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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Live Recap Episode 9

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Rommate hijinks with two bae’s vying for the same girl, only neither one knows the other likes her, so you know that everyone is about to find out. I have a feeling the upper classman will step aside to fulfill his sunbae role.

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Shorthand: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

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Rewind to Kyung-seok moving into the apartment. He walks up to the rooftop with his rolling luggage and knocks on the door. But no one answers so he knocks again. No one must be home so he walks to the edge of the octapang and looks out over the neighborhood as music plays.

Then he sees the parents meeting in the street where Woo-young was introduced to Mirae’s family.

Later, Woo-young goes home and sees Kyung-seok living there. He tells him that he should have called him, did you wait long? They go inside so Woo-young lists the rules, he has to pay on time or he will be kicked out, he has to use the vacuum and recycle, his things are on the top row of the fridge, you have to label your food.

Kyung-seok tells him that he has a hidden knitpicking side like an ajumma. WY tells him to watch his mouth and then grabs some clothing and tells him exactly how to fold it like an ajumma.

Meanwhile, Mirae’s umma and appa drive home. Umma is so smitten with Woo-young and thinks he migh tlike Mirae. he is a good candidate for a son-in-law. But appa is all like SHE IS TOO YOUNG, SHE IS JUST A LITTLE KID. Umma laughs, okay, okay. But appa is filled with college boy hate and asks where Woo-young lives, is it nearby?

Cut to Mirae giving Woo-young the side dishes that her mother prepared for him. Everything is fine until Kyung-seok coes out of the bathroom after washing his hair. Mirae is shocked, Kyung-seok tries to play it cool, Woo-young completely calls him out for it and says that KS begged him to live with him to try and be independent. That is the age for it after all.

Later on, Mirae goes home and talks to her roommate about Kyung-seok living with Woo-young. Hyun-jung thinks that something can happen between her and KS, he is nive to you after all.

In the fella’s place, Kyung-seok and Woo-young sit to eat Mirae mothers food. Woo-young is amazed by how the food tastes, but Kyung-seok is still trying to play it cool while asking WY how well he knows Mirae’s family. They get into a little bickering but not really because Woo-young looks at Kyung-seok like a little kid so he is mostly playing with him.

We see a moment of KS’s mother thinking about calling him, but doesn’t.

Meanwhile, MR is recycling and runs into Kyung-seok. They both recycle, but KS is uncomfortably close to Mirae as he recycles. She asks him to wait a little bit until she finished recycling. He agrees and starts to throw the cans in. She tells him you should not throw them away like that. She grabs one and puts it on the ground to step on it, but she falls and he catches her, natch.

Mirae sits and Kyung-seok inspects her food to see if she is okay but she tells him that she is okay, really. Then seh gets up to leave her tells her that he will see her again. Mirae pauses, will she see him everyday like this?

Inside Jyung-seoks place, Woo-young tells him to go to sleep because reality will kick in tomorrow morning. KS sits on the couch and sees that he only has 4 coins. But he needs $600 per month minimum. He commetns that he should not have taken a taxi.

In her place, Mirae is thinking about Kyung-seok catching her and inspecting her foot. She tries to sleep, but it keeps running through her mind.
Kyung-seok wakes up and sees that there is no hot water. he calls Woo-young but WY says that he has not tried hot water yet and asks him how he can try hot water in the summer, aren’t you a man?

Kyung-seok turns on the cold water and tries to stand in it like man as he shivers.


he manages to take a shower and walks to school, while walking, a couple of girls comments about how they are going to pass out at how pretty he is.

He goes to the store to buy something to eat, but everything is expensive. He only has 800 won so he is about to buy triangle kimbap, but it is 900 won. He puts it back and walks out, but as he is looking down, he sees a 100 won on the street. He looks around and then looks at the coin.

His arms start to come out of his pocket but then Hyun-jung sees him and calls his name. She asks him what he is doing there, he says he is waiting for them. She is all like, how did you know we were coming? He says something to play it off nd then leaves, he leaves the 100 won on the ground.

they all go to the bus stop and start to talk about KW living alone and being independent. he says he has no money so they ask about his father and mother. He thinks he is independent from his father and he did not tell his mother.

the bus comes so he is about to get on, but he actually does not have a bus card or enough money to ride it, so he tells Mirae and Hyun-jung to ride it, then he walks away. On the bus, HJ wonders if Mirae is uspet at them. Mirae tells her that maybe she should not have asked him about his life. It doesn’t seem like he left under good conditions.
At school, WH texts JH to see if they have any previous exams for the final. JH thinks, since it is not working on SA, he is starting to work on Ji-hyo. Sooah looks a tiny bit happy about that.

