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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 21 and 22

Korean Drama Live Recap
Y’all, today couldn’t get here fast enough! I think I was in a puddle of my own feelings after the last two episodes and I have been WAITING to find out what happens this week. I’ve tried to keep it together, but my heart has suddenly grown 3 sizes. I’m like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas except I would be the Grinch who already loved the Who’s in Whooville but my heart still grew 3 sizes anyway. Or maybe I’m more like Horton Hears a Who? Just nobody mention The Velveteen Rabbit, I’m barely holding it together as it is. Okay, now I’m just rambling. Let’s get to it!

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Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Ji Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | Ah Ji 3 – AJ/aj3/3 | Ye Ri El – RE/R | Scientists – S | Yu Chul – YC

How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Airing Time: Jan. 10th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: FIN!thank you for recapping with us ^_^

*** Trying something new by adding videos to the text! Hopefully this doesn’t slow down the page too much. The dialogue does not match perfectly because we haven’t had a chance to go back and correct it and we probably won’t because that would take a ridiculous amount of time. I’m not sure if we will do this in the future, but if you like it then let us know in the comments and we will try to do it whenever we can. But if it is better with the videos at the very bottom then we will keep doing that instead.***

Montage of all of the events and moments that MG and aj3 had for the past episodes. The voiceovers talk about the allergy and how it is cured by JA. Then they have a montage of the last two episodes of them separating.

VO – How do you like this design?

MG and RE are at a ring shop, but they both are not happy with this arranged marriage. MG looks over at RE and then he tells the shop owner that they have to talk.

RE – I like this cafe, I like summer more than winter. I thought I knew myself…I think people get to know themselves well after experiencing something. I wasn’t that materialistic, I am kind of embarrassed, but I accept it. I think we don’t work out, MG.
MG – Wow, you are cool yel-i
RE – I will persuade appa, your stock should be okay. Appa doesn’t like YC, but I have only…I am sorry to you, I didn’t send you the birthday postcards…my father did too much.
MG – It doesn’t matter if you sent it or not, when I received it, I was really happy, the happiness I had back then, thank you.
RE – We are breaking up, but why are you so cool, you look different now. Before, I was having a hard time with you…what can I say to you…but now you are like a friend I can drink with.
MG- If you want a drink then let me know
MG – One thing I miss is not having your moms necklace…it will find a good owner.

MG is talking to his secretary about taking the train instead of his car and the tv is talking about a meteor shower tonight. JA is also there looking at the news about the meteor shower.

JA calls someone on the phone and tells them that when she gets there she will let them know. She then talks to her friend on the phone and tells her that she is taking the train and everyone is calling her. She smiles and leaves.

The friend and two scientists are there. The friend tells them to get out and they say, yes sir (lol). But then they ask about JA and if she is okay? The friend lets them in and they say that JA and MG shouldn’t meet each other right? The friend says that they shouldn’t bump into each other, but if it happens then that is the fate that breaks the sky apart.

MG sits in his seat and he sees JA sitting in front of him reading a book and drinking coffee. MG is shocked, but he doesn’t say anything. JA is about to take a nap, but then she sees him and she is also stunned. They are both stunned as they look at each other. But JA breaks eye contact and looks away.

JA’s book is an Australian travel book. She looks at MG’s ticket and it says that he is going to Daegu. JA ignores MG and just starts to read her book. The train stops again and MG just keeps looking at her. It is pretty uncomfortable how much he is looking at her. But then another family comes and he has to leave. MG still looks at her as he leaves and JA still avoids his gaze and is about to start crying.

Then she looks up and says, “That’s a relief”

MG calls BG from the train and wants to know how BG made aj3’s face. BG tells him that he had a character model for the face and personality and everything. He had an employee, but he has no contact now. Why is he asking? MG says he was just curious. But he wonders if he might bump into that person? BG says that is possible, but if he sees her then it is better to ignore her because he will be a pervert to her. MG says okay, he won’t talk to her.

Then BG picks up his phone and calls someone. He called JA, but her phone number doesn’t exist anymore. BG goes to a cafe and meets with YC.

MG didn’t get off of the train, he is still on it and hiding. He calls his secretary-brother and tells him that he has something urgent that came up and he can’t be at the meeting. He says that he is out of his mind and MG tells the secretary to finish everything up well.

JA runs to the bathroom and MG turns to see her. JA starts to break down and cry in the bathroom.

