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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Live Recap Episode 14

My ID is Gangnam Beauty Korean drama
I was so delighted with yesterday’s episode. I have a feeling today’s is going to follow along the same lines. But in this case, it will be secret dating awkwardness. Gimme!

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Shorthand: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

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Mirae walks up to Soo-ah and tells her that they are dating. She stands her ground and says it confidently. Soo-ah is stunned but tells her congratulations and good luck with a smile. She walks away.

Mirae looks a bit nervous and then looks at Kyung-seok. KS ells her that she wanted them to keep it a secret. But MR says that she won’t tell anyone. It hurts her pride that you are dating me after dumping her.

KS is happy that MR is smarter now. He thinks they should do everything together and should not be seperate. MR is embarrassed by his straightforwardness. He wonders if he has to study about cool things? (cool comments)

They both start to laugh.

The trainer talks about perfime and all that. But KS and MR are texting back and forth

What do you want to do when this is done?


VO – I thought he did not text much, but he can do it with one hand

Lets eat dinner


I will text you the location

The trainer starts to walk around and asks MR if she is still thinking? MR mutters something about a floral smell, maybe she can do citrus or floral or something. The trainer thinks that sounds gret


see you in the front

it is dangerous in the front

in the middle

maybe we can see each other over there?

Are we shooting a spy movie?

Someone asks MR who she is texting? MR says she is texting her mother, you know, every family has something going on.

Kyung-seok smiles as he watches MR dodging the question, MR smiles back. SA looks on envious.

Woo-young goes to his office, he calls to meet with Yoon-byul. They meet at a cafe, Woo-young buys it all since he is the sunbae, she is very nervous and expectant. The conversation is awkward so he asks why she is at school, she says she is in summer school. What do you want to ask me?

he says that he read her letter, he thought about it. She immediately says that she is okay, tell me the truth. He tells her that honestly, he thinks she is cool.

But I am not your style?


Okay, I can’t help that, I will drink this and leave.

Okay….drink it slowly.

They still sit there as she drinks.

WY – Well, I was dumped a few times, time actually helps.

Everyone is different, some people take a bit longer..

Yeah, that is true….how is summer school?

It is not fun

Yeah, it is not fun…

Don’t drink too much do to your feelings

I will try not to.

They drink some more.

YB – Let me be excuse.

WY – Okay.

YB – See you later (politely)

WY – Bye bye.

They bow and she walks out.
At school, SA and Jihyo walk the aisles. Wonho ignores her JH thinks that he is ignoring her becuase she said that she likes KS in front of him. SA tells her not to talk about KS anymore, lets eat.

Elsewhere, MR looks at cologne. The helper tells her that they have a new one for metrosexuals. She sprays it on her. MR likes it so the saleswoman asks if it is for her boyfriend? She says yes. If she gives her his initials, then the woman can print i for him MR does.

MR tries to walk into the restaurant that they are meeting at. it is straight up Mission Impossible for her to get to the seat and not be seen by anyone. She finally gets there and covers her face with the menu.

MR – We won’t see our department peole here right?

KS – You are too noticeable, you look like you are shooting a spy movie.

MR – Am I?

We drank and watched movies together before, right?

But we had an excuse back then.

I just wanted to watch a movie with you.

MR is a bit caught, KS tells her that he wants to pay, he couldnt’ pay for everything back then. he orders what MR wants when the waitress comes up, then they quietly stare at each other nervously.

MR excuses herself to the bathroom at just the moment that Yoon-byul and Tae-hee come in due to them both being dumped. KS immediately grabs MR’s bag and hides it. He tells them that he is there alone and then calls MR. But she left her phone in her bag.

In the bathroom, MR tries to calm her nerves. She mutters that her face is so hot, dating and not dating is so troublesome. She goes out and KS manages to signal to her to look to the left. MR does and sees Taehee and Yoonbyul, she quickly walks back to the bathroom. What do I do? What do I do?

Outside, KS still sits alone when the waitress comes out with their meals. He asks her if she can please take the purse to the women’s restroom. Tae-hee walks by his table on her way to the bathroom and smiles at KS.

MR is in the bathroom and hudes her face against the wall when the door opens. the waitress is all like…..excuse me, your table wanted me to deliver this to you. MR thanks her, so much, and then gets her phone.

MR – hello?

KS – Taehee sunbae went to the restroom!

MR – What?!?

