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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Recap Episode 3

A teacher talking to a student in My ID is Gangnam Beauty
We should be live on this drama starting next week! We will try and post tomorrows episode as soon as possible after it airs, though we might be able to do it live-ish.

Posting quickly (quickcap). Be wary of typos.

MR walks down the street, clearly distraught after her runin with CW. KS sees her and drops the drunken WH as he watches her walk away. She does not notice him. MR is walking and not thinking, all her thoughts are of what CW said to her about being a Gangnam monster. She yelled at him, HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT, but it still enrages her.

She goes to a cafe and sits outside. WY sees her there and asks her why she is there crying, did she drink a lot? Don’t you remember me? MR tries to remember him…are you the TA? She hops up right away. He asks her if they are already done with the welcome party. Did something happen?

She tells him that she just didn’t feel good. He asks her if she would like to drink some water? He pulls out his water bottle. But that action makes her think about WC asking her if she wants some water the other night. She htis the bottle away.

KS shows up and asks MR if she wants to go home. But WY and KS get into a little argument about who should take MR home. WY does not want KS to hold MR. But WY is holding KS. MR shakes her arm away and tells them not to hold her. She walks away.


Elsewhere, all the male students want to take SA home. But she tells them she is fine as soon as she gets outside her building and walks inside alone. All the men wonder, wow, she lives here? She must have rich parents. They look up at the towering building.

Meanwhile, MR is at a cafe drinking alone and thinking about what WC told her.

VO – I just wanted to live normally like other people. Can’t I live like that?

A man suddenly hops in her seat and says he is Oppa! But MR has no idea who that guy is. This guy is all like, we met at a club, don’t you remember me? HJ shows up and is al llike, who is this guy .The guy gets concerned and asks her if she is a certain girl. MR is all like, I am not that girl.

The guy notices that she is actually not that girl and apologizes and leaves.

HJ sits and is filled in on what happened that night. MR cries as she tells her.

Cut to SA waiting for a long time then leaving that rich building. Hmm, perhaps she does not live there after all. She waits at the bus stop.

At the cafe, HJ wants to report WJ to the school. But MR says she hit him even though he started it. He said I was a surgery monster Gangnam Beauty. I just want to live normally. DO I want too much?

HJ asks how they an say that in front of someone.

MR wants to know what she should say if someone asks her if she had surgery. Should she say it? HJ is all like, well, you did it so it is strange to deny it. MR wonders, should I say I did the eyes and nose? Or should I say I did the face only?

They keep talking about that until MR says she is not normal, she is not pretty, she is not ugly, so which side should she be on side. HJ tells her that she is definitely pretty. Someone told you that you were their ideal type. Just drink.

They drink together.

Someone lands after a flight. It looks like it is KS’s mom. She heard someone say Umma and turns, but it is not for her. She gets a call from someone who calls her president and says that they wanted to have a welcome party for her, she should have told her schedule to them. But she says it is okay, see you at work.

In the politicians office, the team is practicing the Produce 101 dance people young people will like it. But you only need to do that much and then talk about politics. The politician does not look that enthused about it, perhaps their people can just do the dance?

The rest of the people leave and the #1 person says that they want the son to be in the campaign, but he is not an adult. he is the handsomest kid of all the politicians thought. When you become the mayor, then governor, then ….

But someone comes in and says there is a phone call.

The Dad answers, it is KS’s mother. She says that she is in Korea and seh wants to meet her kids. But the politician asks her, how dare she ask him that. She tells him that she is not calling them to ask his permission, she will see her kids. It looks like the politician raised the kids. In the office they both comment softly on how the mother is still out of her mind.

The mother looks out her window in the taxi as it drives away.

At school, WH is sitting on a bench outside. His friend comes up to him and says, “A lot of people want you so I want to make you mine quickly,” which is what he said last night. WH tells him that he will kill him. The friends sits and WH wonders if he should take a semester off or maybe go to the army.