Elsewhere, WH and SW talk about Soo-ah, her profile changed so he gets to his his friend 10 times in the forehead.

Inside, YE asks to see Soo-ah’s place sometimes. Soo ah says no because her part time job finished late and the weekend is not good because she goes to her parents house. YE keeps asking little questions and asks if she lives with her grandparents? Sometimes if there area lot of people in the house then you want to be independent, just asking.

Sooah tells her that her grandparents died. But YE remembers the older woman being nice to Sooah. Soo-ah tells YE that she has a lot of interest in her. YE says yes, if you have any hardships then tell me, I can be someone to talk to. SA smiles and leaves.

Outside, Kyung-seok lays on a bench as he tries not to think about food. Some guys walk past talking about food so he sits up and puts ear blocks in his ears. But then another student walks by with a corndog or something like that so KS has to sit up.

But he gets a call from WY, he asks if he ate, if not then come to the teachers restaurant. But if you would rather starve then don’t come. KS stands up, his pride showing all over him as he thinks about it.

Int eh cafeteria, Tae-hee and Ye-na talk about Tae-hee’s “some” relationship with Oppa. Oppa comes in so Tae-hee tells him that they should sit together. But Tae-young does not think that they should eat together, he will go eat with the other guys and call her.

Yena looks at the guy table and sees Jung-ho shooting heart symbols at her. She asks Tae-hee why she is doing this privately, maybe they should make it public. tae-hee thinks that she also wants to keep it a little private.

But outside, we see that Soo-ah is working her evil on Tae-young. He waves at her so she smiles at him and gives him a bit more of a signal to show interest. he thinks back to her telling him that she would like to eat with him sometime.
Woo-young tries to help Kyung-seok find a good job in the college. He tells him that tutoring is a good job or he can get an outside job near the school. KS can ask him if anything is suspicious or weird, he tried all the jobs. But he also has to leave to prepare for class so he tells KS to eat slowly.

Chan-woo shows up and tries to eat with Kyung-seok. He says that he eats there to avoid the other kids because he did something stupid and abused his sunbae position. KS tells him that he has to apologize to Mirae not him. CW agrees and wants to know if he has seen MR recently, he really wants to apologize.

But KS just tells him that he will leave and walks away. CW grumbles about how hard it is to form a connection with KS (because his parents are powerful).

Outside, MR gets a call from CW. She is walking with Hyun-jug so they both wonder why he is texTing her. MR does not pick up the phone. HJ wonders if she is still afraid of him. MR says you don’t avoid poop becuase it is scary, it’s because it is dirty. But then CW runs up to them. He asks to talk to MR somewhere quiet, he would like to apologize to her.

MR does not want to go anywhere alone, she wants to go there with her friend. he understands and asks her if she would like to drink something. She says she is okay.

THEY GO TO A secluded part area where CW bows on his knees to her. He tells her that seh can hit him and yell at him, he likes violence the most (?). He tells her that he is 6 years older than her so he is very sorry to her. Please just hit me and forgive me.

MR thinks for a moment and says that itis okay. Just stand up. He thanks her for forgiving him. She tells him not to do it anymore. HJ is incredulous and tells CW that her friend was hurt a lot, he should be thankful that this is all that she is doing.

But when he walks away he grumbles about who that little on is (HJ), is her father a senator too?

Meanwhile, KS’s father is meeting with a pastor. They talk about giving each other help and then Dad waits for the signal for his driver to leave.

The driver leaves them alone and then the pastor and the politician father talk in banmal to each other. It looks like they are friends so they talk about their kids. KS’s dad says that KS is out of the house. But the pastor is Woo-jin’s father, lol, so he says that Woo-jin’s business has failed so they both should be back home soon.

Cut to Woojin at his bar. He meets with a realtor and with Jung-Boon. They all sit to talk about what options Woo-jin has. JB supports WJ and tries to help him out. The realtor brought a buyer with her so they all talk about it. They find a middle ground that WJ likes, but JB hits him and signals, NOOOOO. But WJ whispers that his abogi will kill him if he loses more money.

WJ’s Appa – It is all about the money, if you cut off the money they he will come back. Just cut his tuition. You should not give him any break, be strong! Parents won’t win over kids but kids will also not win over parents.

KS’s appa looks like a bit of a pushover and does not want to take away his son’s money. His friend the pastor tries to tell him to be strong. (but it is super playful).
WY is talking to the class and is pretty strict about things. But then YB stands up and says that she does not think that WY is too strict, she thinks he is following the manual well and has a lot of friends. WY is all like…um…okay…thank you. Then he keeps walking around the class.