MR runs to the bathroom and locks the door. He tells her that he will attract their attention so she can sneak out. He breathes a sigh of relief and wonders if they are really shooting a spy movie.

Outside, SA says bye to her friend and then thinks about MR telling her that she is dating KS. She mutter, how dare she, then she get a call. A man called and says that he has an improtant question, lets see each other and talk a little bit.

Inside the restraunt, Yoon byul wonders why KS is eating two plates. Taehee says she usually comes with someone and orders 3 servings then eats two.

KS goes to sit with them, they are all like, whya re you here? He starts to talk to them about what he ate and how good the food was and how he likes to eat a lot. he talks until MR sneaks out and then tells them to enjoy and leaves.

TH and YB are all like, what is this? He just asks us what we ordered and left? Maybe he wants to communicate with the world more?

KS meets up with MR outside, neither one of them ate. KS tells them that they can leave but MR looks around anxiously so he asks her if she is a mere cat. She is all like, no, but she still turns her head from left to right like she is a merecate.

KS thinks they should just go home for now. MR feels a bit bad, she does not want to care about what other people think. He says it is okay he is used to caring about how others see him. (or he is used to people looking at him all the time?).
The mayor gets out of his car and goes somewhere public to talk to the people. But it looks casual, like he is just shopping. But then, the assistant shows that his daughter is on the news from all the food that she eats, it shows off how rich they are. The father is a bit upset. He takes a deep breath.

At the bar, tae-young meets with Soo-ah. She wants to know what he wants to say to her. He says that he thanks her, he was indecicive, but he has courage after talking to her. She asks what this courage is.

he tells her that she said he should do what his heart said to do. he gives her a necklace and says he thought about her on the street and bought it. But SA asks him why he thinks about her on the street? She does not understand.

SA asks what happened? In what way? he says what they talked about. She asks him if he thought she liked him? What she said, if he was shaken by her then maybe he did not love Tae-hee too much, she would prefer that he did well with Tae-hee Eunnie.

But then Yena goes into the bar and sees Soo-ah and Tae-young together. She hurries and sits in a booth to spy on them. She wonders what is going on, what kind of situation is this?

Tae-young leaves and thinks back to his talk with Soo-ah. He she told him that she was a big fan of his which made him smile. He says he does not have that much experience with dating, he has a lot of toruble dating Tae-hee, he is not sure if he should date her. Of course she is a good person and is cute, I have good feeling toward her but…I don’t know.

SA asks him, if you know someone else likes you, how would you feel? Do you think your heart will change or be shook? he says he is not sure. She tells him that she is not sure but he should follow his heart more.

Tae-young wonders if he is the wrong one? Is he the strange person? Me?

MR finally tells HJ that she is dating KS and tells her all the things that are going on. HJ thinks MR is really brave. MR tells her that is is secret from all others. Even her department. he already has a lot of attention. But she hasn’t thought about it all. HJ just tells her to have a good time with Kyung-seok.

They pillow fight for a moment, but then HJ asks if WY knows about it.
At WY’s place, he is working hard when KS gets home. KS makes him a coffee and puts it on his desk. WY takes it as if it has always been there. KS asks him if he is busy and then says it is about Mirae….well….it went well.

WY flutters for a moment and asks him if he feels bad to him? then he tells him congratulations. KS asks him if he can keep it secret at school? He will go to sleep now.

WY tells him to have a Mirae dream and smiles. But then he sighs and takes a deep breath.

Mirae gets ready to leave as HJ comes in. HJ asks her if she drank all of these drinks? they had 10. You are not the only one taking care of your body, let’s be pretty together. MR tells her that she will buy some more.

HJ starts to butter her bread and mocks Mirae a little bit about dating KS, but it is very playful. MR looks at her phone, there are no messages so she wonders if they are going seperately today? She leaves and sees KS waiting for her on the steps. She tells him he should have called but he says that she will come out anyway.

then he takes her to a convenience store. There, he buys some masks that they can wear.

KS and MR walk around holding hands and wearing the masks. MR thinks theya re more noticeable like this. KS tells her that he said he would be the only one to do it. He tells her to take her off, they go back and forth saying, you take it off no you take it off, but then MR thinks it is weird for them to say that.

They both decide to take it off and not hold hands. It wont be weird for them to walk together. They walk with their hands to their side, but they walk very closely to each other so their hands might touch.

