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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 13 & 14

Here is the live recap for I am Not a Robot Episodes 13&14!

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom, so check back in!

Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Jo Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | AhJi3 – AJ/AJ3

/3/Robot | Ye Riel – RE/R | Scientists – S

How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Airing Time: Dec. 27th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: AIRING!


We are back at the kiss! he is looking deep into her eyes as they stand in the rain and she says that this is the time for them to kiss.

VO – Human temperatures are 36.5C. I am confessing here that I miss 36.5C human temperature. Someone says that your first kiss tastes like apples, or it is like snow on a tree branch. I imagined this so many times. 36.5 degrees. But the first kiss in my life….is a robot!

He looks at her puckering up and he hops back. He is freaking out about kissing a robot and he starts stuttering and all those things. He is super confused about what is going on. Now BG walks back up and wonders where MG’s first love went.

Cut to MG driving home by himself and going inside. He still has the umbrella that changes colors with him and he thinks back to the kiss. But he drops the umbrella and tries to shake the feeling off.

JA thanks BG for the lift home and tells him that she will see him tomorrow. She hops out of the car and he drives off, but she doesn’t go inside yet. Instead, she stays outside dreaming about the kiss and MG. She is super smiling as she thinks about this kiss. She goes to a little kids park and sits on the bench and thinks about it while being glittery and happy. All the lights turn to heart lights.

MG is also at home and all the lights are heart lights. He is still freaking out about the kiss and yelling at the umbrella about how his first kiss was stolen by AJ3. He tries to figure it out and he thinks back to his lesson about the sexual tension and kissing at that moment. Ah, so that is why she kissed, it was deep learning? But he doesn’t think it makes sense, this is not an AI movie.

He runs over to his TV and asks it to show him all the robot movies. It shows him Edward Scissor Hands and he pauses it right at the kiss moment. he thinks that AJ3 did it just like that. That is right! Just like that! So maybe he did too good of a job on deep learning and she has emotions now. That’s it!

Meanwhile, JA is thinking about how stupid MG is and that she has to be careful to not get caught as a human.

MG goes to the shack and sneaks into the laboratory shack. He sees AJ3 charging! But he thinks AJ3 looks so different, almost like a stranger. Pi shows up and asks him why he is there. She tells him that he has to leave. But MG has questions y’all! he asks Pi about deep learning and all those things. Pi tells him that their goal is for her to learn on her own and they will take her back once that happens. MG says that’s great and leaves.

He goes back to his mansion and thinks that deep learning is the reason JA is so friendly with him. She doesn’t really know things. Meanwhile, JA is still at the kid park high on love. She thinks that she will tell MG everything in a little bit.

At the mansion, MG is talking to his doctor about the robot really liking him. The doctor said it is the first time in a long time for someone to like him. Like the first time in 15 years. He thinks it is great that MG feels accepted by someone.

The doctor goes to someones home in America and talks to someone in their home. The man has the same symptoms as MG and he is happy that someone else in the world has the same symptoms as him. His wife/girlfriend is with him and it looks like love saved him as well?

MG and JA
Back at the mansion, MG is still thinking about AJ3 and JA is still thinking about MG. JA is still very dopey and lovey at the park. But then MG calls her! She doesn’t know what to do. Finally, she answers and they talk about money, but then MG brings up the kiss he had with AJ3 and wonders about kisses. JA tells him that after one second it is a kiss and she asks him if the kiss he had was good or not? he said that it was a very strange moment and if she kisses like that without any thinking…but it looks like JA hung up maybe? But JA is on the other end and her legs give out, lol. She falls. MG texts her that someone will like her someday, fighting! And he sent her the money she needs 300,000 won.

MG curls up in bed and thinks that this must be the feeling of love.

They are both talking about JA and AJ3 and Pi is wondering if he wants a second chance with JA. He has to know why she broke up with him.

JA is back at the laboratory, she is very tired and goes to sit on one of the bunk beds. But BG goes up to her and says that robots don’t have red eyes, open your eyes to me. She opens her eyes and he gives her some eye drops to remove the red.