Cut to YB telling the other two girls that she likes WY and wants to make a good impression with him. The other two asks her why but they are excited by this. YB talks about all the things she likes about WY. They think she is brave, how can she say all those things about him? YB says he does not have a girlfriend now, but his ex girlfriends where all super models.

Her friends tell her that she is pretty too. Tomboy is good, but it is not Woo-young’s style, maybe you can grow your hair? They all laugh happily at the prospect but it all stops when CW comes in.

They wonder what he wants. He says he is looking for a job for KS, they are good friends now after what happened before. They girls really don’t believe that (at least to me). Won-ho and Sung-woon come in too, CW asks if they know of a part time job too, but they don’t and they are also a bit scared of him.

Outside, JB and MR walk around. JB talks about how WJ had to sell his place, he lost all his money. They see WY helping out an older woman and think that Woo-young is two years younger than Woo-jin, but he has his stuff together a lot more. MR looks at WY with a smiles.

KS is sitting in class when SA asks him if she can sit next to him. He is all like, whatever. She sits next to him and asks him if he did the homework? Everyone says it is difficult. She notices that he solved it so she asks him if he can teach her.

he quickly shows her how to do it. But he shows it to her at the moment that MR walks in, so MR sees him suposedly chummy with SA. She is about to sit somewhere else but KS tells hr to sit there, he saved hr a seat.

MR timidly sits next to him. SA looks annoyed by this but KS is happy. Some other guys come in and asks why CW is looking for a job for him. KS says he needs a job to make money. YE tells SA that she is also independent. SA says that seh tries to be independent, it is fun, right?

They all start to talk about how kids from rich families get independence all of a sudden, it smells suspicious. SA says it is nonsense, but SW alludes to KS and SA dating. The other friend tells him to watch his mouth. KS is quiet, but thinks about MR’s feelings and looks at her.

KS’s father tells his driver to buy an expensive bag for his daughter. Then he goes somewhere. The driver goes to a bag store to get a bag. The salesperson tells the driver about two bags that are amazingly expensive and exclusive. But the salespeople gets sidetracked by how beautiful KS’s mother is. They even now that she is the president of a perfume company.

The driver connects that she is back and remembers the politician smiling. He tells the salespeople that he would like something for an older woman.
Outside somewhere, MR gets a call from Hye-sung to meet up (KS’s mother).

At school, Soo-ah asks if Kyung-seok would like to see if her coffee shop can give him a job. They go to the coffee shop where he gets interviewed. But they don’t hire parttimers and KS can’t do anything (like he can’t make drinks). The owner/manager thinks for a moment, but then he says that Su-ah also did not have any experience so maybe they can hire KS as well.

However, the other parttimers complain about how one of them will be fired because of KS and talk about how it is sad to be ugly. KS overhears them and goes back to the owner to tell him that he is sorry but he cannot work there. he leaves immediately.

the owner was in teh middle of calling a guy up so the guy shows up. The manager tells him that it is nothing, you are doing a good job. (so he got to keep his job).

Soo-ah runs after Kyung-seok. KS says that SA knew someone would get fired if he was hired. SA tells him that he is bad, how is this her fault. He tells her that he just does not want to affect others. he leaves and walks home.

MR is looking up he steps and mummbles Kyung-seok. He is behind her and wonders if she is waiting for him? She is shocked and says no….never….Ii was just waiting to see someone.

he asks if she is waiting for Woo-young. She says no but he still asks if she likes him.

MR was waiting for the mother who just showed up. But KS does not see it and keeps asking MR about WY and if she likes him and all that stuff. MR has to tell him several times that she does not.

The president walks up and kind of knows that the son likes her. She smiles. KS mentions that he lives around there, he moved recently. She asks if he is comfortable living there? It is not like home, right?

He says he is okay. Umma tells him that they should eat together sometime, then she calls for Mirae to come with her. KS says that they can eat together now. Umma is so surprised and says, of course!

They go to a jajangmyun place where KS chows down on a big bowl jajangmyun. MR and Umma just let him eat but Umma does give him water to drink to wash it all down.

he asks her why she is meeting with MR. MR says it is because Mirae likes perfume. KS asks if he can order something els. KS says that he wants soju…soju, maekju, and beer.

Umma orders it and purs the drinks for everyone. She makes a nice drink for all three of them and happily gives it to them. She takes it all in one gulp and so does KS. MR thinks that their drinking ability must be inherited.