At school (or the internship) YE overhears Yena and Te-hee talking about how Soo-ah met with Tae-young. There must have been a reason that he wanted to break up with you all of a sudden and Soo-ah might be involved.

YE folds her arms as she thinks about this. Then she goes to the internship area and hesitantly asks Soo-ah, do you want to eat lunch together, I will buy. Just in case you are not comfortable with Kyung seok.

Soo-ah thanks her and says that she is the best. But it does not look like she is that comfortable with it.

Elsewhere, Hyun-jung asks Woo-young if he would like to have a coffee with her? They go somewhere pretty and stand on a bridge as they have coffee. He confesses that he was dumped. HJ mentions that he liked Mirae, he is a bit stunned that she knew. She says of course, she is a psychology major.

He tells her that she should know that he was dumped by Mirae. But she tells him taht seh did not know that. He coughs his drink up and says that you are best friends, she didn’t tell you? But then they start to talk about confessing. HJ says that she would never confess unless she has a 99% possibility that it would go well. WY thinks for a moment and says that he has a lot to learn from her. But then she says….actually I never dated anyone. He is all like….oh, sorry.
It is lunch time so Jh and MR eat together. KS shows up so KS is about to sit, but he sits next to JH instead of MR. JH asks why so MR says that he does not always eat with her. JH says that people say that KS does not have people skills which is why he follows around his middle school friend. MR says he has people skills, he is funny and stuff.

JH thinks that means KS must be dating someone. She asks him if he is dating someone? Is it……an entertainer? You arer nervous, am I right? KS asks her why she cares who he dates. JH says that he refused Soo-ah so she wonders what kind of person he will date.

KS is so annoyed and wonders if he can switch colleges. JH laughs, you are funny! You want to switch school? But KS is pretty heated.

MR and KS meet later and talk about how if SA did not say it publicly… MR apologizes and says it is all becuase of her because she is stupid. But KS says that is what SA wants so don’t do it.

His mother sees them together so they both hop up and look at her like they commited a crime. She starts laughing and says….are you found out by me? Are you dating here? This cutely? Why aren’t you saying anything?

Are you surprised?

Of course I am surprised, I wanted KS to date Mirae if he dated anyone and now it happened. I came out to tke a break, but i won’t bother you two, good bye.

She walks off happily and waves at them. KS thinks his mother is pretty cool, MR thinks the same thing. He asks her if she is okay with being found out, she says it is okay.

YE and SA go to eat their meal. it is pretty quiet at first, YE waits until after they finish eating. YE tells her that she saw her and Tae-young in the neighborhood. SA says she just saw him on the street, he took her home, is something wrong with that? YE tells her that Yena saw her and Tae-young together and thinks he broke it off with Tae-hee because of her. SA says that she told him to get back together with Tae-hee.

YE – if you have a secret then you can tell me.

SA – in retrospect, I think people mistake me a lot, I am a difficult person among girls.

YE just sighs as if nothing will get through to SA.

In the office, CW and one of the other guys look at photos of Soo-ah. Someone took a lot of secret photos of Sooah? It looks like guys are evaluating her? CW tells the other classman to call Sooah to comfort her but it is kind of just an aside. The other guy leaves.
KS’s appa meets with his daughte and tells her to erase all the videos. She says she can only erase the videos that she put up, not the ones that were copied. His motto is that he is the mayor to regular citicens so they shuold not know that she has all these expensive things.

She tells him that he is the one that bought all those expensive things for her, so she is the one at fault for people findinf out? He asks if there is another way but she says there is no other way and leaves.

Meanwhile, KS and MR ride the bus together. KS tells her that they are going to ride it far away where no one knows them. He holds her hand happily. She gets a call and tells them that she just finished. It was HJ, she is going home and will come back tomorrow. So that means that she has the place to herself.

They both realize this and are quiet.

KS – So..if you dont’ like outside….you are like a mere cat.

MR – WOuld you like to go to my place?

KS – …that is a good idea….

MR – So….lets go….


Elsewhere, the sunbae calls SA and tells her that he saw something strange. He wanted to tell it to her. Can you meet now? If not then it is okay, but I think you should know about it quickly.

Meanwhile, KS and MR get to her place. He tells her that he will go somewhere quickly and then come back. MR is all like, okay. She plays it cool, but then runs into her house to get it ready.

Howeer, her parents are right inside.

Parents – Your back!

Mirae is so surprised, um, why are you hear without notice?

