But Halmae gets a call, it looks like someone is injured and Halmae has to go to the hospital to help. She closes the cafe and says for JA to close the store after the guests leave.

The guests are Pi and BG, so JA just sits with them and enjoys her time with Pi.

Upstairs BG is with MG and BG sees all the injections in MGs bag. They say, let’s go back to Seoul.

They go downstairs and BG says sorry to JA, JA says that she trusts that MG won’t come back to bother her. He extends his hands and she gives him a tiny handshake. MG gives her a super strong gaze and then he leaves.

While going to the car MG sees a huge team come into the shop. JA tells this team that Halmae called and canceled with them, but the team is shocked as well and the leader tells them that they can’t just cancel. They sit down and make themselves comfortable.

JA is overwhelmed but then MG comes back in and says that he can help cook for them. Ah, MG is a great cook! He tells JA that he can make hamilpajang and he will make it for them and leave (Korean fish pancakes).

JA looks at the necklace location and MG looks at it too, then he looks at JA. He didn’t see the necklace though.

YC confronts the brother and tells him that he knows about his sister pretending to be aj3. The brother tries to say that JA didn’t know anything about it. But YC isn’t that stupid and starts to dig into the situation.

Cooking time! JA hands MG a small plate and tries hard to keep the necklace hidden while she does. Pi and BG also help deliver the food to everyone at the tables. The place is packed with this team.

MG makes a sushi plate and hands it to JA, they touch a little bit, but JA retracts her hands. MG then gets a lot of the plates out. He might see the necklace! But outside we see that JA had already taken the necklace out from the plates.

Cut to everyone enjoying the food and leaving. MG is in the kitchen by himself and thinking. Then we cut to the four of them eating some food that MG cooked for them.

MG – Are you Kim or Ji? Ji Hong Joon?
JA – Kim Hong Joon is right…
MG – Kim Hong-joon, taste this, this is your first and last time tasting my food. Do you like it?
JA – Yes it is really good! (MG is happy at that)
MG – It is my Moms’ hamelpajang
JA – Wow, it tastes really good, (she tries something else) it tastes really good too!

MG laughs and enjoys sitting with them and watching JA eat.

The secretary is back to his super stressed state and calls MG, he wants to tell MG the truth about his sister, so he calls him. MG answers the phone but doesn’t stay on the line.

Back in the cafe, MG talks about how he really wanted to see aj3 eat his food. He wondered what kind of feeling he would have.

The foreigner knows that YC was fired. YC says that he will be back and he will be CEO again. He wants to have the meeting again and tells his father all that he figured out.

She is really chilling with them at the laboratory and they start to talk about the folder, the friend mode folder. They try to figure out who owns it and they realize that aj3 must have made her own backup folder. They talk about how this happened before and the friend wonders how a robot can make a backup folder herself. aj3 says that she really made the folder herself. She said that she made it before the reset because JA said that she will forever remember what mg said.

The scientists think that this file might have leaked. The deep learning video might have leaked and aj3 says that she kept her promise with her friend. The scientists are shocked.

They are so silly. They got paid and they want to go to the Alps. But the long-haired one has really fallen for aj3. Hmm, perhaps they will stay?

MG is pretty bummed sitting at the table because their time has come to an end. They say that it is time to leave and MG says that they should clean! But JA says that she can do it. But MG insists that he can do it and says that JA should go out. So MG and BG are doing the dishes.

MG – When I see her, my heart bounces like when I see aj3. I want to see her and I can’t stop. The strange thing is, I think that our relationship isn’t at the end. I feel like we have a future together. That is strange right?

Meanwhile, JA is talking to Pi outside on the harbor
JA – When we were trapped, I was scared that he would figure it out, it was happy. But I became greedier because he loves me so much. If I tell him the truth, will he love me? I was greedy so it was difficult for me in the end. So I shouldn’t do that right?

Pi smiles, they are kind of in the same position since they both can’t tell the person they love that they love them.

And now it is time to say goodbye. JA tells MG that his first and last dish was delicious. He says that if she liked it then she should just be his friend. He feels like they will see each other again and she tells him that it won’t happen, ever. She walks away and goes inside. MG watches her go inside and then he gets in the van.

They start the van and drive away. MG is quiet and reflective in the car and JA is quiet and reflective in the cafe. JA pulls out her necklace and looks at it.

The van stopped at a convenience store and MG is still quiet and stoic in the car. He thinks of what JA said about keeping the promise and not showing up in her life anymore. But MG thinks about their goodbye and how he said that they will see each other again and JA saying that it won’t happen ever.

BG and Pi both went inside the store to buy something. BG gets a call from the scientists about the backup folder. The scientists don’t know what to do about it. BG tells them to investigate how much leaked and they are going back now.

They go back to the van and MG isn’t there.

YC’s appa is at the company and someone delivers him the file. Appa says that YC already showed it to him. This person says that they found the extra file that MG has a super bad disease and can’t continue to be the chairman.

