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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Live Recap Episode 7

Stripped shirt and locked in a room in Kdrama My ID is Gangnam Beauty
Alright, we left off with our two mains locked in a room with one of them about to change her very wet and partially see through shirt. This would look strange to anyone who might walk in at the wrong moment.

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He asks her if she is all done, but she says not yet. He tells her to tell him when she is done. She thinks this is crazy. A cartoon starts playing as she thinks this is like going to an island and missing the last boat and having to stay there with someone.

She tells him to look at the wall, she has 20 seconds. he starts counting and she starts changing. He counts pretty slowly while she breaks her neck to put on the shirt. He has the longest pause before he says 20 then he keeps looking out the window.

She looks at his reflection for a moment and then tells him that she is all done.

he slowly turns to face her and she faces him, they are both pretty awkward. But then he tells her that he thinks it is backwards. he will give her another 30 seconds. She runs to the side and tells him not to do that and just look at her when she says done.
Outside, Soo-ah is walking with Lee Ji-hyo. JH thinks SA is uspet. But then Won-ho and Sung-woon come up. he was looking for her all day so his friend asks if they can take a photo together. SA smiles and pulls him into a photo. The friend tells Ji-hyo to step aside so his friend and SA can be in the photo together.

But then two more guys come up so now there are 3 guys and SA in the photo. Suddenly, JH gets a text message, but it looks like it is to KS. It is from his father and asks him to please support his political campaign.

Inside the room, KS tells her that she was cool, what she did to that trashy guy was cool. But she says that everyone knows her nickname now. he says that he didn’t know it. She is all like, everyone knew, how didn’t you know? he says that he was ostricized. She mentions that everyone wanted to be with him He asks her if it was because he was handsome? if you did not misunderstand me, could we have been friends in middle school?

She asks why he had to do that with her, there were a lot of pretty girls around. he tells her that he does not like pretty girls. MR is all like….well….so you like me because I was….ugly?

He says it was funny.

Because I was ugly?

No, your sitting dance, it was funny. I liked it because it was funny.

Just then two more people come into the room to deliver some items. They walk over to them. It is Kim Tae-hee and the guy that likes her. They asks hr why they were there. MR says she changed her clothes, but then she realizes how that sounds and quickly leaves.

KS and MR walk away. He tells her that he is not ostracized now, he has a friend – you. MR thinks that she has never had a friend that was a man before. Suddenly fireworks go off. They both smile at the fireworks. But KS is more interested in looking at KS as she smiles at the fireworks. Soo-ah sees them and looks at them in her jealous way.


Later on, he walks her to the bus stop. She tells him that he can leave, she can go home. He looks as if he wants to walk her all the way. But she just runs into the bus and leaves quickly.

he watches her ride away as he touches the back of his head bashfully. Inside the bus, she thinks that he told her that he has a friend….you. But then it seems as if she is on the wrong bus and tries to tell the bus driver.
Elsewhere, SA finds out that KS’s father is the politician, so she reads all about him on the internet and finds out that his parents are divorced and that Hye-sung is his mother.

KS finds out that his sister is at the bottom of her class. She is 23 out of 26 but three people don’t even go to school. His sister is pretty sad about it. She knows that she did something wrong. But he goes into her room and tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong, not studying well is not a sin. She says that’s right and starts to softly sob.

Flashback to KS crying, but his father tells him that he should not cry. He yells at him about it. But his mother comes up and tells the father to not yell at him. The father says that men should be strong, I give him everything, do not come back inside the house!

But umma hugs her son and asks why he is sad. Later on she sits on a bench with him and tells him that men can cry. The real strong person is a person that cares about someone who is weaker than they are. You are brave and handsome and have a lot of things to be careful about.

KS thought about all this as his sister fell asleep.

The news is spreading about KS’s father being a senator and his mother being the president of the fragrance company. SA and JH spread this all around so now everyone is talking about it. KS also overhears some people talking about it but does not bring it up.

