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I am Not a Robot Live Recap: Episodes 11 & 12

Here is the live recap for I am Not a Robot Episodes 11&12. Let’s see how delicious this warrior meal is about to be!

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom! So check back in!

Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Jo Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG/Scientist | AhJi3 – AJ/AJ3

/3/Robot | Ye Riel – RE/R | Scientists – S

How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Airing Time: Dec. 21st, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: Finished airing, videos at the bottom!


The scientists are walking the grounds. Pi said she will spend the night and leave tomorrow because it will take her a long time to do something. They show up at the mansion and tell MG that they are taking AJ3 back. MG stutters and says they can eat dinner with him, but they say that they already ate dinner. But he keeps going and tells them that it is Korean beef steak and other goodies. The make scientists relent and go to eat with them.

Cut to them sitting around MG’s little table. MG calls them all researcher #2, #1, and #3. They are all confused and offended that MG doesn’t know their names. But MG says he doesn’t have to learn their names. They tell him they don’t like the food (but they love it) and JA gets MG’s attention to talk to her somewhere else. She tells him to try harder at speaking and having a good conversation. he says he will try harder and they go back to the table.

Back at the table, it is so awkward. MG is trying to talk to them and ask them about their parents and everything. But he is so stiff. Then they ask him about his parents and he very stiffly says that they are in a coffin together. The car went under a bus. He is the only one to survive. But he says this with a weird smile and very stiffly so it is played for comic effect. Even so, the scientists look touched by knowing that information.

Meanwhile, the investigators are still looking into the robot and steal someone’s business card.

Back at the dinner, MG thinks the scientists love his cooking so he thinks he can ask them to stay. But the scientists aren’t falling for it. They say they feel bad because he made so much food for nothing. They get up to leave and JA tells them that they should wash the dishes because they ate all the food. So they do. But it looks like Pi is the one who is washing everything?

Everyone has left somewhere and only Pi is there washing the dishes. JA confronts her and asks if they can just stay there, Pi listens but doesn’t talk to her. JA tells her that MG is a good person who lost his parents young and doesn’t know how to interact with people. But Pi just tells her that BG is meeting with investors now. JA tells Pi that she hopes today’s memory wasn’t too bad. But Pi just tells her that not seeing MG ever again means that it is a good ending. Damn, she’s tough.

MG calls JA to his room on his phone.

MG – I am about to puke. What should I do to open their heart? It is so difficult *he rests his head on her shoulder* very difficult

JA holds his hand and pats his back with her other.

JA – You tried your best.

Pi sees one of the robots, Ipooni, rolling around and all the scientists start to fix it. Meanwhile, MH stands and tells JA that it is time to go. He goes outside his room and sees the scientists working on Ipooni and freaks the f out. They tell him that they can fix Ipooni so he relents and then he sees that they made Ipooni better. MG is so happy, he hugs Ipooni like a real person and kisses the machine. Now the scientists realize that he is not a pervert, he actually likes his machines a lot and kisses them all. So now they are changing their tunes and they say that they are hungry again.

Cut to them all drunk with beer cans strewn everywhere and chicken legs. Basically a maekju and chicken party. they are all drunk and MG wants to know why they didn’t take the money. They said it is because of BG, he didn’t want to stay. They all have drunk talk. “flying away…flying away” and MG falls asleep on JA’s shoulder. JA is the only one who didn’t eat or drink anything all night. She holds MG as he sleeps.

VO – I am sorry, someone leaked the story of what happened in America, I will try my best, but it will be difficult.

Then someone calls BG for an investment opportunity.

MG wakes up by himself. He calls for AJ3 verbally but doesn’t see anyone around. Cut to all the doctors walking back to their shack-laboratory. They need to get their story straight because BG is back and is wondering where they are. They say to tell him that they met JA to get her and that they didn’t sleep there. So they go inside and BG tells them that they have a new investor. they get to work, but Pi says that AJ3 isn’t perfect yet. But they say she can sit in a wheelchair.

They want to steal the car with AJ3 in it so they think they can lure the scientists away somehow. then their phone shocks them, lol. They are so inept.

