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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Live Recap Episode 15

An almost kiss on a couch in My ID is Gangnam Beauty
I think that kiss is coming up y’all. It has been a long wait, but I think it will happen today. It might not happen when the show opens, I feels like Mirae’s parents might come back to disrupt this moment or something else might happen. But maybe by the end of the episode?

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Kyung-soo is holding Mirae from behind and their song is playing. They are still in the kitchen as they just stay in this moment.

KS – You are wearing it…I hated it a lot….I like it now.

He holds her arms a little tighter. he smiles a bit as they stand in he kitchen happily.

MR – I like your smell also.

KS – I didn’t wear anything.

MR – You have your own smell.

She kind of shakes her head.

MR – But what is this smell?

KS – What smell?

MR – What should we do?

She starts walking to the candle, it is all burnt. She wonders what they should do. She is able to touch it, but he holds her hands and tells her not to do it. It is still hot. So he says he will do it later, after we eat cake.

They all sit to eat the cake and decide to blow it out at the same time. 1-2-3 and they both blow. They also toast and he says one-shot. But he laughs and tells her that it is non alcoholic.

They both sip.

then she gives him a gift that she bought for him. He asks what it is. She tells him it is for him becuae she is thankful since she refused him twice but he still waited for her. He opens it – it is a man skin care set or a perfume set or something along those lines. He thanks her and they drink again.

But then his hyung calls and asks where he is, did it go well, what happened? KS tells him it went well. WJ is all like WOOOOOOOOOOW, YOU SHOULD TELL HYUNG! But KS just smiles and says he will tell him later.

Then KS tells MR that this is WJ hyung, he was with him drinking. MR is a bit concerned as to what he will say, but KS says he won’t say anything, don’t worry. MR is a bit concerned about what people will say, but she also thinks it is a bit sad to date secretly. She also does not want to trap him. She wonders if they should tell everyone, maybe she can tell everyone They have three people on their side already, they can do it.

he tells her not to force herself, but she says that she is okay, she can do it.

Mirae puts on makeup and pics a nice casual outfit to wear. She alo puts on some perfume and tells herself, Kang Mirae, you can do it, fighting.

They walk to the building together. But Mirae pauses at the door. KS asks what it is and she says it is nothing. They go in together. One of the interns sees them and says they are coming in together? See you! He runs off. Mirae wants to tell him that thy are dating but he already ran off.

KS tells her that she shouldnt’ force it on anyone, maybe they wont care. MR thinks perhaps people don’t care about them after all?

Inside the internship area, YE talks to YN and Tae-hee. YN and Taehee wonder about Soo-ah, they saw her meeting Tae-young privately and they saw her with another guy and that is so strange. She says she likes KS but she is meeting other guys.

YE says that, actually, she does not know about it. TH wants to know if they should ask So-ah, but the friend thinks she won’t tell the truth so it does not matter.

YE thinks it is strange and texts Soo-ah.

Soo-ah is sitting in a room and waiting on Won-ho to show up. She thinks back to all the secret photos that Won-ho took of her. He sits with her so she asks him if he is still taking secret photos of her and putting themonline. He says he is not that person, he just shares his photos with his close friends.

But she thinks she should call the police, she did not know that he was this bad and got his revenge by himself. Someone asks if they are alright, SA says they are fine. But then seh tells Won-ho to erase all the picture. She leaves, but Won-ho is confused. He opens his photos and starts to erase them, but his photos are all very normal shots of Soo-ah.

Soo-ah leaves and angrily walks the hall, she runs into the internet guy that’s obsessed with her. he asks her if she liked KS? You don’t right? But she just asks him what he is talking about and walks away. The internet guy might take that as a bit of a diss and keeps walking.

The assistant manager tells them all to make their own scenets that they want. SA says that a natural smell is better. The assistant manager says you can do whatever scent you want. A couple perfume would be good too.

That makes everyone nervous, so the assistant says it was her mistake. But then MR says that a couple scent would be good. MR and KS both say girlfriend and boyfriend to each other. Everyone is all like, DAEBAK!