Meanwhile, KS’s little sister gets the purse, but it is definitely a woman’s purse and not a girls purse. She is not impressed and looks at it all like, um…is this really for me? he says yes, it is the most expensive bag. Put your computer in it. the daughter is all like, okay…

At the bar, Umma talks about how she wanted to see him but couldn’t see him and didn’t call him just in case he hated her. But she is smiling as she looks at him warmly and tells him that he drinks well. MR mentions that KS is famous for drinking. KS says….maybe….it is because I am like you.

he bashfully looks at table. Umma pours him another drink and says that they can finish it here, let’s not leave any. They toast but the camera is on MR who is smiling brightly.

They leave after drinking their fill and run into WY. WY tells her that his new roommate is KS. She is all like….Kyung-seok is my son. WY tries to play it off like he does not know. All four of them talk kind of happily but awkwardly. WY invites them all to their place, they can drink some more and eat. Umma thinks, maybe a little bit? WY thinks it is a good idea and tells MR to come as well.

They all go to his place. Umma thinks WY’s house is cozy and asks WY to please take care of her son. She happily sits at the table and toasts with everyone.

KS asks MR if she is a better drinker now. She says that she is. Umma tells MR to talk to her comfortably since she is her sons friend. Umma asks KS if he has a girlfriend. He says no so she asks him if there is someone that he likes.

KS is trying to play it cool and says that he did not say that he likes someone. But umma says that he did nto deny it either, you cannot lie, you are the same as you were when you were little.

KS is all like, think the whatever you want. Everyone laughs. MR thinks that Umma is the happiest person at this moment and also thinks about all the growth that KS and his mother had over one year.

VO – Humans change and relationships change…and I never expected that I would meet my savior again and became like this. I never expected that I could say that the face genius Kyung-seok is my friend. Even if it is a little change, we cannot expect it now. but if it is that kind of warm change, then I would be happy. It is the first time that experiencing someone elses happiness is so happy to me.

She passes out smiling. Everyone is all like, MIRAE! Mirae sits up drunkenly and smiles. WY says that he can piggy back her home. But umma tells KS that he should do it (lol, she supports them). She then tells WY not to worry, they will get her home safely.

Umma and KS get home with MR still on his back. Hyun-jung is there so she helps get Mirae to her bed. Umma makes sure that Mirae is okay and then sys her goodbyes to Hyun-jung.

Umma and Kyung-seok walk out. umma tells him that he can come to her place if he wants. Maybe he will feel awkward since they lived apart for a long time. He says that it is not like that, he is trying to be independent. She asks him if he needs any money. he pauses but says that he is okay. She gives him some anyway and tells him to buy some cold drinks for Mirae in the morning.

It is a $50 bill. She says she has no change, so just take it. Her taxi comes so she looks at her son again and asks if she can hug him. He tells her yes.

A soft song starts to play as she hugs him gently. Umma really breathes in this moment and then looks at her son again.

Umma – Come to visit my place.

KS – Okay.

She walks away but looks one last time at Kyung-seok before getting in her car. Kyung Seok watches her go but looks at the money and then looks up surprised. He goes to a convenience store and asks for a bus card and a package of something.

His mother is very happy driving away.
Hyun-jung fills Mirae in on everything that happened last night and on how she got home. Mirae does not remember it all right away and is basically very hung over. She says she should have stopped at two cups. ARGH.

Later on, she walks down the steps to get to class. KS is waiting and tells her that she can drink 3 cups now. he gives her a vitamin pill and they walk off together. Mirae smiles as she puts the pill in her mouth.

At the bus stop, he ask her if she is okay. She says that she is okay. But seh heard that he gave her a piggy back ride. She is sorry that she ruined the party. he tells her, from now on, when I am not there, don’t drink more than 3 cups. Also, Don’t get piggy back rides from other men.

He looks at her as if this is not a drill.

Fade Out

This show is adorable. They might have heard the complaints about being too obvious with their social issues because this episode toned that way down to where it was not there at all. But I guess, without that to bring tension, there is only happy fluffiness left. Hopefully they are able to maneuver it well.


VO – Are you her boyfriend?
KS – Yes
MR – No …(why are you doing this?)
MR – It confuses me.
SA – Mirae and WY together?
WY – You are the prettiest person in our department. Aren’t you interested in having a boyfriend?
MR – Yes, I can have an interview today!
KS – Are they hiring any more people?
HJ – You ar going to a part-time job but you are doing a facepack?
WY – You are together with Mirae?
KS – Have you cried with joy?
MR – Hmm?
KS – I don’t know about crying but I am happy to see you again.
SA – Are they hiring more people? I like Kyung-seok.

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    Mi Rae and Kyung Seok! Ack! The cuteness.

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