MG is investigating what happened to the doctor, BG. It looks like his colleague said something that BG didn’t do, but BG just accepted the accusation. The deal was that BG could keep all his people with him. So now MG knows that BG isn’t a bad scientist after all.

JA is getting ready to leave and the scientists are testing AJ3. Then MG knocks on the door. BG goes outside to meet him and tells him that they have a new investor. What does he want? MH says that he figured out why he has a bad reputation. He has some connection and made them recover BGs name. But this makes BG upset instead of happy. MG just thinks that he doesn’t speak well just like AJ3 said. MG grabs BGs hand. He has a big reaction to his hand. Now BG knows what MGs reaction is and MG asks BG to help him, hyung.

Cut to the mansion. BG talks to MGs doctor and the doctor tells him that the robot MG made saved a human life. BG leaves the mansion. Meanwhile, the other scientists’ men say that they don’t want to leave the mansion.

Pi tells BG and JA that it is time to leave because the investors are waiting. They leave. Everyone is somber in the van as they drive away.

Mini flashback. MG tells BG that the Korean government doesn’t approve of his disease so he has to take all these drugs whenever they come out. he knows they call him 3 stage stick, but it saves his life so he lives the rest of his life like that. he is very happy that BG made AJ3 because it makes his life easy to live.

BG decides to turn the car around. he tells his people that they don’t have to leave, they will stay there. He pulls Pi aside. But the other scientists are happy. Pi opposes this idea. It doesn’t make sense because it is the last chance that BG can get his reputation back. BG disagrees. He thinks they can easily replace JA with AJ3 when they fix her.

Their plan is canceled or failed or something. Does he want them to do plan B? They call the dumb investigators and tell them to get AJ3 by any means necessary.

the secretary is there and the scientists and MG are signing all this paperwork. MG calls BG hyung and the younger scientists wonder when they got so close. MG says he can call them dongsang…noona…hyung. they said this is what it feels like to have a rich brother, lol. This is a happy moment between this group.

JA is hiding in the lab looking at her lamp. Bg tells her that he can fix it but she thinks that there is a catch.

MG goes to the shack and picks up AJ3/JA. He tells her that he will pick her up every day to conserve her battery. he shows her his little golf cart and gives her a ride to the mansion. In the cart, they have some cute back and forth about liking her and friend mode and all those things.

They get to the house and he tells her that he was upset this morning. She should stay close to him all the time. Wherever he goes. Then he tells her to clean that space and she says that she shouldn’t use her body to clean things because it drains her battery. But then she sees that this room is her room.

She walks into the room and he tells her that they will go to a lot of places so he bought her a lot of clothes and she can pick whatever she wants to wear. All her things are in the room including the bear and the hat from when they went out.

JA changes clothes and comes back out looking very pretty. MG tells her that she looks pretty and he wants to touch her, but he doesn’t, he said that he promised BG that he would not touch AJ3 ever. But he does tell her that he wants to kiss her.

MG – I want to kiss…

They stare at each other.

MG – …with Riel. I have to date her for 3 dates and kiss her. But I have to prepare. How do I kiss her? I don’t know how. I have to hold her mind. It will be my first kiss…

Meanwhile, BG is fixing JA’s lamp and says that she is very good at making unnecessary things.

Cut to JA telling BG that MG wants to learn how to kiss and she should help him practice. BG tells her that he will help him kiss! LOL. Comic relief.

They are scoping out the mansion and a mysterious girl come in. They don’t know who it is, but she is h.o.t and all the scientists are all over her. Ah, it turns out that it is JA’s best friend. She tells everyone that she is there to teach everyone how to kiss. She sees all the people there and hands out some coupons for the coffee shop. She then wonders where the student is.

Cut to MG at his outside chair. MG thinks this is the famous kiss person that AJ3 found and AJ3 speaks all these facts about her friend saying that she is an expert and a lot of things. MG says to start, if he doesn’t like it then he will quit.

When man and women meet you need several steps to get to know her. But you know her already so you can cut to the chase. She asks JA to get her some water and ice and MG says she can’t order her to do anything because JA is his friend. The friend is all like……ummmmmmm, okay.

