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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Recap Episode 2

Kids drinking all the alcohol at a bar in My ID is Gangnam Beauty 2
This show is adorable while also managing to be poignant (though I would like to put a PSA out to all the college bound kids – Please don’t drink that much, it is much sexier to be sober). I feel the regret that MR feels about her grade school life which led to her decision to undergo plastic surgery. But I also feel her awkwardness at this new level of beauty she obtained. She just wanted to be normal pretty y’all, not knockout pretty. But there is no going back, so we are along with her on this journey of accepting this new look and discovering herself.

Posting quickly (quickcap) and without edits, so there are lot of typos. Try to overlook them if you can ^_^ .

MR slowly walks out of the room, but KS says her name, which makes her stop. She turns around to look at him.

KS – Did you go to jadong middle school?

VO – What should I do? What should I do?

KS – No, nothing, it is just that you had the same name as a girl I knew.

he walks away. MR thinks, perhaps it was that Do Kyung-seok. Flashabckto middle school.

VO – Some people are born lictorial. Do Kyung-seok, he just walks, he just does drills for the earthquake, he just broke his arm, he just lives by himself. he owns the world. The legendary thing is rain Kyung-seok (he walks through the rain with no umbrella). But all of a sudden he moved to another school, but everyone in our school new Do Kyung-seok.

In the present, MR walks behind Do Jyung-seok, he knows seh is walking behind him, but does not talk to her. She stays many many steps behind him and says that she should not know him.


MR and her bestie, HJ, put on their makeup and get ready for bed while talking about KS and the day they had. MR wonders, what if he recognizes you. But HJ tells her that her own appa doesn’t even recognize you so don’t worry, he just wanted to talk to you. Maybe he is interested in you? Did you have nything with him in middle school? How does he remember you?

MR thinks back to sitting at the bus stop and dancing to music. he saw her dancing and smiled, she saw him see her, but they did not talk to each other.

MR – He was the same.

KS goes to the ER to find Woo-jin. Woo-jin is miling his injury for all that he can in front of his noona. But he sits up when KS shows up. Woo-jin says that he told abogi that he will open his own business, a beer bar. Noona is all like what? What about your fathers inheritance?

Wj says he will not get any money from him, he sill get her beer everyday, your favorite thing. But his girlfriend is all like, um, we should break up if you do this. She leaves in a huff. he runs after her and asks her if she only saw him do to his fathers money?

She tells him that she did not know that he was that irresponsible. She leaves in a taxi. KS walks outside and asks WJ why he was in a hopsital, he looked okay. But hyung is upset and says that he was just dumped! KS “hoooo’s” his brother playfully and then they leave.

WJ grumbles about how he does not know women and it is too difficult to figure them out. they drive to the bar that his brother purchesed. The bar is completely empty and contruction like. They talk about abogi, is he angry that you went to the chemistry department?

KS says he is angry, but he picked chemestry because his father tried to stop him from going there. WJ asks him if he is curious about mom, but KS tells him not to talk about a dead person. To him, she is dead.

HJ’s parents come to talk to her and MR. They are stunned to see MR and how beautiful she looks now. They all speak saturi to each other and ask how things were. Umma thinks their HJ just needs a little fixing, but appa is all like “shut up.” they keep smiling as MR leaves.

But MR hear them talking behind the door. They asks how she can’t tell her appa, that is so brave. But appa tells them that they should not do it without letting him know. Don’t do that.

Outside, a motorcyclist hits the mirror off of a a senators car. the senetor comes out and tells him that it is no problem. Someone takes photos of the entire thing.

Cut to the parents going to meet their freshman after orientation. Appa is holding flowers and is so excited to see his daughter right along with all the other parents, but umma is a little concerned.

MR calls umma and asks if her appa got a health check recently? Do you think he will be okay? Umma does not look like she does.

But then Appa walks right up to MR and asks her if she knows where a good restaurant is aorund here that a girl might like? But then he realizes that this is the sunbae that talked to him from Mirae’s cell phone.

MR says it is her. But appa says that her voice is so similar to Mirae’s that he was shocked, what a coincidence. However, it starts to dawn on appa and is confirmed when Mirae says…..appa – I am Mirae.

She has to say it several times. I am Mirae….I am Mirae….your daughter Mirae….

Appa starts to stutter and steps back. he cannot talk straight.

Mirae apologizes and says that he hated it so much so she could not help it. Umma comes up at that moment and tries to hold her husbands arm, but he pulls it away and drops the flowers on the ground.