MG runs back inside the cafe and looks around. It is empty. Someone outside tells him that it is closed and MG asks her where the agassi went. She says that the agassi went to the beach (she pointed) about 5 minutes ago. MG starts running in that direction.

Cut to Pi and BG driving back to the restaurant in search of MG.

MG is running all along the beach looking for JA. It is so pretty. Then he sees her sitting on the beach with her bag. She is facing the sea and looks serene from the back. He smiles and slowly walks to her. JA is crying as she looks at the beach. She doesn’t see MG approaching her and she is crying a lot. MG is right behind her and smiles at her.

MG – I finally found her.

JA stands up and turns to leave and MG smiles at her. But she freezes when she sees him and he sees her necklace. She hides it really fast, but MG is stunned.

MG – That…that’s…the necklace I gave to aj3…(flashback of all the friend mode parts, he is realizing that she is not a robot)…
JA – I can explain everything (in banmal)

But he pushes her away.

MG – Everything…you fooled me…lied to me

He starts breaking down and he says that he feels like throwing up and his watches beep beep sound goes off. His allergy is acting up and he is crying at the same time. A tear drops and his face starts to be affected by the allergy.

Fade Out


That phrase of MG saying that he wants to throw up was the same thing he said when he first got the allergy when he first started not trusting people. Y’all, that is so sad! What is going to happen!

Also, y’all, I was about to have an allergic reaction like Min-gyu when our site crashed. I am going to have a talking to with Bluehost about that! I’m pretty confident they can fix it.

Via Korean Drama Portal

Transcript via Stroppse on Soompi
MG: You did it for me? You expect me to believe this now?
SH: Believing it because you had felt it, so it’s a more beautiful present. Now you will lose her forever, Kim Min Gyu-sshi.
JA: I don’t think I will be able to be next to that person any longer.
MG: I waited for you. Like an idiot. Like a crazy person, without any thoughts.
JA: I’m sorry.
BG: But, could Kim Min Gyu be doing okay?
JA: Have you been well?
MG: Ji Ah. Ji Ah. Ah Ji…

Translation of the text preview (also by Stroppse):

Having found out everything and having his human allergy recur, Min Gyu, is taken quickly back to Seoul, and all that the Santa Maria Team and Ji Ah can do is to wait and keep watch over his condition. Then, Min Gyu who has regained his senses shows a different face…

Location of the Sushi Cafe Meenbak (Hostel)
Found from DC inside Forums but we added the red circle to show the exact location.

Soompi Translation Updates from Stroppyse
(Stroppyse’s translations are the bomb diggity so even if you have watched with Enlish subs I suggest you still read her translations because they are the best)

MG: Hong Joo-sshi, please give me a dish, a small one.
MG: Hong Joo-sshi (handing her a plate of sashimi, and feeling a frisson when their hands touched)
Team: (leaving) Thank you. We ate well. Goodbye.
(MG brings out food including a seafood stew.)
MG: Now, let us eat as well. (starts ladling some stew for JA) Ah, but is your surname Kim or Ji? I thought they were they calling you Ji…Ji Hong Joo. (this was from when PI and BG had come into the kitchen and started to call JA “Ji Ah” before correcting themselves to call her Hong Joo)
Pi: You misheard. It is Kim Hong Joo.
MG: Ah! Here, Kim Hong Joo-sshi. Please enjoy it. Since this will be the first and last time that you’ll be tasting my cooking. (to BG and Pi) Please eat. (LOL, that he only serves JA)
MG: Does it match your taste? (meaning does it taste good)
JA: It’s really delicious.
MG: Try some of this as well. This is a special seafood pancake made with my mother’s secret recipe.
JA: It’s really a work of art.

I loved how much MG is always looking at JA. And, JA is uncomfortable with it, but also finds it thrilling to have MG like her that much. And, as she later tells PI, it keeps making her want more with MG, even if she knows that can’t be.

However, I really translated this scene, because more than this scene, I liked what came just after this scene, as MG wistfully says that he had wondered what it would be like to cook for AJ3 and have her eat his food. It’s confusing MG to no end to find his familiar AJ3 in JA, but he can’t pull himself away despite his promises to do so.

This is confirmed in the other bit that I really liked which also came after this scene during the dishwashing scene between BG and MG. Here is a translation of their conversation.

MG: You’re so obtuse. You should have just let me and Hong Joo-sshi do them (the dishes).
BG: How uncomfortable would it have been (for her)? While you were doing the dishes, it’s obvious that you would have stared and stared at her.
MG: When I see that woman, my heart… just as it did when I looked at AJ3, it races, that’s why. It thrills, it dances, and it’s happy, so it makes me want to look at her some more. So, what could I do then? The stranger thing is, that for some reason, I don’t think my destiny with that woman is going to end here. I think there will be a next time, and another time as well. Isn’t that strange?

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