SA walks up to them and asks if they will go to class. She tells WH that his legs look long like that. Then she says see you later and walks to class. WH is reinvigorated and stands as he comments on how things seem normal, I have long legs? But hsi friend tells him to go to the army to get real.

Elewhere, KS walks with another girl, they talk about what happened last night. She says that SA went too far last night talking about surgery things. How can she not recognize that? But then she asks if he is curious about MR’s old face.

SA walks up to them so KS leaves. SA asks KS if she can talk to her a little bit but the eunnie says that he is talking to me right now. But SA tells her that they are in the same class and need to talk about something. Then seh tells Eunnie that she has a pepper flake on her teeth.

The sunbae looks at it and grummbles. She tries to smile to see if it was noticable when she talked to KS.

Meanwhile, SA sits on a bench and talks to KS about what happened. She says that she thought MR was so pretty and did not think she had surgery. KS asks her why she asked her that then? If you did not think she had surgery, then why did you ask her if she did? You are not that stupid. You said CW was handsome without thinking also? Maybe he is your type?

SA – Ahh, well, I just wanted to be nice.

KS – DO you have anything else to say?

He gets up to leave as soon as another girl comes up. the girl asks what is going on, did he apologize to you? SA says yes, she told him not to worry. But the girl says it is suspicious, why are you seeing each other. Maybe he just planned it to be bad and then good? if he confessed to you, you wouldn’t say no.

SA says that she is surpicious of her, she is so interested in KS, do you like him? She says no, her style is a good guy and he is too cold, I feel chilly. Hey, why dont’ you read things? MR, you didn’t get surgery?…tsk.

Elsewhere, MR shows up at school and thinks that everyone is commenting about how much surgery she had and that she is a Gangnam Beauty. It is not clear if this is her imagination or not. But she thinks that she is ostricized once again.

She goes to class by herself and works. KS sits next to her like it is not big deal and tells her that he also takes this class. SHe looks at him so he asks her if she is caring about herself too much?

After class, MR asks to talk to KS for a second. They go outside, she tells him that she thinks he is involved in her life but she hopes he is not involved anymore. Dont misunderstand Soo-ah, she did not understand anything. I have a noticable face, but…

KS – Why did you do it?

MR – What?

KS – Why did you change your face?

In the classroom, two of the girls clean together. But the CW comes in and asks if one o them is the freshman representative.

MR – Why did I…my face was ugly enough, I had to get surgery.

KS – So there are some faces that need or don’t need surgery.

MR – Well, you know…my old face. I did not want to be pretty like Soo-ah. I did not ask for too much. If I had a regular face like others, then I would not have asked for surgery. But I was so bad.

KS – Why didn’t you have surgery on your bad mind instead?

MR – What did you say?….None of your business. It is none of your business what I think.

She storms off muttering how much on an A-hole KS is…he doesn’t know anything.

KS walks off grummbling as well.

VO – Why didn’t you get surgery on your cheap mind and not your face.

While walking away, another girl talks to KS and thinks he is so brave. The sunbaes want all the freshman to get together, but you ignore it. DOn’t you look at KaTalk? CW summoned all the freshman.

In a gaming bar, the two guys who are everywhere wonder why CW is summoning everyone. Does he just want the girls to come?

MR sees the message and wonders if CW is getting his revenge on her. She answers the phone, it is JB who called, she tells MR that she should come. Cut to CW throwing a bag and then yelling at CW. He asks if they care about sunbae? Only this amount came!

There are only about a dozen people there. MR is one of them and they are all on the track. He tells them to all do the plank. But no one listens to him, they just look at him. He pretends like he might hit them when another man runs down and asks him what he is doing. What if someone takes a photo and puts it on SNS?

WC tells them all to go inside and plank. He walks ahead and goes inside to the building while yelling at them to plank. He tells all the girls that they can leave – except Gang Mirae. he tells her that she is all surgery so he needs to change her heart (or something like that).

SA says she will stay as well.

CW is all like, huh, no you don’t need to stay.

