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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Live Recap Episode 16

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We are at the final episode! Lot’s of things to come considering our OTP just got together and had their first kiss at the end of the last episode. I am waiting for the parents reaction, I know it is going to be the most adorable thing ever.

I loved recapping this show with everyone, it’s been a lot of fun on this trip back to college. If anyone is looking for another show to sink into, then try out The Third Charm which premiers in this same time slot next week. I translated both trailers on our twitter page which I linked to the bottom of the last episode.

Also, just realized that all our twitter links on this drama were wrong. I updated them all so all the links should be the proper link now!

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Shorthand: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Countdown: Recapping!…check twitter for updates.

We open with the kiss! KS is kissing Mirae on the couch and their song is playing. He stps kissing her and asks her if she was surprised. She says….a little bit. He apologizes. But she says that it wasn’t like that.

They look at each other for another moment.

MR – Should we sleep?

KS – Huh?

MR – Huh?….AH!

She hops upand says that she didn’t mean that thing…just sleeping. He tells her that he did not say anything. He can sleep on the couch and thent ake the first bus. But she says that they can leave together, but your clothes….her appas clothing is too small for you.

He says he is fine, but they should go to sleep. If she goes to sleep then he will go to sleep so….good night. She turns to go to her room.

He tells her good night as well and sits on the couch.

VO – Something unrealistic, not a dream, but dream like.

She thinks back to the kiss and says, ah! It was my first kiss! She falls on the bed and rolls around with all the feels.

He sits on the couch, but then he tries to lay back and get comfortable. He thinks about the kiss also relaxes.

But then MR comes back out suddenly, she remembered something. She goes to the room and grabs her picture. He hops up. She apologizes to him but he says it is nothing. She tells him goodnight again and leaves. She puts her picture in her drawer and sits on her bed, a bit concerned. She takes a deep breath to let all the anxiety out.

He also breathes out deeply and curls into the couch.

They both try to sleep. Mirae looks over her shoulder as if she is trying to hear Kyung-seok, then she rolls back over and closes her eyes.

KS is about to sleep, but he gets a phone call. But it is not his phone, it is Mirae’s phone. Her mom is calling. KS sits up and holds the phone until it turns off. But then they he sees the text.

Umma: Are you okay? I worry about you.

KS knocks on Mirae’s door, she is fast asleep. He knocks pretty lightly a few more time, but she does not wake up. So he tries to answer the text, but then umma calls again. KS picks it up.

Umma – Hello! Mirae!

KS – Hello

U – Who are you?

KS – Don’t be surprised


KS I am Do Kyung-seok.

Video Call!

Umma asks why he is picking up Mirae’s phone. He tells her that she is sleeping inher room, he is in the living room. He shows her the living room. Umma is all like, why are you there? He tells her that they came to this neighborhood but there was no bus. She asks, you and mirae only? What is your relationship?

KS – I am her boyfriend


KS Yes, I am sorry to surprise you.

Appa – What are you doing outside?

Umma – Goodnight.

Umma hangs up and tells Appa that she was talking to Miraes boyfriend. She is stunned. Do you know who that guy is……THAT SUPER HANDSOME BOY! She giggles to herself.

But then KS gets another video call. It is appa this time!

Appa – Are you dating Mirae?

KS – Yes

Appa – I will tell you one thing, we have CCTV in the house, I am recording everything, Goodbye.

He hangs up, but KS is left super alarmed and looks around. He thinks back to the kiss as if that might be his last moment on earth. He also looks at the drinks and snacks. He picks it up and takes them to he kitchen while looking around.
Mirae wakes up with a groan and thinks that it is 7am and she still has to wash and put on makeup, her face is going rotten since she did not wash, but it is bette than showing her bare face.

She goes outside with her face partly covered, but then she sees KS sleeping on the couch in a very uncomfortable position. he is sleeping sitting. he sits up with his eyes still closed and asks where the CCTV is. She is all like, what are you talking about, we don’t have anything like that at home….why, did you have a dream?

