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I Am Not A Robot Live Recap: Episode 3 & 4

Live Recap Korean Drama Episode 3 4
That ending was so unexpected. I mean I knew it would be a shock for Jo-ah to see Min-gyu, I just didn’t think she would react so much! I have a feeling it will be hard for our heroine to pretend to be a robot. I love it!

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Kim Min Gyu – MG | Jo Jo Ah – JA | Baek Gyoon – BG or scientist | AhJi3 – AJ or AJ3 or 3 or Robot

How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Airing Time: Dec. 7th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: EDITING


The scientists are back in their suped-up van and looking through cameras at what is about to go down. It wasn’t a stable start but they can work with it.

Inside the mansion, MG is looking at the robot and JA sees him and freaks the f out. Everyone is wondering what is going on and MG has this internal monologue of trying to figure out what is going on. Is this that guys house? He didn’t pay me. What do I do?

MG calls the scientist.
MG – he didn’t say I love you master, but what the f
Scientist – it is friend mode. we have two modes. Maybe because we had a mistake, the friend mode turned on, our scientist taught her a lot of curse words when we are learning in friend mode. Just press the power button on the back and it will reset her.

They think they are in trouble, MG is not a fool, his IQ is 159. JA thinks she should give up now, but MG presses the button and he doesn’t have an allergy by touching her skin. JA blinks and pretends like she is AJ3.

MG – She is just like a home electronics, not an AI robot. How can you prove that you are an AI robot
3 – How can you prove that you are a human?
MG – OS malfunction, I will take some points off
BG – He believes it, unbelievable. He saw her metal body so he doesn’t notice the truth. Put JA’s answer as the priority.

BLACKOUT! The scientists have no electricity now. All of JA’s contact lens functions went out!

MG comes back.

MG – I am going to check your hardware.
3 – okay master

He tells her to sit down, stand up, raise your right foot, left foot, right hand together. She messes it all up.

MG – You…..ah, are disappointing me more, minus 2 points, next

Meanwhile, the scientists are trying to fix their problem. they think they are doomed but the girl scientist thinks she will do well.

MG is testing her brain function next.

MG – solve this math problem and count all of the food and figure out the passcode for the box. it is a very difficult question and she only has 3 minutes.

JA goes up to the box and hammers it with her arm. She says the answer is egg, which was in the lockbox. It only took her 13 seconds. MG says something that she doesn’t understand and she smiles. He tells her to peel the egg without any tools and she does it easily.

It is Columbus’ egg or something like that and MG thinks she is amazing. She is happy that someone called her amazing.

MG – from now on I will speak English. Why don’t you answer me?
JA – I have an error in a foreign language
MG – Search function, what is the model number of the figure/toy
JA – (she answers everything about the figure because it is the one that she purchased for him)

Then she thinks that he didn’t pay her and her face scowls.

He thinks something is wrong. He starts to inspect her. Her breasts are bigger than yesterday. he will check her battery, which is in her chest. She freaks out and starts to curse him out and call him a psycho and all these things. So many curse words are coming out, she will kill him!

The scientist power comes on right at that moment and they are super shocked to see that.

MG is shocked as well and pulls out his phone to call the scientist.

MG – who are you going to mess with.
BG – I am sorry…
MG – you used a cheap battery, that is why it is swollen, what if it explodes!
BG – it shouldn’t, to extend the time we tried to put a better battery, so maybe that is why it is bigger. It is very hot so you shouldn’t touch her chest.
JA – he is super stupid
MG – should I reset the power button, friend mode came back on
BG – you can reset it

MG tells the robot that he doesn’t like people cursing but he likes it when a robot curses. JA thinks it is because he is so stupid. MG leaves and talks to someone from the company. It looks like someone stole some money from the company and MG wants him fired right away????

Meanwhile, the scientists are talking to JA and telling her to act right. She has to act like a robot! MG is telling the person he is talking to that he will sue the girl that took his necklace and will put her in jail and all that. JA hears this.

He asks JA what he should do with someone who took his money. 3 says she should go to jail but JA says maybe MG can be wrong. He tells her -20 points.

