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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 17 & 18

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Happy New Year! Who thinks we are finally at the reveal that she is not a robot? I really think this week might be the week, but they might keep us hanging even longer. Meh, I won’t hate them for it. I might rage at them though.

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Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Ji Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | AhJi3 – AJ/AJ3

/3/Robot | Ye Riel – RE/R | Scientists – S

How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Airing Time: Jan. 3rd, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: EDITING


JA is in her crazy disguise and in the bathroom, she is pumping herself up. Just do as you practiced! Two other women are in the bathroom and they are talking about MG and why he reapproved the competition. He reapproved it to give Riel more power. The two women start to talk about the relationship between the three YC, RE, and MG. They say that YC is great and MG is a jang compared to YC. JA hears them and sprays water on them.

JA starts to walk back to the stage and runs into her brother! She hides herself well by not turning around and then nods and leaves to go to the stage.

An MC is explaining everything to the contestants and JA is listening closely. MG is at home reading the letter that JA wrote about why she created the heart lamp. She says that she wants to win the competition and present it to MG once she wins. She wishes that MG has his “one” someday. This letter makes MG drive to the competition.

Everything needs to be rescheduled now that MG is coming.

Back at the competition, MG has arrived and the MC says that their CEO, YC, is there and is ready to speak. YC goes to the podium and starts talking, but as he is about to talk he sees MG walking down the aisle toward him. MG head nods to him and then sits in the audience (like way high in the audience near the rafters almost).

YC starts talking about how this company is supporting young entrepreneurs to help lift them up. The secretary shows up and greats MG. He then thinks back to meeting that crazy girl in the hallway and realizes that it was his sister JA.

The best friend does a tarot card and it doesn’t look good for JA.

JA isn’t doing so well. Noone is coming to her booth. Noone likes her idea, they think they have a cell phone so they don’t need it, how did it make it to the final? JA sits, she is very disappointed. Her brother is rooting for her though, he thinks that JA needs to speak up for herself and not sit down. He is on her side! He goes to tell her so, but BG stops her.

BG tells the brother that he shouldn’t talk to her and they start talking about JA and the competition and breaking up and all that.

The friend says that JA has something better than luck, she has something inherited from her father.

JA is sitting sadly and thinking of her father. Her father appears in front of her. He says that Appa can treat cars well and JA can see humans well. She will be a person doing very important things for humans and he believes in her. He pats her on the shoulder and she starts crying and says Appa.

But she looks renewed! She stands up and gathers herself together. She takes a deep breath and starts talking

JA – Do you have someone that you love and want to take care of? Wherever they are, if you have this heart ball then you can send your feelings to that person, wherever they are in the world it will light up.

People with kids come up and say that their daughter is in New Zealand, will she see it? JA says she will. Other parents come up and talk about their kids that are abroad and will they see it? JA says yes they will. Very soon a lot of people come up to the booth.

BG starts explaining how the light works to the brother-secretary. He said it is based on Quantum physics and JA knew how it worked emotionally. He says what he did wrong to JA and said that he and the brother are similar.

YC and RE are at a booth and talking about Riels old dog that died. YC comforted her when she was a kid and YC remembered that. It is a touching moment.

YC then talks to JA and says that she worked hard. MG comes up and says, “One person…what if this one person is the one that is tortured the most? When I see this it will remind me of all the pain. Should I throw it away, break it?”

JA – Why do you meet someone who hurts you so much, just make some other friends. My father told me that when I was hurt when I was little. Human friends are like a river, they meet this person and this other person.

MG – Your father is like me, I want to listen to his lecture

JA – He passed away when I was in high school.

MG – I didn’t ask you.

JA – I wanted to tell you that much.

MG – You are very much like someone I know. So, If I touch it, it will light up.

JA – You will remember that person.

MG – Take this thing and go over there….further….further

MG touches the heart and it lights up on his. Then it lights up on her and he sees AJ3 holding the lamp and smiling. But it is JA in disguise. He looks at the lamp, he is sad now. He walks away in a daze.

BG says that he knew he made a mistake with JA and that is why he made AJ3 look like JA. He wanted to understand JA more and get to know her more. But he will change her face when this is all over.

The secretary tells BG that MG is fighting alone to save the Santa Maria team, so don’t make too much trouble.

He is filling up and he put the credit card in the trunk for the gas attendant. The gas attendant fills up and gives the receipt to MG, but he touches him. However, MG didn’t notice and he didn’t have a reaction?

JA is back at the competition and talked to someone who has an allergy to a dog. She starts to think of MG. How can he have a real allergy to humans? She thinks back to what the doctor said about trusting her 100% and how he is cured now. She remembers him telling her that she is the most precious thing to him from now on. She thinks that maybe she is the one who cured him? Maybe that is why she was so precious to him.