He groans and says he willsleep 10 more minutes. Then he curls up on the couch to sleep.

Cut to Appa driveing so fast to get home. But Umma tells him to drive slowly, they already left the house. Umma talks to her daughter very happily about the CCTV and about how they can’t talk freely since he is next to her. She hangs up with a big smile.

KS wakes up ont he bus and asks if her parents don’t like him? Maybe he should not have picked up the phone. She asks if it bothers him, he says it does. She mentions that this is the first time she has seen him concerned with anything. He mentions, of course, because it is your paretns.

She tells him not to worry about it, it is because you are my first boyfriend. He asks her if she slept well, if not then you can rest your head on my shoulder. She does and also tells him that he should lean his head on hers as well. She lightly touches his head to rest on hers. They both smile.

Meanwhile, WY is talking to the police about the photo of Soo-ah. He wants them to remove it and take down the site. The police understand this but they tell WY that the victim has to move forward herself to remove it.

Soo-ah is having a nightmare about the clicking sound and sits up in bed. She answers her phone softly after looking at it ring for awhile, then she goes to meet with Woo-young.

They meet in a cafe, he tells her what happened, but she asks who said it was her? She names some names. WY says that Won-ho told him, he just worried about you. But Soo-ah does not want to believe it. He tells her that it will bother her to leave it like this, they should punish that person. If the victim does not want to do it then they won’t.

She tells him that she does not want to be a victim or a crazy person. He tries to reason with her, she is a victim, not a crazy person. But she says that she will become a crazy person if she moves forward with it. He says that they can tell the polcie to keep her identity quiet. When they arrest that person then no rumors will spread. But she tells him that she hates everything, just leave me alone.

She leaves, WY calls her name but she continues walking off.

Elsewhere, Mirae and KS talk on the phone. She says that HJ was still sleeping when she got home. They talk about doing something later. But neither one of them hang up the phone. Hang up….no, you hang up…..no you hang up.

They finally hang up with Mriae giggling about not knowing that it would be so hard to hang up. But then she gets a message. She calls KS back and tells him that YE wants to talk to her about Soo-ah. he does not want her to. But MR says that SA is not doing well, so she should talk to her. Don’t worry.

Cut to Soo-ah eating a very tiny meal from a tuna can. She hears a little meow and runs out. She drains the liquid from the tuna before giving it to the cat (to remove the salt).

Mirae meets with YE. YE tells her all that Soo-ah told her. Mirae says that it is hard since she liked Soo-ah from the begining, she was so happy that she wanted to be her friend. A pretty person like Soo-ah wanted to be her friend so it made her feel pretty as well. But seh can’t help her so she does not want to do it.

YE says it makes sense, not know, but later, if you become friends then Soo-ah’s life might change. Mirae says that she hasn’t even taken care of herself, how can she cahnge someone elses life?

YE says that people say you get hurt by others so you also get healed by others, I don’t understand it, but I know that the person that can influence Soo-ah the most is not Kyung-seok or anyone, it is you.

Meanwhile, Kyung-seok thinks about Mirae wanting to hear about Soo-ah and mutters that she should be a little less nice.

But he sits up when he hears WY come in. WY looks sad and gloomy so KS asks if anything happened. WY says no, but then he asks if anyone follows Soo-ah at school. KS says Jang Won-ho. So WY says it is nothing, never mind.

Mirae gets a call from KS, she says she is with Woo-eun eunnie, no, you don’t have to come and pick me up….(YE smiles).

WY looks on the internet and reads the comments about Soo-ah. The kid says he should not be harrassed like this, he knows where she lives, he will show up and do it.

WY immediately tries to call Soo-ah, but she is not picking up her phone.

Sooah is at home feeding the cat happily. But then that crazy kid shows up. he tells her that she ignored him and looked down on him. He shuts the gate.

Soo-ah looks scared and alarmed. He tells her to apologize to him. They are still standing outside.