MG goes and takes all of his medicine, but it gets stuck in his throat. He tries to give himself the Heimlich maneuver but he is fading. JA runs to him and hits him over the back really hard and his medicine pops out. Then she rubs his back and asks if he is okay. he looks up at her.

MG – You…what did you do to me?

The robot is learning about emotions from MG’s face. It is a deep learning process. JA tells MG that she has a deep learning process on reading human emotions and she can learn more if he teaches her. he puts out his finger like ET and she holds his hands. She folds his finger back in and they have a moment. No allergic reaction.

The doctors are angry at JA for acting so ridiculously. BG tells JA that she needs to think. Think! JA remembers BG hurting her feelings in the past and she gets up and leaves. BG is upset that he used her face on the robot.

JA drives home and says she will forget everything with all the money. BG thinks JA is the same and always throws things away without thinking. Flashback to when JA said they are breaking up and then gets up to leave. he thinks she is the same.

Some English people are at the company and they are speaking English about some company stuff. Then the CEO gets a call from MG, he says he will not sell it at that price.

MG – So I just let you do everything but you are not good enough for this.

The CEO is upset, but he can’t do anything because the foreign business people are there.

JA, her sister-in-law and her niece are eating out. The niece is little Aera from Fight for my way! The sister-in-law says is this yours? And hold up the necklace. JA is super shocked to see it! She shouldn’t have it because she told MG that she doesn’t have it.

Someone sends MG a text photo of the necklace like it is about to break. JA wraps it up nicely and then calls MG and tells him that she won’t break the necklace, she just wants her money. MG tells her to just break it, he will find her and her life will be in deep trouble. She tells him that his brain isn’t a brain. Her back hurts because of him and she didn’t take the necklace, she just found it and he has no friends. He says he has no one around him and he will have a robot instead of people. She said she is better than a robot, how is a robot better than me! Just tell me your address. He thinks she is crazy. CRAZY.

JA is meeting with her friend and shows him her invention. It is a lamp that is shaped like a heart and it looks really good. She wants to apply for an inventors license or something like that.

MG is thinking of the robot saving his life. He is pretty happy about that. Then he imagines all the things the robot can do for him like scratching his back and cleaning his house and smiling at him and smiling at him and smiling at him. She says if you train me then I can do a lot more for you. He smiles and thinks that maybe he can train a robot.

End part I

The part went to Africa! They shipped it to the wrong place, so it takes on at least 5 days until they get the part. MG calls and tells them that the robot is really great so he is going to decide one month later. He wants to train it for one month so send AJ3 every day for one month to his house.

They tell him it is impossible because they are looking for somewhere to move. It is impossible after one week. AJ3 has to be charged for 12 hours. MG says he is the owner, they should send her to him. They said they will call him later.

Email. The shipping company has a problem.

Two men are talking from the company. The secretary and the older man from earlier. The older man is threatening the secretary and telling him that he has to be on his side before he dies.

The secretary gets in MG car. They talk business. MG tells him to stop everything and to look at the data next to him. It looks like the secretary is a double agent? The president of the shipment company wanted to do robots but couldn’t because the board members said no. That is why he funded the robot company. But after the president died all the funding ended and now they have all these secret behind the scenes stories. MG wants the secretary to investigate all these things. The secretary is stressed out. he is caught in the middle of these two powerful men. he says he will investigate it.

The secretary goes to the laboratory and tells them to move the company to the chairman’s house. the scientists are all like, what? The secretary says if they say no then MG will sell their company and it will be taken apart.

MG goes to his families tomb and talks to his parents. He tells his Mom that he is living well and alive. Another man comes up and says that today is his fathers memorial day. he says his son isn’t doing as well as him, he is the CEO and MG should support him as a friend. MG says he doesn’t have that much power. Ah, maybe this man is the president? But he looks like a bad guy.

MG leaves and gets in his car and hits it an all those things. He is angry.

JA and her friend are playing with her invention. then JA gets a call. Their competition stopped all of a sudden. The chairman said to stop everything. they are bummed about it. They thought everything would go so well. they said the chairman decided so they can’t do anything about it. KA said maybe she can make the chairman change his mind. Maybe she can write a bribery letter. The friend is basically like, that is crazy, you will go to jail.

Cut to them riding on JA’s bike to go to the house. They get to the house and they wonder if it is really the house. It is super huge like a hotel, they think it might not be his house.