Afterwards, they all ask them how long they have been dating and that is why they came in together and that is why they are always together all the time, right? YE knew they would date, they are a good couple, they all envy them. MR and KS are so happy with all the encouragement.

But in the bathroom, SA and KH are not apart of the group. JH tells SA that KS should have picked SA. But SA is annoyed and tells JH that she should say things that make sense. Her mood is gloomy (and maybe her true personality, like Mirae said).

KS and Mirae walk outside. KS asks her if they should eat. MR thinks that it might make SA feels bad, but KS tells her not to worry about her, they don’t have to cater to Soo-ah’s emotions. DOn’t be so kind or it will make you stupid.

She says she is not that nice, She hits him and is all like, OUCH! So she asks him if it really hurt!!!! He is all like, see, you are too nice.

JH and SA go eating in the cafeteria with everyone else. JH says that KS has low standards. YE was walking by and tells her DON’T SAY THAT. Then she walks off. TH tells Yena that Soo-ah has super high pride. The internet guy sits by himself and hears it all.
KS and Mirae decided to go out and eat. They eat at a cafe. Mirae looks at some high school kids and wodners if it is midterms or soemthing like that. She was envious of them when she was in high school. She never walked with boys or ate with them.

KS tells her to just do it, do you have a school uniform? Did you throw it away? She says she still has it. He mentions that she can’t wear it alone. But then she gets a text from his mother. She tells him that she thinks something happened to his father, she has Kyung-hee so she trusts him on his own.

Hye-sung then looks at the huge issue about the mayors daughter buying expensive things and showing them off online.

At the internship, the sunbae’s don’t talk to Soo-ah and she does not talk to them. Tae-hee is so upset, she wants to ask Soo-ah about it. But Yena tells her that she will just deny it and lie. However Tae-hee really wants to ask her, so she walks to the bathroom.

But Soo-ah checks all the stalls which makes Tae-hee not go into the bathroom. Her and Yena hear Soo-ah throwing up an then hide. But then they go outside and talk about it in a way that she might overhear. They say that she is throwing up after eating? What is going on? Mirae comes over and tells them that it might be a misunderstanding, she said she had a stomach bug before. But the sunbaes are all like, no, she checked all the stalls.

Soo-ah comes out and looks at them then she walks off. Mirae follows her. But Soo-ah tells Mirae that she makes her angry, you are dating Kyung-soo so you think you are high class. F-you. If you did not change then Kyung-soo would never date you. Even if he says he likes you, you would not be able to walk with him. You changed everything, you should be more honest. Don’t worry about me.

Mirae tells her that she does not worry about her, how dare you measure how much I like Kyung seok. How do you know if I gave up or not.

Sooah says, what if I do know. And she walks off.

She walks back into the intern lab, grabs her things, and leaves. the other sunbaes see her walking out. They think she is embarrassed becuase they figured it out. They tell the other two that Soo-ah wasn’t brushing her teeth, she was throwing up all the time.

YE looks concerned and runs after Soo-ah, but Soo-ah just keeps walking away. But then she hear a click as if someone is taking a photo. She sees WH nd SW laughing oer photos. She tells them that seh warned them, why are you taking them, erase them!

She grabs his phone and sees that WH was taking selfies with his friend since it is the last day. WH tells her that Kyung-seok is lucky to date Mirae and not her. Then SW tells SA that WH liked her so much, why is she so mean to him? Are you just getting angry at everyone else because it did not work out with you and Kyung-seok?

Soo-ah says it’s not….
Kyung-seok gets home and grabs his high school uniform. It is in hi drawer, so he grabs it. Mirae also looks for her high school uniform, she finds it in her closet and pulls it out.

She looks at it but then think, ah, I am so sweaty now. Then she puts it all away when seh hears HJ coming in. HJ immediately goes to the fridge and sees all the weight loss drinks. She is happy that Mirae bought a bunch. Mirae comes in and talks to her about losing weight and how Mirae is tall so one kilogram is nothing to her but HJ is short so it shows. Playful girly banter.