Mirae tries to chase after him, but he keeps walking away as if he does not hear her. Mirae sobs as she runs after him and grabs his arm to turn him around. Appa spins aorund, but he looks at her for a long moment, then mutters – I don’t know you. he leaves.

Mirae continues crying in place, but does not follow him.

The senator and his daughter and son (KS) are all at the school taking photos. It looks like the driver-secretary is taking the photos, but then he gets a call. the driver whispers in the fathers ears about something business related, but abogi tells him that they can talk about it later.

The sister tells her brother, can you just be a little bit fatter at least? But it looks like a joke.

Elsewhere on campus, Umma tells MR not to worry, she will talk to appa about it.

Flashback to Mirae and Umma running outside to greet appa. Appa borrowed a camera to take photos of his daughter. But his daughter asks if she can just not take the picture? Appa tells her that he wants to put his daughters picture in the car, it is his wish. Mirae agrees.

Umma holds her daughter to take th photo, but appa says that she wants to take a Photo pf Mirae by herself frist, he happily takes the photo.

this photo hangs in his taxi, in the present, appa looks at that photo sadly. that image of that girl is no longer around.

Mirae goes to school with two other girls. She is her normal quiet self, but when she gets o class, everyone wants to say hello to her. Mirae is a bit shocked at this but tries to smile and greet everyone.

She goes to sit with the other girls, but the pervert sunbae tells her that he saved a seat for her, come sit here. She reluctantly sits there and the other two girls follow. She asks why he is there? He says he already took the class, but he is there to see her.

Two of the guys asks why CW is there? Is he hitting on MR? But they also think that Mirae stands out so it makes sense.

CW tells Mirae that he has all the previous exams, he can give them to her. The other two tell him that they also need the previous exams, but he says that him and Mirae have a special relationship, they did a love shot together. Would you like to eat later? You two don’t come.

Cut to Mirae and CW eating together in the cafeteria. KS is eating alone.

WC tells her that he is buying so just eat comfortably. they start to eat. CW asks about that thing, he asked if he can like her, she should have had enough time to think about it. Mirae starts to choke and cough and excuses herself to the bathroom. WC comments that she is pretending to be so naive.

Right at that moment, SA comes up to him to talk. He tells her to sit, she asks if someone is sitting there? W says it is Mirae, but she went to the restroom. She asks him if he likes her. You look like you would be a good couple. But he says that she is just a hubae.

SA tells her that he will support them……but she is a little sad about it. he is all like, what? You are sad about it? He tells her to continue sitting there.

Meanwhile, another girl sits with KS and starts eating with him.

Back at her table, SA basically confesses that she liked him, but don’t think about it too much, I am done with my feelings. She runs off.

Mirae tries to figure out what to say in the mirror. She thinks she will say that they can stay as sunbae-nim and hubae. She walks out to tell him but SW is the first to tell her that she should forget what he said. he likes someone else.

he leaves, but then he trips and falls on his face in front of everyone. KS tripped him, but tells him that it was his mistake. CW gets up and tells KS, this is my mistake! he tries to punch KS, but KS dodges the punch easily. This only makes CW look even more foolish.

MR runs up and tells CW to stop, but he just pushes her away. She goes flying backwards and right into KS. He holds her in an emotional moment, but then they are pulled out of it when another student asks CW what he is doing, everyone is looking at you! Everyone is also muttering that he is a pervert.

CW had picked up a chair to hit KS with, but puts it down and leaves with his friend.

Everything goes back to normal as KS picks up the spilled food. On the floor, he sees MR’s perfume.

Elsewhere, to male students tell SA that she should not talk to CW, everyone calls him a dog. She smiles and says she will be careful. But she thinks back to KS tripping CW and mutters that he was cute. The two guys think that she means maybe themselves. But then CW comes up and asks if he can talk to her.

They go outside to talk on the steps. He tells her that men are always thinking of their ideal type. She is his ideal type, he always liked her ever since the time he first saw her at the welcome party. if you think the same then lets date.

What about Mirae?

We were on the ame team, but you were my favorite from the begining.

Thank you for thinking well of me, but can you give me some time to think about it?

yes yes! Think think! I will – wait for your call.

He leaves. Another guy comes up to see if he is bothering her. But seh says no and they walk out.

Meanwhile, Mirae is thinking about CW playing with her and wonders if she is that easy to him. She sulks a bit as she sits outside. But she starts to think about touching KS when he kept her from falling in the cafeteria. he asked her if she was okay.