But Mirae yells, what did they do wrong and what did I do wrong! CW tells them all to leave. But they don’t leave, they just stand in the bck. he asks CW if he should put her face back the way it was before. One of the girls tries to pull him away and another guy tries to as well, but the guy got hit.

CW pushes MR to the ground and tells her that her and KS are the worst. KS comes in and kicks CW int he back, he tumbles to the ground.


KS sighs as he muttere that CW is a fool. CE tlls him that he will kill him today. He tries to hit him with a mop, but KS just takes it away and pulls CW into a bathroom and hits him. He is knocked out with the mop on his head.

The girls go and grab MR, pick her up, and help her out.

YE goes to the TA’s office (WY). He tells her that he heard something, so tell me about it. YE sighs but it looks like she wants to tell him.

Cut to MR talking to HJ, she tells her to be sure to lock the door. But she goes home instead of going back to their place. She gets home but hears Umma talking on the phone. Umma says it is 4 months, if you really want a face that looks just like yours, then i will have another baby.

But Umma gets off the phone when she sees MR come in (not sure if MR heard her mother on the phone or not). MR asks where appa is. Umma says that he went to a funeral so he won’t be home tonight. She commetns on how they have appa’s favorite mandu, don’t worry, he is okay now. Really! Is that why you didnt’ come home until now?

MR tells her that she will help clean up.

Appa is out drinking with three of his friends. They ask him to see his daughters photo, she was the best in her school right? But appa just ignores the question and tells them that they should toast. The other friends says that his daughter should give them a school tour, they are also very impressed that his daughter went to Korea University. Appa smiles and just tells them that he is buying drinks today.

At home, Umma looks at the dance talent that MR did at school and tells her that she is a big star now. MR tells her to put it away, but Umma says she will look at it again in the morning.

Umma asks her daughter if she is happy now. They will now your true personality now. You were so fun at your one year old party, people thought you would be a performer. have fun in college and makea lot of friends. This is the best time in your young life.

MR looks like she is thinking of that for a moment, but tells her mom that she is sleepy, she will go to sleep. Her Mom agrees, you need to sleep to go to school early. MR cuddles with her mom and asks her if she had a hard time because of her also? Umma tells her that you have to be courageous to live. Everyone looks okay, but they all try to be brave and live.

MR comments that she loves Umma smell. Umma tells her daughter that she is cute and she is so happy that she is doing well.

Meanwhile, Appa tries to go to a sauna instead of going home, but they tell him that he cannot come in drunk. He goes to his car and listens to him message that umma left. At the end of th emessage, MR comes home. She did not hang up the phone right away, so Appa hears MR asks, Where is appa? But it clicks off at that moment. Appa looked like he really wanted to hear more and sighs.

All the students talk about what happened with the freshman that hit the sunbae in the restroom.

Student – One punch and he spun 360 degrees, he was all dead.

Judo – Maybe we should make him more to our deaprtment, what is his name/ Do Kyung-seok

WH – I was about to hit him, but he just showed up

Inside, some of the studnets are talking about why CW would pick on MR like that. Why would he do that? It seems like no one likes CW and everyone likes KS, he is handsome and his behavior is handsome.

Outside, MR’s two friends wonder what will happen if she does not come to school. But then they see her walking up and run to her and asks her if she was okay. They all sit and tells her that everyone thinks that CW is bad, so dont’ worry about it. They all regret that they did not do anything.

But MR says it is okay, she is sorry it was all because of her. But YE tells her that it is her fault, she was not a good class leader. They all talk about how scared she must have been, they were so worried that they could not sleep.

MR thinks about what happened at the freshman welcome party and how she graded everyone on how they looked. Why did she do that with these good people and graded them based on how they looked. She apologizes to them, but they are all like, what for? She thanks them all.

She also thanks SA for what she did. They sit on a bench and talk about it. SA says she thinks it is because of her that CW is doing all those things to her. He confessed to her but she refused it, he said it was because of you. MR thinks back to CW saying thoes things in the alley that night.

SA apologizes but MR tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. SA mentions that everyone thinks he is a mop now, not a dog.