Elsewhere on campus, MR gets a text from her appa. he tells her to eat well. She gets to class and has to brace herself for any rumors or if anyone is talking about her. But actually they are all talking about KS’s parents and how they divorced and all that.

SA comes into the room very happily and says hello to MR. She tells her hello as well, but does not look overly happy about it. SA sits and asks JH if she spread the rumor about KS around.

KS shows up and everyone gets quiet as if the professor just came in. SA tells JH to give her his cell phone. Then she gives it to KS. There is an image of his father on the phone so he tells SA that she is the worst. SA looks stunned to hear it. (Maybe only JH spread the rumor around and not SA?).

the professor comes in so everyone gets to work.
After class, MR asks KS if he is going to the celebration, he asks her if he is. She says she is going so he asks her if she took the wrong bus right? But she says that she had to visit another place! She gets a call from sunbae which makes KS turn his head quickly to her.

Cut to Mirae going to the sunbae’s office. He does not notice her because he is practicing the dance that Mirae did during the freshman conference. But then he notices her and has her sit. he says he has to go to the fragrance company and they would also like Mirae to come because they liked her candle. Do you have time?

She says that they have a party, but maybe she can be a little late tot he party. She is about to leave, but WY asks her how she does this move. He holds up the cell phone so she starts to show him how to do it.

At the bar, JB helps WJ get his place in order. She asks him if he is picking another parttimer, does he not have any pretty girls? He says he does not have any money. Maybe he is going out of business. Perhaps he should get some money from his apartment. She asks to see his bookkeeping.

they sit so she goes through his bookkeeping and basically says it all looks likea primary school student put this together. you should get someone who can do bookkeeping. he tells her she is hired. She pretends to be excited but then tells him that he thinks she would act like this, but now is not the time!

On campus, WY walks with MR. He says he likes girls that can dance (I think). Then they both smell a fragrance so they talk about how fragrances change depending on who wears them. It is the same as how two people do the same dance move differently. She kind of shows him how to do the dance again, he tries it and tells her that he respects her ability a lot.

then they start to walk again. he kind of brings up his house warming party and makes it sound like it is not a big party. Kyung-seok is also coming. MR is all like, huh?!?

Cut to Kyung-seok getting a mountain dew from the vending machine. He gets a lot of texts that talk about the house warming party. But then JH comes up to him and basically apologizes for telling some people about his parents and how the news spread rapidly. She did not mean that.

KS thinks that he owes SA an apology so he finds her and apologizes. SA tells him that he thinks all her behavior is formulated, it is his free will to think about her in whatever way, but this time it made her mad. She also does not have a mother so she knows how it will feel for someone to know about that. It is a point that would hurt her and he is the only person that knows.

MR and WY go to the company. But the secretary at the front tells them that the CEO went to the emergency room, she is not sure why. MR and KS leave right away.

Cut to the bar, the sunbae has the two other boys apologize for talking about the way they looked and all those things. the sunbae tells them that he yelled at them a lot about it and they are not actually bad guys they will do better. The woman say that they accept their apology but only if they do better in the future. So everyone is cool and they all get to having fun.

But then KS and SA come in together which turns everyones heads. SA is so happy that people think they might be a couple. KS is not so much.

MR and WY get tot he hospital and find out that Hye-sung ate something that went bad. She lost her ability to smell after an accident so she sometimes eats foods that go bad.

MR and WY are stunned to find this out, what about the company? The secretary/manager says that she is like a painter who lost their ability to see but still is able to make amazing painting. that is what makes her so great.

WY leaves with the manager guy. He tells WY that the CEO is actually pretty famous. He wanted to tell her son, but he might get angry. He is actually in your department, Do Kyung-seok. But don’t tell him, it is our secret okay? WY nods, but looks concerned.

MR stayed with the Mom in the hospital room. She looks at her with concern and then looks at her cell phone.
Back at the bar, the upperclass women all sit togteher and talk about WY. YE also sits with them as they eat and relax. But then one of them hops up to sing at the kareoke machine.