KS is about to leave, but he hears his father breathing hard in the office. His office is all messed up. KS sees his father and his father knows he is there too. He asks him why he came home, did you want to see your mothers revenge that worked? Kyung-hee did all of this when she should have been studying.

KS tells him that he pities Kyung-hee, she wanteed attention and love. Umma did not do anything, you did everything.

Appa – If you talk about those things, just leave.

KS – ….bye.

At Mirae’s place, Mirae has not eaten yet because KS had to go somewhere today. She also tells HJ that she told everyone that she is dating KS. HJ wants to know what they said! Mirae said they didn’t say nything in front of her, they just congratulated her. HJ is so happy about that, they both feel released. Then they playfully talk about how Mirae used to tutor HJ in math.

Later on, Mirae tried to iron her school uniform, but the steam is too loud so she quietly tells it to be quiet and then looks back at HJ sleeping. She mutters, this is all to realize my dream this late….

Mirae and Kyung-seok meet up on their steps in their outfit. She tells him that he looks like a uniform model, he tells her the same thing. he wonders why she came out so early. She says she wanted to come out early just in case HJ made fun of her.

Mirae wonders where they should go. He says that he wants to go to the middle school that they went to. But she says that she has no good memories from there. He realizes this so he asks where she would like to go? She says she will start going there.

She walks off and he catches up.

They end up going to their middle school neighborhood. She talks about how it changed a lot, they both agree. They hold hands and he says that they can walk everywhere. She wonders if they can do this in their unforms, he says that all the middle school kids do this. She is all like, yeah, thats true, and smiles.

They both go to a local place. All the kids think that KS is so handsome, where does he go to school. Are they in high school? Mirae is listening closely and KS is ignoring everything as usual.

Mirae starts to eat her hamburger in a weird way to Kyung-seok. he asks her why she is eating it like that. She says that it is because it is so big. He smiles and says that he won’t look at her eat it, so he looks out the window so that she can take a huge bite. he looks back and says, wow, you ate that much in one bite? You are cute. They both laugh.

Later on, CW talks to another sunbae about two guys fighting over Soo-ah. he laughs at CW. A rumor starts to go around that SA made yae-young and Tae-hee break up. Soon, everyone knows that Soo-ah tried to date all the guys and get them all to break up. JH is sitting with them too so JB asks her if she can really talk about her best friend like that? But JH says that she is also involved becuase people will think that she is like Soo-ah.

Meanwhile, Soo-ah is at home on the ground kind of in the fetal position thinking about everyone knowing exactly who she is. She also hears someone taking photos of her and closes her hears to it.

YE calls her so Soo-ah answers. She wants to eat lunch with her. But SA just wants to stay alone. YE says she just wants to see her. SA tells her that she doesnt want to hear anything. YE tells her that she just wants her to say whatever she wants to, she thinks she will regert it if she did not listen to her, she is sorry if she bothered her.

Elsewhere, KS and Mirae go to the steps where he first asked her if she was wearing perfume. They talk about this spot and the bus station. KS wonders why MR was always alone if she had Hyun-jung. MR says that she felt bad for Hyun-jung becuase she was always fighting for Mirae. So they only met at their homes and had a lot of fun.

KS says that she should be good to her. MR wonders how she can be good to her? She can’t buy her food since she is on a diet to win a boyfriend. They both look at the school and think that no one is probably there. They go into one of the classrooms and thinks that it looks the same. Mirae thinks it won’ tchange after a few years.

Then she sees a picture of a troll drawn on the desk and thinks that everything is the same. But then she walks up to KS’s side and looks out the window. They look at some kids outside. The boys are playing and the girls cheer them on. MR says that she always wanted to do this. KS tells her that she should.

He goes outside and asks the little middle school kids if he can play with them. They are all like……daebak……so they let him play with them.

Montage of KS paying with the middle school kids and Mirae cheering him on.

Afterward, everyone sits on the steps to relax. Mirae and KS sits together and talks. The girls ask Mirae if that is her boyfriend? She says yes so they all coo about how they are so envious. Mirae is so happy and asks if they can leave.

