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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 15 & 16

Live Recap Korean Drama
Here is the live recap for I am Not a Robot Episodes 15 & 16! I really feel for Min Gyu in this situation. To think that someone has feelings for you when they really don’t ~ ah, that is just so hard to take! I wonder if they will reveal that JA is not AJ3 now and if it will be a happy reveal or a sad one? I hope it’s a happy one…

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom, so check back in!

Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Jo Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | AhJi3 – AJ/AJ3

/3/Robot | Ye Riel – RE/R | Scientists – S

How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Airing Time: Dec. 28th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: Complete! Thanks for recapping with us!


We open at the end of the last episode. MG is planning the game where you fold your fingers. He folded his last finger (wishing the robot were a human) and passes out on the table. JA lays her head on the table as well and is looking at him. She says, “I am not a robot.”

They pick up the ice cream and talk about how Sunni really F them. They laugh about it. BG says that Sunni is JA’s best friend and hates him. They keep walking down the street and have a fun time talking. BG said JA made a huge mistake before (maybe the cause of his reputation breakdown?).

The other scientists and sunny are chilling on a park bench. One of them is sleeping and the others, they look so cute actually.

AJ3 is up and running! But she has a sensor problem with picking up things. There is something wrong with her hand. They think they can fix it though and in 3 days they will switch aj3 and JA. BG will tell MG everything at that time. But for now, JA needs to be a robot until then.

MG is sitting quietly at his dinner table. Something is beeping but he doesn’t pick it up. He finally picks up the phone. It looks like it is his doctor. The doctor wants to look at aj3 but MG tells him to come next time. The doctor wants to know if the robot has a problem but MG says that MG has a problem. The doctor tells him okay and to send a blood sample, but he is left confused as to how MG could not be as excited as he was 2 days ago when talking about the robot.

AJ shows up at the mansion. She is looking for MG but she doesn’t see him in this huge mansion. He is by the door-window and he tells her to change her clothes because it is cold outside and he doesn’t want her battery to get cold. She changes and they leave to go somewhere, but MG doesn’t talk to her the entire time.

They go to a fancy mall and MG has JA try on some clothes and he buys her a purse. But this scene is solemn, the music is soft and MG isn’t happy. JA tries to smile to lighten the mood, but MG just says let’s go. They go to a restaurant and JA sits in the corner while MG sits off somewhere else at another table. Ah, MG is meeting with Riel and her father.

JA – He should have told me so I could be prepared.

MG is sitting at the table and trying to eat, but he can’t eat. He is hesitant eating someone else’s food, maybe? He turns his head, it looks like he is having a hard time eating it. But he shakes it off and asks Riel and her father if they like the food. They say it is great. The conversation continues and they talk about the engagement.

Cut to MG running into the bathroom and throwing up the food. He clenches his fists and eyes and breathes hard, but then he goes back out as if nothing is wrong.

The father wants to know why Riel and MG said it is because she sent him so many letters. Riel is all like, um, I didn’t do tha—, but Appa shuts her up by grabbing her hand and says that Riel is very nice like that. MG looks at JA as this is going on, he looks stern.

Riel and her dad drive off and Riel wants to know if he sent the cards in her name? He says a card from him is like a card from her.

MG and JA leave. They are driving in the car and talking about all these things. They get into an argument about JA wishing she were a human and all those things that happened yesterday. MG says he isn’t going to marry her because she is a robot. JA starts to yell at her and he tells her to get out of friend mode, but she keeps yelling. He pulls over and yells at her that she is a robot without feelings, why should he care about her? JA is trying to hold back her tears. He tells her that all she has to do is find clothes for Riel for their wedding.

MG goes inside his house and throws his clothes and JA goes inside the Lab. BG wonders what is going on. JA thinks back to what MG said about remembering what happened and wishing JA was human, but he says it doesn’t matter because she is a robot.