SA also asks MR if she is okay. She was looking for her because she worried about her. CW pushed you like that, are you okay? What happened? I thought you were doing well with CW, what happened?

MR says seh does not know. he says he can like me, but then he said it was a mistake

is that why KS was angry and fought for you?

No, sunbae just tripped on KS’s foot.

Ah ~ so, do you like CW sunbae?

No, never ever, I am glad that he does not like me anymore.

Did you hear that he is like a dog guy? he should behave more likea sunbae, I hate him. Forget about everything and be happy, you have me.

VO – What? I have you?

SA – We will be late, lets go to class. if he does that to her friend again, then …

But Mirae is so lost in getting a new friend and looks at SA as if she is an angel.

Their TA, Woo-young comes in and explains everything that is going on. he sees Mirae come in late an pauses for a moment, but then he tells them to divide into groups and work hard for their team members.

They each get assigned a group. Mirae is in group 3 and goes to find her team. The two guys from earlier wish that they had a pretty girl in their team, but they get one of their friends instead. She tells them that she will kill them as they joke around.

Each group has three or maybe 6 members? Mirae, Soo-ah, and Kyung-soo are all in the same group. They are like the looks Avengers and are the most famous freshman due to their looks. Ah, maybe this is a team of 6.

After class, One of the students talks to WY about Soo-ah, but WY is looking at MR instead.

In the hallway, KS is getting a drink when SA walks up to him. Three girls, including MR look at them. The two girls talk about how SA and KS look so good together, like a movie or something. But KS ignores SA and walks up to MR, he asks to talk to her.

MR goes outside to talk to him with the other two girls looking at her. He gives her her perfume back and asks her if she really is not the Kang Mirae from middle school and the bus stop?

Mirae is at a lost for words, but then she asks him fi he can keep it a secret – her old face? he leaves without answering.

Flashback to middle school. KS asks MR if she sprayed perfume. She gets upset and says she did, can’t she spray perfume! He looks stunned that seh yelled at him.

In the present, Mirae thinks that seh screwed up her college life like this. But how did he remember her perfume?

KS goes to his hyungs bar (I don’t think they are real brothers though). he starts to help him get his bar ready for opening. KS looks reluctant to help him, but in a playful way. WJ asks him if he is interested in a girl now, or is she interested in you? Who was that girl?

KS does not respond and just asks WJ if he is stupid. WJ is all like, you should tell hyung!

MR wonders if she should go to the opening party for their class. HJ tells her that KS does not care about her, don’t worry, he is Kyung-seok. You did not put all thta money and danger on the line to avoid people. MR is all like, yeah.

HJ tells her to be his friend and bring him to their side. MR thinks she doesn’t want to be proactive and make it a bigger issue later, maybe she should just let it go. HJ tells her that she is just telling her these things because she is insecure and worried about it.

MR tells her that she at least has a friend that is on her side. HJ asks who. MR tells her it’s Soo-ah. HJ is surprised that they are friends, but it doesn’t look like it is a bad way.

Later on, MR walks with two other friends and goes to Wj’s bar for the class party. She sees KS behind the bar. MR sits with all her other friends from school and asks them what KS is doing. They say that he is friends with the owner.

Everyone shows up and starts chanting “New Place! New Place!” then they settle into their party.

There are a few tables set up, but all the other guys are jealous of the table that Soo-ah is at. One of the questions is, who do you think played the most in high school. Everyone points at MR, even SA. She tells them that it isn’t true. But they all tell her to drink. The next question is who dated the most. They all point to MR. She has to drink again.

they ask the next question, but one of th egirls asks MR if she is okay first. The next question is who had their first kiss first? This vote is spit between MR and KS. They think they should do a love shot. But MR’s friend says that MR drank too much already. KS tells them that he can drink both of them. He drinks them both.

The girls think that something might be going on between them (but it looks more swoony than jealous).

the next question is who had the most confessions. SA picks MR again, but everyone else picks SA. They tell her that this is not truth or dare, it is just an image game.

SA tells them thta seh already drank a lot…and seh looks at KS. But another guy comes up and drinks it for her as he pretends to be super cool. he asks SA to stand up…

He tells her that he did not want to confess so early, but a lot of people are hitting on her so he wants to make her his. I like you, lets date. Everyone is all like…um….

SA smiles and politely turns him down. She says that she did not know that he felt that way, but she is not ready to date anyone, she hopes that they can stay good friends.