The two girls are all like, didn’t she say Kyung-seok? Is that the legendary handsome guy?!?

Mirae walks off with KS and they happily eat, talk about how Mirae should go home when HJ is alseep (so she doesn’t make fun of her), and hold hands.
Soo-ah ends up meeting with YE, she asks her if she ate. But Sooah says that she doesn’ t have to since she will throw up anyway. Then she starts talking about how she lied a lot, her grandmother is still alive and they should tell Kyung-seok. YE says that he does not talk about those things. SA says that is right, he never cared about her, only Mirae. YE tells her that she hated Mirae from the begining, it had nothing to do with Kyung-seok did it?

SA says that she did. Because of plastic surgery, people don’t do it just to be pretty, they want to do something else after becoming pretty. I had a best friend in school, she was very nice to me, like a servant, she was just normal looking. But then she did double eyelid surgery when she started high school and became pretty. She dated the guy I liked even though she knew I liked him.

But you did not like Mirae from the begining.

Mirae is pretty, maybe I did not like her because her surgery was done too nicely.

YE is all like…..wow.

Elsewhere, WJ is starting to find out why SA was so upset at him. One of his friends saw photos of Soo-ah online.

WH ends up calling WY to meet with him. they meet at the bar. WH tells WY that Soo-ah told him something strange that he did not understnad. But he saw this…. He shows the pictures. WY asks who this is. WH says you can’t see the face but this is Sooah, she thinks I took them, but I didn’t. Can you help Soo-ah?

Mirae and Kyung-seok end up going to the movies. An old man is upset behind them and grumbles….Ugh, these young kids are dating…. Kyung-seok is pissed. Mirae tells him not to pay attention. But he is really upset. The old man says….you will go to college like that…… Kyung Seok decides to put his arm around Mirae. …….ugh if my daughter does that…… Mirae stands up and asks him who he is talking about right now. The man backs off and says he is talking about no one…..he leaves.

Mirae sits back down.

KS – Mirae, you changed a lot.

MR – I told you, I am not a timid person.

KS holds Mirae’s hand and Interlocks his fingers with hers. She is nervous. So he leans in very closely and tells her that she said she is not a timid person. She tells him….i wasn’t…. But then they return to their playful nature and start eating the popcorn together as the movie starts.
Soo-ah remembers her school days. Girls make fun of Soo-ah and talk about her parents dumping her because she is dirty. And actually, Soo-ah is very dirty as if she has no one to take care of her.

Soo-ah walks home and sees a woman in the street. This woman asks her if she cleans herself? Cut to this woman giving her a bath a good scrubbing. Then she takes her to eat something. But this woman looks upset.

While eating she tells her that she should at least clean herself. You can go home alone right? She gets up to leave. But Soo-ah tells her not to leave, don’t abandon me again. Umma says that she can’t. Soo-ah asks why. Umma tells her that she did not give her anything, but she hopes that she will at least do well.

The next day, Soo-ah is super clean and pretty looking. She hears all the girls talk about how pretty she is. She starts to get a lot of friends because she is so pretty. Boys start to tell her that they like her because she is pretty.

Later on, she write in her diary – to be loved, I need to be pretty and cute, but I shuold not know that I am pretty, I should be nice and kind and not too smart.

Soo-ah is pulled from her memory by a photo taking sound.

Meanwhile, the movie ends so KS and Mirae have to run to the bus. But they are two minutes too late. They think that that might be able to take a taxi. She has $26. He thinks thta might be enough so he calls a taxi, but there is no taxi around the area. She wonders what they should do, should they go to a jimjilbang?

Cut to the jimjilbang, but there are no high school students allowed in after 10 pm. They say they arer college students can’t you see out ID? But it does not work. Maybe they can go to Mirae’s family home?

Mirae says it would be strange right? he tells her that she should go home, he can take the first bus that comes. But she wants to stay with him and tells him that they should go home to her place. She calls her mom and asks her where she is. They are actually at their oldest aunts place, but Appa is drunk so they can’t go home right now.