At the cafe, Yoo-eun tells Mirae that seh thinks Kang-seok likes her more than seh likes him. Mirae thinks they are equal. But YE smiles and says that just becuase you both like each other doesn’t mean that you like each other equally, one person calls more and wants to hang out more. Kyung-seok shows up and sits with them. But then YE gets a call from WY.

YE tells him that she lives in the same neighborhood as Soo-ah, he asks if she saw her lately. YE wonders if she should go there? But WY tells her no. He hangs up and mutters that they should not be in danger together.

YE tells KS and Mirae that WY asked about SOo-ah. Kyung-seok thinks back to WY looking concerned, he asks if YE knows where Soo-ah lives.

She asks what she did to him. Montage of all the moments that he was in her life.

He says that he tried to give up, but she also liked him, she said hi to him and smiled at him first. She thinks, did I? Flashback of her saying hi to him.

He yells at her, that cat name is me! That is not a common name! You gave it to the cat on purpose so I will pay attention to you. You also like photos, you want to take photos with me also.

Soo-ah says that Dong-won should be in the photo, too, in a flashback.

He yells that she did not like him and looked down no him. She tells him that it was a misunderstanding! She tries to leav but he pushes her down and says that they had “some” why are you saying it differently now!

He grans her and tells her to apologize to him, if you don’t…do you know what this is? He holds up a bottle of acid.

Kyung-seok and the other girls are walking. KS says he does not feel good about this. But then they hear a scream. they look up and Dong-won is running, he runs right to them. KS starts to chase him. YE chases after them too. KS kicks Dong-won and then rolls him over, he asks what he did!

Dong-won says that she did not apologize to him. KS is all like, what?

Upstairs, Soo-ah has her head down, she is crying and her hair is wet. She says that he sprayed something on her. Something is on her face! She is holding her face, but Mirae says that it is nothing. She tries to hold her face. But Mirae tells her that it is nothing, it is water, it is just water.

But SOo-ah yells, DON’T COME NEAR ME! I am going to die.

She grabs the broken glass and holds it to her neck. Mirae tells her to put it down. Then seh tells her to look at her, look at this, you are okay, nothing happened to you. You are okay.

Sooah looks at her face in Mirae’s phone. She is able to calm herself when she sees that she is okay. She puts the glass down. Mirae tries to help her stand up, but Soo-ah tells her to go away, whya re you here? Why is someone like you helping me? WHy do dyou pretend that you are better than me and happier than me? You are not prettier than me. Just stop!

Mirae – You, I hate you, okay! I feel like I am talking to a wall. Okay, I am not pretty, I had surgery, I was not happy because I was not pretty! Are you happy because you are prtty! Why do you have to do this! Why do we haev to be like this! You are not fat, but you try to lose weight and throw up and get surgery. Like we will die if we don’t get pretty. Our face is a gold mine(?). We fight each other because of our looks. We get surgery and fight, why should we do this. I really don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it anymore. I will, from today, I will rethink what makes me really happy. I will do it.

Mirae is crying as she lets it all out. They stare at each other for a long time.
WY tells SOo-ah’s grandmother that Soo-ah is okay. DOn’t worry. KS and MR are at the hospital too. He asks ehr if she is okay. She says, yeah.

MR – So….Can I be next to Soo-ah a little bit?

KS – Don’t you hate her?

MR – I hate her, you also hate her, but you helped her so can I be next to her?

KS – It is up to you, whatever you want to do.

MR – Thank you, I will call you.

She gets up and goes to be with SOo-ah. KS stays on the bench. WY sits next to him and wonders what kind of guy would do that…he says that he will be kicked out of school when he is done with the polcie. He asks if KS is waiting for Soo-ah, KS says he was waiting for WY so they can go home togehter.

WY tells him, hey….you are so kind all of a sudden.

KS – It is not all of a sudden, when you were drunk, I brushed your teeth.

WY – What? You brushed my teeth?

KS – yes, and I made you breakfast.

WY – That day…..you didn’t really brush my teeth right….