Int he bathroom, all the guys talk about how brave MR was. But another guy says that S was brave as well, she was pretty and brave.

Outside, SA smilesa nd says taht they one that saved her was Kyung-seok. He is treating you specially, are you dating?

MR is all like, huh?

In the gaming room, SW tells WH that Kang Mirae came to school. SHe is braver than expected. KS hears them talk about his, but they all put on their head gear and start gaming.

On the bench, SA keeps talking about how KS and MR have their special moments where they talk, like in front of the vending machine. MR is about to say that it was about her perfume, but SA asks if he confessed that he liked you? Is it one sided love?

MR is all like, no, we went to the same school –

VO – Ah, I shouldn’t ahve said that…

SA is very interested in this, what school?

VO – I told Kyung-seok to keep it secrety, but I revealed my past myself.

Inside, WY tells CW, if he tortures students again, he will not let it slip. He will tell everyone and make sure that you do not get recommendation letters. If you do get hired, then I will tell all the sunbaes in the industry what you did. So you should be alert. You know that when I do something, I do it thoroughly.

But we are friends.

I am so embarrassed to see the hubaes.

I am sorry.


Outside, MR walks along the yard and runs into KS, but they both try to ignore each other. However, KS asks her if she ate, would you like to eat? MR is stunned, what?


A cute song plays as KS tells her that they should eat together. They go inside to eat. MR tells him that she can buy it because he helped her. But she pressed the wrong thing on the computer so he pressed the one that he wants to eat.

In the student room. SA tells them all that MR and KS went to the same middle school, that is why he helped her. But he moved to a different middle school. WH is all like, theya ren’t friendly, but they are eating together? I just saw it in the cafaeteria. Maybe she wasn’t so bad before? Maybe he liked her before?

The guys have a but lillte dance about this which makes SA thinks about it more.

Int he cafateria, MR thanks KS for helping her. He says he thought seh was angry at her, so what does she want to say. She says that she does not like herself, she just grades peoples faces. Someone like you, you live your own way but people still think you are handsome. But you don’t understand the life of someone like me.

KS – I am sorry – that I said that about you – about you bad mind. I am sorry.

MR says that it is actually true. He asks, who says that I am handsome? Is it you as well? MR tells him that he was super popular in middle school, don’t you remember that? He says kind of. She mutters that he was a bit of an a-hole (jokingly).

He asks if she thinks he is an a-hole all the time? Are you timid again? You are timid all the time with no reason.

When was I? I am not timid at all!

So live as you are.

He starts to eat again.

WJ is interviewing someone for a part-time job. But he says that her saturi is too big. She tries to change it to a Seoul accent, but it is a funny Seoul accent. WJ tells her that he has a girl in her department, SA, does she want a part-time job?

SA is at another part-time job interview. SA wants to do a good job, but the owner looks mersmerized and tells her that she does not have to do a good job. She jsut has to do exactly as she is doing right now. Can you start?

Cut to HJ meeting with MR outsie their building. She asks her if KS apologized first?

Flashback to the bus stop where MR and KS waited and then flashback to the school were she wore perfume.

HJ wonders if MR misunderstood him back then. Maybe he asked her that because he did not hate her. MR thinks that might be so, but he sounded like he was mocking me when he asked if I wore perfume. HJ tells her that she is not sure what is going on, but it looks like he was protecting you.

They both stand to go inside but MR yells as she looks at her cell phone. It looks like MR got something, like a ticket or something? It looks like she got a surprise ticket to an Idol group. She asks HJ if she wants to go with her.

Ji-hyo goes up to KS and asks him if he went to middles chool with MR? KS looks upset that she knows that and asks how she knows. JH is all like MR told SA and she told me. KS walks away upset.

Cut to the four main side guy characters all purchasing something at a store. CW gave WH and SW hit items to purchase for him. But the kids did not have any money. WY comes up and gives them money to buy it. WH and SW look at WY like a real sunbae and comment that he is like a real sunbae. But CW looks at WY and mutters that he is an a-hole.