Back in the car, MG realizes that he touched that guy’s hand. He gets nervous and looks at his skin and at his watch, but he has no reaction. There is no AJ3 around either. He runs to see his doctor.

He gets to the doctors’ workplace and bumps into someone, no reaction! The doctor sees that and is stunned. MG sees the doctor and walks right up to him and gives him a big hug! He tells him that he worked so hard. The doctor wants to know what happened today, did something good happen today?

MG tells him that he remembered someone in his mind, happily.

The doctor thinks that MG can return AJ3 now, but MG wants to keep her around. The doctor is trying to speak sense to MG though, no woman will want to marry a man with a woman looking robot around. He tells him to think about it. He says the happiness is not true, it is very important to have a real partner for your life and to share all of your feelings with the real person that you love. Someone you can touch. The doctor hopes he can realize how good it feels to touch a real person. The robot helped him, but now he should feel a real person.

MG gets off the elevator and JA gets on the elevator, they don’t see each other *typical* and they go their separate ways. JA is at the hospital to talk about the allergy and BG gives her a call. He is at a flower shop and just got a large bouquet of roses. He tells her that he has something to tell her later.

MG is in the car thinking about what the doctor said. He calls someone and says, “Help me, hyung.”

The doctor is surprised that JA is there and wants to know if something is wrong. She says no, and asks him if someone can be cured of this human allergy disease? The doctor gives her the video of the other man with the disease and explains that he was cured by the love of his nurse. While watching the video JA wonders how long MG was so scared of people, she has flashbacks of MG telling her that he spent 15 years building his card tower. She is getting teary and still talking to the doctor.

JA says that she thinks the nurse must be so happy because she cured the person she loved. She wonders if the cure is possible even if it is not a human…like if it is a doll or dog or robot? Would that be okay? The doctor asks her if she knows BG?

MG is at an expensive restaurant and BG shows up with his flowers. They are so happy to see each other and MG extends his hands for a handshake. They shake hands and joke about the flowers. BG says it isn’t for MG. Then they start talking like two buddies. MG tells BG to shut up and drink and they toast for congratulations for his cure.

The doctors are so happy to see JA, but then they get apprehensive when they see the doctor come in behind her. They ask who the doctor is, but the doctor just goes over to AJ3 and looks back and forth between AJ3 and JA, he thinks this is really bad! They almost killed a human! Where is BG!

BG is still with MG and they are talking now. MG tells BG that he started to come to love AJ3. He is almost crying and says that he loves AJ3.


MG is a little drunk, but not stupid drunk and he tells BG that he doesn’t want to admit it, but he loves AJ3. Was this supposed to be the result of AJ3’s deep learning plan? BG says no, they didn’t plan this. MG wants to know why he is like this now.

MG – One day I started to wait for aj3 to come visit me and at night I wished the morning came. I was really happy to have someone remember me and talk to me, I was really happy about it.

JA – Because you were so lonely for a long time. She was your first friend and you developed an attachment to her

MG – I thought that was true, but when I am with aj3 it feels like I am alive

JA – Get real MG, she is a robot.

MG – That’s the thing, aj3, I think she also loves me.

jA – Nonsense, that doesn’t make any sense, she just says everything that we input.

MG – That is what I am talking about! But it drives me crazy because I feel that way! Everything in my head tells me it isn’t true, but everything in my heart tells me it is true! It feels really bad. What should I do, what do I do to solve this situation? You should know hyung…*crying*

Cut to the mansion and BG is giving MG a piggyback ride. The butler is so concerned for MG and BG tells the butler to please take care of MG tonight. He leaves.

Cut to BG being confronted by everyone at the lab. Noone knew that MG had a human allergy except for BG and they are upset at him about that. JA is the most upset and is yelling at BG.

JA – Why did you make this decision! Okay, he is cured, I am happy about that, but if he knew I wasn’t a robot, he could have died because of me! You didn’t think that much right! I can’t say anything or tell him to trust me! How could you do this to me!

She grabs her things and leaves. But Pi pulls her back and tries to tell JA that BG wanted MG to get cured and she wanted everything to be okay. But JA tells Pi that eunnie should have told her that a long time ago.

They are waiting outside and see JA leaving. They think she is pretty and then they think she is aj3? AJ3! They start to follow her quietly in their car. They follow her all the way to her house and JA starts to unload her Vespa and go inside. They watch her rolling her luggage inside and they wonder what is going on. The robot just left home? To go here? Who’s house is this?

Inside the apartment, the sister-in-law sees JA and gives her a big hug. AJ3 just cries into her arms.

The brother comes home and the investigators see him and take some photos. These two…

The investigators start talking, they are trying to put two and two together and figure out how the secretary is involved in all of this.