Mirae goes into the room to sit with Soo-ah, she is still sleeping. YE is by her bedside. YE tells her, if you need me just call me anytime. She leaves. Mirae sits in the seat YE was sitting in and looks at Soo-ah.

MR – Fool, you are more foolish than me. We should stop living like that.

Soo-ah is still sleeping. She opens her eyes to a new bright morning and sees Mirae sleeping next to her, she is holding her hand. Mirae is still in her chair, but she is resting on the bed.

JH asks what the picture on the internet was, Won-Ho says it was her back, he is not sure if it ws her or not. JH is worried about her, she thought they were friends. JB tells her that she was her friend but seh talked so bad about her. JH says she didn’t ! Everyone knew she was dating all these guys, her image is all ruined.

Someone talks about how DOg-won says that Soo-ah is all lies and all fake all of a sudden. JH says something else bad about someone so JB tells her that whenever seh opens her mouth sh says something bad about someone. Just eat.

Soo-ah meets with a counselor and talks to her about what happened. The counselor says that things will get better through counseling. Do you have anyone that you can rely on that can walk with you? Soo-ah says that she thought she did, but she does not.

She leaves hesitantly, but then she sees YE standing there. YE calls her name and asks, why, you did not see me waiting here? I will walk with you if it doesn’ tbother you.

YE and Soo-ah take the bus home, YE tells her that the cake at a certain place is wonderful, let’s eat it later. No one knows that you went through these things. The rumor did not spread because everyone holds their mouth. Mirae, Kyung-seok, WY…Sooah says that YE is included also.

YE – Mirae says that she liked you from the begining becuase you said you were her friend. Her heart went pitter patter.

YE takes her all the way to her door. She thanks her and then sees the cat. She pets the cat and YE asks ehr if seh liked cat. Soo-ah says that she does, she likes cats.

At the start of school, everyone knows that Kyung-seok and Mirae are dating now after their internship. They think Mirae is so lucky, maybe she saved Korea in a past life.

KS and Mirae walk in which makes everyone cheer, yay for the class couple! They are both pretty stunned. They ask if they are really dating. KS says they are really dating.

Everyone gushes and swoons. Sung-woon tells them not to kiss in the class.

KS – Okay, I willnot do it in the classroom.

SW – You will do it after class!!!!!

MR – DO not answer those people.

KS – You told me to be nice to people.

Change scenes to Yoon-byul, Tae-hee and Yena. Yena is applying to be an exchange student. She has a high gpa. YB asks about her gpa. She asks them if they think that pretty girls don’t have high gpa? YB tells her that she did not think she was pretty, she was just asking about her grades. Tae-hee wonders what they will have at lunch. they playfully talk about that for a moment.

But then Tae-Young comes up to them.

He sits with Tae-hee to the side and apologizes for hurtng her and everything. She says that is okay, you can’t control your own heart you know. He says that he could not control himself because he thinks about her over and over again. But tae-hee tells him that she is sorry but she does not think about him at all.

When we are not dating, that person looks good, but after dating, they aren’t. You were like that to me, so I became okay right away. DOn’t get hurt, bye. She leaves.

Cut to WY talking to another upperclassman. This guy says that he will be the calss representative (he used to be super annoying). WY tsks and tells him to do a good job until they elect someone. DOn’t cause trouble. Then he starts to talk to WY about a very pretty girl in another department. She asked me to introduce you to her, would you like to date her?

WY says no. He does not have a girlfriend but he has to fall in love at first sight, sorry. He walks off.

All the while, CW was sneaking their conversation and asks who this girl is. If WY does not do it then introduce me. But the sunbae just leaves annoyed.

WY catches up with Hyun-jung and wants to talk to her about shooting the breeze things. But she is a bit low and asks him if he can buy her a drink. They go tot he bar. She tells WY that her sunbae tried to introduce her to some 30 something year old guy! It is not like she knew that person and was close with him, how can she be introduced to a freshman!

WY thinks that is really bad, if he knew the name then they would have to reveal his age first. She says that she was talking about Korean age. She wants to meet a normal guy and talk about normal dating. It is difficult.