The scientists wonder when they will finally fix AJ3. She says she will do it this weekend and Pi leaves. The other two start asking if he had his first kiss yet or not? JA starts coughing.

Cut to MG and JA at the mansion. they are standing far apart. MG tells her that it is his fault. She can be his best friend, but not his lover. She shouldn’t do something like she did yesterday ever again. But JA is playing stupid and is wondering what happened yesterday. Did something happen? he tells her that she must be in operation mode and tells her to turn to friend mode. But she resists and makes up all these excuses about not going to friend mode.

MG and JA get into a little argument about her not going into friend mode and if she remembers or not and she keeps pretending like she doesn’t. “Did something happen yesterday master?”

The love coach shows up.

MG sits the love coach down and says he prepared so much for his first kiss but it was stolen from him by someone. She wants to know who stole it, but it looks like he doesn’t want to tell her. The love coach tells him that he needs to go on his next date somewhere where they can drive in a car and they can easily do skinship. MG imagines it, he can drive to a park, but AJ3 ruins it in the back seat.

Then she mentions a movie theater? MG thinks about a movie theater, there is a kiss scene in the movie, they look at each other and lean in to kiss, but then AJ3 throws some popcorn at them.

MG yells at AJ3 that she shouldn’t ruin things! She says that he can go by himself but he says that she has to come with him. The friend thinks this is some strange relationship. When MG leaves the friend starts wondering what happened.

Pi and BG are talking. Pi says that she understands everything about BG and she always knows what he wants to say even though others don’t. BG thinks back to when he broke up with her and all the moments that he yelled at JA and made her sad.

MG is trying so hard to get JA to remember the kiss. He pulls out the umbrella and opens it and asks her if she remembers? She doesn’t. He turns it clear, now? No. But she asks if it is a memory that she has to remember? It must be erased, why is he doing it? he thinks that he is the only one with this memory. it is great for her to erase it, but not for him, he isn’t a robot. Time can erase memory though, but he says that time can’t erase it. Whenever he sees this umbrella he will think of her. They get into a mini argument about that and he walks ahead of her. There is snow all around.

The friend is at her cafe with one of the guy scientists. She is looking at a red/orange flower. The scientist is talking about some scientific thing and the friend wants to offer him a free drink, but he says no, but maybe it was an accident? Then the other friend comes in and asks for an Americano and the first scientists asks for a latte.

She brings them both a drink and they ask her about the dates. She tells him that whoever gets angry first will lose.

MG has AJ3 carry a lot of boxes and clean his house while he just chills. She gets upset and tells him that she is precious, he shouldn’t abuse her! But he tells her that she is useless because she doesn’t remember, so she can keep cleaning and organizing. She goes back to doing it and after a while, she tells him that her battery will go out soon. he tells her that her battery is great recently and that there is too much dust, keep cleaning.

She keeps cleaning and sees the letter. he hasn’t even reopened the competition yet…cold-blooded guy. She keeps cleaning.

BG walks up to the mansion and sees that JA is cleaning the windows. His poor heart can’t take it so he runs inside and says MG shouldn’t use the robot for cleaning! MG thinks BG is crazy, especially when BG says that he will clean in her place, lol. So BG starts cleaning. MG thinks Bg is super strange today and BG says it is because he made that umbrella.

JA thinks that it is not true, she made it! But she can’t say that. MG doesn’t think BG could possibly make something like that. he walks off and then we cut to MG shows in the new blueprint of the Santa Maria lab.

BG tells him that they need much more, like individual care and a swimming pool and restaurants! JA asks what about her and they both tell her that she is a robot!

Cut to the lab shack. JA is drinking some Korean V8 juice and thinking that she will forget everything about MG.

They are both working on AJ3 and then Pi slips and BG catches her. AJ3 tells them that this is the moment that they should kiss. But the scientists just break apart.

Cut to them eating their lunch. BG thinks back on a memory that he never let JA pick out her own food because he always thought he knew what she wanted.