YC gives BG the photo of JA and wants to know who she is. (the bumbling investigators contacted YC directly and gave him the photos). YC met with the bumbling detectives and they say that they saw aj3 eating ice cream and they want the rest of the money. YC asks BG if this girl is also aj3? BG says that she is aj3’s model. But YC asks if Kim Min-gu met aj3 or this girl. BG says he doesn’t know what YC is talking about. But YC says that he thinks he knows and soon BG will have something to tell him.

PI has found a folder with a password on the computer. She asks if someone knows what it is, but no one knows. The other scientist says it is a holding a folder that no one can remove. They start to talk about the construction team for the new building. The people are there, but it is actually dumb and dumber (the bumbling detectives). D&D starts to pretend to measure everything and of course they are doing things wrong.

Then one of D&D looks at aj3 and they start to talk. aj3 wants to know if he knows her and that she wants to know him. They do ET touch and it looks like the long-haired D&D has fallen in love with aj3. But the scientists tell him not to touch aj3 and they try to block aj3 from his view.

Meanwhile, the other D&D puts a virus in the computer system. Cut to a huge team working on the virus. They call YC and tell him that it was successful.

JA is taking a taxi to her new place and MG has taken a car there as well. He is following her around. JA is at sister in law’s halmoni’s home and the halmoni calls sister-in-law to let her know that JA is there. Halmoni greats JA very warmly and they talk very warmly to each other. JA puts on an apron to work and halmoni tells her that she doesn’t have to work and she wonders when this girl started caring for money?

MG is still looking at JA from the car and thinking about what BG said about the character model and face model.

Meanwhile, inside the shop, the halmoni needs to get some fish, but the captain isn’t delivering it so JA says that she will get it. Halmoni realizes that JA came there to empty her mind, not to make money.

JA talks to everyone out there and shows them her great English, “Hi, nice to meet you, nice to meet you too.” Everyone starts to laugh and they are all having a good time outside on the wharf.

Then JA sees a little cat and runs over to it. She wants to know why the cat is alone, does she have no friends? She remembers the cat mask scene and tells the cat that she reminds her of someone. Then someone yells that the ship is coming in. Everyone prepares. JA prepared some presents for the fishermen and gives it to them. Just some bread as a little snack. She says that if they like her then they have to give her the best fish. JA takes the fish and lugs it back to the car in an ATV. She says bye to everyone and then starts to drive back.

MG followed her there as well and tells the driver to follow that ATV.

They follow it all the way back to the shop and it is dark already. MG lugs the fish all the way in and MG gets out of the car and looks at her. He is hesitant, but then he goes in.

JA sees him and she is shocked, but she tries to play it off.

MG – You know me right?
JA – No, I don’t know you.
MG – We were on the same train
JA – Oh, that’s right…we were facing each other, so…what?
MG – Can I talk to you, I have something to talk to you about.
JA – Sorry, I don’t have time, I work here and we are very busy and halmoni shouldn’t see me talking to a customer or she will cut my salary.
MG – I will wait until you finish!

MG goes to sit somewhere and JA freaks and runs to the back. She takes off her necklace and hides it under some dishes in the back. Then she calls her friend and tells her that MG is there, what should she do?

F – He really broke the sky apart, what is he doing now?
JA – He is in the kitchen, what if he kills me…
F – Listen to me, you just met him for the first time, just ignore him
J – What if he sticks?
f – Treat him like a crazy man.

The restaurant has emptied and JA ignores him. MG starts to say something but JA ignores him and cleans. He is still there looking at him and she finally turns around and confronts him.

JA – look, I know you are here, you shouldn’t just follow me, you know you are not normal, it looks like this isn’t a coincidence, did you follow me from the train? Are you love at first sight with me? Are you a stalker? You shouldn’t do this, I have no interest in you, you are not my type, I will call the police!
MG – Can I order food, I am hungry.
JA – This isn’t the only restaurant
MG – This is where I want to eat, is your name Hong-ju? I will wait, Hong-ju.

Halmoni – Who is he? Want me to call the police? Is he a pervert?
JA – I am giving him a hard time.
H – So he is the guy that makes you not eat and work only?

That halmoni is woke, but JA doesn’t answer and just leaves to the back again. She calls someone. But they don’t answer so she texts. “MG is here…what do I do?”

But BG is busy with the virus going through their system, it is copying all there files and the scientists are battling it. But one of them catches it and deletes it. The hackers were no match for them.

Now the scientists are trying to figure out what is going on. BG thinks he might know.