Appa comes out and drunkenly tells Mirae…MIRAE-YAAAAAAAA WHEN DO YOU WANT TO GO TO NOREBANG WITH APPAAAAAAA. Umma tries to ask Mirae if anything happened, why are you calling this late? Mirae says that nothing happened, don’t worry. Then she hangs up and tells KS that her umma and appa are not at home.

The tension rises.

they start to walk to her place. They get to her gate. He asks ehr if she always lived here? She says yes, since primary school. Do you want to go in? He nods so they go inside. You can feel the tension.

MR – This is our house.

KS looks around as he stands at the door. She tells him that he can sit. So he sits. She stays standing and says that she will bring something to eat. She goes to the kitchen and grabs the ojino (dried squid) she also grabs dried jerky but says that they only have side dishes for drinking…no snacks.

She opens the fridge and only sees soju.

MR – Would you like to drink soju?

KS – yes.

So she brings a plate of ojino and soju. She tells him that his clothes should be uncomfortable. He says he is fine, she should be more uncomfortable. Change into something comfortable. She agrees and goes to her room.

He pours himself a shot of soju and waits. But then he sees something on a bookshelf and goes upt to it. Perhaps her old picture? He grabs it just when she came in and tries to grab it from him. He is all like, I know what you look liked before…he tries to keep it away from her and holds his hand up really far. She tries to grab it so they fall onto the couch together.

Everything become awkward.

She hops up and goes across the room.

KS – Are you angry?

MR – Yes! I am angry!

He apologizes. She goes to sit again and drinks a shot of soju. Then breathes all the anger out.

MR – I have a question, how can you like me even though you know how I looked before? If I lived with my old face, do you think you would like me?

KS – You are just you. I don’t care……But, I kind of want to see your old face.

He drinks a bit more soju.

MR – Then wait, just a little bit.

KS – I am okay, if you don’t like it, I am okay.

She gets up and walks to the desk she put the photo in. She pulls it out and holds it close to her chest as she sits. She cradles it in her arms and tells him, just three seconds, okay?

She holds it out and counts to three. He looks at it and she pulls it away. She is breathing so hard and tells him, if you still like me even though you saw the old me again, then that means you really like me.

He looks at her and puts his drink down quickly. They he quickly kisses her! She does not have a chance to think.

They stay kissing for a moment. Then he stops and slowly looks at her. She looks at him too so he kisses her again and she leans back in her seat.

He holds her hand that is holding the old photo and keeps kissing her softly and deeply.

Fade Out

I love their first kiss. It is a very big first kiss for Mirae, I mean, wow. Maybe a little too much of a first kiss? I also love her parents reaction (in the preview). This episode had so many adorable moments that I just want to bottle up. I really love how Kyung-seok gave Mirae a wonderful memory to keep by wearing their school uniforms and playing like high school kids at their old middle school. I also really love how KS and Mirae’s night at her place had a very intimate moment with Mirae showing him her old face. It does not get more bare than that, especially for her. That was also followed by an intimate moment in another sense with Kyung-seok kissing her, which, in a way, showed her that he really likes her for her and only for her. It has nothing to do with how she looked then or now.

It looks like next week will be filled with scenes, both heart fluttering and heart stopping, as we see KS and MR’s love blossom and we also see Soo-ah’s scary stalker take action.


MR – It was my first kiss
Appa – Who is that guy?
Umma – Mirae’s boyfriend! SUPER HANDSOME BOY!
JH – Her cell phone is off, she is not picking up the phone at all.
WY – It is obviously a hidden camera, why can’t you erase it?
SA – Victim? No, I hate it, I don’t want to be a strange girl like that.
YE – It seems like Kyung-seok likes you more than you like him, right?
KS – Well, this kind of place is a nice place to propose to you in the future.
Internet guy – You smiled at me! You smiled at me! Do you know what this is!
WY – Have you seen Soo-ah today?
KS – What did you do!


Also, which show are you looking forward to the most?