MG opens up the mail that Riel sent and looks at the handwriting. The handwriting is all different on each of the postcards. MG wonders why he didn’t realize it. This is kind of showing how he is not smart when he believes something. He kind of laughs to himself at that, but he is also sad.
JA drives somewhere and sees a robot mannequin telling customers, thank you for coming. That makes her pretty sad.

There is a montage of JA and MG living separate lives and thinking about each other.

It looks like BG is back home maybe? I think so. BG and MG are talking amid all the snow. They are talking about aj3, BG doesn’t want him to mistreat JA but MG says she is just a robot. They argue about that and MG tells him to just erase all the emotions from the last day if he wants to. MG drives off and BG glares at him. He thinks MG is acting like a teenager.

He goes to the lab and Pi wants to have a talk with him. Pi analyzes JA’s data. JA started working there for the money, but she is not getting paid…why did she start working here? They analyzed what is in her luggage. Why does she want them to prepare food for her and let her stay there and all those things? Is it because of BG? BG is the constant. They talk about how JA came up with the heart machine and how BG fixed it. (this part is so long and fast). Her conclusion is that the heart is BG’s broken part and he fixed it. (something like that)

JA is at her brother’s place helping out her sister-in-law and niece. They make joomokbap (rice balls) for the niece. They go to the hospital for the niece, it looks like the niece has a lot of allergens with fruit and eggs and so many things. They are meeting with MG’s doctor! JA asks the doctor a question

JA – It doesn’t make any sense, but it is a funny imagination, do you know any allergy of someone who can not touch people?

Doctor – There are a few people in the world but we don’t know if it is in the mind or real. Do you know anyone?

She says she doesn’t and he says that perhaps trust cures it. JA rides to her friends coffee shop with her niece and then goes out shopping. Right when she leaves, MG shows up. The niece is with the friend at the coffee shop, but the friend has to go to the back for a moment. MG walks in looking like a criminal with a face mask on and in all black.

The little girl sees him and tells him that she has so many allergies, what types of allergies does he have? He says his are much stronger than hers. They keep talking and it is so cute. She shows him her jumokbap and says her aunt made it. She tells about the history of making the jumokbap and how [her aunt] had to make it by herself. The friend comes back out and brings MG a coffee.

There is a funny moment about how the friend calls MG an asshole, but she plays it like she isn’t call ing him an asshole. He says that he was cheated from his first kiss and she already knows. The friend starts to tell him that his friend was looking at him all the time so that means that her mind is toward him. He wants to know how he can prove it and she says the emotions are the proof. The little girl tosses him the joomokbap. Mg leaves.

He walks back to his car and gets in. He leaves and of course, JA comes back right at that moment.

Ja goes back inside the coffee shop and the niece talks about how a poor ajushi came. The friend says that she lost her chance of a confession.

Cut to MG in the car thinking about JA.

Riel is in deep thought. She is thinking about Yoochul. Yoochul also proposed to her! But she says she is marrying MG. But it looks like she really likes Yoochul. She tells him that they should just be friends.

Poor guy looks stressed as ever in the company. He gets a phone call from someone. It looks like an informant who will tell MG everything if he puts one of the bad fathers in jail. The secretary goes into a meeting with one of the bad dads. The dad wants the secretary to tell him everything about everything. He says they will kick MG out of the company after it is reconfigured. The secretary leaves and the bad guys wonder if the secretary is on their side or not, but they also say that it doesn’t really matter. They keep talking, it looks like someone recorded their conversation and they need to find that person before MG does.

JA and her friend are shopping for a disguise for the competition. They are trying to disguise JA so MG won’t recognize her. Fighting!

They are as silly as ever and talk about how the robot is really a robot because he pocked her with his stick and it broke. These two are talking to a third person who gives them one more chance. He wants them to abduct aj3 within 3 days.

BG and JA are at a restaurant eating an expensive looking meal. JA is apprehensive toward what BG wants her to do. BG tells her that she is in the finals of the young entrepreneur’s program but he doesn’t want her to go. She tells him that she can disguise herself. He tells her that she had the same item 4 years ago. But she says that this time she is confident because someone told her that it was good. This turns into a little argument about the day they broke up when she went to the school.