Cut to the inside of the house, the sister-in-law tells the brother that JA came back. The brother goes into JA’s room and tucks her in. He tells her that it is really hard to leave home so to just take a long break. JA tells him that she should have listened to what her brother told her. Then she wouldn’t be in this position now.

But the brother said that she looked good, she is young, she should keep doing what she is doing. But JA is sad and says that her life is messed up. Her brother tells her, “J-ah, fighting.” And gets up and leaves.

The doctor and BG are meeting. The doctor is a lot calmer now and wants to start over. He needs to know what to do to move forward. Should they tell MG that aj3 isn’t a robot? BG goes to aj3 and talks to her.

BG – What kind of relationship do you have with aj3?
Aj3 – We are in a relationship where we can like each other but we shouldn’t love each other (she thinks back to all the memories, input, from JA’s eyes).

JA gets a phone call and picks it up. It is BG.

BG – At home?
JA – Yes
BG – Did you eat?
JA – I can’t, I almost killed a person that day
BG – I shouldn’t have looked for you
JA – We can’t blame anyone
BG – I was seduced by money, I should have told you the truth (flashback of him lying to her, he told her that he would send robot and human, robot and human, to see if the human would recognize it).

They keep talking and BG keeps apologizing. He says that he didn’t realize that this process would hurt MG. JA says that they should be honest with him before it gets too late. They agree to tell him the truth together.

MG wakes up and the first thing he thinks about is aj3. He calls aj3. The robot aj3 hears him and says, “Yes master, what do you want?”

AJ3 gets up and walks to him!!!!! OMG!!!! She walks straight to his room and says that she made a list of dresses for Riel. MG tells her that it is so hard for him to see her. Aj3 wants to know if she did something wrong. MG said he realized that he can’t do something with her. He tells her that he knows he can do everything and he wants to do a lot of things with her and he won’t see her getting old. He can’t cook for her or hug her, she is just the same, always, but he will change. His heart became bigger, but he is not confident to endure everything.

aj3 – You told me we will be together forever
MG – I’m sorry
aj3 – But it seems like you are the one getting punished, you look sad and hurt
MG – Your master looks messed up
aj3 – However you look, you are my master

MG starts to cry into his hands.

BG picks up JA from her place and they leave together. The investigators are there fumbling around and taking pictures. They are about to reveal the secret to the company person (that aj3 is a fake robot), but the company person doesn’t want to hear it. They are fired because the didn’t abduct aj3, lol!

The doctor is incensed about something. The nurse from the other guy (with the human allergy) left him and the allergy guy had a huge shock and died! OMG!

The doctor calls JA and tells her that she can’t tell MG the truth! Ever!

BG is already meeting with MG inside. He says that they should reset aj3. MG is looking out the window, he is pretty sad and he doesn’t say anything.

Back at the lab, they are making JA look different with a different wig. She is sad, but she tries to suck it up.

She meets with MG and MG puts on a brave face. He tells her that she was his friend for the last month. She was his friend and his precious and his cure and she was his door to the outside world. The time he spent with her was all a miracle, thank you. And…sorry.

JA – I didn’t cure you, the remainder of the thing inside of you that wished for someone, cured you. You should have been cured without me sometime. So whatever you do, be happy and enjoy your life. I will give you big praise also. You made me realize that I am a valuable thing and you became my friend and treated me preciously and made me walk on flowers. Everything you did to me, I will always remember your heart. Thank you and I’m sorry.

MG – aj3, operation mode.

JA – What can I help you with master?

MG – From now, I will reset you.

JA – When you reset me, all my memories will be erased and I won’t be able to remember. Do you want to continue?

He tells her yes and she tells him to press the button on the back of her neck.

MG – I have one thing to give you.

JA – That will be erased also.

He takes off his Moms necklace and gives it to her (!!!!). And he gives her a big hug and tells her “I love you.” He is crying as he is hugging her.

JA – The time I spent with you master was all happiness for me.

MG is straight up balling into JA and JA is trying not to cry, but a tear escapes.

Fade Out.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. I LOVED THIS EPISODE. I was so off in my predicitions! I mean I was way off. Why did you do this to me show! This episode was so good and so touching. They were able to pull so many feels from me. Why did you do this to me show? Whyyyyy….

Preview translation courtesy of stroppyse on Soompi

AJ3: A little boy had a toy rabbit that he cherished. It’s a story of how that toy rabbit wanted to become a real rabbit.
MG: So? Does it become a real rabbit?
AJ3: Yes. But the boy parts from the rabbit. Even when they meet again, he doesn’t recognize it.
MG: This is fascinating. You look exactly like the rabbit I lost.

edit: I think the first part of the conversation may be from when JA was still impersonating AJ3, and told MG about the Velveteen Rabbit. The last line seems to be from when they meet on the train, and MG still remembers the story.

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