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  1. Ruth
    September 14, 2018 / 9:34 am

    If you have time, could you translate the second teaser of The Third Charm (which has been published today) as you did with the first one?
    Thank you very much for all your hard work! I’m a little sad because My ID is Gangnam beauty ends but I’m so excited to start with The Third Charm :D.

  2. Shayri
    September 14, 2018 / 10:16 am

    Where was the first teaser translated?

  3. Emily
    September 14, 2018 / 10:25 am

    They did a lovely job incorporating the kiss, that was the perfect moment and reason for it. Mi Rae is really getting braver, but sometimes she needs a little reminder that she always has this strength in her and I’m glad KS can give her that. And I’m surprised they managed to make me care about Soo Ah too! The webtoon version of her backstory was way too melodramatic for me, so I kind of just ignored it. But I think it really worked here, maybe because Eun is so invested in helping her that it makes me care too.

    The only thing I wish they could take out is the PPL for whatever drink that is, because it feels like it’s at odds with the theme of the drama. But with Mi Rae saying she’d like to be good to Hyun Jung somehow and mentioning her diet, I’m hopeful that the final episode will have MR say something to her best friend about how it doesn’t matter how many kilograms she adds lmao.

    Anyway, thank you so much for the recap as always!

    • V
      September 14, 2018 / 10:31 am

      Yes, YE is so invested in helping Soo-ah so that makes me want Soo-ah to get help.

      Are you talking about the diet drink because I think the same thing. I kind of feel like it works, but if feels like Soo-ah should be drinking it. however, I’m not sure if they want Soo-ah to be drinking their drink since she actually does have an eating disorder. It is much better to have Hyung-jung drink it, for PR purposes.

  4. Jo Ann
    September 14, 2018 / 10:29 am

    Thank you so much. I’m not usually this in to drama with college years or high school but I really thoroughly enjoy this show. I find absolutely no scene boring. The characters are very diverse too. I will be watching this later when DramaFever releases it but your recap is a splendid appetizer. I can’t wait to see the facial expressions of our OTP. Nothing to say about Soo-ah except Mi Rae is too nice. An ignore button would work just as well in dealing with Soo-ah.

    • V
      September 14, 2018 / 10:32 am

      An ignore button is perfect! I need to work that into a recap “She looks like she wants to click an ignore button,” I love that.

  5. Emily
    September 14, 2018 / 10:39 am

    Yeah, HJ drinking it is probably better than SA because she’s not abusing it. I just want someone to reply to her that A) she doesn’t need to lose weight, she is already clearly healthy, and B) the right guy is gonna like her regardless of how many weight loss drinks she drinks lmao.

    And Eun is an ANGEL. She’s definitely my favorite character after Mi Rae and Kyung Seok.

  6. Reveriepooh
    September 14, 2018 / 10:51 am

    Wish MR can swap clothes with SA. Most of SA outfit are more pretty and not too revealing. MR past shyness and low selfesteem just does not match with her current style

  7. Rose
    September 14, 2018 / 11:17 am

    Thanks for the recap as always! Im literally a couch potato for 2 hrs refreshing the recap and waiting for the youtube clips 😂…..and its worth the wait especially when i saw the clip of their kissing scene and the preview! Omg! What a kiss! 😍😍😍

    Thanks again! 😊

  8. Gemb
    September 15, 2018 / 8:57 pm

    Hey guys! I can’t find a ost from the drama….it might not be released sadly 🙁 Its the one they played during the sad scenes on the show…its a girl singing in the backround. It goes like “oooOoooOooh” …
    Wish I could find it. :(((

  9. Lizlee
    September 21, 2018 / 11:43 pm

    what the name of song in the background when mirae and kyung-seok eat black hamburger? *sorry for my bad english

    • V
      September 22, 2018 / 9:32 pm

      Your English makes perfect sense to me. I haven’t had a chance to rewatch it, but if you provide the time that it airs them maybe someone else might know!

      • Lizlee
        October 4, 2018 / 1:39 am

        Oh thank you. it’s between 32:34 – 33:35. Did you know the song?

        • Lizlee
          October 4, 2018 / 1:43 am

          anybody knows? what the name of song in the background between 32:34 – 33:35?

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