But then she continues. She says man and women need sexual tension (and a bunch of other things that I didn’t catch) and then asks if he ever tried. He said no and she says that it is because he can’t get to the next step, follow her.

Cut to the scientists and we kind of get a glimpse that Pi likes BG. She hurt her wrist and BG goes to fix it.

Back to the kissing lesson. BG is walking with JA and holding hands. the friend says to not think about anything and to just walk slowly. Their hands are not actually holding, they are just right next to each other and grazing each other. But JA retracts her hand a little. The friend sees this and bumps JA to MG and it was a hard bump! JA falls into MG’s arms and they look deeply into their eyes. the friend wants to know if he still thinks that AJ3 isn’t a woman? he says as much. She tells him that the feeling he had and the mood, don’t forget it. that is sexual tension, you have to kiss at that moment. Don’t forget it.

The father and son are talking about Riel’s marriage and basically talking about her and her marriage and shares and stocks and all that.

MG is ready for his date. BG wants to go there with her (and him) to take care of AJ3 just in case her battery runs low.

Meanwhile, the two male scientists go to the best friends coffee shop. They have fallen for her (literally) and want to get to know her better. She plays along. She makes them a coffee and they sit to talk. They said that the date started already. She says it’s okay to go wherever it isn’t crowded.

But cut to the date and it looks like they went somewhere a little crowded. Riel is talking to MG and she does not look impressed with anything. But she says that he has today.

VO – Don’t go anywhere that you have gone with an ex, because you will compare them.

But they go somewhere that MG went with JA. They go to the same booths with the hats and the teddy bear. MG wants to put the hat on RIels hair, but Riel doesn’t want it because it will ruin her hair.

They go to the outdoor performance, but it looks like Riel doesn’t like it, it is too noisy, so she tells them that they should leave. Then they go to the tattoo person and the tattoo artists says that he saw him before with another girl……oops, sorry.

VO – Don’t go to a place that you know well (because you will run into people that you know)

They go to a coffee shop and sit and eat. Riel’s feet are all bruised because she walked a lot. MG buys her some but Riel isn’t impressed with the shoes. She wears them anyway and does a little twirl in them. She tells him that they are comfortable. Those unpolished ones are uncomfortable right? JA and BG look ate them and they think they are a good couple. Riel notices them too and says that they ran into each other a lot. then MG drinks Riel’s coffee and she says that is hers. He doesn’t finish drinking it and picks up his own abashedly.

The dumb investigators are there at the cafe spying on everyone. they want to steal the robot. But then one of them sees that JA ate some icecream secretly! He freaks out and tells the other. But the other investigator doesn’t believe him.

Cut to the best friend and the coffee shop. They talk about nicknames and wonder what side will be successful on their date between MG/RE or JA/BG.

Cut back to the date and MG looks at JA and BG a little more times than necessary. Thunder rings and JA goes off to get an umbrella. Perfect time for one of the dumb investigators to prove his theory and poke the robot with a sharp object. But JA is wearing her metal corset so the stick breaks. He believes that she might be a robot after all.

Riel tells MG that her verdict for this date is that it was better than the cocoa date. She leaves. MG looks disappointed and hangs his head.

JA is standing in the rain and not moving. MG uses his umbrella and puts it over her. He tells her that it is his most precious umbrella, so she should feel honored to have it over her. then he shows her that the color changed to transparent. he says that when he sees the rain through this umbrella, his stuffed mind is opening up. He thinks a genius came up with this idea. he wants to see who made this umbrella. JA looks up at him and then someone hits her and she falls. He grabs her and it is the right moment to kiss! So much sexual tension.

JA – You have to kiss at this moment

She is the one that leans in and kisses MG. She presses the button again so the umbrella changes colors.

Fade out.

It looks like MG might find out that AJ3 is fake.
Also, MG might be getting fired by a conspiracy in the company between the two fathers.



Kissing Lesson

AJ3’s Room

Evening Date

Umbrella Kiss!

Source MBC

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