MG is thinking about going into the shack, but he isn’t sure if he should or not. He decides that he will go inside. he goes inside the shack and everyone is sleeping. It is nighttime. But he sees AJ3 sitting there so he walks up to her and talks to her.

MG – Are you only AJ3 here?
AJ3 – I am the only one
MG – You are my AJ3, I can’t believe it.
AJ3 – If someone doesn’t trust anyone, then they won’t gain anyone’s trust
MG – AJ3, what is training?
AJ3 – Having a relationship, it is important what to input.

MG looks apprehensive and he goes back to his house. he remembers Pi telling him that AJ3 doesn’t have real emotion. he thinks about that for a long time and then tries to sleep, but he can’t sleep. he imagines AJ3 is sleeping next to him.

MG – You look so vivid. You are fake.

He reaches out his hand to touch her, but she disappears. he lets his hand linger there and tries to sleep once more.

JA goes to work and thinks that she will just be MG’s most precious friend. She goes inside and MG just stares at her. he is emotionless. he tells her that he is hungry and doesn’t try to talk to her at all. It is very quiet. he goes and eats some pasta for breakfast and he asks her if she wants any. But he says that he is joking. She asks if he is down today and he wonders how she knows.

They watch TV and they start laughing. MG says it is funny. JA is laughing also and MG wants to know if she is laughing because it is really funny or if it is because she has to laugh at this moment. JA wonders if he is still angry from yesterday? he tells her that he will wash some clothes. It is still very quiet.

He cleans his clothes in the bath and steps on them. JA asks if she should do it? he tells her that she would be okay if she did this a million times. But he keeps doing it himself. JA walks up to him and maybe wipes some soap from his face? But when she does that, he grabs her hand and wants to know if she really doesn’t remember? he really hates her. He really feels sucky looking at her. She shouldn’t humiliate him, he is not her friend anymore, no more friend mode. If you do it even when I don’t ask you then I will reset you. Leave.

She says that she still has battery power. But he tells her that he wants to be alone. She reluctantly leaves.

MG lays on his desk table and thinks back to all their happy fun moments and touching moments and life-saving moments. he thinks that everything was fake and had no meaning. His phone clicks, it is Madam X.

The two older men are talking about Mg and saying that maybe they will fire him. One of them wants to fire him and the other one doesn’t. They say that they made a deal. The other one says that they have a chance when you have a chance you should grab it. But the other man says that he doesn’t care who takes over the inheritance and he leaves.

JA’s brother asks for someone to give him a call if MG shows up.

She is reading a story to her daughter about being real. It looks like it is the Velveteen Rabbit story about being real and how do you become real? She says when you are loved a lot then you become real.

They talk about the behind the scenes story of regaining the doctor’s name. Everyone is looking at the news and they are happy that Kim Mingu is using all his resources to help them.

They have a party to celebrate BG regaining his name. MG is at the party as well and so is JA. JA really wants to drink and toast, but she can’t. She is also still pretty sad about MG looking so depressed. The party continues.

The friend is there as well and initiates a game for someone to buy ice cream. it looks like Pi and BG became a couple with this game and they go to buy ice cream. The friend says that the moon is so shiny, should they go for a walk? She drags the two friend scientists out for a walk. So now it is just MG and JA at the table.

JA goes to stand next to MG and tells him that he is drunk. It is better to go back. But he doesn’t want to. She leaves and he grabs her hand.

JA – Let go of my hand.
MG – It’s because you are leaving. I can live without you.
JA – Then you shouldn’t say that between friends. Stand up.

But he pulls her down.

MG – Let’s play a game, the one you learned. Someone who was kissed by a robot, fold. Because of that, it was so embarrassing, fold. So, someone became so angry, fold. So, then this person hated the robot, fold. Someone who wishes the robot is a human, fold. All his fingers are down now and he passes out on the table.

JA looks at him and lays on the table herself, her face is toward his.

JA – I am not a robot.

Fade Out.

Everything is still going wrong. MG is still mean to JA and BG keeps telling him not to mistreat AJ3.

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