SA decides to hop up and help out KS int he bar. The sunbae is also singing directly to KS. KS does not give either one attention. SA sticks around and tells him that she did not want to tell him about that, but it feels good telling someone.

The sunbae goes back to sit after she sees SA and KS together (I think). JH, WH, and SW sit at the same table and talk about how SA and KS are the perfect visual pair, like parallel lines. But another person says that parallel lines don’t meet.

Someone gets on the mic and wants SA to sing, so it looks like she might go up there to sing. But KS went outside to take a phone call. Mirae called him to let him know that his mother is hospitalized due to food poisoning. She also cannot smell due to an accident and no one is around to be with her int he hospital, can you come?


Well, I have to tell you something. I saw your mom in our neighborhood in middle school. I think she was lonely.

Let’s hang up.

he hangs up the phone but is fuming internally. He gets a text with the address from Mirae but she also left a note telling him that she will not bother in his private life anymore.

In the hospital, Hye-sung is awake and apologetic to Mirae, she asks her manager to take Mirae home. But the manager does not want to leave Hye-sung there alone. Mirae lets them know that she can get home by herself. Umma tries to sit up and tells Mirae thank you. She smiles at her.

Mirae leaves and lets WY that Hye-sung woke up, seh is okay. Inside the room, the manager lets Hye-sung know that WY showed up as well. Hye-sung is so embarrassed. the manager wants Hye-sung to hire a secretary, what if something worse happened?

But it looks like Hye-sung does not want to hire anyone.

KS is at the mothers hospital door and thinks about his mother hugging someone in the past (I think the manager). In the present the manager tells Hye-sung that she should at least get a boyfriend, then he can take care of you at least. But she tells him to shut up, she does not want to hear it anymore.

he asks her if she wants to get old missing her kids. But she tells him that he should get a girlfriend. Just leave, I will be int he hospital myself.

She flips over to sleep, but then sees Kyung-seok. Both their eyes grow wide as they look at each other.

he goes inside so they sit together on the couch. She is thankful that he came and she is also thankful to Mirae. She missed him so much but she does not know what to say to him. She cannot even say sorry. he tells her to say sorry if she is sorry, and…what are you sorry about.

Umma – I was not next to you guys. i regretted it a lot. i just needed to change my mind, that is all I needed.

Flashback to a pregnant Hye-sung. Her husband wanted her to stop working and just stay home, but she wanted to keep working. Later on, after having the babies, Hye-sung and appa argue a lot. She tells him that she took care of him and the kids. She needs a little help. But the husband does not know why she wanted to work, just stay home.

Umma – those questions that female acrtresses are asked a lot, what is more important, home or work…I did not know I would get those questions as well.

She says that she could not smell after her accident and was worried about being a perfumist. KS’s phone rings on the table, it is his father. But he does not notice it and does not pick up.

The father hangs up. His driver wants to know if the father has any secrets that will make KS go to his mother and leave the father. The father is all like….really dude? Really? Just drive.

KS is still in his mothers room. But now she is in her bed and he is just sitting on the couch. She tells him to go home, it is late. But he says it is okay. he is not able to look at her though.

Appa is waiting at home as well.

KS sits for awhile in his mothers hospital room, but then he finally gets up. He sees that she is sleeping so he grabs his bag and starts to head out. But then he stops and turns to look at her again.

He tells her, be healthy. Then he leaves.

Umma is not sleeping and opens her eyes slowly.

KS gets home the next morning. His father wants to know where he went. He says that he saw Na Hye-sung. Appa understands that he missed her, he understands him. But she can not understand her. He says that she came back in middle school but I could not see her.

Did she say that I would not let you see her?


Okay, I made it so that she could not see you. But she had an affair and left home.

She did not. Why did you lie to us.

She just called you out with that excuse of getting sick and finally told you.

It is not an excuse, she had food poisoning. She lost her sense of smell after an accident.

Appa looks stunned and a bit concerned perhaps. He says that it was a mistake, just once….I hit her….