Meanwhile, YC is drinking at a bar. He is miserable and thinking about MG and he wants to throw his cup again, but RE comes in right at that moment. Her hair is down and she pours herself a drink. They talk about YC being twisted and RE being materialistic and RE tells him to just stop.

RE – Are you also treating me like a material?
YC – Why is MG okay and not me…if I take him down will you come to me… (or something like that)
R – Should I tell you? MG keeps his class and doesn’t show the bottom like you.

Riel storms out, goes home, and pours herself some water. Her appa is there and she tells him that she met YC, not MG. RE wants to know why YC is fired and appa tells her the behind the scenes story about what happened. RE tells appa that she doesn’t want to kiss MG. She is sad because her father is thinking of her as some commodity to give to people.

MG is still sitting there and he sees a boy sitting by himself whos face is a mess. MG goes over to the boy and cleans his face for him. Halmoni sees this and starts to like MG. She goes to the back and says that she didn’t know what happened, but she shouldn’t give MG a hard time. JA thinks about this and stands up and leaves.

She goes to MGs table and MG didn’t eat his food at all at the table. His is sitting like a little puppy dog waiting for her to come back. His face lights up when he sees her.

JA – What do you want to say?

We are back from the commercial break and halmoni tells JA that she shouldn’t give MG such a hard time. JA calls someone. But that person isn’t receiving the call. BG sees the text from a while ago.

JA gets up and takes off her apron and goes to MG

JA – What do you want to say?

Meanwhile, BG is calling JA but the phone is in the apron. He tells the team that MG is with JA right now. He tells the doctor as well. Everyone is freaking out. The doctor tells JA to pretend that she isn’t aj3 and never do anything that aj3 did.

MG – I lost my friend, a friend that brought me out into the world in 15 years.
JA – I am sorry about that, but what does that matter with me?
MG – I feel like you are that friend…in the world, sometimes some nonsense happens, some unbelievable things happen, if you don’t experience it then you won’t believe it, we had that memorable moment together.

JA – I don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe you should go to the hospital. I will connect you with…(she stand up to leave)
MG- I called her like this…hi aj3

JA bows her head and turns back to MG.

JA – Ah, I know why you are doing this now, do you know BG? You know him so you know that aj3 is a robot. I am the character model of the robot. 4 years ago I got some big money for it…I am a human and not a robot.
MG – I know that you are the model.
JA – Then why are you doing this to me? It makes me uncomfortable
MG – I’m sorry.
JA – If you are sorry then just leave
MG – When I am tired of looking at you then I will leave.
JA – Why are you looking at me?
MG – Because it is so miraculous.
JA – Just stand up before I kick you out!

She says the exact same thing as aj3! MG starts to laugh. JA still tries to tell MG that the robot isn’t her, she shouldn’t have taken the job and she wouldn’t have taken it if she knew some strange guy would come to her like this.

MG – I need a room in this meenbap (bed and breakfast or hostel).

JA – WE HAVE NO ROOM FOR YOU. (she leaves)

MG – But it seems like it is all empty….

He chases after her.

They are getting ready to go to find JA and MG. The doctor is in his place and wants MG to call him. But his phone is off.

While in the car Pi and BG are wondering if JA is doing a good job. Pi says it is less than 10% probability that he won’t figure it out, but MG doesn’t read people well so maybe it is more like 30%.

JA is in the back and thinks that MG is so sticky, he is not leaving. She gets a call and her friend is on the other line. She tells JA that she told BG her address so he is coming down and we see that the phone is connected to him. BG starts to tell JA not to do anything that aj3 did habitually. They try to coach her on how to act and everything.

But then MG goes to the kitchen and JA jumps back exactly like she did the very first time they met with her hands in the air and everything. He says it is deja vu.

MG starts to laugh and says that aj3 did the same thing as her the first time…no, the second time they met. JA wants to know why he is back there and he says that he needed something and he will finish his food before they close so don’t worry. He goes back to his food and stares at her as he starts to eat.

JA’s stress level goes up and she calls BG again. BG tells JA that they told MG that they modeled aj3 after JA so she can be herself, just don’t say anything that MG told her.

She and the scientists are there talking about what is going down. The 1st defense system is broken, but second defense system is okay. They spill a coffee and one of them tries to clean it and the friend touches his hand. He is frozen. The other scientist pulls it away and tells them to get real.

MG is steady eating this fish and JA brings some water for him. She tells him to just drink and eat and he tells her thank you. Then Halmoni tells JA to park the car somewhere else and MG asks her is she has a room. Halmoni says that she has a lot, what room does she want? Ocean view? MG smiles and says yes.