WY tells everyone to tie their hair back for safety. SA ties her hair back and all the men lose their minds as they watch her.

MR is at the desk with KS. He basiclaly asks her why he told her not to say that they ent to the same school when she is the one that told them. MR says that it was a mistake.

the groups get started on their chemestry experiment where they mix NH and OH together. Mirae tries to keep the temperature steady, but kind of burns herself. KS wants to see it, but MR dos not want to show it to him. But then WY comes up and tells her to show him. He looks at her hand while everyone looks at him looking at her hand. It is a scene.

WY says that she is okay, just run some cold water over it and be careful. SA looks annoyed that she is not the center of attention.

At the end of class, SA tells MR that she will take care of it so that MR does not get hurt again. MR gives SA the flask and goes to grab somthing else (that SA tells her to get, I think). As soon as MR turns her head, SA drops the flask on the ground.

Everyone turns to look because SA yells. The chemicals are all on the ground and SA is grabbing her leg in pain. MR tries to clean it up, but WY grabbed her arm. KS also looked like he wanted to grab her arm as well. SA looks super jealous. WY is upset at first, but then his face softens as he looks at Mirae.

Fade Out

We will be live on this show starting next week!


MR – What if it spreads to your face?
KS – Are you sure you broke it?
YE – Is it about the mistake you made?
KS – You are always unkind, that is great (sarcastically). Not as good as you.
Jh – Daebak! (Middles chool yearbook)
VO – I don’t see her at all, anywhere.
WY – Hey Mirae!
HJ – Someone helping in front of you is okay. But someone helping behind the scenes is a really great person.
MR – How is appa? He is not taking my phone calls.
Umma – Mirae appa!
Sang-woo (politician) – I searched everywhere, but I did not see Kyung Seok and Kyung-hee
KH – Appa is sending me to America. I wont’ miss appa, but I will miss you.
VO – Me and Do Kyung-seok should sit together in assigned seats.
MR – I heard a sound, I feel like someone is following me.
VO – She is the president of a company and the big sunbae of our department.
MR – She is that person?
MR – I need to tell you something
MR – Well, I worried about you.
KS – None of your business.
MR – I hate people who release the anger from their life on someone else.

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  1. CN
    August 3, 2018 / 12:44 pm

    WY such a great character contrast to KS, but both captivating in their own way!
    Best parts of this episode are the moments MR puts people in their place- refusing help from both men in the beginning when she is drunk, or telling KS he doesn’t know anything.

    • V
      August 4, 2018 / 10:29 am

      I love it when she sticks up for herself, too.

  2. sashaa
    August 3, 2018 / 9:01 pm

    This drama is hitting all the right chords for me. I really like how they portrayed MR’s character. Even though she fears a lot (those are fears of her own making), when faced with direct confrontation she handles it like a pro. Whether its hitting the sunbae or telling KS to not grab her hands, the girl has inner strength. Its amazing how the society can completely shake one’s confidence.
    And am loving KS and MR’s interactions. Its almost like they share a comfortable camaraderie that even they are not aware of yet.
    The shows addresses very sensitive topics in a mature manner. KS true to his character calls her out for being a judgmental person. It makes complete sense he would do that. And an important statement at that, for MR to realize her hypocrisy – she is affected by people around her for judging her while she herself is doing the exact same thing.

    • V
      August 4, 2018 / 10:36 am

      Love all of this. It really does show how someone who is mentally strong can still be shaken mentally due to society’s ridiculous expectations. It is something relatable in every society. Like with someone permanently straightening their hair or dying their skin lighter in order to fit in better with what is considered “pretty” in their society.

      So far I am really enjoying how all the issues are being address, it makes me happy at the end of each episode instead of enraged.

  3. Anonymous
    August 4, 2018 / 1:54 pm

    That was an epic kick.
    I liked it a lottt….

  4. Akanksha
    August 4, 2018 / 1:55 pm

    That was an epic kick.
    I liked it a lottt….

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