KS looks at his father, completely hurt and raged.

His father says that women should stay home, she did not want to stay home. We cut to a flashback of his mother and his father talking. he is a bit drunk and wants his mother to stay home but she does not want to. She calls him narrow minded. But his ego is hurt so he slaps her across the face and she falls to the ground.

Appa – After I heard that her smelling sense is gone, I begged her, I told her that I would make her happy. But seh went crazy.

KS – You ruined someones life and just said that?


You are screwing up our life with your lies You think family is important.

DOn’t say that, i am the one that raised you.

if I knew this in advance then i would not live with you. i would live alone.

then leave!

So you kicked Mom out like this also?


KS gets up to leave. His father calls his name several times, but KS just closes the door on him.

MR gets a text on the bus from WY. Can anyone not eat pork? HJ and MR say that they can eat everything. It is a group text, but KS is not responding to it.

MR gets off on the next stop and meets up with her father. She runs up to him and asks why he is there, I can walk. But her father tells her to just get inside and opens the door to his taxi for her.

They go home to eat a home cooked meal. Appa takes a lot of photos of his daughter and tells her she is pretty from all angles. Appa tells her to just let her eat. Umma tells him that he is still not familiar with her new look, you worry about ehr all the time but still don’t give her eye contact.

Of course I do!

He tries to look at his daughter in the eye but looks up and down and around. It is a cute moment.

Mirae asks if it is still weird. Umma says he is not familiar with her face yet. But appa steady denys it. Umma thinks they should go to norebang.

At KS’s house, his sister asks if oppa left home.

KS is looking for Woo-jin’s house and is at his apartment, but it look slike Woo-jin moved to the bar in order to save money. KS finds him there so they talk in a back room. WJ wants to know how KS can leave home with no solution. Do you have money?

He grumbles about how it is summer but he can’t turn on the AC, just go home, independence is not easy. if you lose your timing then you will become like me.

Cut to SA leaving a convenience store in her neighborhood. YE sees her there which catches SA of guard, she thought she lived in a richer neighborhood. SA says that she became independent earlier. YE tries to talk to her cheerfully, but when SA leaves it looks like she knows that SA is lying about it and did not want to make her uncomfortable.

Appa and Umma wile out in the karaoke bar with their daughter. Appa actually is good at dancing and knows all the dances, so it looks like Mirae’s dancind ability came from her appa. Appa and Mirae are dancing and singing addicts and want to go all night. Umma is so tired.

Mirae and Appa walk home together holding hands. They look so adorable.

Mirae tells appa that he is still alive and appa tells Mirae that he is sorry. he adores her but thta does not mean that her life is happy, he was only thinking about himself.

Appa – You are still pretty….daughter.

Mirae – Appa, you had a hard time….sorry.

Appa touches Mirae on the cheek and tells her that it is okay. If you cry then you will look ugly. Let’s go. They both laugh and walk off. Appa tells her that he forgot that BTS song. Theys tart laughing about BTS and dancing.
KS tries to sleep in the same bed with WY, but there are neon lights in his room so KS can’t sleep. he probably has a lot on his mind as well. He goes downstairs to sleep but he can’t and thinks about his mother spraying perfume all the time. This was probably when she could not smell anything so she would spray it all and break them in frustration.

At Mirae’s house, Umma wakes up and wonders where her husband is. She finds him downstairs in his taxi. It looks like he is changing the old picture of Mirae to a new family photo. But he tells her that she should give him a chance to say good bye to Mirae’s old face.

Umma looks touched, and apologizes. Appa says his goodbye and gets out. Umma tells him that she is really sorry, but he tells her that they can go in. He walks in, but umma cries outside next to the taxi.

Cut to WJ getting ready for the house warming party. he is on the rooftop and sets it all up for the party.

Later on, Mirae and HJ show up and talk about how amazing the place looks they also brought a gift to WY, cologne. WY smells it and says that CEO was right, you are talented.