The guy is a bit embarrassed which becomes a bit more embarrassed when eveyone starts to chuckle a bit. WC is there as well and thinks that stupid guy does not know who Soo-ah likes.

The poor guy that got turned down goes outside to sulk. His other friend goes there as well and tells him that he told him not to do that. You did not even give her a present and only told her to date? You should propose to her with a bigger setting.

But the guy just thinks about how she remembered his name becaue he had a good voice and muttered that he was cute (so the thought). He is miserable. He also thinks about SA talking to KS and thinks that she must like him.

Inside, KS works a bit behind the bar. WC asks SA if she is surprised, some guys are like that. Everyone else talks about how SA is so pretty. But SA talks about how Mirae is so pretty like a barbie doll.

Everyone is a little bit uncomfortable because they know that Mirae is a plastic surgery face. But SA says that Mirae did not change in her face at all. Everyone is all like, man that is so uncalled for. But they don’t mention it.

KS mentions it though. He goes up to SA and asks her if she is having fun? SA says she does not know what he is talking about, but KS tells her that he thinks she does. SA starts crying and says she is sorry, maybe she made a mistake?

WC yells that KS should apologize to Soo-ah. MR tries to comfort SA and then asks KS why he is doing this. But KS just asks her if she is a fool? They leave.

At the table, the people left talk about liking handsome people (men and women). One of the girls wonders, did I come to a primary school?

Outside, WJ asks KS what happened inside? KS just tells him that a girl was playing too much. But then Wh comes up to him (the dumped guy) and asks to talk to him a little bit. he hits his shoulder as he walks by.

In the bathroom, SA is still pretending to cry. She apologizes to MR and says she did not know, why am I so stupid? MR says it is okay. Outside the bathroom, someone calls to ask if SA is okay. (I think it’s WC).

WC and SA go outside to talk. he says he is happy that she is okay now….did you think about you and me dating? She says that she thought about it, but she does not think they will work. We shuold jsut be good sunbae hubae. He wants to know why? We can keep it a secret if you are uncomfortable. You said you liked me.

She says that she is Mirae’s friend, how can she date someone that her friend liked? But WC says it was not real. SA walks away to WC calling her name….Soo-ah….Soo-ah. But she goes back inside.

Meanwhile, WH tries to drink KS under the table at an outside bar. But KS is not affected at all. WH asks him if he will give up SA, but KS just says she is not an object, he is dumped all by himself.

WH tells him that he won’t let him play with Soo-ah with his handsome face, he will not let it happen. Okay! But the other friend just pulls him away.

MR leaves with her two friends, they tell her that she should just leave, it is all fine, it will take a while to clean this all up. her friends lovingly send her away. MR walks away reluctantly, but WC walks up right behind her and asks her if she likes him and wants to date him.

She is all like, what? I don’t like you. But WC tells her that she told SA that you liked me. She told me that she can’t date me because you liked me. MR says that she never said that. he tells her to go to SA and tell her that.

MR tries to leave, but WC grabs her arm and asks if she is crazy. MR is all like, what did I do?

But WC calls her a B and tells her that she did it, your face is all over Gangnam, there are so many of you – you plastic surgery monster!

MR hits him with her bag, he falls to the ground. She yells at him, HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT, WHAT DID I DO WRONG!

She walks away in a rage. While walking away, she tries to hold back rage tears and walks right by KS who is helping the dumped guy drunkenly walk back to the bar. But he drops him when he sees MR walking past and only looks at her walk away.

Fade Out

So it looks like everyone knows that Mirae is a plastic surgery beauty, but they don’t care. Her friends definitely don’t care. They tell her she is pretty because she is pretty. But SA tries to use it as a weapon against MR on the sly. However, everyone seems to know that SA is using it like that while trying to feign innocence. Only WC doesn’t seem to get it, but he is our classical bad guy so there’s that.

I don’t think the others will let it go for much longer though. The two girls who Mirae hangs out with look like they genuinely care about her and don’t want to see her hurt.

I love how Kyung-seok is not afraid to call SA out on her bad behavior and basically expose her to everyone, even though everyone already knows what she is doing. There is just something so satisfying in watching KS do it though. I can watch this show for that alone.