But then the door opens. he is about to come into his own house. JA quickly hides her face. She wonders why that bad guy is there? Is MG the chairman of KAM bank? Her life is so messed up, he hits her, accused her as a robber, he messed up her life and he is the chairman of the bank. She meanders about this for a while.

The friend and JA talk about this on the phone. Her oppa comes home and it is the secretary! Ah, I thought he looked familiar. He is super stressed and wants the money back from his sister. They get into an argument about the stresses of life. he goes into her room and starts to look around. She wants him to leave but he wants to look around. he finds her invention. He wants to know if she spent all the money making that. He breaks it! She is devastated.

She picks it up. But her heart is broken. She yells at him that she never did anything strange. This is her last hope. he tells her to go away if she wants to live her own way. She says fine, she will live somewhere else.

Her sister-in-law tells her not to leave. They can work it out. But she says she shouldn’t live with her brother, one of them will die.

her inventor friend is trying to help her out and shows her all her failed inventions and that she can try to sell these. She tries to sell them on the street for only $30. Then it changes to $10. But no one wants to buy them, they think it is garbage at home so they won’t buy anything. She sees a kid with something and thinks back to when she was a kid.

Flashback to her dad who is a car mechanic. She is in his shop and telling him about her inventions. She makes a little wheel for her friend who had a broken leg. Her friend is so happy that she can get around better.

VO – As I fix cars well, our JA will be a good person to people. I trust you.

Montage of JA being sad and MG looking at a computer.

A lot of scenes go by of JA and MG in their life during this time of night. They are both lonely. MG contemplates selling the company or not. JA looks at her invention.

Finally, JA gets a text from the scientist. They wonder if she can play a robot for a few more days?

JA tells her friend that she will make MG start the competition again to help young entrepreneurs.

The scientists are packing up all their items. They think JA won’t do it, but then she shows up and says that she can work for them a little longer, for free, for a week. BG wants to know the reason. She says the reason is that they paid her too much, so it didn’t make her comfortable. She has one condition, they have to keep her there with food and boarding. BG tells her that they are moving…

While moving another van follows them. It parks at the company and two dangerous looking people get out. But then they take off their glasses and they don’t look so dangerous, lol.

Someone tells the president that the Santa Maria team disappeared. the foreigners tell the CEO that they want this Santa Maria team. It looks like they had some shady deal. The foreigners want the AJ3.

The entire lab has moved to the mansion. Everyone is going to live there. The scientists are super happy about that. But then the groundskeeper tells them that they won’t live at the hotel, they will live faaaaaaaar away in the back somewhere.

Cut to a huge shed. The groundskeeper tells them the rules

1. don’t move around by yourself.
2. Only 20 meters, don’t go over.
3. Use the back door, unless you drive (JA starts to move in the bag)
4. No delivery food, cook your self but he will give them all the ingredients

He leaves and JA can finally get out of the bag. She is annoyed that they are in the shed instead of being int he house. They tell her to not open the windows because he might see her. She says she is hungry, she wants to eat. That was their deal, food and boarding.

They sit down to eat and talk about the Wall-e robot. Then they talk about the girl scientist. She graduated very early. They are all geniuses. Then they start to talk about their nicknames. Pi-like the number. When she is under stress she repeats the Pie decimal places. They are all poor geniuses.

MG talks to BG to know how to train AJ3 at his long outdoor table. BG tells mG that AJ3 needs a lot of training. If it is a person than she can learn things quickly. Can MG talk to her?

MG said AJ3 will have her own data set. he tells her the password: sandwich. The real robot says that she needs another word. It looks like sandwich is a blocked word.

JA says okay, sandwich is the word. The scientist bows their heads, this doesn’t look good.

MG tells JA that he will make a little room in her heart, don’t open it to anyone, he is the only one that can get in. He will train her. And…your brain, I will input myself in your brain. You should follow me only.

Restroom problems! They all want to use the restroom! They all have to poop because of the curry from yesterday. JA also has to go, but she is the robot.

JA’s ex-girlfriend shows up.

AH, it looks like JA might have to rescue MG again.

I Am Not A Robot Live Recap Episodes 1 and 2

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