They go outside to the little pyongsang deck to eat. HJ thinks it is so cool to live here, can we come by often? WY is happy about that. Mirae wonders whee KS is, she checks her text but then he shows up walking to the rooftop with a flatscreen. He tells them that it is not new, but it should be okay right?

Fade Out

I am ready for cute moments! Bring them on so I can live vicariously through this couple and wish that I was in college again.


HJ – Maybe KS likes you.
KS – hey, MR, we also should watch a movie together.
HJ – Well, this is the first time in her life that she is watching a movie with someone, especially with the face genius (model guy).
MR – (she says something like “No, why do I want to see him over and over again”)
SA – Would you like to watch a movie with me?
KS – I have another person to watch the movie with.
WY – You are moving in to my place? You?
KS – Yes.
Appa – What do you want? Are you getting your revenge on me?
MR – Is it even possible to think of that kind of guy as a male human friend?

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  1. Emily
    August 17, 2018 / 10:06 am

    Thanks so much for the recap! Loving this show, so I’m watching without subs and your descriptions help so so much.

    • V
      August 17, 2018 / 10:24 am

      So happy to help out Emily 🙂

  2. Sefa
    August 17, 2018 / 10:28 am

    neomuuu komapseumidaaaa !

    I was laughing smiling shouting happily reading this while looking at soompi forum screencap. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  3. Hana
    August 17, 2018 / 10:34 am

    Thanks for the recap! Can’t wait for the next episode.

  4. Lyana
    August 17, 2018 / 10:41 am

    Lovely! Thanks alot. This helps while waiting for the subs heheh lots of love from singapore

    • V
      August 18, 2018 / 7:01 am

      You’re welcome Lyana and I am super curious as to how to pronounce your name! Is it Lee-ah-nuh or is the first part pronounced like the word “lie” possibly? It is so pretty 🙂

  5. Small Birdy
    August 17, 2018 / 10:50 am

    Omo! A picture with KS’s precious face…..uwaaaah…..thanks, V!

    Poor sunbae is not going to have a chance with Mirae is he? I’m kinda hoping for him and HJ to pair up though, she is adorable.

  6. Sashaa
    August 18, 2018 / 6:55 am

    A lot of movement this episode. Am glad they resolved the mother issue effectively. And can’t wait for KS to find his passion/life direction.

    I am really enjoying the dynamics between these two. It’s so awkward but yet so sweet. Like you said I could use some happy moments from these two.

    Also, I want his sister to find some family and friends. Poor kid. She really needs some warmth and people around her.

    And how adorable is MR and her father. I liked that it took time for them to accept it. It was such a natural progression. Am happy that even when she went through hardship/bullying she had such a loving family to come home to. No wonder she turned out to be such a nice person and talented one too.

    SooAh. Hope our couple is mature enough to
    Not let her affect them.

    Oops. Ended up a long comment.

    • V
      August 18, 2018 / 7:12 am

      her family is so wonderful! I love that Mirae got her dancing from her Daddy, lol. Those two would go all night if they didn’t have to take Mom home.

      I’m really happy that KS’s mother issue got resolved quickly as well. All is understood with the divorce, not so much with the nose problems, but I guess a blow to the nose could cause this issue. (like a 1 in 100k occurrence or something similar)

  7. Sashaa
    August 18, 2018 / 6:58 am

    Small birdy, Nope. Sunbae didn’t step up his game early on.
    He is still keep his safe distance as a senior.
    Am curious about the senior girl(tomboyish). Looks like she has a crush on our TA too.

    • V
      August 18, 2018 / 7:13 am

      Oh, I didn’t notice that!

    • Small Birdy
      August 18, 2018 / 9:08 am

      Yea, sunbae is kinda glacial. Somehow, for a sunbae, he is still like a freshman in the romance department? Hahaha! It was a bit different in the webtoon.

      Ah…to be in college again….

  8. gery
    August 18, 2018 / 9:07 am

    Anyone know the song that was playing when they watched the fireworks?!?!

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