VO – Aren’t you curious about how Mirae looked before?
VO – Mirae and Kyung-seok went to the same middle school
SA – Well, it is not a big secret, why didn’t they say it?
VO – Maybe you liked Kang Mirae before?
KS – If you did not know that she had surgery, then what is the reason that you had to ask a natural beauty if they had surgery? I don’t think you are that stupid.
VO – CW…someone…all the freshman
Mom – Tell Kyung-seok and Kyung-hee that mom wants to see them
CW – all the girls leave, except Kang Mirae
KS – Kang Mirae, let’s go
MY – What are you doing now?

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  1. sashaa
    August 1, 2018 / 11:05 am

    “I can watch this show for that alone” Totally agree on this. I like the no-nonsense-I-call-foul attitude of his. SH is truly one of those phony fake people who you absolutely cannot trust. I think the guys don’t get her- they do seem to believe she is ‘innocent’ enough to not know MR had Plastic surgery.
    I think MR has never socialized so she really has no clue when people are mean while being nice to you. I completely get how she takes everything/one at face value.
    Her choice to go for surgery is a very personal one and I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this . If she felt she would be more confident in facing the world, so be it. But what she failed to anticipate is the negative attention and her lack of experience with people – no surgery is going to fix that!.

  2. mushmush
    August 1, 2018 / 12:46 pm

    yay, livecapping my next fluffy drama after wwwsk, thank you! 🙂 I think this will be a bit deeper under the fluff – I hope the commentary on this fixation on outer beauty will continue, it’s such a heartbreaking trend. I loooved how scary the operation was depicted, it showed what a big step that was and how desperate MR needed to be to take it. Also like how the secondary characters are all “regular” pretty and how they react to the boys rudeness (with their fawning over MR and SA).

  3. CN
    August 1, 2018 / 12:56 pm

    Love the way you transcribed the bar scene. Definitely highlights the hypocrisy of the people around who may have noticed SA’s bad intentions but still held their tongue. Certainly very refreshing to have a hero that can read in between the lines and isn’t bound by social expectation.

    I also loved seeing how Mirae is not a victim when she is able to recognize someone blatantly mistreating her (like the pervert sunbae). Hopefully though, she’ll get wise to people who are a bit more sly and be able to stand up for herself when it counts.

    • V
      August 1, 2018 / 7:24 pm

      I love how she hit him with her bag and yelled at him! That filled me so full of hope for her character.

  4. Shayri
    August 1, 2018 / 6:06 pm

    My interpretation was different. I gathered that people knew about MR’s plastic surgery but they didn’t get that SA was being snide. They felt a bit uncomfortable for MR but not enough to realize SA’s manipulative behaviour or her direct jabs. As soon as a pretty girl cries it’s game over. SA is playing people well. Only KS saw through her.
    What I don’t get is why MR was so fluttered over few words from SA when her other 2 college friends were constantly nicer to her. She also has an old friend in the drama so it doesn’t explain why the little show of friendship muddles her head.

    • V
      August 1, 2018 / 7:22 pm

      Yeah, I can see that, too. I just hope everyone isn’t so easily manipulated.

      Maybe your last part is something the drama has yet to explain? Perhaps we will get that in a flashback explanation in the next episode. I think it might deal with only truly caring about what that one person says. For MR, that one person is SA.

      It’s kind of like having that one pretty friend who everyone says is pretty all the time. But that one guy she likes tells her she is nothing special and it destroys her.

      Maybe that isn’t the best example for this case, though.

    • Sashaa
      August 1, 2018 / 7:26 pm

      Yes I too wonder why she values SA friendship offer so much when 3 more people are nice to her.
      I hope she doesnt value it more because of her good looks. Say, if someone as pretty as her can befriend me then I have succeeded. It’s twisted but she is in a way twisted.

      • Anonymous
        August 2, 2018 / 12:40 am

        maybe because SA is pretty and she never had a really pretty friend before?

    • Jellyfish 2017
      August 2, 2018 / 6:35 am

      I think it is the Soo Ah effect. Remember that Mirae is not used to popular people being nice to her. And she genuinely thinks that Soo Ah is an angel. I’m glad I am like Kyung Suk who can spot fake people from a mile away. They always s fish for compliments…no 1 obvious sign.

  5. pickledplumtree
    August 5, 2018 / 11:15 am

    Does anyone know what song was playing during the “Rain Kyung Seok” scene?!

  6. Anonymous
    September 17, 2018 / 2:56 am

    Does anyone know the song played during the opening party in Berlin bar after Won Ho confesses Soo Ah?

    • V
      September 17, 2018 / 1:06 pm

      Not sure, but I do plan plan on making an OST page for this show so hopefully we can ask away on songs there and someone will know it!

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