Flashback to the competition. JA is presenting in a classroom, but she is not so great. The judges are asking her about it, but she fails. She calls BG, but he is too busy talking about his robot. Another guy put her paper under his cup ramen. She leaves a message that she is going there because she wants to see him. She goes there to the lab and starts to clean up all their food. Then she sees her idea paper under one of the ramens. BG shows up and someone tells him that JA is there. He tells this person that JA is his girlfriend. He wants them to be respectful to her. He goes inside and wonders why she is there. He is upset that she is cleaning. She leaves sad.

They are at a cafe and he tells her about his idea. It is something that is hard to understand, but she acts very happy for him and they high-five. He eats a sandwich and he says that he is going to MIT. They talk about possibly going to America together. It looks like he wants her to quit what she is doing and just follow him around. She tells him that they should break up and not see each other around. It looks like he doesn’t respect her but wants other people to respect her. Now he is realizing what happened.

MG is at the mansion talking to the secretary at his table inside. The secretary is telling him everything about what is going on. MG tells him that he will give him his ID and password so the secretary can investigate everything int he company. It looks like the secretary is 100% on MG’s side now! He even apologizes. They have a cute moment about MG giving him a 100% bonus —— he asks for 300% ———they finally settle on 200%.

They are going to the cafe again and talking about how they love the love doctor. They have a little cute fight about it. Then they go inside and just stare at her because they are super infatuated with her. She casually asks them if they like her coffee that much. She tells them that coffee and dating are similar. You try a lot until you find your favorite taste. They say it is difficult to find your favorite taste.

BG comes in and asks for help. He knows that he made a lot of mistakes in the past.

Cut to the shack and the scientists are all giving her a big party/pep talk with cute signs and t-shirts that they made for her. They tell her it is important to have fun and they practice the competition with her. She explains her lamp and the scientists look stern. They ask her if she knows what quantum physics is and they explain it. Everything is connected to each other. They say maybe she is really a genius because she emotionally knew about quantum entanglement. Maybe she could be a part of their team? They keep practicing.

MG is sitting at his desk and looking at his heart books that JA made for him. He shakes it off and starts typing. But then he stops. It looks like he is interested in reading about all the applicants.

JA is at home looking at all the news on the internet the son survived because of the mom. JA wrote a letter that if you have one person then you will survive. She is looking for that one person that will be the one meaningful person. She wishes that they will become the only star, maybe you are already that one for someone. MG is looking at/eating the jumokbap while JA is writing this letter.

We see a montage of all the people in the drama and their one person who is their star in their life.

Cut to MG sleeping and his alarm going off. No, it is his phone going off and it is his doctor. The doctor wants to tell him that his numbers are so good, but MG doesn’t pick up. He is awake though.

JA wrote the letter for the competition which got it funded and all the other entrepreneurs are thankful that she wrote the letter. JA looks crazy in her disguise and tells everyone fighting!

Yoochul is one of the judges of the competition now.

The competition is in a large auditorium and they are getting ready to start. Someone is thanking everyone for showing up and introduces the CEO. The winner will receive $100,000.

Mingu shows up!

Fade out

Someone almost dies! They say they almost killed him. They say that they shouldn’t tell him something/reveal something and JA shouldn’t see MG anymore. The doctor is against them seeing each other.

No reveal!!! Ah!!!!! They are really dragging this robot thing out as long as they can. I feel like they have to have a monumentous (my portmanteau of monumental+momentous) reveal at the competition (though I really don’t like it when they do big reveals like that) and this causes MG to have an extreme reaction or something like that. I feel like MG is the person that almost dies and when he finds out that JA was pretending that she was AJ3 all along, it will be too much for him to take. It is like the ultimate betrayal to have so much trust and love in someone only for them to reveal that they have been taking advantage of you the entire time. Maybe this leads to a super allergy reaction that send him to the hospital and almost to the grave.

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