WY tells her that there are no normal dates. She wonders who he will meet, he says he does not know. They both have a bit of googly eyes but not neccessarily at each other?
Elsewehere, Mirae is tutoring someone. The girl asks Mirae where she got her face done. But Mirae tells her that they are studying now okay? She asks if she did it all at once or separate times?

Mirae asks if she cannot study because of her? But the student says that she can, Mirae is the best tutor.

How much did it cost?

Look at thiiiiiiiis, it is improtant.


What is it this time?

Can I use the bathroom?


Mirae smiles and thinks that she needs to endure this so she can make money to buy Kyung-seok a birthday gift.

Kyung-seok works at a restaurant, his sister brought her friends to it. They think that he is so handsome, is he real? KS tells them that he will buy everything. His sister asks what his ID says

ID: I have a girlfriend

Later on, MR texts KS to tell him that she just got there. But he is behind her and starts talking to her.

KS – You are so bad, am I just a frind (he is friend in her phone)

MR – Oh, this? I was thinking of changing it but I don’t know what to change it as, What am I saved as?

KS – I don’t know

MR – What is my name saved as

KS – Chemestry Department 2018 Kang Mirae

MR – Are you mad? Okay….I will change it. What do you want to do on Saturday, do you have an appointment? If you don’t then lets go somewhere together.

KS – Okay.

HJ is drunk and asks WJ if he is 33! Ajusshi are you 33! But WY pulls HJ’s drunken self away.

WJ is on the phone and starts to talk to KS again. He asks when girlfriends thinks that boyfriends are not special anymore. WJ asks if he is having problems already with Mirae. KS says no and hangs up. JB comes to the bar and sits with WJ.

Flashback. Mirae and KS meet up at a cafe. They talk about each others birthdays. He tells her that he is 10 days older than her. She laughs and says that he is her oppa.

Kyung Seok wonders if she forgot about it.

At the bar, JB talks to Wj about his business. He asks her if she would like to go to his fathers business? She asks if anyone can go there? (After coughing up her drink). He says yes, anyone can go there.

He takes her to his fathers church. JB bows and introduces herself. Appa is happy to meet her. Later on, JB tells WJ that he should have thought about his business since he likes to drink a lot. WJ says that is the biggest problem.

The senator meets with Hye-sung to apologize. He also tells her that he only had two women that he liked. 26year old Na Hye-Sung and 46 year old Na Hye-sung.

HS – I am 47.

Dad – what?

She gets up to leave. His butler comes and tells him that he was fired so he is not in his campaign anymore. The senator says that is true. The senator says that he is sorry he released his anger on him. The assistant says he got a better job, he is secretary to the head of the political party, he will say nice things about the dad to him, hyung. He pats him on the shoulder, Hey, hyung, take care.

Cut to a very short haired girl. It is Soo-ah. Won-ho wonders if it is Soo-ah, it shuoldnt’ be.

Mirae wakes up in class. KS walks up to here and asks if she slept. She says she did, she might have had a really nice sleep. He asks what this is, did someone leave it? She says that he did it. He says he really didnt’ do it. She is all like, really? He thinks that someone else might like her other than him. It is perfume thta is on the table.

He says he will go to class. She tells him to call her. But he says he has his parttime job. She wonders what is going on, who left this? Tomorrow is his brithdaaaaay.

Soo-ah shows up at Kyung-seoks workplace. They sit to talk. She says that she surgs the internet and looks at a lot of things, he is famous. She stopped school a little bit, she is not sure when she will go back so she is not sue when they will meet each other in the future. he asks her if she needs to talk to him about something.

She says yes, honestly she wanted to tell him that she never liked him for even one second. They both smile. She tells him bye.

But he says that she is wearing perfume now? She says yes, she is doing things she has never done before. Everything else become easy.

Mini flashback to Soo-ah leaving the perfume for Mirae while she slept in class
Kyung-seok smiles, perhaps he guessed that the perfumes where the same.