JA takes MG to the room and looks around. There is no bed. MG says he will stay anyway. He looks around smiling and says this place is way better than his home (even though it is empty with nothing around). Whatever he asks JA says that they don’t have it. They don’t have coffee but there is a vending machine. MG says that he doesn’t have any coins so JA gives him some. She tells him that this is room service and he smiles. He is so happy.

Then he gets his phone out and answers it.

BG – You are on Goji island right? Our character model just called me because a scary guy is following her around.
MG – I just met her on the train and she was just like her, it was amazing. Before I realized it, I was already at Goje island
BG – don’t follow her around, she will be scared.
MG – You think so?
BG – Of course, wouldn’t you be like that?

MG checks his phone some more and realizes that his doctor called him also. The doctor wants to make sure that MG has his injections. MG jokes that he doesn’t have it, but then he says that he does have it and to not worry.

Then the secretary calls him and MG talks to him about the Santa Maria team. MG wants to know if the secretary knows about the character model for aj3. He says that the name is Hong Ju, does he know it? The brother-secretary is stressed again. MG says that aj3 is based on a real person but he hangs up the phone without getting into it.

The secretary is shocked and his wife wants to know why her name is popping up in their conversation.

Pi goes inside a corner shop and BG sees her phone. It looks like Pi had an offer for a full-time professorship position, but Pi isn’t taking it. She is staying with the Santa Maria team. Pi comes back and brings BG a drink. She tells him to drink it all because that way he can drive all night.

The hackers are still hacking. They just need to figure out the password. The friends are in the cafe and don’t notice this is happening. The hackers might get a hold of the folder that was mentioned earlier.

Now the scientists van breaks down and it starts to snow. They are stranded on the side of the road.

Back at the cafe, MG is trying to get a coffee in the machine, but he doesn’t know how to work it. Halmoni chooses for him and tells him that coffee should be sweet. MG tries it and says that it really tastes good.

JA tells her that she saw some light in the warehouse so she will go there. But Halmoni asks MG to go with her instead of herself and MG is all like, YES. He happily smiles and takes his drink to the ATV. He thinks back to giving aj3 a ride in his golf cart.

In the ATV they bicker back and forth. They laugh and they don’t laugh and JA tells him that she needs to focus on driving and MG tells her that aj3 was cute. He sees some differences between them so if he sees her longer than maybe he will see more differences. But JA thinks, should she be happy at that?

Then she swerves the ATV and MG wonders if she is getting her revenge by driving crazy.

They get to the warehouse and JA starts to look around.

Outside another person shows up in an ATV. He is old and concerned and thinks that the owners forgot to close the door. He closes it for them and then locks it. JA sees this and yells that they are inside they are inside! Then she thinks that she is inside with MG, alone. She thinks that she will either die because it is too cold or because she can’t breathe.

They are locked in together!!!!!

While locked in, MG asks JA if she would like to be his friend. They start a fire and they live through the night. Then they get to know each other and become friends. JA starts to think that maybe she should tell him that she is aj3. But then at the end it looks like MG might see his necklace hanging off JA’s neck. He is shocked.

Transcript via Stroppyse on Soompi
MG: Then, I just want to be friends.
MG: I don’t have a girlfriend.
JA: I keep wanting more.
MG: Who is the person you want to see the most right now?
JA: Kim Min Gyu-sshi
JA: If I just tell him the complete truth, won’t he forgive me and believe me? (seems to be speaking to Pi as in the later line in the preview)
MG: Did you want to see me that much?
JA: However, I can’t do that, can I? (seems to be speaking to Pi)
MG: Ai. I’ve finally found you. (On the beach. JA turns around to face him.)
JA: I…I will explain everything.
MG: Till now, I’ve been fooled?
*** We are trying something new by adding videos to the text! The dialogue does not match perfectly because we haven’t had a chance to go back and correct it and we probably won’t because that would take a ridiculous amount of time. If you like it then let us know in the comments and we will try to do it whenever we can.***

Music videos via sakura2016 on Soompi

DC people compared the maneurisms of JA as a fake robot and real JA. They are so good.

Holding the face maneurism
Gif for I am not a robot korean drama

Gif for I am not a robot korean drama

And of course MG was in the car watching the Wharf scene
live recap I am not a robot korean drama

And the jumping back maneurism
Gif for I am not a robot korean drama

Gif for I am not a robot korean drama

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