The parents each say that the other one wanted to see her. They think it is nothing, nothing, they just wondered if she is okay with her college friends and if she has a boyfriend and all those things.

KS is out looking for candles and a non alcoholic drink. he also asks if he can have display glasses. The owner asks if he is going to his grilfriends place and smiles, she says that the cups are on the house.

KS goes to pay for everything but gets a text.

MR: Sorry, my parents came.

He swallows his shock.

In her place, MR talks to her parents as if everything is normal and she already ate dinner, that is why she is full. Umma asks who her friends are. She only knows Kyung-seok, she just wonders how many friends she has and all that.

Mirae is all like…you can go home, ha ha….

Umma asks why she is kicking them out. MR says she is not kicking them out, she is just worried about appa driving at night. Appa is all like, I am a taxi driver so….

SA meets with the sunbae at the Bar. he is nervous to talk to her about this. But then CW comes in to the annoyance of everyone. He asks if he is dating Sooah. The sunbae tells CW that he is talking to her. He tries to pull CW away as CW just says a bunch of nonsense.

The sunbae tells CW to just leave, don’t you see how uncomfortable she is becuase of you? CW asks if he thinks he will do well with SA if he leaves? the sunbae says he will do better than CW, all the girls know about you so stop behaving like this. Just leave.

Inside, SA sees a text message on the sunbaes phone.

text: What is that picture? Sooah?

Sooah sees all these secret pictures of her that were all of her legs and skirts. the sunbae comes back in so she asks what that is. he says that this is what he wanted to talk to her about, he saw it on accident, it that really you?

She says it isn’t her, a lot of people look similar with similar clothing. he says that this is true, but he jsut worried about her.

CW coms back in to pull the sunbae out. SA runs away. The sunbae is so annoyed with CW. They get into a hair pulling match.

Outside, SA is very affected by those pictures as she walks away and wonders who took it, what do they want to do? Who did it? Who?
MR finally texts KS and tells him that her parents left. She is sorry about that. KS was waiting outside and brings everything in. She asks what it is, he tells her that he brought a few things. She tells him that she is happy that he did not bring a TV.

She tells him that this is her place. He tells her that he carried her here once before and put her in this bed. He goes to sit on the bed, but she tells him not to sit there, he can sit on the c-couch, the couch, over there.

He goes to the couch and asks her if she made that strawberry candle? he smells it and she says that she did. She asks him if he is hungry? He says he can eat whatever is there. She says she has her mothers side dishes.

Cut to her parents driving home, Umma thinks that MR is hiding something from her. She hopes the college students arent’ giving her a hard time like in grade school. Appa does not think she should worry and asks if she wants him to turn the car around?

Umma says he can just drive.

Int he apartment, they eat all the side dishes. KS thinks they shuoldnt’ eat it all, but MR says that she will just bring more if they eat it all. She smiles and says it is their first meal after they started dating. What should we do after we eat?

He thinks they can download a movie and watch it. But she tells him that it would take too long. he says they can do whatever. So she asks him if he would like to make a candle? She can teach him.

Cut to them making candles. KS melts the wax and asks her if he is doing it right. She says he is.

But then he asks, when did you start to like me?

MR – When I knew that you didn’t laugh at me.

KS – It’s been awhile.

MR – What about you.

KS – Thier first orientation training. When you behaved stupidly with CW, it made me angry.

MR – stir it well, or it will get coagulated.

But he burns himself a little so MR pulls him away and tells him that he should be careful, you shuoldn’t touch it. He tells her he is okay, it wasn’t that hot. But she says even so, you should cool this with cold water, burns hurt the most.

He looks at her as she is about to look after his hand, she is about to get ive and turns away, but he reaches out and hugs her and holds her arms softly yet tightly.

Everything stops.

KS – When you wore it….I hated it before…but now, I like it.

He holds her arms as he hugs her from behind. She relaxes a bit and smiles.

Fade Out

No preview, just an adorable ending with two kids that decided to start loving each other and figuring out what that means.

At the end, there is a preview for The Third Charm (Kang Seo-joon’s next drama) which is another contemporary romance similar to Something in the Rain.

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    I was definitely expecting her parents to turn around and interrupt them at the last second, lol, but I’m glad we got a whole back hug instead. And we finally got Mi Rae buying Kyung Seok a cologne! Now she just has to give it to him.

    Thanks for the amazing recaps as always!

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      OMG, Clueless!!!! Loved that movie.

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