Cut to Mirae and KS walking together. he tries to ignore her as seh tells him that his girlfriend is popular, what can he do.

But she shows him her phone, she changed it to “*heart* Kyung Seok *heart*”

Then she asks him if he is happy again?

he smiles and says yes. Then he asks her what they are doing today. She tells him that it is a nice day so they shuld go on a picnic. She pulls him to a building where she has a reservation.

They walk to her seat, the seat is decorated with signs that read “happy Birthday Kyung-seok.” He is happy to see it, she smiles an says that he thought she forgot.

They have a cake so Mirae starts to sing it to him even though he looks around and tells her not to do it! But seh sings it and smiles. Then she tells him to blow out his candles.

He does, so she grabs his gift. He tells her that she pretended that she ignored him. She says she wanted it to be a surprise. He opens it, it is a white hoodie. She asks if he likes it. He says he doesnt ca – but he stops himself and says, I like it.

One last thing is to take a selfie, on the last second, she kisses him and his eyes go a little brighter.

Later on, they look out over the balcony area (to a nature scene) with Kyung Seok holding Mirae from behind in a hug.

MR – Before, I used to rank peoples faces. But I am not doing that anymore. I thought I pay attention to others and people also pay attention to me, but not too many people are that interested in me.

KS – This is a nice place to propose in the future. You know, a cafe or somewhere, when time passes, it changes, but not this place. When I saw my parents, I decided never to get married.

They look at each other and kiss.

Mirae turns around to hug Kyung-Seok.

MR – I bought the same hoodie also.

he kisses her on the forhead and they share some more cute kisses. then they hug with Kyung Seok cradling MR’s head in his arms.

The next day at school someone yells DoRae couple (DC Inside nickname for the couple, so it’s an inside joke). Mirae and Kyung-seok walk out with their friends as they tease them about their honeymoon.

MR and KS are both wearing their hoodies.

MR – Should I not have bought this hoodie?

KS – Just do what you want to do.

They both look at each other and smile.


Loved the ending of this show. Everything wrapped up so nicely.

I love how the adorable romance continues and how the friends at school tease them about it in the way that friends do. Soo-ah got her help and is actively changing into a different and healthier person. She was able to end both chapters in her life with KS and MR in her own way.

I also like how they kind of eluded to Hyun-jung and Woo-young possible falling into a relationship in the future. It will be friendship for a while though becuase he believes in love at first sight, but he has grown accustomed to hanging out with Hyun-jung and doesn’t even realize that he would miss her if she was not around.

The most satisfying ending to me was Tae-hee telling Tae-young that she doesn’t think about him at all anymore. Bye. I love that.

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  1. tbafs
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    Thank you so much for live recaps! Like you this show brings all the feels of high school, college, first love, and friendships. I love these two so much. It will be on repeat drama that I will be watching.

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    This was a beautiful ending! I was especially moved by Mi Rae’s speech to Soo Ah, and the way that MR and Eun both looked out for her even when she didn’t do anything to deserve it. Their kindness helps her start over, and we see that even if she isn’t “redeemed” she is ready to face the world differently.

    And, of course, Mi Rae and Kyung Seok were adorable. They didn’t get as much time together as last episode, but we got to see how natural they are with each other. And I loved that because of MR, KS actually starts to *care* about things. Worrying about her parents’ approval, trying to help SA, appreciating a birthday gift… All because her. <3 Meanwhile, Mi Rae is finally focusing on herself and what makes her happy rather than what might appease strangers, and I think that's the best possible message.

    Your recaps have been a delight!!!

  12. Nzltt
    September 16, 2018 / 10:36 pm

    This drama is such a gem among the July- Aug months. I have lost interest in Korean dramas recently. But this shows me that first love and college dramas still can make the audiences to care and cheer for every single cast members.
    I love the show so much and it it sad to say goodbye. All the cast have done amazing job! Cha Eun Woo has improved a lot at the end of the drama. I wish the domestic rating was better but it is fine.

    Love the character changes and growth by 2 leads, Mirae and KyungSoek.

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